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Crossing the Line

by Rolf and Gayspankee

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original authors only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 28 May 2000

"I am soooooo bored!" Matthew whined, not finding anything of interest to do on the rainy Saturday.

"Matthew, you have plenty of thing you could do. Play with your Nintendo, goodness knows you have enough games to play with it."

"I've played them all. Come on, let's play some pool, or something." Matthew tried tugging at Rolf's arm to get him up.

Rolf snagged Matthew's hands as he turned his chair around, pulling Matthew down onto his lap. "Love, I know you're bored. But I have to finish this drawing today to deliver it to Mr. Black. It will take me only a little while longer. Tell you what. You'll come with me, then after dropping the drawings off we'll go shopping or catch a movie. How's that sound, hmmmm love?"

"Can't it wait 'till Monday?"

"No love, now scoot. SCOOT. I'll be done in just a bit." Rolf kissed Matthew on the head before ushering him out of the office.

Matthew moped downstairs to the family room. He figured it was better to play video games than do nothing at all. As he was trying to choose a game, the doorbell rang. He sprang up the steps, quicker than Tigger, and answered the door. It was Marc.

"Hey fruitloop you aren't busy are you?"

"No! Rolf had some drawings to work on." Matthew said snidely.

"Aw that's too bad."

"Well you're here now, come on in, entertain me. I was just ready to play my racing game and it will be much more fun with you."

"Well thanks."

"Yeah it's always great when someone sucks more than I do, and I can kick some ass."

"Smartass aren't you, we shall see fruitloop, we shall see."

Rolf stuck his head out of the office. "Oh, hi Marc. How are you?"

"Just fine, and you?"

"Good, a little busy at the moment with a few last minute drawings."

"That's what Matthew just said. Think I'll race him, see how badly I can beat him."

Matthew shoved Marc hard "As if!"

"Hey! Matthew, watch it. That was a little harder than necessary, don't you think?" Rolf said.

"Yes, sir." Matthew mumbled.

"Come on fruitloop, let's see if you get your car stuck on the fence again!" Marc headed downstairs, Matthew grumbling behind him. Rolf returned to his drawings.

After three rounds of losing, Marc was ready to move on.

"Okay, Matthew let's see what's on tv."

"I told you so," Matthew was gloating as he turned off the game.

Marc grabbed the remote and began channel surfing. He stopped on the Cartoon Network and smiled.

"I am NOT sitting here and watching Scooby Doo. For crying out loud you are 22 years old."

Marc just smiled and buried the remote in his arms. It was one of his favorite episodes.

"No Scooby Doo! Everytime you turn on the tv, you put on Scooby Doo."

"Well it's better than the crap you leave on. I only like hockey LIVE. And not on television, live from Greenland. It doesn't cut it. Besides have I told you the true story behind Scooby Doo?"

"A MILLION times. Shaggy and Scooby are potheads. Blah, blah, blah. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were 2."

"Na na na na boo boo."

"Well that just confirmed it." Matthew tackled Marc, trying to get the remote from him. "Give it to me!"

They wrestled each other, both yelling and screaming a bit, until they heard Rolf thunder from the top of the steps "Knock it off!"

They stopped immediately, Marc still in control of the remote.

"Fine, you watch Scooby, I'm getting something to eat." Matthew said, heading upstairs.

"Bring me a Scooby snack!" Marc said laughing.

"I'll give you a Scooby snack, right upside your head." Matthew yelled back.

As Matthew was heading to the kitchen to grab a cream-filled poppyseed muffin, Rolf came out of his office.

"All done sport. Think you can be ready in ten?"

"I'll be ready in five!"

"Why don't you see if Marc wants to go."

Matthew sort of paused, he loved Marc dearly, but wanted alone time with Rolf.

"Matthew, he *did* help keep you occupied. There is plenty of me to go around. And besides, it will be just us, tonight." Rolf said with a mischievous smile.

Matthew smiled and headed downstairs. He grabbed his shoes on the way down.

"Marc, Rolf is taking his drawings to his client, then we are heading to the mall or hopefully to the movies. Want to come?"

"Nah, that's okay. I know you two haven't had much time alone lately. You don't need me tagging along."

"Don't be silly. It will be long as you don't follow us home tonight." Matthew said with a smirk and a wink.

Marc smiled and accepted.

Marc shut off the tv and headed upstairs behind Matthew.

