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Spanked Before the Great One

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 18 Apr 2000

The following story is fiction.  It contain role and age play, and spanking.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please stop reading now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

Reality note about the local I have used.  I have not been toDenali National Parkso that there may be errors in the descriptions for that area.  In the language of the Athabaskan Indians of Alaska Denali means "The Great One" or "The High One".  Of course, the former name has many meanings in our language.

The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.


Twenty-five year old Ashley was happy.  This was last work day before her vacation.  To say she was looking forward to it would have been the understatement of the year.  She skipped her lunch hour and her supervisor allowed her to leave early.  She rushed home to prepare for trip.  She had but two hours before Duane would be there to pick her up.  She was glad she had finished packing the evening before.

As soon as she got in she kicked off her heels.  She hated heels but the job required them.  The earrings were the next to go.  They were also hated.  She put her clothes into the laundry bag.  She got out the paint solvent and removed the red lacquer that coated her finger nails and clipped them short.  Cold cream removed the facial paint.  Then she got into the shower.  Today it was simplicity; a simple shampoo and simple deodorant soap.  Neither had any scents.  She washed herself very throughly to rid herself of all traces of the scents and makeup she had to put on this morning.  Soon she felt clean again; pure and natural again.  She shaved her armpits extra close.

She dried off.  Already she felt rejuvenated.  Then she did the one thing that she wished that she did not have to do.  She took an elastic bandage and wrapped it around her upper torso flatting her small breasts.  She could not help but to think of Tina doing the same thing inBoys Don't Cryto become Brandon.  Then she continued to dress.  First a T-shirt and boys' briefs (with a little bit of padding in the fly), a boys' shirt and boys' jeans, white crew socks, sneakers, a boys' high school logo jacket.  She took out the important papers from her wallet and put them into a boys' wallet.  She put on a baseball cap -- backwards.

Ashley looked into the mirror.

Rex, a twelve year old boy, looked back and smiled.

Vacation time.

The Flight

Daddy Duane was pleased that Rex was ready on-time.  He did not think that the way to start a "father/son" vacation was by having to spank a tardy boy.  They were on-time; the airline was not.  A lot of passengers were shifted to other flights but Rex and daddy were not.  There is a downside to paying a bargain low fare.  Their flight got off some three hours late.  Because of the passenger shift it was only half full but mostly tourists -- families with kids.  Cranky kids with even crankier parents.

The flight took off from LAX .  Lunch was served immediately and soon after the little kids were napping.  The big kids were running around disturbing everyone.  Parent after parent told them to behave properly but everyone was off for vacation and they did not have the hearts to be strict with their kids.  Daddy had warned Rex several times but he did not listen any more than the guys he was playing with listened to their parents.  Then Duane had enough.

"THAT'S IT,YOUNG MAN!  You been warnedfive times and now you're going to getSPANKED."  He said coldly.  Rex knew that he meant it.  When he said things in that cold, apparently super calm voice, he was raging inside.  Painful experience had taught him that appeals were not only useless but counter productive.

Several other kids heard that line; the line with those special key words: "YOUNG MAN" and "SPANKED".  An eerie silenced swept over the cabin as those who hadn't heard directly were informed by whispers.  Duane got up and took Rex by the hand and lead him to the rear of the cabin where the cabin crew's jump seats were.  Rex's playmates and others quickly followed.  Spanking were great fun; er, spanking were great fun if you were not the spankee.  Duane sat in a rear facing seat on the port side with Rex standing in front of him.

"You know why you're getting spanked, Rex?"

"Yes, father."  He started at the floor.

Duane opened Rex's belt and jeans.  Baggy as they were, they fell to his ankles.  He shuffled to Duane's side and lay over dad's lap as required.  Dad raised his hand and brought it down hard on the brief covered bottom in range.  Rex yelped as he felt daddy's handSPANKhis butt hard.  Five more hard SPANKSand Rex was sobbing and promising to be good.

