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Weekend on the Water
Part 4

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Everyone got up pretty early the next day, save for Chris and Matthew who were worn out and stayed in bed. Neither was eager to face the rest of the gang as they knew everyone heard all the commotion from the night before.

Rolf and Stephen handled breakfast preparations while everyone else set the table or wandered around outside, enjoying the cool morning before the sun warmed it up to blistering temperatures.

Marc was one of the last to head downstairs. He knew Rolf had promised to "talk" with him today, and he was not the least bit interested in getting the day started. Once he got downstairs he walked outside quickly, hoping that Rolf wouldn't say anything as he walked out the door. Nothing was said, so he headed over to the swing that hung in the big tree out behind the cabin.

"How'd it go last night?" Todd asked, startling Marc who hadn't heard him approach.

"UH! Geez, scare the crap out of me why don't you?"

"Sorry, I wasn't trying to sneak up, you're just a million miles away. Was Rolf really upset?"

"Duh! Don't tell me you didn't hear him yelling from upstairs."

"I think the cabin on the other side of the lake heard Rolf yelling." Todd said, laughing.

"And the people in Bermuda as well." Marc added, trying to lighten his own mood. Rolf had been seriously upset last night, and Marc had yet to face him. And Todd seemed to be a little on the nosey side.

"Breakfast is ready!" Eric yelled from the porch.

Todd got up and started heading up to the cabin. He stopped when he noticed Marc wasn't following.

"Aren't you coming?"

"Not all that hungry if you know what I mean."

"You better at least come up, or you will really be in trouble."

"Oh, you're right, point taken."

Marc got up and walked with Todd up to the cabin.

"So how is it with this group you manage to not get a sore tail, or even get hollered at?" Marc asked.

"What can I say, I am just adorable." Todd said as he winked and smiled.

Marc got a good laugh out of that one, and at least had a smile on his face as he headed inside. He sat as far away from Rolf as he could get.

Breakfast was a little on the boisterous side as everyone was ready to start the day. Marc was the only one who remained mostly quiet. Finally, Eric asked him if he was feeling alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just not hungry."

"You should try to eat as we won't be coming back up to the cabin until lunchtime. You might get hungry by then."

"Marc, eat your breakfast. Now." Rolf said.

"Yes, sir." Marc said, slowly putting another forkful into his mouth.

Everyone else had finished and started cleaning up. Marc finally finished his plate and helped with the cleanup. It looked as if Matthew and Chris weren't going to be joining them for the morning.

Marc somehow managed to get dish duty. As he was washing dishes, Rolf cleared the house. He let Matthew and Chris stay put, but he needed time to deal with Marc. Rolf came into the kitchen. His presence sent Marc's heart racing. Marc knew the time was upon him.

"I think it is time we had that discussion now Marc. Those dishes can wait for later."

Marc reluctantly turned off the water, his last saving grace, and dried his hands. Rolf had pulled out a chair and sat down. Marc was now certain that it was Rolf's *hand* that was gonna be doing all the talking.

"Come here." Rolf said firmly.

Marc walked slowly over to Rolf, his stomach churning. He only had his sleeping shorts on, and had a feeling they'd be around his ankles in seconds flat, and he wasn't disappointed.

Rolf dropped the shorts, then pulled Marc across his lap. He anchored Marc firmly with his left hand. "You now realize how important it is that you tell me when things are brewing, don't you?"

Marc squirmed, not wanting this to happen. "Yes, sir."

Rolf let loose with a volley of hard spanks, covering all of the white flesh once.

Marc moaned with each one. Rolf had such a large, firm hand, it felt like steel impacting his tender flesh. And Rolf had such muscles driving that hard hand down.

Rolf stopped for a moment giving the heat time to settle. "And why is it important that you keep me informed?"

Marc was having trouble breathing. The spanking had barely begun, but he knew he'd be in tears before long. " things don't get....get out of hand."

Rolf started spanking again, another volley covering the entire backside area again, landing one on each thigh as well.

Marc grabbed onto the legs of the chair, trying to use that leverage to move from Rolf's lap, away from that punishing hand. He got another barrage of spanks for his trouble.

Rolf stopped and let Marc up.

"That was for not telling me about this in the first place. Now go get me the paddle. I am gonna help remind you to tell me everything and ANYTHING that seems of importance."

"Oh...Rolf...please. I...I have lesson." Marc said through the sniffles and tears.


Marc wanted to move, but the paddle, ooh.

"Two...I wouldn't stand there if I were you."

Marc knew not to let Rolf get to three, so he walked over to the paddle and brought it to Rolf. Rolf grabbed it, then Marc's arm, turning him around. He landed 3 quick, hard hits square on Marc's ass. Marc screamed out as all three swats registered at one time.

"That was for not doing as you were told immediately."

