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Trip to Atlantic City
Part 1

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Rolf had just received word that he had to go to Atlantic City for business. He would only be gone for a few days, but he didn't want to leave Matthew home alone. But he also knew that he would be bouncing from meeting to meeting. Taking Matthew would be worse than leaving him home, unless a friend went along. Rolf knew Marc had some vacation time coming, so this could be a good opportunity.

One week later things were a go. Rolf, Matthew and Marc were set for a nice weekend getaway. Rolf had already given Matthew his gamble with responsibility speech. But he didn't think that was really necessary, with Marc coming along to look after things. What he forgot to realize was that Marc had never been gambling before and was, if possible, even more excited than Matthew.

The day to leave finally arrived. The flight was an early one, leaving at 6am. Rolf had Matthew up and ready to leave the house at 4:30. That normally would have put both of them in a horrendous mood, but the prospect of gambling the weekend away with Marc had Matthew fairly jumping out of bed. They were at Marc's house fifteen minutes later, and Marc was waiting impatiently on the front porch. Marc hadn't flown in quite a while and was excited at the prospect of the flight itself. Rolf watched the rearview mirror in amused silence as Matthew and Marc chatted merrily away. Rolf was in a great mood, they were going to arrive at the airport on time and it looked like, with no fuss. Just then, traffic slowed to a stop on the road.

Matthew and Marc stopped their discussion when they realized they had stopped moving. Way up the road, flashing lights could be seen. It appeared to have been an accident. Terrible timing. Rolf could NOT be late getting to the airport. He barely had just enough time to make it to his first meeting as it was. Not Rolf's idea, but the company didn't want any extra expenses. The minutes began ticking away. Rolf was starting to get VERY nervous. And naturally Matthew said the most wrong thing at the most wrong time.

All Matthew could think about was missing the plane, missing his chance to gamble again, missing ALL the fun. "Roooollffff" he whined, "What if the dumbfuck that caused this accident makes us miss our plane?"

Dead silence greeted that remark. Marc in shock. Rolf in absolute fury. Matthew in a slowly dawning realization of what he just said.

Rolf was close to boiling just because of the accident. Matthew's ill timed remark sent him zooming straight past boiling and into nuclear meltdown, mainly because that was exactly what he was thinking.

Marc saw the emotions in Rolf's face. He knew how much Rolf hated to be late, knew how much it meant to him to make the early meeting, knew how VERY much Rolf hated swearing. He knew that they didn't have time to stop, and that being the case, that Rolf would be grumpy until he had the time to punish Matthew, and that Matthew would be unhappy until it was all over with. These thoughts whizzed through Marc's head in an instant. Marc did the only thing that came to mind to keep some relative peace in the truck. He popped Matthew's seatbelt free, and in one swift movement, had Matthew face down across his lap.

Marc reached under Matthew and undid his jeans. He pulled the jeans down to just below the buttocks. Marc put his fingers in the waistband of Matthew's underwear and looked at Rolf in the mirror, as if waiting for the thumbs up. Rolf nodded approvingly. Marc yanked the underwear down to meet the jeans. Then the swats came crashing down. Marc spanked fast and hard, and Matthew was yelping in no time. After two minutes of spanking, the traffic began moving. Marc stopped, ready to return Matthew to his seated position. Then Rolf spoke.

"Keep going Marc. We are moving slow enough. Matthew is not sorry enough yet."

Marc did as instructed and continued plummeting Matthew's bare behind. He was kicking and crying and pleading, but Marc didn't let up until told to.

The spanking lasted for just over ten minutes. Until traffic was moving faster and the airport was in sight. By the time they reached the airport, they had just minutes to spare. And poor Matthew was showing his marks. His face was wet, his eyes bloodshot, and his nose running. It was going to be a rough takeoff.

Rolf pulled up to the valet parking, there was no time to spare. He jumped out, and opened the door for the boys. Marc came tumbling out, but Matthew was a little slow. Rolf grabbed hold of his arm and literally dragged him out of the truck.

Matthew was still sobbing and hiccuping. Marc had flat worn his ass out. He tried swiping his free arm across his face, clean up some. The valet attendant was looking at him and Matthew wanted nothing more than to melt into a puddle on the concrete.

Rolf was NOT happy. "I don't care HOW bad your tail is hurting right now, but if you don't get a move on, I'll make sure you don't sit for the rest of the weekend. And you had BETTER be on your best behavior, IS THAT CLEAR?"

All Matthew could do was nod. He was SO embarrassed. Rolf let go, and Matthew slowly made his way to the back of the truck to get his bags, swiping at his face. He didn't want to have to go through the airport looking like he did, but he had no choice.

Matthew felt as though everyone knew what had happened. He felt as though he might as well have been naked, the only sign missing was his bright red behind. Naturally, it was all in his head, and he knew, but he hated to feel that way.

