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Marc Gets His First From Rolf

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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"Sorry guys, but I've got to meet a client across town. You'll have to watch the movie without me."

"But Rolf, this is supposed to be SO funny. When will you be back?" Matthew asked, pouting.

"Sorry sport, but it looks like a long afternoon. Hopefully I'll be back for dinner. I'll call if that's not the case. Now you two have fun, stay out of trouble." With that, Rolf ruffled the hair on both heads and went upstairs.

"Shoot. I hate it when he does that."

"Oh come on Matthew, he's just going out for a while. We can have fun. The movie should be good, then maybe we'll go out later for ice cream or something, okay?" Marc didn't want a grouchy Matthew on his hands. That always led to disaster.

"Guess I don't have a choice in the matter. Well, turn it on, lets see it." Matthew was still upset that Rolf left. He had been looking forward to some quiet time with him. Rolf was usually good at massaging his head and shoulders while watching tv, and Matthew always loved to hear Rolf's infectious laugh.

Marc pressed the play button and the movie started. It was funny, but not nearly as much as it should have been with Rolf there in Matthew's mind.

Marc thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and was ready for more fun. "Hey Matty, bet you can't beat me at pool."

Matthew gave a derisive laugh. "I could beat you with a blindfold on. You SUCK at pool. Sorry, not interested."

"How about a dip IN the pool?" Marc didn't want Matthew to sulk all day, that would be no fun at all.

"Yeah right, man. Let's go swimming. I do NOT want to find myself in hot water today, okay? No Rolf, no swim. You know the rules."

"Come on buddy, where's your sense of adventure? Normally you'd jump at the chance to swim. Rolf won't be back for a long while, he said he'd call. We just won't splash, he'll be none the wiser. I'm willing to take a chance, are ya chicken?"

Matthew looked up quizzically at his friend. "You have * never * been on the receiving end of a spanking by Rolf. You have no idea what it's like. And you're right, normally I wouldn't think twice about that. I'm just not in the mood to play. I wanted Rolf to stay here today, not take off to one of his interminable meetings. Why don't you go swim? I won't say anything."

"Matthew, I want to do something with you, not by myself. Come on, lets take off for a drive, want to?

"No, I'm really...."

Marc grabbed Matthew's arm and pulled him to his feet. "I'm not taking no for an answer. It is such a beautiful day, you can't waste it here in the basement, sulking. We'll have fun, I promise."

Matthew reluctantly allowed himself to be dragged upstairs. Marc was hard to argue with in this mood.

They walked out of the house through the garage. Marc was in a glorious mood. The sun was bright, the temperatures perfect. He spied Rolf's yellow convertible, and immediately decided that was the car they were leaving in.

"Matty, where is the key to the Mustang?"

"In the kitchen, why?"

"Because * that * is the car we're taking today." Marc was already into the house, headed for the keys.

"MARC! You have GOT to be joking! That is Rolf's baby, he doesn't let anyone drive it, not even me." Matthew ran back in the house after Marc. "Marc, really, you don't want to do that."

"We will just go out for a little while. Rolf won't be back for.....3 hours at least. I am a good driver, I think I can take care of the car. It's just a car, what is the big deal? Won't it be great fun? The top down, the wind blowing through our hair?"

"Marc, NO! I'm NOT going. Get a grip. He'd kill us! Don't...."

"Quit being such a goody two shoes, dammit! That's not at all like you! I want to go for a drive, the car will be fine. Are you coming or not chickenshit?"

Matthew crossed his arms, staring hard at his friend. "I am NOT going, and you shouldn't either."

"FINE! I'll go by myself. You can sit here and sulk ALL day, I don't care!" With that said, Marc walked out of the kitchen, slamming the door on his way out. He was determined to have a nice drive, and Rolf's car would just make it that much nicer.

Matthew couldn't believe Marc was actually going to drive the Mustang! He heard the distinct rumbling of the engine, and then saw Marc backing out of the driveway. He would LOVE to be in the car with Marc, but with his luck, they would drive right by Rolf and he could just forget sitting for a week or so. No thanks. Matthew decided to go back downstairs, watch a little more tv.

No sooner did he sit down than the phone rang. Matthew ran into the next room to answer it.

"Hey love, things wrapped up early. I am calling from the car. I should be home in a couple minutes. How is everything there?"

" fine. Everything is fine."

"Matthew what's the matter?"

"N..nothing. It's just Marc is..."

"What about Marc? I can't hear too well, the phone is starting to cut out."

"He...he the bathroom and I have to pee."

Rolf chuckled. "Use the bathroom *upstairs* silly."

"Oh right." Matthew said with a giggle. "See you soon."

"Love you."

That was not good. Rolf would be home any minute. Here Marc was off joy riding in Rolf's most prized possession. And to make matters worse Matthew just lied to help save Marc. Marc was going to owe Matthew big time.