"I'm sorry! Please! I promi-"

Marc's pleas were interrupted by Rolf pulling him back over the knees. Rolf tucked the hand back under Marc and began using the paddle to perfection. He had already lectured Marc as much as he had wanted the night before, and Marc wasn't going to be listening any more as Rolf was intent on driving all thoughts from Marc's mind but the pain in his backside.

Marc was crying immediately. His already sore and hot backside exploded into white hot pain as the paddle fell again and again. He could do nothing to alleviate the pain that was growing in ever increasing waves. Finally he had more than he thought he could take, and managed to swing his right arm around behind him to block the paddle. "OOHH, Pl..leasssseeeee.... st..stop! Ple....ease..."

Rolf grabbed Marc's arm and settled it very uncomfortably in the small of his back. He landed five more swats with maximum force, causing Marc to cry out in one long wail of pain. When he finished, he stood Marc up and marched him over to the corner. "Hands on head, nose to wall. Don't move!"

Marc stood crying hard, his bottom flaming and stinging like he couldn't believe. The only thing to be happy about was that everyone else had left the cabin.

Matthew had been awakened as soon as Marc had started crying. He got up and went in search of Chris, finding him awake in his bed. "Hey, how are you?"

"Soooooooo sore. That was bad last night, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, and Chris? I'm sorry about the...drugs. That was really stupid of me. Forgive me?"

"Yes, if you forgive me for being such a brat with the game."

"Forgiven. Hey, that was short downstairs. What's going on?"

"I don't know. May-" Chris stopped in mid sentence as Marc's cry at the three swats carried upstairs. "Ouch, the paddle."

"Yeah, ouch. I'm going to be feeling this one for days. Rolf really gave it to me. And it sounds like Marc is getting it good too. Rolf was REALLY mad yesterday, wasn't he?

"Scared the pants off of me! He makes me shiver when he nails me with his eyes. I don't know how you survive without going insane, I know I would if I got that look more than I do already!"

Matthew laughed. "Oh, Rolf, he's such a teddy bear. You just have to know how to wrap him around your finger, then all is fine."

They both dissolved into a fit of giggles at that image. They stopped laughing as Rolf entered the room.

"Good morning sport, Chris. What's so funny?" Rolf asked as he went over to give Matthew a hug.

"Nothing.....stuffy." Matthew said, laughing into Rolf's shoulder.

Rolf stood back, hands on both of Matthew's shoulders. "Care to explain that moniker?"

Matthew batted his long lashes and playfully said "No."

"Alright. I'll get that out of you later. I'm going down to the water now. You two are to stay INSIDE the cabin, and OUT of trouble. I'll be back up by lunch, and decide then whether the three of you should be allowed to join us for the rest of the afternoon as Marc will be staying here as well. You even think* about getting into trouble, I'll paddle you without question, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir" both said simultaneously.

Rolf kissed Matthew on the forehead and headed downstairs. Marc was still sobbing in the corner.

"Marc, come here."

Marc slowly turned and made his way to Rolf, sniffling and trying to wipe his face clean.

Rolf took Marc's chin in his hand, raising Marc's eyes up to his own. "I trust you will tell me everything now?"

"Yes, sir" Marc replied.

"You are to stay in the cabin until we return for lunch. Understood?"

"Yes, sir" Marc said a little quieter.

"Come here you." Rolf said as he crushed Marc in a big hug. "Try to stay out of trouble, huh? I've had enough fun with the spankings, trust me."

Marc headed upstairs and enjoyed the company of the other guys. Meanwhile, Rolf joined everyone else down at the lake. All the guys were swimming except for Joseph. Rolf went over to him and asked him why he was so down.

"Rolf, I am still just ill over last night. The situation was bad enough but my temper just compounded the whole thing. And I am so thankful that you were around, or I would feel even more horrific over Chris' state. I am sorry for attacking you last night."

"I know your temper got the best of you, sometimes it is just easier to take things as face value. But I knew Chris wasn't the only guilty party, I could see it on Matthew's face. No harm done to me, you are forgiven."

"Rolf, your words aren't enough. Geez, I must crazy. But there is only one thing that is gonna make me feel better."

Rolf knew what Joseph was getting at, but he didn't want to be the one to say it, he just sat back and listened. Waiting for him to ask.

"Rolf, I have known you for years and I trust you completely. I acted last night without thinking, and I could have done some serious damage to my love, or to you for intervening. I need to...I need to be punished for that. And I would appreciate it if you would be the one to do it."

"Are you sure?"

Joseph looked out over the water for a moment, contemplating. Then he looked back at Rolf. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Alright then. Let's take the runners out to that island over there. It will be more private."

Joseph nodded, not quite sure he could voice his okay.

Rolf went over to where Eric was swimming. "Eric, Joe and I are heading out on the runners. We should be back in time for lunch."

"Okay." Eric said as he floated in the water. He had an idea of what was up, but wasn't going to put it into words.

Joseph and Rolf headed out about five minutes later, getting to the small island in short order.