Soon they made their way on board, and were ready for take off, with just seconds to spare. The flight was smooth and quiet. The events of the early morning wore everyone out. Matthew pouted for a while, but was soon fast asleep on Marc's shoulder. Before they knew it, they had arrived. Atlantic City baby! A trip no one was prepared for.

Rolf had a car waiting for their arrival and they were soon packed and headed off to the hotel. Matthew was a little grouchy upon awakening as his backside was still aching pretty good. He was just happy that Rolf's mood had brightened considerably now that things were back on schedule. Matthew and Marc were again talking each other's ears off as they passed the huge hotels, amusement parks, the beaches, and all those fun and interesting tourist trap places.

Rolf could only think "sensory overload" as he listened to the conversation. He was remembering the trip to Las Vegas a while back, and the trouble that Matthew had found himself in. He felt confident that his lecture to Matthew would do the trick for him, and if not, the steadying influence of Marc would help tremendously.

Rolf pulled up to the hotel and everyone grabbed their bags and headed inside. Rolf went up to the counter to check in, and the boys dropped their bags next to him. Before Rolf could even turn around to tell the boys to stick close by, they were gone, exploring the casino just off to the left. It took Rolf several minutes to get checked in. When he finished, the bellhop took the bags and Rolf went in search of the boys. He looked for about five minutes and had no luck. When he looked at his watch, he realized that he needed to head out in just a few minutes. He headed up to the room for a quick change of clothes. He was more than a little upset with the boys and the fact that he was going to have to leave without seeing them. He left a short note on the desk and headed downstairs.

"Can I help you, sir?" asked the young man at the desk.

"Yes, you can. I am Mr. Monet, room 1564, and when I arrived I had two boys with me. They have since disappeared. Please hold this key for them, as they will need it when they return. Are there any messages currently for me?"

"Ah yes, Mr. Monet. No problem with the key, and yes, one message. Here you go, and enjoy your stay with us."

Rolf looked at the message and scowled. He was expecting his last meeting of the day to end at 6, then he'd have some time to spend with the boys. Looked like it was going to run past 7. He took a quick glance around and still didn't see the boys. He headed out the door to his first meeting of the day.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Marc toured the casino. It was just as Matthew had remembered it. But Marc, Marc was awestruck. It didn't take long before he was popping coins into the slot machine. After ten pulls, and ten losses, Matthew got Marc's attention.

"Uh, Marc. What time do you have?"

Marc looked at his watch. 'Oh shit!' he thought, it was after 11. Rolf was long gone. And he was gonna be fuming.

"Come on Matthew, let's head to the desk. Tonight isn't going to pretty."

"We didn't DO anything, why would tonight not be pretty?"

"Have you forgotten that we left Rolf at the check in desk? Have you forgotten that he's already gone? Do you think he's going to be the least bit happy with that?"

"Well, when you put it that way, I guess not." Matthew was a little slow on the uptake, but not that slow.

They went to the desk and got the key. They were on the 15th floor. Riding the elevator should have been fun, but they didn't know what the room held for them, so it was a somber ride. Marc opened the door, and Matthew wandered in, seeing the note on the desk first.

The note said simply "You are to stay put and wait for my call. Leave the room and that will be the last of Atlantic City you see."

"Oh wonderful" Matthew said as he handed the note to Marc "what a fun afternoon." He plopped down on the bed, pouting.

Marc read the note, crumpled it into a ball and threw it away. He did NOT take vacation time to spend it sitting in a hotel room. He was trying to figure out a way to enjoy the day, and not miss Rolf's call. He walked over to the door to the terrace and stepped outside, enjoying the view, not realizing until now that they had a beachfront room. He could see the beach was crowded, heard the children's happy cries as the waves rolled in upon the sand. Marc was unsure of what to do next. The casino was calling his name, but the beach looked SO inviting. Beach, casino, casino, beach.... His musings were interrupted when Matthew crashed into him, pretending to throw him over the edge.

"You little shit! You scared me half to death! Don't DO that, I could have fallen." Marc was more upset with his ruined afternoon plans than he was at Matthew for scaring him.

Matthew just burst into laughter and went back into the room, calling over his shoulder "Sissy!" He headed back to the desk to grab the room service menu. If he was going to have to sit in the room, he was at least going to eat like a King.

Marc came back into the room and rifled through the bags.

"What are you looking for?" Matthew inquired.

Marc didn't say anything, he just kept rummaging through.

"Oh so now I suppose you are mad, can't take a joke."

Marc looked at Matthew with 'that look'. Marc's gears were turning, and Matthew was very curious now. 'That look' usually meant trouble for Matthew, but not this time, and Matthew knew that.

Finally Marc found what he was looking for: swimsuits. He pulled out his own and Matthew's.

"Think I am a sissy huh? Put these on bud, I'll show you who's not a sissy."

With that Marc began to disrobe. For once Matthew was feeling like the voice of reason. This was not looking like a good idea. Matthew knew if that call was missed, neither of them would be seeing any of Atlantic City, and more importantly, they wouldn't be sitting much either.