Rolf pulled the truck up at Mr. Black's office. "Okay guys, stay put. I may be a few minutes, but I'll be as quick as I can. Decide what you want to do, the paper is right there for the movies."

Marc grabbed the paper and opened it to the movie previews. "Hey look, Tigger is playing. Want to go see that?"

"Maaarrrrccc, give me a break. I may have Tigger as a nickname, but that DOESN'T mean I want to spend my afternoon in a theatre full of kids watching him on the big screen. I know you'd fit right in with the 2 year olds and cartoons, but I'm not interested. How about Final Destination?"

"Yeah, I heard that sounds great. First film that shows a plane crash totally from inside the cabin. But it's got some spooky stuff going on, think you can handle it?"

Matthew punched Marc in the arm. "Hey, that is NOT funny. I do not get scared."

"OW! Yes you do, what about that episode you had after seeing Sixth Sense? The cat watching something walk behind you. Tell me that you don't get scared."

"Rolf has SUCH a big mouth." Matthew pouted.

"Ha ha. I though so. It's playing at 1:30, gives us enough time to grab lunch, then the movie. Then maybe we can swing by the mall, I want to see if they have that Scooby Doo DVD in stock yet."

"Ugh! Will you just shut up about the potheads?"

Just then Rolf opened the door. "Potheads? And where does that fit into the conversation?"

"Inside joke, never mind." Matthew said.

"What's the plan?"

"How about lunch, Final Destination at 1:30, then the mall?" Marc said.

"Sounds great. Olive Garden for lunch?"

"YES!" Both Matthew and Marc yelled.

The Olive Garden it was. The restaurant was fairly empty, so getting fast service was no problem at all. They enjoyed a fabulous lunch, with a glass of wine. Rolf was leery of allowing Matthew to drink anything alcoholic, but one glass couldn't hurt. After their delicious meal they headed to the multiplex. They made it with plenty of time to spare. Matthew wanted to sit up front, but the fuddy duddies insisted on the back. They enjoyed watching the people in the theater while waiting for the film to start. It was always amusing to watch people chow down on their popcorn like there was no tomorrow. Soon the movie started.

"That movie was pretty good didn't you think? That airplane sequence was just breathtaking." Marc said as they exited the theaters.

"Let me tell you, that is as close to a plane crash as I EVER want to come. And even that was a bit too intense for me."

"Oh Rolf, we just don't get you out enough do we?" Matthew said as he wrapped his arm around Rolf's waist.

Everyone piled into the truck and they drove up the road to the mall.

They pulled into a parking spot and headed into the mall. Matthew was pulling Rolf along, anxious to get in and look at the computer games. "You walk toooooo slow!"

"Matthew, hold it. Come on, slow down. MATTHEW. We don't have to run, we're not under a time limit, now slow down. I want to go into Sears first, see if they have the tool I ordered."


Rolf stopped before they got to the doors, halting Matthew's progress as well. "Stop it. You are not dragging me around in there. And no, you don't need to run off on your own. We will walk together. Understood?"

"But I don't want to go to Sears. It's boring."

"Walk with me, or sit in the car." Rolf said sternly.

Matthew was sleepy from the alcohol, and almost fell asleep in the movie theater. And a sleepy Matthew was a grouchy Matthew. He scuffed the pavement with his shoe and said "I'll walk, thank you very much."

Rolf ignored the attitude, and turned to head inside.

Marc knew Matthew was tired and grouchy and tried to cheer him up. "Come on fruitcake, Rolf won't take much time. Then we'll see how you do on the Nintendo game in the electronics store. Bet ya I can beat ya!"

"In your dreams."

They headed into Sears, a quick and painless trip, since Rolf knew exactly what he was looking for. The item was still out of stock, and still on back order. Fortunately, this was for Rolf. And while he was getting a bit edgy about not having the things he needed most to finish the home improvements, he understood.

Matthew waited as patiently as Matthew could. Rolf had finished just in the nick of time, as Marc was running out of amusing things to say.

Next up was the audio/video store, Matthew's favorite.

Marc went straight for the DVD's. Rolf headed into the music section, looking for a new CD. And Matthew headed directly to the computer games.

Rolf didn't have any luck at finding what he was interested in. After twenty minutes of looking he was ready to leave. He went directly to the computer games knowing Matthew would be glued there. He wasn't disappointed.

"Ready to go?"

"No. If you are, go on, I can stay here."

