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Brother Catches Me on a Wank

by Michael Paine

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I was just home from school, and I was pretty horny from seeing this new girl in class. I was getting a serious hard on. I stroked myself through my nylon warm-ups that were by black with white trim. They were "Puma" brand pants. My gym shorts with no underwear were under them. I was rubbing my crotch hard and fast now, caressing my balls and getting close to creaming my shorts and warm-ups.

I was just about to cum when my brother swung my door open hearing the noise of my groans and moans. I was dumbfounded, and defenseless as my hand was over my nylon pant covered crotch, with sticky pre come wetting my gym shorts under my warm-ups. He said, " I am going to dad what you were doing. You were playing with yourself through your pants. I begged, "Wait, and do not tell dad, what can I do to make you not tell dad??" Well, I can spank you I guess he said with a grin on his face.

What? He had to be kidding, no way am I going to get spanked by my shrimp little brother. Ok he said, I guess I'll tell dad then. I begged him to wait and finally agreed, "o. k. You can spank me then, shit". And because you swore too, I'll give extra my brother said.

O. k. whatever you want, just don't tell dad. So my brother grabbed me and hauled me over his knee, the bulge under his "Dockers" pants were pretty obvious as I laid over his knee waiting for the first swat. I didn't have to wait long, and wham swat smack, smack he went over my warm-up pants. No pockets, just nylon covering my poor spanked hindquarters. Wow my brother could spank. It felt like sitting on a hot grill after the fire had burned my pants and shorts off, but he continued his wailing on my nylon warm-up pants. I rubbed my groin into his, getting him harder in his cotton "Dockers", these nice light green ones. I know he would be close to coming in his pants too. If I was being spanked then he would be in trouble creaming in his school pants, and for sure our mom would catch that now or later. So I grinded harder into the groin of his pants as he punished my ass of my pants hard, whack after whack, he spanked me. I lost count how many he swats he laid on my athletic nylon pants covered bottom.

Then with one last deep hard grind against the groin of his "Dockers" pants, he tensed, and shot his load into his boxers. The load was so thick and so much, the come made a nice deep shiny stain on the front of his light green "Dockers" pants. As this happened my dad walked in on both of us and saw my brother spanking me.

What the hell is going on in here he belted out loudly?? My brother immediately stopped spanking me and pushed me off his knee. Boy, my rump was roasted with the heat that my brother caused. My brother forgot that he came in his green cotton "Dockers" pants and the stain was huge and easily seen by all, especially my dad. My brother looked down at his pants, and was now in deep trouble. My dad came in, grabbed my brother and pulled him over his knee and spanked the seat of my brothers come soaked pants to the point of almost flames coming off his cute bottom. Just as hard as he spanked me, my brother was getting the most awesome pants warming. Forget global warming, there was more heat coming off my brothers' seat of the pants that you could melt all the icebergs from the heat. Over and over again, my father spanked him with authority, and strength. I began rubbing my crotch of my pants again at this hot sight. My brother finally sang out why he was spanking me, " Michael was masturbating through his pants". My dad looked over at me and caught me stroking myself through my pants.

My dad put my brother in the corner and gave him another quick and hard 50 or so swats on his cotton "Dockers" pants. He came over back to me with my hand still stroking my crotch and grabbed me and spanked me some more over my pants. He took off his belt and doubled it and whipped my warm-up pants really well. Not missing a beat or inch of my seat of the pants, now I was bawling like a little baby. He put me in the other corner of my room and gave me another 50 or so swats to the seat of my pants and told me to stay there until he said so.

When he left, I stopped crying, and rubbed my eyes, but more to the point I was horny still, and stroked my crotch of my pants till I came the best I had ever. My brother was stroking his pants too looking at me, and shot another creamy load in his smart but spanked school pants. My dad came in and told us to shower up and change because we were going out for dinner.

We did, and had a great dinner later. It was the best dinner in a long time, steak so good that it was almost sinful. My butt though was still well done from my dads' spanking too. My brother was so well behaved that it was weird. When we got home, I went to my room and I started thinking about my girl again and stroked my own light blue cotton "Dockers" till I came and blasted a load in them so much that a huge shiny stain seeped through them and my boxers. I washed them by hand so I wouldn't be discovered. I still masturbate about my girl that I never quite ever got, but it made for some very fun memories, and some really come stained pants. M. P.

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