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Trip to Atlantic City
Part 3

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Rolf took only about ten minutes to get freshened up, and Matthew was ready only after washing his hands.

"Marc, 9pm lights out, understood?" Rolf said before heading out.

"Yes, sir." Marc said quietly, upset that he was being left behind, but knowing had he been allowed to go, it would have only been tortuous trying to sit on his blistered butt. He still hated the thought of the two of them having fun while he was stuck in the room, and relegated to bed at 9, more like a third grader than the 22 years old he was, but there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it. Even trying to be happy that tonight was the only night he was "grounded" was hard, even though he knew he should be VERY thankful that Rolf hadn't relegated him to the room for the entire weekend, as Rolf usually could care less when it came to punishment. If you screwed up and deserved it, he'd have no problem grounding you to a hotel room for an entire week of vacation.

Matthew gave his friend a quick wave and a lopsided grin, happy to be heading out for fun, upset because Marc couldn't join them.

Marc laid down on the bed, on his stomach, and watched some tv. But between the ache in his ass, and the disappointment of missing the comedy show, there just wasn't anything worth while on. It didn't take long before he was ready to settle in. Marc caught himself nodding off once, and hurried up and turned off the tv, as Rolf would kill him if he came in and even thought that Marc had disobeyed him. A couple hours later Marc heard Matthew and Rolf come in, quietly reflecting on their night. From what Marc could hear, they had a good time. Soon Rolf and Matthew settled in for the night as well.

The next morning Rolf awoke at 6:30, and quickly got ready for his first meeting of the day. He was only busy until noon, the conference finishing up then to allow the attendees to enjoy the rest of the weekend in the city. Rolf had one meeting on Sunday with a possible client, and other than that, he was set to enjoy the rest of the weekend. He was ready to head downstairs for breakfast at 7, waking up Matthew and Marc first.

"Come on my sleeping beauties, rise and shine!" Rolf said as he shook each boy awake.

Matthew wasn't yet ready to awaken, and rolled over and tried to stay under the covers. Marc on the other hand, was ready to get up, he'd gotten to bed pretty early. He went to sit up, and quickly stood up as his backside was still pretty sore. He looked ruefully up at Rolf, who tousled his hair before turning to get Matthew up.

"Come on sleepyhead, I need to talk to you a second before I go." Rolf said as he again tried to awaken Matthew.

"Talk, but leave me alooooone." Was Matthew's reply.

"Alright. I'm going downstairs to get a bit of breakfast, then heading out to the meeting. The conference ends at noon, so I should be back by one or so, as I'm sure there will be some discussions directly afterwards. If you can wait, I'd like to have lunch together, then we can head out and discover the secrets of Atlantic City together, sound good?"

Matthew mumbled "yeah." as he drifted back into slumber.

Rolf turned towards Marc. "I trust that we won't have a repeat of yesterday from you?"

"No, sir, no problems here." Marc said.

"I'm taking your wallet with me." Rolf started to say, before being interrupted by Marc.

"WHAT? I don-" Marc started in indignation.

"Young man, I am taking your wallet with me. I'm leaving your license and twenty dollars for this morning. Your wallet will remain with me the rest of the weekend. I trust I won't hear another word of complaint from you, as you are VERY lucky you're allowed out of this room at all. Do I make myself clear?"

Marc wanted to be furious, but realized that what Rolf said was true. He quietly answered "Yes, sir."

Rolf softened his voice. "If you can wake up Mr. Sleepyhead, go enjoy your morning. Walk the beaches if you want, but no swimming without me. I'll be back before you know it." Rolf tousled Marc's head again, kissed Matthew on the forehead and left.

Marc went to the bathroom and bought Matthew a few minutes while he cleaned up. When he was finished, he found Matthew snoring away. Marc spent enough time in the room, he wanted out, and NOW! He went over to Matthew and flung the covers off of him. And smacked him hard across his underwear clad ass. Matthew jumped fifty feet.

"Oh good you're up."

"What the f-, hel-...what are you doing?"

"Matthew I have been in this room since yesterday afternoon. I want OUT!"

"Sheesh, you don't have to hit me."

"I am sorry. But Rolf's schmoopy schmoopy didn't quite work. Now come on, come on. Go clean up and let's go. I need to see something other than this room."

"Want to go take a tour bus?" Matthew said with a wicked grin.

"Wise ass. No thank you. We will be walking."

Matthew smiled and headed into the bathroom. He was ready to go in 10 minutes. And out the door they went.

Marc and Matthew walked out into another sunlight blinding day. Marc was totally enjoying himself, the last time he was outside he was being dragged down the sidewalk towards that horrible spanking. He winced again as he thought about yesterday, and felt the pain left over today.

They walked the opposite way down the street, and found an open air arcade right on the beach. Marc really didn't want to play, but Matthew realized it was the money situation, and gratefully agreed to pay for whatever games they wanted, as he still had a lot of winnings from the day before. Rolf and Matthew had gambled some that night and Matthew hadn't been as lucky then. They played for an hour, only spending $40. They took off from there and walked towards a go cart track. Matthew said "Let's race. Bet you a $1 I can beat you!"