"I'll wait for a bit." Rolf said, ignoring the bad attitude. "What have you found?"

"I like these three games, but I'm having trouble deciding which to get. Oh, can I bum the money off you? I'm kind of short this week."

"Matthew, no. You have enough games at home that you don't play as it is. If you don't have the money, then you can wait."

"Rooolfff, the cheapest is ONLY $55. Please? You know I'll pay you back." Matthew looked up with his puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry love, but the answer is no. You can wait a week until you get paid. And even then I'm not too keen on you buying another one."

Matthew was upset. But he didn't want to anger Rolf any. "Fine. Be that way." He was going to go ask Marc for a loan. He was sure that at least HE had money.

Matthew made a beeline for the DVDs, as he knew that was where Marc would be. Matthew found him at the register.

"Hey, what did you buy?"

"You have to ask? Scooby Doo man. It's a classic!"

"Well hey, since you're mister moneybags, do you have some you could spot me until next week?"

"Bud, I wish I did. But I shouldn't have even purchased this. Don't ask me where the grocery money is coming from. But at least I will have my DVD."

"I know you are holding back on me."

"Matthew, I am not. You know I would help if I could. Besides, what did you want?"

"There are two computer games over there, and I wanted one of them."

"Matthew, you need another computer game about as much as I needed this DVD."

"Yeah, but you got what you wanted!"

"So I did. And you will too, next week." Marc said with a wink. "Ready, shall we go find Rolf?"

"Why don't you head on, I want look one more time. So I know which one to get NEXT week."

"I can go with you."

"Nah, I will be two seconds."

"Alright. Hurry though."

Matthew went back to the aisle with the computer games. He was VERY upset, no one cared what he wanted. It was only $55 for goodness sakes, he KNEW Rolf had money, and Marc probably did to, though he believed that less. He looked at the packaging, thoughts of stealing in his mind. Then he put it back down. No, he couldn't do that, it wasn't right.

"Matthew, let's go, NOW." Rolf startled Matthew in the middle of debating stealing, and it really irritated him as he felt guilty already.

"Just give me a frickin minute to decide what I want, so I can get it NEXT WEEK." Matthew said, spitting venom.

"You have two minutes to meet Marc and I at the front of the store. I suggest you leave the attitude here WITH the games unless you want a scene in the middle of the mall." Rolf turned and walked towards the front of the store.

Matthew's heart was racing. What was he thinking? He couldn't just take the game. It was wrong, and Rolf would kill him. Granted the prices there WERE robbery, that was beside the point. Matthew put the games down, and headed towards the front of the store. But as he headed towards his destination, he walked past the music department. He still had a minute, and wanted to see if he could find the name of that Savage Garden CD, he loved their song "I Knew I Loved You". As he browsed through the endless crap music, he finally came across what he was looking for. He had to have it. Surely Rolf would spot him the $15 dollars for this. It was quality music, and something that would soothe him at work. Matthew knew he couldn't just shove it in Rolf's face, he would have to sweet talk. He put it in his coat pocket and headed towards the front end.

Marc and Rolf were out in the mall, lounging against the fountain in the center of the hallway. Rolf was just about to walk in and find Matthew when Marc said "I'll find him. Just a minute."

Marc made his way into the store and found Matthew looking around, a bit aimlessly.

"Hurry it up fruitcake, Rolf is getting pissed. You can be dazed and confused in the car."

Marc grabbed Matt's arm and pulled him out of the store.

All of a sudden the security alarm blared, stopping the boys in their tracks. The blood drained from Matthew's face as he realized he still had the CD in his coat pocket. A manager walked over, certain someone had just failed to remove the security sticker, but when he saw that the two young men didn't have any packages he became stern.

"Excuse me guys, would you please walk through again, one at a time?"

Marc gladly walked through, he knew that these sensors tended to be a bit over sensitive sometimes. He of course walked through beep free.

Matthew naturally beeped again.

"Sir would you empty your pockets?"

As Matthew reached into his pocket, he saw Rolf heading towards the store. Matthew reluctantly pulled out the CD.

"Can I see your receipt for that?"

Matthew stuttered ", I just accidentally put this in my pocket. I didn't mean to."

"Accidentally? I think it just became an accident when you got caught. You're coming with me." The manager took Matthew by the back of the shirt and marched him into the office, Matthew protesting his innocence all the way in.

