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Two Little Boys Get Spanked!

by Robert

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Pete Daniels had two stepsons, 8 and 6, who were often getting into trouble, mouthing off to people and were slowly, even at this young age, getting out of hand.

He wanted to spank them, but his wife was strictly against any kind of corporal punishment. So he respected her judgment, even though it was hard for him to keep his hands off them. Sometimes he would look at their little butts in their tight jeans and think about how they needed to be spanked. And, he often thought, it might actually be fun to spank them. They both had nice chubby spankable butts.

But he respected his wife's wishes. After all, he thought, they were her biological sons and he was just the stepdad.

Then suddenly something very strange happened. His wife ran off with another man and left him with the two boys. Wow, he thought, now is my chance to discipline those two boys as they need to be disciplined.

He explained to the boys that their mother was on a special vacation and would be gone for a few weeks. They seemed to accept that explanation.

Then two days later the two of them were fighting and broke a lamp. When confronted about the broken lamp, the two young lads actually cussed at their stepdad.

So he decided it was time to act. He grabbed the two boys and took them into their bedroom. He shut the door and closed the curtains. He knew what he had in mind. He had them sit on the edge of one of the beds, lecturing them about what they had done. And then he told them that he was going to spank them.

At first they complained, but when he began undressing them, they did not complain any longer. Surprisingly, they let him take their clothes off. And he did not stop until both boys were naked. Totally naked.

First he put the younger boy across his lap and spanked his little round, smooth bottom.Lots of spanks. He really got the boy's little butt red. The boy cried and squirmed, but otherwise did not resist. He actually enjoyed spanking the boy. Maybe because he had wanted to for so long. Or maybe it was the touch of his bare hand across the little boy's smooth bare bottom. Anyway, he liked the whole thing.

After the spanking he made the boy stand in the corner--still naked.

Then he took the 8 year old boy and slid his naked body over his lap. He adjusted him with a firm hold, and then spanked the kid. Spanked him good. Made up for all those times he wanted to spank this one--the oldest one, especially.The boy cried and squirmed and complained, but otherwise, he, too, did not resist. Pete Daniels spanked the little boy's firm, white ass for about 5 minutes. And he enjoyed every second while spanking the boy. Every second.

After the spanking this boy went into another corner. So there he was. No wife. Two kids. Both naked. And standing in the corner being punished. Being punished the way he always wanted to punish them. A really good, hot spanking to their cute little bare asses!!!!

Pete really felt that these two boys needed to be spanked for a long time. And, he realized, these spankings weren't going to be the last. Not at all!!!!

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