"Fruitcake, if I can't ride a tour bus, you REALLY think I can ride in one of those things?" Marc asked incredulously.

Matthew realized the problem, and felt bad for asking. He knew what it was like to forgo a few things because of a sore backside. But he hated that he couldn't enjoy himself to what he thought was his fullest, because of Marc and/or Rolf. "Will you watch as I race a time or two?"

"Sure, no problem. I'll have fun watching you." Marc said, not wanting Matthew to miss the fun.

Marc grabbed a bagel, as he was starving, and leaned against the fence and watched his little buddy go. Matthew really sucked at it, but as bad as he was, there were some that were worse off. Marc got a kick out of seeing him finish 9 out of 11. Matthew glared as he saw his friend grinning at his miserable feat. Marc just patted him on the back and said, "At least you weren't last, fruitcake."

"Like you could do so much better."

Marc handed Matthew a soda.

"Maybe I could, maybe I couldn't. We won't find out this weekend. Come on let's go play on the beach. You can build me a sand castle, while I oggle over the lifeguards."

"I see your sore ass hasn't doused the raging hormones." Matthew said sipping away on his cold beverage.

"What can I say. I am not looking for a long term commitment, just a handjob in the sea."

Matthew spit out the mouthful, not believing what he just heard. Marc just laughed and gave him a playful swat on the ass.

"Race ya." Marc said as he took off towards the beach entrance.

Matthew tried, but couldn't keep up with Marc. He still had his soda, and was trying not to spill it. They made it onto the sand and stopped to enjoy the view for a couple of minutes.

The beach was crowded with people of all shapes, sizes, and looks. Marc and Matthew both did a bit of people watching. Then Matthew became entranced with the waves as they rolled in upon the sand. There was a rock outcropping in the middle of the beach, and the waves crashed upon that, sending spray high into the air. He wandered in that direction, while Marc just kept staring at the people.

Matthew went over to the rocks, and watched as the water pooled around in the back of the rocks, then was somewhat swept away as the waves receded. He was getting a slight mist as the waves crashed on the front of the rocks. Temptation was too great, and Matthew went to climb up on the rock. As soon as he stepped into the area that kept getting wet, water rushed in and soaked both feet. Matthew went to climb on the rock, and instead fell into the puddle. He jumped up, spitting like a wet cat, furious that he was now wet.

"Smooth move ex-lax," Marc yelled as he saw the drenched Matthew.

"It's NOT funny. What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"Well, we can either walk ALL the way back to the hotel...or we could make this worth your while and go for a dip..."

"Marc do you LIKE that burning feeling in your ass? Rolf said no swimming! He wo-"

"Yes but if we don't beat him home, what does it look like you were doing?"

"I would just tell him the truth."

"Yeah, why were you on the rock in the first place?"

"! Why do you have to be so damned logical?" Matthew fumed, as no excuse came easily to him.

"Let's just go swimming for a little bit, head back towards the hotel, then quick get changed before Rolf gets back? Think that will work?"

"I'm already soaked head to toe. What are you going to do? Jump in fully dressed?" Matthew asked, eyeing Marc up and down.

"Do you think I am stupid? These shorts pass as swim trunks, geez I certainly couldn't wear anything constricting." Marc said as he kicked off his sandals and pulled off his shirt. "Let's go!"

The two ran off into the waves. The splashed about for no more than five minutes. Suddenly Matthew howled out in agony.

"Matty what is it?" Marc said, as Matthew's shriek scared Marc half to death.

Matthew couldn't answer, he just clenched onto his foot, and howled. The lifeguard heard the shrieks as well and came over.

"What's going on? What happened?"

"I don't know, all of a sudden he just shrieked, and began clenching his foot."

"Okay, here let's get him out of the water and exam his foot."

Marc and the lifeguard carried Matthew out of the water. Marc still didn't know what happened, but the lifeguard knew immediately.

"It looks like your friend got stung by a jellyfish, but good."

Matthew sat on the sand, in agony. At least he could now see his foot was still attached to his leg, when it was under water he wasn't even sure.

"I need to get some meat tenderizer to help draw out the stinging proteins. I'll be right back." The lifeguard quickly walked back to his chair to retrieve his medical supplies.

Marc sat down in the sand next to Matthew and held his hand. "It will be alright in just a second. Hang on."

Matthew gratefully squeezed Marc's hand, waiting for the lifeguard to return. He hadn't experienced pain like this before.

The lifeguard quickly made a paste of saline and meat tenderizer, and pasted that on Matthew's foot. Matthew immediately settled down as the sting left his foot.

"How is that? And are you feeling fine otherwise?"

"Much better. It still hurts, but not agonizingly so, like before. Other than my foot hurting, I'm fine. Why?"