Marc just looked on dumb founded, he couldn't believe Matthew could do something so stupid. Then he saw Rolf, charging full speed ahead.

"Marc WHAT is going on? And where are they taking Matthew?"

"Well, uh, it appears that Matthew, and I don't believe it for a second..."


"They found a CD in his pocket, they took him to the manager's office to wait for security."

Rolf's eyes were icy blue. Marc wasn't even in trouble and he was scared.

Rolf blew past Marc and headed towards the office.

Marc was left standing with his mouth still open in shock. After a moment or two, he snapped out of it and followed Rolf, certain Matthew was going to be crucified right before his eyes.

Rolf walked up to the closed office door, rapped sharply then opened it without waiting for an answer. The manager was on his phone, and looked up, slightly wary of the tall man with the icy blue eyes that just burst into his office. He had just finished his call and put down the phone. "Excuse me Sir, I'm busy?" He said.

"That" Rolf said, pointing at Matthew, "is my partner. There must be some mistake here, he wouldn't steal a whisker from a cat, much less a CD from your store."

"I'm sorry, Sir, but the CD was found in his pocket. The police have been called, we'll wait for them to arrive, and see where to go from there. I've had too much money walk out of this store to allow anything even resembling stealing to go unpunished."

"But I didn't STEAL IT!" Matthew started to say, ending up yelling as he stood up.

"Matthew, sit down, be quiet." Rolf said, pointing at the chair. "We'll wait for the police, get it straightened out then."

Matthew's face fell, and he sat down heavily in the chair, the mention of police scaring him.

Marc pulled open the door then.

"Who are you?" The manager asked, getting slightly upset that his office seemed to be turning into a circus.

"Marc, there's a chair right there, sit down." Rolf said, pointing outside the office to the chair in the hall.

Marc sat down quickly, wondering what was going on.

As Marc sat down he saw Eric heading his way. Eric was Rolf's good friend, and the police officer taking the call. Marc waved, not really sure what to say, and Eric waved back, knowing that this wasn't going to be easy. Eric knocked on the manager's door, and entered. Matthew melted into the chair as he saw Eric enter. Matthew knew that this would embarrass Rolf greatly. It was bad enough that it happened, but for a good friend to know as well, it just was not a good thing.

Eric went directly to the manager and introduced himself. "Officer Mayhan."

"Tom Harris." The manager said, shaking the outstretched hand.

Eric turned to Rolf and held out his hand, just saying "Rolf" as he shook, then turned towards Matthew as he said his name.

Matthew looked up from under his lashes and gave a sickly grin in return to Eric's greeting.

Mr. Harris said incredulously "You know these gentlemen?" certain that he would be denied true justice.

"Yes sir, I do. What's the reason for the call, sir?"

"When ....Matthew and his friend went to leave the store, the security alarm beeped. I had them walk back through, and it was discovered that Matthew had a CD in his pocket, trying to walk out of the store with it."

Rolf broke in. "Eric, I think yo-"

"Rolf, why don't you wait outside with Marc while I get this straightened out." Eric said in his best authoritative voice.

Rolf's blood pressure rose significantly, but he knew Eric knew what he was doing and would let no harm come to Matthew. He turned and stalked out, closing the door none too gently on the way out.

Marc saw Rolf's red face and icy eyes, and knew better than to make small talk. Silence was mucho better.

"Matthew, why don't you tell me why Mr. Harris found the CD in your pocket."

"Well Er-, officer, I was looking at some computer games, but they were in a hurry, and since I was running short on cash I thought it was useless to look. But on the way to meet them my eye caught this CD. So I picked it up. I wanted to ask Marc if he had the money to loan me until payday, but when I saw him, he grabbed my arm and just pulled me across the security point."

Mr. Harris just glared. He heard them all a million times. But he feared this time they would get away with it.

"So, Marc saw you had the CD but pulled you anyway. Is that what you are saying?"

"No I put the CD in my pocket because I wanted time to sweet talk."

"That was pretty stupid wasn't it?" Eric said.

"I guess."

"Officer, I don't mean to sound cynical, but having worked here for over five years, these stories are all the same. Bullshit. Both boys were probably in on it."

"Mr. Harris, I would normally agree with you. But knowing both individuals, that isn't a likely theory. But I also know that is little consolation to you. So what can we do here to prevent you from pressing charges?"

"I want the merchandise paid for. And I don't want to see ANY of them in my store again."