"Marc, have you lost your mind? Rolf didn't write that note as a joke, and I for one aim to enjoy the rest of the weekend. He'll call in a little bit, we can try to work on him then. Besides, I'm starved, and room service has a delicious menu."

"Yeah, that's what I thought. Chicken. Just because we weren't there when he left, doesn't mean I want to spend the rest of the afternoon cooling my heels in this hotel room. I didn't take time off from work to do that. I'm going out to enjoy the beach, something I haven't seen in years. You stay here if you want."

Matthew was shocked. Marc usually did whatever Rolf wanted, and then some. Usually*. And if not, Matthew was always right beside him, ready to have fun, getting into whatever trouble there was. "Tell you what. Obviously you want to enjoy yourself. I do too. But we can't BOTH be gone, and miss that call. I'll order lunch, you go down to the beach. Come back in an hour, we'll see if Rolf has called. Then it will be my turn, okay?"

Marc's voice softened. He wasn't mad at Matthew. "Okay, that sounds good. I don't want to miss the rest of Atlantic City either. Get something for me, will ya?"

"Sure. See you in a bit." Matthew picked up the phone to call room service.

Marc took off towards the beach.

Thirty minutes later came a knock on the door. Matthew opened it up to find the dinner cart. He grabbed a $100 bill from Rolf's stash, and paid the bill, getting back only $40 in change. Lunch was a little on the expensive side. But was it EVER good. Matthew dove into the most tender steak he'd had in a long while. He had all the fixins to go with it, along with a HUGE piece of chocolate pie, and a plateful of chocolate chip cookies. He had just taken a huge bite of cookie when the phone rang, startling him.

"relrol?" Matthew managed, through a mouthful of cookie.

"Matthew, is that you?" Rolf asked, thinking he was talking to Scooby Doo.

Matthew managed to swallow his cookie without choking. "Yes, yes, it's me. Sorry, just having a bit of lunch. Not much else to do, you know, being stuck in the room like this." Matthew was using his famous pouty voice, trying to get his way.

"You wouldn't be stuck in the room if you hadn't run off, young man. That wasn't very nice, as I wanted to kiss your face before my first meeting. I don't get my way, you don't get yours."

"Oh Rooolllffff, so sorry. We just went into the casino, we didn't go far. Marc wanted to play the slot machines, and I guess he just lost track of the time. I missed you too."

"Alright sport, break my heart. You're free. PLEASE, don't go into the ocean without me. You can swim in the pool, or walk along the beach, but no swimming in the ocean, okay? My last meeting ends at 7. If you guys can get cleaned up and ready to go, we'll take in dinner and a show, how does that sound?"

"Oh fun, fun! We'll be ready, 7, right?" Matthew was already thinking about what he could have for dinner, even though he was stuffed full as it was.

"Yes, 7, sport. Let me talk to Marc a sec, okay?"

Matthew nearly lost the grip on the phone. "M..marc's.. in the shower. He...he was sitting on the balcony and got hot and sweaty, so he's in the shower. I..I can give him a message, okay?"

Rolf noticed a change in Matthew's voice, but he decided to ignore it. "Tell him to watch you and the money carefully. VERY carefully."

"Oh, Rolf, don't worry, okay? I won't spend too much."

Just then, Marc burst in the door, shouting "HEY Matthew! The beach is just SO NICE! You've got..."

He had made it over to where Matthew was sitting, when Matthew reached out and shoved Marc down on the bed, making large gestures and mouthing the words "SHUT UP" trying to keep them both out of trouble.

"Matthew, is that Marc talking about the beach? I thought he was in the shower?"

"Uh... he WAS in the shower....he just got out and was back on the balcony..."

"Put him on the phone please."

Matthew handed the phone to Marc, mouthing "Rolf" to him.

Marc's stomach did a little flip as he took the phone. "Yes, sir."

"How's the view from the balcony? Pretty nice isn't it?"

"Yes, yes, sir, it's very nice. The beach looks so inviting. Can't wait until you're back, maybe we can take a walk?"

"Marc, you're free. I'd say the last two hours have been punishment enough for running off this morning. Just don't go swimming in the ocean without me. Have fun, but make sure neither of you goes over your spending limits. Leave some of that for tonight as well, okay? I've got to run, see you at 7." With that, Rolf hung up the phone.

"Matthew I don't know what you said to him, but thank you. So where do you want to go first?"

"No first you owe me. You owe me BIG! Rolf asked to speak to you, I of course being a good friend lie, and you come bellowing in the room. If he would have caught me in a lie, I would be sucking Ivory until we leave. I don't like the situation you put me in."

"Matthew, thank you for lying, I didn't ask you too. I had my reasons. Besides it is over, can we go have some fun now?"


"No? Why? What is the problem?"

"The problem is your attitude."

Whoa Matthew was taken aback by what he was