Dad slipped his hand into the waistband of the briefs.  Rex pleaded immediately: "Please dad, not on the bare, please."  The pleading was in vain.  It did not even rate the reminder that spanking werealwayson the bare.  Dad pulled the briefs down, completely exposing the already reddened cheeks.  Unfortunately for Rex, Duane was a southpaw so that all the other kids could see the his already red butt.  Rex was now required that he keep his thighs together in order not to reveal his physical sex.  Dad continued the spanking.  His hand went up and down several times.  Each time that hand came down it came down hard on the exposed cheeks.  Rex switched from promising and sobbing to crying.  Then to bawling.  Dad pulled up the briefs and stood Rex up.  He held him as he cried for a long time.  The other kids were awed.  Some had never even seen a spanking much less been spanked.  When Rex stopped crying dad pulled up his jeans.

"I'm sorry, dad.  I'll be a good boy, really, I promise."

Dad gave Rex a kiss.  The kids continued to play but now they were quiet.  The fight attendants thanked him profusely and even gave him a drink on the house.

Word of what had happened spread rapidly through the cabin.  A couple of people seated nearby thanked him for the change he had wrought insuring a peaceful flight from now on.

About a half hour later two boys approached Duane.  Kevy who had been playing with Rex and Pete his fifteen year old brother.  "Sir, may I ask you something?" said Pete politely.  Duane nodded.  "Will you spank me, please?"

The usually unflappable Duane was taken by surprise and had the young man repeat his remark.  Then he moved over to the middle seat and indicated that Pete was to sit.  "What this all about, lad?"

It took Pete a while to explain.  He, his mother and brother were on vacation and he had messed up and was due a spanking.  Mother felt that she was too small to do the job properly and although he really did not want to be spanked he figured that it would be better than waiting ten days until he got home for his father to do it.  She had agreed that he could ask him since he had shown the necessary skills and experience.

Kevy, with a great big smile, interjected: "Tell him how, Peter."

"Quiet, squirt." Pete snapped at his brother and then looking at the floor whispered to Duane.  "It has to be on the bare with the paddle."

"This paddle." said a broad smiling Kevy, pulling a leather paddle about three inches wide and nine inches long with a handle from his back pocket.

As Duane took the paddle, Rex gulped.  He did not need to have Duane learn new ways of tanninghisbutt.  Duane tried the paddle on his own hand.  It stung.  He handed it to Rex who did the same.  "Do you think we should get one of these, Rex?"

"NO!, dad, I'm certain that we DON'T need one of these."

"How much would your father spank you for your misdeed, Peter?"

Kevy was beaming as Peter had to answer.  "Until I'm bawling like a baby, sir.  Dad always knows when I try to fake it so I don't."

"And then." hinted Kevy.

"I'll have to apologize to Kevy and he gets to pull up my pants when he is satisfied."

"I'll have to talk with your mother, Pete.  Where is she?"  Pete and Kevy took him to their mother and then were shooed away.  Their mother was a small woman who was not able to physically discipline her oldest son any more.  Their mother confirmed the entire deal and was happy that Pete thought of it for the spanking would put a pale over the entire vacation knowing that a spanking was waiting for him at home.

A few minutes later Duane was back in the crew's jump seat with Peter, paddle in hand, standing in front of him.  Kevy had made sure that the event was well witnessed.  Peter had not realized how many would be watching but he could not back out now.  He would never hear the end of it from Kevy and his father would not approve of such babyish behavior.  "Arealman keeps his word." was one of his favorite expressions.

Peter handed Duane the paddle and opened his pants.  He hesitated for a moment before letting then drop to the floor but a man is not a quitter.  It was very hard to push his boxers down exposing his package and butt to the watching crowd.  It was better, however, than having themtakendown.  This was harder than at home just in front of family and close friends.  Not only was there a whole gaggle of strangers watching but there were several girls, few who were giggling at their first sight of guy's pubes.  He laid down across Duane's lap.  He was in a no-win spot.  He did not want to cry, much less bawl in front of everyone but he would be here until he did.  His contemplation was shattered by the pain in his butt as the paddle crashed down.  Crashed down hard on this butt with a loudSMACK!!

He was almost a man.  He managed not to yell.  The paddle continued its assault on his butt.  It turned from its normal white to pink to rose to red to dark red like an apple.  After years of being spanked overlap Peter's body had learnt that it was best to cry; his mind could not counter that for very long.  Pete gave up on preventing crying and he released the tears that had been collecting.  Then after another score of SPANKS he lost control and started to bawl like a baby.