Marc only drove around for 15 minutes, before realizing it really was no fun without Matthew. He thought he would head back and try to talk Matthew into coming out with him. It WAS a glorious day, Matthew just had to enjoy it with him. As he was waiting at a light, he saw Rolf go by, and HE WAS HEADED TOWARDS HOME!!! Marc's stomach dropped to his toes. What was he going to do? He tried to talk himself into believing that Rolf wouldn't mind that he was driving the Mustang, but it didn't sound good to his ears, and it definitely wasn't going to work for Rolf. He decided to drive around a bit, while he tried to figure out what to do.

Rolf pulled into the driveway, and opened the garage. He immediately noticed that the Mustang was not there. He just about choked on the rage that boiled up. He parked his truck, and strode purposely into the kitchen. He wasn't sure if anyone was home, but as soon as he reached the kitchen he thundered "MATTHEW! COME HERE *NOW*!!!

That was not the way Matthew preferred to see Rolf, but he knew why he was angry and that for once, it wasn't directed at him. He ran up the stairs at a dead run.

Rolf heard Matthew before seeing him. He calmed a degree as he realized it wasn't Matthew driving the car.

"Yes, sir?" Matthew said, nearly out of breath.

"One question, sport. The truth. Who has my car?" Rolf toned down his voice, not angry at Matthew.

Matthew knew that was coming. He was afraid for Marc, but he had warned him. "M..marc took it. He just wanted to drive it, I told him not to. He..he should be back soon." Matthew watched the storm in Rolf's eyes, wondered what was going to happen when Marc showed up. He wanted to calm Rolf down. "How about that movie? It was really funny. Let's go watch it, okay?"

"Sorry sport, not in the mood. Do you know where Marc went?" Rolf was going to find Marc if he had a particular destination in mind.

"No, he just said he wanted to drive around."

"Sport, go back downstairs, I'm going out to look for Marc. I'll be back in a bit."

"Can't I go with you? Please?" Matthew looked imploringly up at Rolf.

"No. Go downstairs, I'll be right back."

Matthew turned and headed downstairs, afraid for Marc.

Rolf went out to the garage and wondered where to go. As he stood there, Marc pulled into the driveway. Rolf crossed his arms and stared daggers at him, waiting for him to park the car.

Marc saw Rolf, saw how VERY angry he looked. He slowly drove in, parked the car and turned off the ignition. He stepped out. "H..hi Rolf. Nice have. Drives real......" The sentence trailed off as Marc realized his small talk was not helping anything.

Rolf held out one hand for the keys, not saying a word. His other arm pointed into the house. Marc slowly shuffled forward, dropping the keys into the waiting hand, and headed into the house. It was amazing to Marc how young he felt at this moment. How young and naughty he felt and Rolf had yet to say one word.

Marc was worried. He hadn't faced the wrath of Rolf before, only seen it in action when directed towards Matthew or one of his other friends. Marc hadn't been punished by him before either, and didn't know what to expect. He didn't know if Rolf would just yell and tell him to leave, never to return again, or if he would be treated the same as Matthew, part of the family. Neither option was appealing, but he knew he didn't want to lose the friendship between them. He heard Rolf enter the room behind him, and he turned around to face whatever was coming.

Rolf didn't say a word, just pointed towards the corner. Marc realized what was being asked of him, and slowly walked to the corner, his world reduced to a few paint brush marks on the wall. He had a million thoughts swirling around, and no idea of what was to come.

Rolf walked outside, calming himself down a few notches, trying to decide how to handle the situation. As he was walking around he began to remember his phone conversation. Matthew had lied to him. All the anger that left him came flooding back. He walked back inside.

"MATTHEW get up here!"

Chills went down Marc's spine as heard the tone of Rolf's voice. Matthew knew that tone, he reluctantly made his way upstairs. He stopped when he saw the storm in Rolf's eyes.

"Matthew, I would like you to explain something to me. When I phoned you said Marc was in the bathroom. Yet, when I got home, Marc was gone and had been for some time. Did you lie to me?"

Matthew was cornered, he did flat out lie, but it was for a good cause.


"I asked him to." Marc turned and spoke from the corner. "I told him since he wouldn't join me, he could at the very least cover for me." Marc knew he was in deep already, no sense bringing Matthew down with him.

"!" Rolf hollered pointing upstairs.

Matthew scooted as fast as he could. He hated leaving Marc there in that situation, but better Marc than himself.

Rolf pulled out a chair and pointed at it. Marc gathered he was meant to sit now. He knew he better enjoy it while he could.

"MARC RYAN, I don't know WHAT has gotten into you! I DON'T like it. NOT ONE BIT! You know there are two things I absolutely detest, swearing and lying. I will NOT be LIED to. And then to make it worse, you drag Matthew into it! That is not the kind of influence he needs. And that is NOT the kind of influence I expect you to be. Then the icing on the cake, you take something that IS NOT YOURS! Something you were NOT given permission to use. Something you are NOT insured to use. You know darn well that is MY car. You know darn well that not even Matthew, the one man I cherish more than life itself, is not allowed to drive it! That is MY car, I am the ONLY person insured to drive it and I WILL BE the ONLY person that WILL drive it. I STILL can't believe that you have the audacity to come to MY house, eat MY food, watch MY television, borrow something that you were not given permission to use, AND THEN ASK MATTHEW TO LIE ABOUT IT! I should kick you out of my house and ask you not to return if you are going to treat me that way."