"It may swell a bit, and it will ache some for a few days. But the worst is over, especially since we got the tenderizer on so quickly. Since it got both the top and bottom of your foot, I'd recommend that you stay off of it as much as possible, at least for today. Ice will help some. If any additional redness appears, or you begin to feel at all sick, you should head straight to the emergency room, as you may be having an allergic reaction." The lifeguard turned towards Marc. "Think you can help your friend off the beach?"

"Of course, thanks for your help." Marc said as he winked at the cute lifeguard, who smiled back.

Matthew observed the mild flirting, and wanted the attention back on him.

"Yes thank you, bye bye."

Marc helped Matthew to his feet, and clutched onto his side, very tightly. Matthew moaned, and smiled as he knew he had that coming.

"Come on gimpy let's get you to the room."

"Not funny."

The two got off the beach, when something dawned on them. Something very serious.

"Oh shit Marc, what are we gonna tell Rolf?"

"Somehow I don't think he would buy a jellyfish stinging you on the boardwalk."


"Sorry. What can we tell him? I had my fill of Ivory yesterday, there is no way, NO WAY, that I could lie to him."

"Oh yes, I believe you....NOT. You may have had your fill of Ivory yesterday, but you CAN'T tell me you're ready to confess to disobeying Rolf again, and suffer ANOTHER spanking! Or lockdown for the weekend!"

Marc stopped walking, mulling over what Matthew said. He was right. If Marc went to confess to swimming, his still very sore backside would be immediately inflamed again, and he probably WOULDN'T see another minute of Atlantic City. But every time he tried to picture himself lying to Rolf, he realized it would just make it worse, if that were even possible. He ended up just shaking his head and muttering "I don't know Matty, I don't know."

Matthew was thinking....hard. "How about I tell him I climbed the rock. I fell off, into the water, and got stung then. You just helped me out of the water. That way, neither one of us was swimming. And maybe instead of getting into trouble for 'swimming' he'll take pity on my sore foot, and the rest of the weekend won't be a washout. And if you don't say anything, then you're not lying. Will that work?" Matthew tried to put pressure on his foot, and fell to the ground, thankfully on wood and not concrete. "Shit!" He said, landing hard.

"See Matty, you are being struck down for your bad thoughts. It won't work, Rolf will find out, he always finds out. You can do as you wish, but I can't back that up. I just can't. I would rather face Rolf in good standings, instead of with those icy blues!"

Marc helped Matthew back to his feet(or foot), and continued on their way. Matthew knew Marc was right. But he couldn't confess. Matthew was NEVER willing to accept ANY sort of punishment. Especially a spanking, which he would surely face.

It took a good thirty minutes to walk back to the hotel. It hadn't been all that far, but the going was slow, with Matthew not wanting to use his foot, it was starting to ache pretty good, and walking in wet shoes wasn't helping anything. They made it back by noon, on the dot. Marc helped Matthew up to the room.

"I'm showering first before I can't get up again" Matthew said, as he hobbled to the bathroom. He wanted to make sure that it didn't look like they went swimming, if he could get ready before Rolf returned.

Marc stripped off his wet stuff, grabbed the bathrobe and again laid on his stomach to watch tv, hoping that Matthew hurried it up. He needed to shower as well.

Just then, Matthew came hobbling out of the bathroom, dressed only in a towel.

"Maaarrrccc, my foot is killing meeeee."

"So my ass is throbbing, what's your point?" Marc said as he smiled.

"Stop it. I am serious. It really hurts. I don't think I could even get a shoe on."

Matthew and Marc were so engrossed in their conversation, they hadn't heard the door open.

"Well, getting stung by a jellyfish can do that to you."

"Matthew got stung by a jellyfish?" Rolf said concerned.

Both boys jumped as they heard his voice.


" foot." Matthew trailed off miserably.

"Let me see." Rolf said, approaching the bed where the boys were.

Marc jumped up, interested in keeping his backside out of harm's reach. Matthew sat down on the bed and raised his foot up.

Rolf looked at Matthew's foot carefully. "Did you get medical help?"

"Yes, a lifeguard put goo on it."

Marc chimed in, trying to be helpful. "It was meat tenderizer, gets rid of the sting."

"What did he say?"

Matthew answered. "It would be sore, but I should be okay. If I feel sick, or it swells too much, to go to the hospital. But I'm fine really. It just hurts." Matthew wanted to make sure Rolf didn't think they needed to go to the hospital, that was one place he was sure he didn't want to be.

"So. Who wants to tell me how a jellyfish got into the pool, and why you, (looking at Matthew), decided to jump in with all your clothes on. I'm positive that neither one of you would choose to disobey my request that you stay out of the ocean, especially you. (looking at Marc.)

Marc looked over at Matthew, then Matthew began to speak.

Well Rolf it wasn't in the pool."

"I sort of guessed that. Go on."

"Marc and I had walked the boardwalk and stuff, then opted to walk on the beach. There were some large rocks there, I climbed on one to get a better view of the sea, and slipped. I was soaked. We figured that you would never buy that story, and if we were gonna go down, we might a