Duane was giving him a few more when Kevy spoke up.  "Please, Sir, stop; that's sufficient punishment for my brother."  Duane stopped.  Kevy had been anxious for his brother to get paddled but they apparently had some rules.  Spanked is one thing, over spanked quite another.  Pete had acknowledged that Kevy was the arbitrator for this spanking.

Kevy sat in the other jump seat and held his brother who was kneeling in front of him until he stopped crying.  Peter apologized to Kevy who accepted the first time.  Then Pete asked Kev to please pull up his pants.

"Don't be a baby.  Pull up your own pants." Kevy said with a smile.  Pete thanked him later for allowing him the dignity to do this himself.

Somewhat later, Pete thanked Duane for spanking him so that they he could enjoy the trip without worrying about a spanking waiting for him at home.

The rest of the flight was peaceful as they flew over the Pacific Ocean to Anchorage.

Wild Exposure

It was a few days later when Rex and daddy checked into the lodge in Denali National Park.  They were pleasantly surprised to find that Pete, Kevy and their mom were there also.  It was nice to have dinner all together.  The next day, they all went on the same tour.  Pete and Kevy asked Rex to join them on a hike.  They had gotten off the bus early previously where a trail crosses the road and it was a nice "trek" back to the lodge.  Reluctantly Duane gave his approval but insisted that Rex take his pack with his jacket (just in case), water bottle (natch) and a snack (candy -- yum-yum).

They were having fun just following the trail across the valley when they came to the stream.  In the two days since Pete and Kevy were there last, the plank that formed the bridge had disappeared.  Going back was not a viable option as they were well past the halfway point and the road was much longer.

The only way was to wade across.

The only way not to have wet jeans and boots was to remove them.

Pete said it was only a couple of feet deep and it would be fun.  Kevy had already removed his boots and socks and was starting on his jeans.  Pete was not far behind in doing the same.

"The water too cold and shallow for swimming but we did that anyway last time." said Pete as he stuffed his stuff into his pack and started across.  Rex saw that he had no choice and he would still have his briefs on.  He took a couple of steps into the water and it was cold but ever so clear.  The bottom was easy to see.  It was not very deep and he felt like a bear must feel going fishing.  He took a few more steps.

Then the problem.  He missed his footing and slipped a little.  Kevy grabbed his arm preventing him from falling.  All was well; sort of.  His briefs were now wet.

Peter had briefly removed his shirt so that he could take off his T-shirt.  Now he was drying himself with it and Kevy was following the lead of his big brother.

"Come-on Rex, dry yourself before you get chilled.  There is a wind." Pete said exercising his position as oldest and therefore presumed leader.

Rex was in a quandary.  They did not know he was atomboy rather than aboy.

"And get those wet briefs off, too" added Kevy.

Rex was now horrified.  He just stood there, frozen.

"Don't be shy.  We're all guys.  We were little too.  It nothing to be ashamed of." pronounced Kevy with the wisdom of a younger brother who had to endure his big brother (and his friends) maturing years before he did.  Rex remained frozen.  Kevy was impulsive.  He stepped forward and yanked Rex's briefs down.  Rex immediately covered his crotch with his hands.  But he was too slow.  Kevy saw what was not there.  "You're agirl!" he exclaimed.

After a very long two minutes of the three of them being frozen, Pete pulled his brother away.  "She, er, HE's a tomboy, Kevy, like Josie and Terry.  Rex, dry off and get dressed we won't watch."  The two of them walked away leaving Rex alone.

Rex following the lead of Pete and Kev, dried herself with her T-shirt and redressed and stowed her wet underwear in her pack.  She had no idea what she should say as she rejoined the two real boys.  But they, most fortunately, solved the problem.  Rex was not the only tomboy they knew for back home there were a couple in their own town.  Pete started: "Kev, were sorry.  We really though that you were a guy."

Then Kevy continued.  "I'm was grossly rude, Rex; I'm sorry.  Please forgive me."

Before she good answer, Pete cut in.  "Kev, what did dad promise you if you were really rude again."

"A spanking." he said softy.