Marc visibly paled at that remark. He wanted to say something, but Rolf wasn't going to let him get a word in edgewise.

Matthew could hear the lecture as if he were in the same room. Even he winced at the words as they were spoken.

Rolf never stopped. "But I won't. I won't because Matthew loves you. I won't because prior to today you were the ONE person I was able to trust him around. And I won't because there is something you need more. First, I am going to march you over to that sink and make sure you learn, NEVER to lie to me, directly or indirectly AGAIN. Then, we are going to go outside. We are going into the back yard to that big tree out there. We are going to cut a nice long, thick branch off of it. And then I am going to bring you back inside and teach you to never take another thing without permission. DO YOU UNDERTAND ME?"

Marc was still reeling from the sink part. He had never experienced any of what was about to happen. He knew he deserved every second of it, but he was still very nervous and uneasy about it. He managed to nod yes, since that was all he could do. He was happy about one thing, that Rolf wasn't going to end the friendship.

Rolf sharpened his tone of voice. "A head nod is not going to cut it young man. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID, YES OR NO?"

Marc jumped a little at the vehemence that was directed at him. He barely squeaked out a "Yes, sir" when he felt Rolf's hand close over his upper arm, bringing him out of his seat. Tears pricked his eyes and threatened to run down his face. He had NEVER felt much like a naughty child. He knew borrowing the car was wrong, and he would have gladly apologized to Rolf for it on his own. Instead of that, Rolf was literally dragging him across the floor over to the sink and he was going to be getting his mouth washed out! Just like he'd seen happen to Matthew. Just like he'd done to Matthew a time or two. And then.....and then....he could barely get beyond the soaping part. And then he was going to have to go outside and cut his OWN switch, a switch that Marc knew without a shadow of a doubt Rolf would apply expertly, liberally, and painfully across his own backside. He had often wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end from Rolf. But now that the time was here, he decided he REALLY didn't want to know. He realized though, that the choice was out of his hands. He'd made a mistake, and Rolf felt it was his duty to make sure that he knew not to make the same mistake twice.

Rolf got out a new bar of Ivory, unwrapped it, and lathered it up good. "Take off your shirt, no sense getting soap all over it."

Marc reluctantly took his shirt off as he nervously watched Rolf prepare the bar of soap. It was all he could do not to run from the room, or break into tears. He wanted to be stoic, show Rolf that he could take this punishment like a man. But he felt FAR from being a man as Rolf prepared to insert the bar of soap in his mouth.

Rolf pulled Marc close to him. He held him by the back of the neck as he brought the soap to Marc's face. The sudsy bar just lingered under Marc's nose. The fragrance never seemed as strong as it did at that moment. Rolf rubbed the bar across his lips gently, waiting for the mouth to open. Marc wanted to comply, but he was scared. He had seen Matthew get his mouth washed out, and he saw the spitting and the tears. He didn't know what to expect. But Rolf was not going to wait forever. Rolf began rubbing the bar harder across the lips, Marc knew that waiting any longer wouldn't be a smart idea. Marc reluctantly opened his mouth a crack, and Rolf slid the bar in and began to work on the cleaning job. Rolf soaped with such precision. He coated every square inch of the mouth. From the tongue to the teeth. Suds were flowing freely out of Marc's mouth, down his chin, and onto his bare chest. Marc squirmed and groaned, and tried every possible maneuver to get away. But the more he fought, the harder and faster Rolf scrubbed. The only thing Rolf hated more than cursing was lying. And Marc would be sure to never lie again. Rolf soaped Marc's mouth for no less than 15 minutes. He would pull it of Marc's mouth and lather it up again. Marc wanted to use those breaks to spit, but he couldn't. All he could do was let it dribble out of his mouth, and it helped not one bit. Rolf shrunk that bar down to a third of its original size. When Rolf was through, tears were streaming down Marc's face. Marc was thoroughly humiliated by the ordeal. It was all he could do not to throw up as the taste was overwhelming. He miraculously managed not to swallow any suds, but he was a mess. His hairy chest was so soap covered, it looked like he had showered and forgotten to rinse. Rolf allowed Marc 60 seconds to spit and rinse, but it was futile. No amount of water would get that taste out, not today. All too soon Marc was ordered away from the sink.

Rolf threw some paper towels at Marc with a gruff "Clean up -- NO SPITTING." He walked over to a drawer, searching for his knife.

Marc quickly rubbed down his chest and took a few swipes at the floor. He could barely see through his tears, and he was terrified of what was to come. He was already thoroughly humiliated, and a spanking on top of that threatened to send him into a full