They found a secluded spot, hidden by many trees. Rolf went over to a downed log and sat on it.

"Are you sure this is what you want Joseph? Because I won't hold back any, you will receive me at full force."

"I understand Sir, and I wouldn't expect any less."

"Very well then, take those swim trunks off and get over here."

Joseph did as he was told, and stood naked in front of Rolf, his judge, jury and executioner. Rolf guided him over his knees.

"Joseph, your behavior last night was completely unacceptable. You allowed your anger to get the best of you, and put the people you love in harm's way because of it. Now it is time to see that you never allow that to happen again."

With that said, Rolf brought his hand down hard on Joseph's naked, wet bottom.

Joseph shot forward a little as the hand impacted his wet flesh. It hurt far worse than he remembered. He knew he deserved this, and tried to keep quiet, taking his punishment like a man.

Rolf kept the hand falling, over and over, watching the white flesh start to pinken, then turning a darker shade of red. He tucked his hand tighter around Joseph to hold him still as he was doing a lot of movement.

Joe was moving, trying like mad to stay in place, but as soon as the hand hit his bottom, he tried to get away. He had tears running down his face, and was sobbing quietly. Finally the hand stopped, the only sound the lapping of water on the shore a little distance away, and the heavy, hiccuping breathing that Joseph was doing.

Rolf let Joseph down off his lap. Joe stayed on his knees, his arms resting against the log, and his head resting against the arms. He heard Rolf get up, but he kept his head down, sobbing out his pain. It was a few minutes later that Joseph heard Rolf return.

Joseph turned his around and saw Rolf standing there, holding three long tree switches. His stomach sunk to his toes. He realized he had only received a mild spanking by normal standards, but considering he hadn't had one in years, it was rather severe to him.

"Rolf, I appr-"

"Joseph, I know what you are gonna say, and it won't do you any good. You asked to be properly punished, and I *am* going to see to that. I realize it has been years since you have had your butt tanned, but that is all the more reason to give it to you good. Now I want you to take that towel and drape it over the log, and get into position over the log."

Joseph knew there was no use in arguing so he grabbed the towel off of the wave runner, and placed it over the log. He then straddled the log and laid down on it, so he was bent over it length wise. In doing this, his cheeks spread slightly exposing the fleshy tender spots, not yet touched.

Rolf laid the three switches down on the ground and stared at Joseph's well defined glutes as he ponder his next step. "Alright Joe, you're thirty. Thirty is old enough to know better than to let your anger get the best of you. I think one lash for each year should be enough to help you remember to think before acting."

Joseph cringed at that pronouncement. But he knew there would be no arguing with Rolf. He had asked for this, and Rolf certainly knew how to deliver it.

"Are you ready?"

Joseph swallowed hard, barely able to squeak out "Yes, sir." He heard Rolf pick up one of the switches, then heard it swish through the air. He hugged the tree tight and squeezed his eyes shut. Before he even knew what had happened, he heard himself yell involuntarily as the first swat cut a line of fire across his already flaming butt. He couldn't remember a feeling of pain as intense as that was! Before he could recover his wits about him, a second line of fire joined the first. And then a third and fourth. He had tears streaming down his face. His well defined arms rippled with the force as he tried to keep himself on the log, his mind screaming at his body to move away from that switch.

The fifth lash came low, right across the sit spot, right across the exposed inner cheek. Joseph screamed out in pain, and attempted to stand up from the log. Rolf quickly put his hand on Joseph's lower back and held him in place.

"No you don't. You ARE going to receive ALL 30 lashes. The less you fight me, the sooner it will be over. If you try to get up again, I WILL start over. Do you understand?"

Joseph sniffled and nodded yes.

Rolf waited a moment while Joseph collected himself before continuing. He raised the switch up high and brought it down again, and four more times in rapid succession. Joseph was squirming and wriggling, trying to lesson the fire that was streaking across his upturned ass. Rolf tossed that switch off to the side.

Joseph managed not to scream with those five lashes, but his breathing was coming in large and heaving gasps. He saw the switch tossed out to the side and thought that maybe Rolf had changed his mind. He had completely forgotten about the other two. He was just starting to have hope that everything was over when he heard the next swish, and felt the next bite of the new switch. "Auuuuugggghhh" He cried out in pain.

The new switch was a bit longer, and thicker. Rolf let loose with the twelfth lash, it landed right across the upper thighs. And lucky number thirteen followed immediately, striking that ultra tender sit spot. Joseph howled and bucked as the switch bit into his ass. Rolf applied the next two right to the center of the ass, right on top of each other. Joseph was openly crying as the fifteenth lash fell.

Rolf again placed his hand on Joseph's back to hold him still. He brought the switch down the next five times, placing them about an inch apart from the top to the bottom of his ass.

Joseph was wailing in pain, unable to move away from the biting switch. Oh was he EVER sorry to have asked Rolf to punish him.

Rolf tossed the second