"Well do you want to wait until we get home or have Rex's dad do it."  Pete confronted his brother with a between a rock and a hard place choice.  I'm sure he like to watch.  Kevy was silent.  Pete then proposed another idea.  "Or Rex could do it; he was the injured party."

Rex loved the idea; he had been the recipient of far to many spankings and had never given any.  Kevy was intrigued and figured that he would get off easier and not have his parents know.  Pete was enjoying his brother squirm and was wondering how this tomboy would do it.

They continued until they found a place were they could do it.  Then Rex said down and Kevy stood before him.  Rex pulled Kevy's belt out of his jeans before letting them fall to his ankles.  Then he put his thumbs in the waist band of Kevy's briefs and slowly lowered to his pants.  In doing so he got a good look at the boy's equipment with its small start of pubes.  Kevy blushed at this as he knew that Rex was a tomboy rather than another boy.  On the other hand, turnabout was fair play.  Rex pulled Kevy over his lap and held him around his waist.

Rex caressed Kevy's bottom a bit before starting.  This caused him to get a stiffy.  He was sure that Rex could feel it through his jeans.  Kevy was unhappy with this but there was nothing to do about it.  Rex raised his hand and brought it down sharply on the boy's bottom.  A hand print formed.  The process was repeated many times.  Rex remembered how it was to be spanked.  How some places were more sensitive than others.  He began to hit the more sensitive places.  That had the desired effect on Kevy for he began to sob and then cry.  Rex picked up the belt and folded it.  He gave Kevy some ten whacks with it just for the effect.  He returned and gave a few moreSPANKSwith his hand.  He lifted Kevy up and hugged him.

Of course, he got a good view of Kevy's manhood.  But Rex did more than just look.  Rex reached out and grabbed Kevy by the balls.  He griped securely but not hard.  The terror showed on Kevy's face.  "Please, Rex" he did not have to explain.  "I'm really very sorry, please, Rex.  I'll never do it again." he said between his sobs and even apologized again.

Rex stood up and released the grip he had.  He then gave Kevy a hug and told him to pull up his pants.

As they continued walking back, Kevy congratulated Rex on his spanking skills and said he did a better job than his scout master.  They were the best of friends after that.

It was not until Pete and Kevy were alone that night he got teased for crying when spanked by a girl even though she was a tough, strong tomboy.

Taming the Wild

That evening, the kids were able to convince Rex's Dad to let him go on hiking with Pete and Kevy the next day.  They made sure that Rex had all the necessary gear, placed three orders for bagged lunches and studied the maps.

They had lots of fun even before they reached the pond where they were going to have lunch.  The Pete said that it was so warm that he was going skinny dipping.  Kevy, as always following his brother's lead, insisted that he would also.  Rex was very hesitant but the two convinced him that they knew his secret and it did not matter.  "Of course if it did matter, we wouldn't have invited you.  It will be lots of fun." insisted Kevy.

"You may never have another chance as a boy to do it." noted Pete not knowing the full truth.  With that Pete took ten steps away, faced away from Rex and started to strip.  Kevy did likewise.  Rex could not resist and stripped down also.

In just a few minutes they were in the crystal clear but cold water.  They frolicked for a while and then Rex noted that Kevy's lips were turning blue and that Pete's were starting to.  He told them and then got out of the water first.  As he was drying down, a shivering Kevy joined him.  Rex help dry him off and got him exercising to warm up.  Pete was very stubborn and kept in the water despite pleas from both of them to come out.

When he finally did come out he was blue and shivering.  They both rubbed him down with the towels and finally he regained his normal color.  Both Rex and Kev lectured him about being foolish and stupid and stuff like that.  Rex even pointed out that his manhood had shrunk away in great self-reproach and he should be very ashamed of setting a bad example for Kevy.  As Kevy and Rex were hugging Pete to try to warm him, Kevy suggest that there was another way to warm his brother and gave Rex a big wink.

Rex caught on and they moved over to the nearby rock that was like a chair.  Rex released Pete and sat down.  Kevy guided his big brother over Rex's lap and Rex started to warm up the chilled youth.  Not only did Rex spank Peter very hard but he gave him a blistering lecture.

