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Island Boy
Part 10

by Graham

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Early Monday morning, around 5 a.m., Esa went into the bedroom to awaken Cooper and check to see if he was well enough to get up, and allow time to get ready to go with him to the lodge.

Once more, the touch to the boy’s damp skin was warm. Once more Esa summoned Mrs. Rask to come in with the thermometer to check Cooper’s temperature again.

As much as he hated the embarrassment, by now Cooper knew his protestations were futile. He had no choice but to submit to his skinny legs being lifted and the thermometer inserted into his butt to ascertain his body’s temperature. A few minutes later, the gauge removed from his bum. With his legs still held high, the temperature was read at 101.

It’s coming down, but the boy’s still feverish, Mrs. Rask declared. Esa Rask quickly dropped Cooper’s legs, who placed his hands over his tumid young penis to cover it.

He’s in no condition to go to work with you, Esa, she opined. The big old Finn agreed.

Esa pulled the sheet back up over Cooper, while telling him to roll back over onto his stomach. You’re going to stay here again today, Cooper. Mrs. Rask will get you up, give you another enema, and get you your bath.

After that, she’ll fix you some food, and you try to eat, hear? You behave and do whatever she tells you. If you give her any trouble, boy, you’ll find yourself overturned and your rearend scorched til you learn to behave better. Understand me, boy?

Cooper mumbled a loud, Yesssss, Mr. Raaask. The thought of the enemas he had to undergo from Mrs. Rask, plus the threat of licking from Esa if he disobeyed or resisted, changed the diffident youth’s attitude quickly.

Good boy. You do it – or else.

Esa left the bedroom to get ready to go to the lodge. He would inform the people there that Cooper Jerkenlein was still sick, though showing some signs of improvement.

Before 8 a.m., Cooper awoke, needing badly to urinate. He slid himself off the bed, intending to stand on his feet, when his unstable footing gave out, and he fell to the floor.

Mrs. Rask heard the fall and came in to find the bare boy trying to pull up to his feet from the side of the bed. Here, now, boy. You were supposed to call. You’re too weak. Let’s do it together. She took hold of his arms and helped lift him from behind.

Unsteady as he was, he wobbled and leaned his bare butt and back into the older woman, who held him up firmly like a limp puppet, to keep him from falling. She led him into the bathroom and sat him on the commode.

Despite his enormous embarrassment, he quickly emptied his bladder. She flushed and covered the commode and sat him on the cover, while she prepared another enema for him. With the bag, hose, and nozzle in hand, she pulled Cooper up and replaced him seated.

All right now, Cooper, you know what to do, she addressed him, smoothing out her skirt for him to lie across.

Looking horrified, Cooper shook his head from side to side. “Nooo-oooo, please, I don’t need another enema,“ he whined, sounding like an 8 year-old.

Don’t give me a hard time, Cooper. I don’t want to have to make you obey, boy, she warned.

When he didn’t move to comply, she grabbed his thin arm and tugged him around, jerking him forward and downward over her lap. Cooper was desperate not to be upended across Mrs. Rask’s knees. Mrs. Rask was insistent the boy behave and get the enema he needed.

Wriggling and squirming around, trying to scoot off her lap, Cooper was shocked at finding his bottom swiftly assaulted by a biting, hard, hair brush. Mrs. Rask had spanked her own sons countless times with it, and had lost none of her skill.

It hurt like the devil, and was so humiliating! He felt like he was at least 4 years younger, back across his mother’s lap for a stern spanking, with its emasculating shame and indignity. He thrashed about, flailing weakly and helplessly, with diminishing indignation, on her lap, as she blistered his bare, upturned bottom.

Mrs. Rask peppered the youth’s rump and upper legs so sharply and rapidly, Cooper was almost instantly gasping, then crying from the pain and devastating shame of being spanked across a woman’s lap. It was effective, however.

He broke down wailing and sobbing, begging, pleading, bargaining, apologizing, and promising to be good, to cooperate, not to do anything like that again. Within mere minutes, he had halted his opposition and lay meekly hanging over her lap as she began inserting and infusing the enema.

He hissed a muffled groan as the tube was inserted, and the warm, soapy water began pouring into him, filling him up again. He hated hanging there in that belittled, childish position – especially over her lap – waiting so long as the full contents were dispensed into him; then having to hang there even longer, and wait, until he finally was allowed to get up and empty himself.

