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Part 23

by Graham

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We slept late Sunday morning, then got up and ran hurriedly to the bathroom. We sleepily returned to the bedroom, where we joined in another, eager, romp that we both had been missing for almost 2 months.

Afterward, showering together, we rekindled one more passionate episode before rinsing, drying, and getting dressed. We were both happy, even if my bottom was sore and throbbing while we sat at the table in the little kitchen. .

We talked about what, and how, to do what he needed to accomplish this coming week. I had a class from 8 to 11 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If I was back at the cabin by 11:30, on Monday, we could leave and drive to East Tennessee University easily in time for Jamie to make a 2 p.m. meeting and tour.

On Thursday and Friday, I had no classes, but usually worked several hours each day. If I took off from work on Thursday, we could leave at 7 a.m., and be at West Carolina University for a 10 a.m. meeting and tour.

Jamie’s flight back wasn’t until the next Sunday. I was relishing the thought of having him to myself for 5 more days, and especially part of the weekend, free from interruption or obligation.

After our breakfast-lunch, I wanted to hike the cool, thick, mountain woods to the lake. Taking a look around the cabin, however, Jamie observed that it hadn’t been regularly cleaned and straightened up since he no longer spent weekends with me.

With typical Jamie Leary confident certainty and control, he announced we were going to spend some time cleaning up my cabin. I wanted to shout at him that I didn’t care about that! He was here with me after what seemed like a long, long time; and we needed to make the most of our time together.

Remembering the past spankings he’d administered to me for resisting cleaning up, I took a different tack.

Look, buddy, I know I should have had the place in shape before you got here, but between my class and working, I’m pretty busy this summer. I will get it cleaned up, though, before you come back again. I promise.

Too late to promise when you’ve already failed to keep it, Jamie replied. That’s what my Grandma and Grandpa have told me for years. When you’re told, and expected, to do something, promising to do it after you’ve failed, doesn’t cut it.

But, Jamie, I’ve been busy, and besides, I mean it, I really will do it myself, I promise.

Not another word out of you, little man, or so help me you’ll be cleaning up the place with a hot, sore, little bottom. Maybe that’s what you really need anyway, he added.

I looked over at him, startled, my face and eyes full of fear.

You’ve got 10 seconds to get up and get in gear, little buddy, before you end up still cleaning this place thoroughly, wearing your birthday suit and a bright, glowing, red hot butt.

That motivated me. I jumped up and began gathering up papers and other trash, and picking up rugs to shake outside. Jamie began cleaning the shower and bathroom.

I ran the vacuum all over the floors, then began washing down the kitchen floor, and all the other floors, with a mop and bucket of hot, ammonia water. When finished with that, I began shaking the rugs outside before bringing them in and putting them down again.

As I was carrying an armful of folded rugs in, Jamie came out from the bathroom, finished with that task. He slung his long, thin, muscled, right arm around my shoulder, forcing me to bend forward, then replaced it with his left, while he delivered a series of hard, solid swats to the seat of my shorts.

Grandma Leary says you can never be too clean, it’s next to godliness, he chimed. You’ve let this place  – your home  – become a squalid pig stye, Lincoln. Shame on you, young man!

I tried to twist and turn to elude his spanks on my shorts’ bottom, be he only intensified the serial regimen he was imposing.

Okay! Okaaaay! I’ll do better from now on! I promise, Jamie! I cried out in pique.

Don’t get an attitude with me, little guy! You are in the wrong, and really do need  – deserve  – a good, hard spanking to set you straight.

I guess that was the last straw for Jamie. He dragged me over to the couch, sat down, and immediately began denuding me between his legs.

Noooo! Nooooo! You caaaan’t! Please! Doooon’t! Noooo, Jamie, staaaahp! I shouted, feebly trying to resist, while being totally disrobed.

Standing fully bare before him, I was still the same, slender, slim, little guy he knew and recognized. Although I couldn’t see his bare body at that moment, I could tell he was a good bit stronger than while in school last semester, doubtless from the summer farm work he was back doing.

So, it seemed like it was easier, and even quicker, for him to put me upside down across his knees, and begin lambasting my bare buttocks and thighs once more with the same, old ping pong paddle we’d both used in the past.

I tried to fight him, wriggling and struggling for no more than 2 minutes, ceasing my efforts while commencing screeches, shrieks, and high-pitched, futile calls for him to stop.

In less than two minutes, in indescribable pain, I was wailing and bawling, sobbing from the hurting humiliation of getting spanked by Jamie again. He kept at it until I surrendered unconditionally, weeping, lurching, but dangling with resigned acceptance of getting still another spanking from Jamie Leary.

At last, he stopped, and I was a broken, small boy who’d been punished by someone with dominant control over him. He let me squall until my weeping became whimpering.

Lifting me up, he pulled me onto his lap to sit in grimacing discomfort, while he held me close to him, letting me finish my crying on his shoulder and chest. I’ve missed you so much, little buddy, he whispered to me.

Muh-missed me-uh-uh-or-spuh-anking meeee-uh? I squalled my question.