Rex spanked Pete even harder than he had spanked Kevy the previous day.  Over and over his hand came crashing down on the now flaming butt of the older boy.  Kevy assisted by holding his brother's wrists so that he could not struggle.  Rex made sure to get the most sensitive places and even moved well down on Pete's thighs.  He complained that they could not do this; that he was the oldest and in charge.  Rex answered with more spanks.  Pete, still chilled inside, was not able to resist even the bare hand of the angry Rex and had started to cry.  As the fusillade continued, he shifted into crying.  Pete stopped struggling and resign himself to his fate of being throughly spanked by Rex abetted by his little brother for being stupid and irresponsible.

The worst was not over.  Once he resigned himself and was crying with he was continued to be spanked the most awful thing happened.  He completely broke down and started to bawl like a little baby just as his brother had yesterday.  This was even worse than the spanking he had gotten on the plane since that was from a MAN and this one was from a smaller tomboy.  Rex stopped spanking but Pete continued to bawl.

As Rex held him, Kevy dressed him.  After a bit he stopped bawling and cried softly.  When he stopped crying they had lunch but Pete was very passive eating just as the others told him to.

He remained very quiet for a long time, letting Kev and Rex follow the trail and set the pace.  He had a lot of problems.  He knew he had deserved the spanking but having gotten it from a tomboy smaller than his little brother definitely made him lose face with Kevy.  Nobody could tell for that would just cause problem for them also.

After a while when they started to talk, Kev corrected Pete for calling him "Kevy" rather than "Kev".  His little brother was not so little anymore.

Pete, Kev and their mom left that afternoon for home after having exchange addresses with Rex.

Evening Fireworks

After Pete, Kev and their mom left Rex and daddy had dinner and then went for a long walk during which they told each other about their day.  Daddy then got very serious with Rex and he knew that he had said something that he should not have.

"I'm disappointed in you, boy." and then he paused.  Rex started to worry.  Daddy only said that when he had earned a major spanking.

"Do you know why, boy?"  Rex pondered.  What was daddy really upset about?  He was not sure what he had done that he was going to regret.

"I asked you a question,young man."  Rex knew he had to answer.

"We got back late this afternoon, daddy."

"True; but within reason and well before dark.  There was not any way for you to call."

"Spanking Kev, yesterday?" he tried again.

"No.  Kev accepted that as part of his apology and repentance."  Daddy looked at him again.

"Spanking Pete?"  Pete had not agreed like Kevy had.

"No.  Pete really deserved that.  Beside, Pete and Kev each wanted you to spank the other.  I sure that Pete could have stopped you if he had not felt so guilty."

"Being naked with them?"

"No, you know that there nothing shameful about the body and they already knew your secret.  You guys agreed and so it was OK.  You're taking a long time to confess, Rex."  There was only one possibility left.

"Skinny dipping."

"Not quite but you're getting closer."  Rex stood for a while thinking.  What was daddy driving at?  Something to do with swimming but what?

"What about skinny dipping?"

"I don't know, daddy." he said finally.

"Poor judgement, Rex.  Poor judgement in swimming in very cold water without proper support.  You know that cold water can cause cramps and there was no help around.  Fortunately Pete and Kev only got excessively cold and did not need to be rescued."

"Yes, daddy."

They were now far from the lodge and quite alone.  Daddy sat down on the bench beside the trail.  He took Rex's belt off and then lowered his jeans and briefs.  Rex knew what to do.  He stepped to daddy's side and let daddy pull him across his lap.  Daddy caressed the exposed buns a bit.

"I'm sorry.  I guess that I was not thinking this afternoon."

Daddy's hand gave the answer.  It gave the answer over and over until Rex's bottom was bright red and his top was crying lustily.  Daddy lifted Rex up.  The expected hug did not come.  Instead he was bent over the bench holding it with his hands, his butt facing out and defenseless.  Daddy doubled the belt.  He raised it and brought it down on the target.  Rex yelped in pain.  Daddy repeated this nine more times.  Rex yelped each and every time.  By the end he was bawling.

Daddy held Rex for a long time until he stopped crying.  He then pulled up his pants and they returned to the lodge.

After Rex had gotten into bed, Daddy came and sat beside him with a jar of cold cream.  Rex turned over and daddy rubbed the smoothing cream into his still hot butt.

"Thanks, daddy.  I love you.  Good night."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 17, 2000

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