Again the work of the enema created rolling waves of cramping pain internally for the young man. He winced and hissed, writhing as its griping became stronger and more intolerable.

When it seemed he might not hold it in while draped over Mrs. Rask’s lap, she popped his bottom a few times with the hair brush. He squealed in response to the sharp pain, but tightened down to hold on.

When it was time, she lifted him off her lap and hurriedly sat him on the commode. He gushed the depletion of his intestinal contents until nothing more could be expelled. She flushed the toilet, pulled him up, bent him over, and wiped his bottom clean.

She led him to the same tub in which he’d been bathed by her husband the day before. Cooper was hoping and praying she would not insist on doing the same thing, but allow him to bathe himself.

It was not to be. She repeated the same thorough scouring he’d undergone from Esa, but the embarrassment of his discomfited reaction was even greater at her hands.

In the end, she too dried and wrapped the weak, young man in a towel and led him to the kitchen. She sat him down, uncomfortably, naked but wrapped in the towel, and spooned another dose of the nasty-tasting medicine into his mouth and down his throat.

After that, she served him scrambled eggs, toast, a watered orange juice, and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Cooper ate and drank it all slowly, the first solid food he’d eaten in almost 2 days.

Afterward, Mrs. Rask helped him to his feet and escorted him back to the bedroom. He felt like a little boy being toddled along by his mother. She sat him in the small desk chair, still wrapped in the towel, while she made him a fresh bed.

When she had finished, she stood him up, disrobed him of the towel, and held open a pair of his white briefs for him to step into. Here, you can wear these while you’re resting and recuperating. At least it’ll restore your modesty, young man.

Cooper’s smile betrayed the extreme relief and gratitude he felt as she tugged the small, tight briefs up, closely encasing his young genitals and shapely, curved rearend. Now, back into bed with you, young Mr. Cooper Jerkenlein. Do not get up again by yourself. If you need something, call me.

Yes, Mrs. Rask, he replied as she stood staring down at him, peering into his timid blue eyes. Thank you, he added.

You’re welcome boy. Try to rest and regain your strength. She turned out the light in the room, leaving it to be illuminated by the summer sunshine streaming in the window, and leaving Cooper to unlax further and fall asleep again.

He was awakened about 2 p.m., by the entry of Mr. Rast into the bedroom. Roused from a depth of unconsciousness produced by his illness, and the shock of all that had happened to him, that he’d been through, in the last 3 days, he found himself struggling to gain focus and concentration.

Big, old Esa Rask leaned forward slightly, looking down at Cooper lying on his stomach, but twisting slightly to perceive who was present. Mrs. Rask tells me she had to spank you bare bottom again this morning, that you gave her trouble, and didn’t want to cooperate and do what she told you.

The tone and content of Esa’s comments instantly told Cooper he was in trouble. Aaah, not really, noooo, ah, I just wanted to, um, take care of myself and, ah, not have to have, ah, ah, a lady, dooooing it.

That doesn’t matter, boy. What were you told this morning, before I left?

Ah, to, ah, behave and do whatever she said, and not give her any trouble, or I’d find myself getting overturned and getting my butt scorched, ah, sir, but you can...

Did you understand what you were told, Cooper? You said you did, didn’t you? Esa cut the young man off before he could begin a wheedling excuse.

Yes, sir, Mr. Rast, but I...

Don’t give me any ’but I’s’, Cooper Jerkenlein. You knew what you were to do, and you knew what was at stake if you didn’t. You have no excuses, boy, and you know what to expect.

With that remark, the big, old Finn reached down and pulled the light-weight youth up off of the mattress, holding him in the air like a thin, white-haired, pale, rag doll. He backed against the bedside, sat down, and lowered and deposited young Cooper Jerkenlein across the big man’s strong, muscled legs.

Wriggling around desperately, Cooper pled, Nooooo, pleeeeze, Mr. Rask. I already got a whipping for it – from Mrs. Rask. You don’t need to do it again, pleeeeez!

You’re the one who needs strong, hard licking, boy. I don’t need the practice giving one. You are to obey when you are given orders or instructions. It doesn’t matter whether its from Mrs. Rask or me.

The rule is the same: obey, do what your told, or stop doing what you’re told not to do  – or else. Or else you get a fanny tanning that’ll keep you from sitting comfortably for a few days, and will remind you what you did wrong, what got you the whipping, the consequences of disobedience, and provide an incentive to obey.