Truth be told, probably both, he answered. Just like you, little man. You miss me, and you also miss getting hauled over my lap and getting a thorough spanking, too. Don’t try to pretend or lie to me, Lincoln Collins. We both know how we both are.

In response, I tightened my arms’ embrace around him. He reached down and took my excited rod in his hand, to begin stimulating and arousing me until I leaned back, stiffened, and exploded in his hand and the air, shooting more streams of white semen.

After holding me more while I calmed and faded from the climax of his wanking me, he spoke. Let’s get you quickly cleaned up and we can go for a nice, long hike, Lincoln.

He lifted me up, took hold of my left wrist, and led me still naked to the bathroom. With a warm, soapy washcloth he washed me down, dried me, and returned me to the couch where my clothes lay on the floor.

Hurry up and get re-dressed, he instructed. Not speaking, I scrambled back into my clothes.

Now, let’s go spend the rest of this beautiful day hiking, Lincoln Collins, Jamie directed. Saying nothing, I joined him in going out the door, locking it behind us, and striving to keep up with his long strides as we walked along.

It was indeed a lovely summer afternoon into early evening, and I soon let go of my huff and miffed feelings. It was wonderful to be outside, in the mountain woods, hiking along with Jamie.

We got to the lake shore and decided to swim, skinny dipping. Stripping off our clothes, we dove out and into the water. It was warmed a bit, and very refreshing and relaxing. Afterward, we sat on the shore, drying off in the sun, just talking and enjoying each other’s company, before re-dressing and hiking back home.

That night, after supper, we sat in the late-light, early summer evening. I told him I really would like him to be closer in the coming school year, and he assured me that was why he was here to explore these schools.

We retired to be about 11 p.m. It felt so strange, and yet great, to have the skinny, lanky red head sharing my bed with me again. After hot, passionate love-making, we both fell fast asleep. In the morning, I was up at 7 to get ready for class.

When I hurriedly drove back to the cabin about 11:20, I was looking forward to driving Jamie to East Tennessee University. He was ready and dressed up in khaki slacks, a long-sleeve, button-down shirt with tie, and brown oxford shoes.

Wow! He really was a looker when all cleaned up. Do you think I should change into more dressy clothes, Jamie? I inquired.

You’re not going, Lincoln, he replied.

Of course, I am, I retorted. Why do you think I hurried back like this?

For me to drive myself in your car, he answered.

What? Why should you drive my car, when I can drive you? I asked.

Because you’re staying here to study and get ready for tomorrow’s class, he replied.

Noooo, Jamie! I can get ready when we get back, I protested.

No, yourself, little man. You are staying here, studying hard, and will be ready for tomorrow’s class when I get back. That’s it. Nothing more to argue about, he concluded the discussion.

I was not willing to be silenced like that. I’m going, Jamie! It’s my car, and I can drive you, I objected.

Lincoln Collins, you heard what we’re doing! Not another word, or I will be late getting there, and you’ll be sitting uneasy and uncomfortably as a reason for my delay.

Heeeey, man! You can’t threaten me, take my car, and make me stay here! I objected.

That’s it, Lincoln. He grabbed me, pulled me over the couch, and swiftly stripped off all my clothes, placing me naked on my face and stomach on the couch while I tried to fight him. His bare hand briskly smacked my nude rearend.

When I yelled at him that he had no right to spank me, or keep me from going with him, he pulled me up off the couch, sat down, and dragged me roughly down and across his lap. He then applied the same, nasty little ping pong paddle, until I was screaming and yelping before succumbing and surrendering to his dominance.

I wailed and sobbed, but ultimately was just a subdued, sorry boy getting another spanking. In the midst of my bawling, I shouted, Is that what you’re here for? To just spank me all the time.

You’re still needing to be spanked to make you shape up and behave, Lincoln. It looks like you’ve been without them for too long, he replied while continuing the spanks.

I know I’ve already had 3 more since your visit to my Grandparents, and they said the same thing: too long without being brought back in line with a tanned fanny. It’s pretty obvious to me you definitely have too. So get used to it, or get back into line, little buddy.

I was seething with resentment, but hurting, and blubbering and squalling, too much, to voice it. Finally, all I could do was shriek in high-pitched cries like a young boy being punished with another spanking.

Jamie took about 20 minutes to scorch my rump and thighs, before pulling me up off his lap, leading me still nude over to the kitchen table, and forcing me to sit down on my aching bottom on a chair.

You get busy with your work for tomorrow’s class, Lincoln. I’m leaving now, but you better use this time wisely, because if you’re not finished preparing when I get back, you can expect another one, only worse, young man.

I almost shouted you’re not my Father! but I knew he’d delay longer and take me back across his lap for an encore. Sitting there so uncomfortably and distressed, I just cried and wept, nodding my head and saying, I will, I will.

He found my keys in a pocket of my shorts he’d stripped off me, told me to behave and get busy, and left. I heard him drive away as I sat crying hard for a few minutes, then got up, re-dressed, got some lunch and my books, and began going over the material for tomorrow’s class.

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