When you finally get that ingrained in you, you’re going to be a far better young man, much farther along to being trusted and treated like a responsible adult. I know you’ve got all the potential to be just that, Cooper; and until you get there, you know to plan on getting spanked regularly whenever you fail to obey, to be honest and honorable.

Spankings, the seasoned old Finn knew well from years of experience raising his own sons, would be useful to guide this blonde-haired, jejune lad toward the goals he was more than able, and fully expected, to achieve. They would also be effective in educating him and keeping him focused on them.

It was essential, therefore, that this boy understand that, if and when he should break any of the rules in place to govern him, he will be spanked.

Cooper realized he would be held on a strict, tight leash by Mr. Rask (and maybe Mrs. Rask too). He felt good about the old Finn’s unmistakeable compliment, but despondent about the certainty he’d be getting more spankings in the future.

He felt a successive series of discouraging, depressing, emotional waves rushing upon himself. He knew he was about to be spanked again by Esa Rask, and that struck fear, shame, embarrassment, and humbling derogation deep within him.

Suddenly, all ruminations about feelings and comments vanished. Mr. Rask began applying the same, old wooden hair brush to Cooper’s already well-marked, skinny bare behind. Instinctively, he jerked and yelped, as the pain of the popping brush re-ignited his lean, bare bottom and thighs.

Although feeling physically lighter and weaker from being sick and having eaten so little in the past few days, he burst forth a valiant, but futile effort to fight against, and resist, the authority of this big man in whose captive he was getting another stern, harsh comeuppance for failing to heed and obey Mrs. Rask, and in turn Esa Rask.

It took less than a minute to quash the momentary uprising, and subdue the screeching, pleading youth to a sorry, squalling boy. As he tried in vain to squirm and writhe away from the peppering spanking over Esa Rask’s lap, Cooper felt like he was the old man’s grandson.

His mind and emotions leaped back to about 3 years earlier when his grandfather, visiting them at their island home, had taken the teenager across his lap, bared his backside, and whipped it red hot, leaving Cooper wailing penitently. In what he had thought was a playful attitude, he had uttered a disrespectful remark that provoked Grandpa Jerkenlein to teach the sassy boy a painful, shameful lesson before the whole family.

Confined over his Grandpa’s lap, being spanked like an impertinent brat, his choking bawling had sounded the regret of careless behaviour and the discipline for it. He was sorry for his misbehaviour, for having to receive and endure a severe licking because of it, and for the humiliating embarrassment of being spanked and sobbing like a blubbering baby before the rest of his family.

Being overturned across Grandpa Jerkenlein’s knees, bared and spanked hard by his Dad’s strong father had reduced Cooper to feeling like a naughty, little boy, not a +15 year-old teenager. Hanging upended and naked over Esa Rask’s lap now, and spanked unsparingly on his bare bottom and upper legs, Cooper felt the same sense of diminished status, like a puerile child being punished for misbehaving.

All those same feelings flooded over Cooper, as held inescapably upside down over Esa’s lap he was spanked mercilessly in the sight of Mrs. Rask. In the same instant, the memory of being stripped of his sweaty, soaked running shorts and spanked before spectators, co-workers, and other runners during the 10K on Saturday flashed tortourously through Cooper’s mind.

That unforgettably disgraceful and painful event was what had led to all the episodes culminating in his being in bed, sick, at Mr. & Mrs. Rask’s house. His memory also recalled Esa’s words that his defiance and disobedience were what had provoked the bare-bottomed, post-race shame visited on him.

His bottom was ignited to an even higher, more intense conflagration, through which he was shrieking sobs and cries of painful, sorrowful surrender. Yet, these thoughts kept breaking through, reinforcing the reality that he wanted to avoid, at all costs, any future repetitions of this discipline; and to do so, he had to become scrupulous about listening and heeding.

Not until the big, old Finn ripped the skinny, white-headed, milk-coloured youth up off the lap across which he was draped, dangling, and spanked, did Cooper realize it was over. He was too distraught and trembling with shocked nerves and muscles to stand steady.

With his hands plastered on his throbbing buttocks and thighs, and a bobbing boner erect as a flagpole, he felt himself lifted up off the floor again by the strong, old man, and placed face down back in his bed.

Listen carefully now, boy. You stay put here, now, until Mrs. Rask calls you to get up for supper. Then you do exactly what she tells you.

With that, Esa Rask left the bedroom, and the sobbing, spanked boy to weep himself to nap.

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