"I think that is a workable plan. Matthew, what are we not going to do in the future?" Eric asked, turning towards Matthew.

Matthew wanted to say LOTS of things, but knew better. He mumbled "Put unpaid merchandise in my pockets."

"I think you owe Mr. Harris an apology."

Matthew looked up at Eric and then to Mr. Harris. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't intend to take it without paying."

Mr. Harris just replied "Good."

"Do you want to handle the purchase at the registers up front?" Eric asked Mr. Harris.

"Yes, that would be best."

"Matthew, let's go. I assume you need the money from Rolf."

Matthew didn't want to leave. He was VERY happy to have gotten out of the situation so far without a scratch, but one very UNHAPPY man awaited outside that door, and Matthew was worried.

Mr. Harris opened the office door. Eric pushed Matthew out first, following behind him.

"Eric what's going on?" Rolf said before Eric could open his mouth.

"Mr. Harris will not press charges."

Rolf sighed a bit of relief.

"However, they want the CD paid for. And..."

"And what Eric?"

"And none of you are allowed back in the store. Marc that goes for you as well."

"Me?!? What did I do?"

"Well I am afraid it was purely by association. I am sorry, but those were the terms."

Rolf saw the aggravated look on Marc's face, and glared at his little one. He reached for his wallet, gathering he was paying for the CD. He pulled out a $20, and just handed it to Eric, along with the CD which was ripped from Matthew's hands. Had it been a piece of paper he would have surely suffered a paper cut.

"Thank you Eric. If you don't mind, you can pay for, and keep the CD. I realize you were put in an awkward situation. And while I may not seem so at the moment, I am grateful that it was you."

"I know Rolf. I don't envy your situation at all. I will talk to you later?"


Rolf shook his hand, grabbed Matthew by the scruff of the neck, growled for Marc to follow, and made a beeline to the truck.

Matthew had trouble keeping up without stumbling with Rolf's long, quick walk to the truck. Rolf opened the front passenger door and helped Matthew up into the truck and then closed the door. Marc got in the back seat. Rolf jumped in, started the truck, and pulled out of the parking lot, intent for home.

Matthew wanted so badly to melt into the floorboards of the truck. He knew Rolf didn't think he would steal the CD. Rolf knew him better than that. But he also knew Rolf was thoroughly upset because it was a really stupid thing that he had done, putting that CD in his pocket. And to top it off, Eric was the one who took the call, embarrassing Rolf more than he already had. He couldn't just sit in silence, he had to say something.

"Rolf, I'm-"

"Not a word young man." Rolf said sternly, keeping his eyes on the road.

Matthew sunk down in his seat, crossing his arms, head down, thoroughly miserable.

The silence was deafening. The drive home was the longest fifteen minutes ever. Rolf never removed his eyes from the road. Matthew was slouched down in his seat. And Marc was sulking. Not that he was a frequent shopper of that store, just the sheer thought of not being allowed in there. Finally Rolf pulled into the driveway.

"Matthew get upstairs to your bedroom. I want to speak with Marc for a moment."

Matthew slowly unbuckled his seat belt, and casually rolled up his window.


Matthew flung open the door and scurried inside, not closing the truck door behind him. Marc and Rolf got out of the truck and walked over to Marc's car.

"Marc I want to apologize for what happened today."

"Rolf it's not your fault."

"No I know it isn't, but it still wasn't fair. Matthew will be at your doorstep early tomorrow morning to apologize and to do a day's worth of work for you in partial payment for your embarrassment. And I am sure you will have some 'words' for his behavior."

"That really isn't necessary R-"

"Yes it is. You were just as humiliated as I was. And you have just as much right to voice your opinion. Tomorrow morning."

"Okay Rolf. Um, thanks for lunch."

"You're welcome. See you later."


Marc got into his car and drove off. Now it was time for Rolf to voice HIS opinion.

Matthew watched Marc back out of the driveway, and saw Rolf shut the door to the truck and head towards the front door. Matthew's stomach was in knots, he didn't want to hear the slow steps that would announce Rolf's arrival upstairs. No, Matthew wanted dead silence. He jumped onto his bed, and grabbed the comforter and wrapped it around himself. He had hoped a cat would have been in his room, someone to talk with, but no such luck. So he cowered in the comforter, alone, certain that death would be more pleasant than what was to come.

On the ride home, Marc was doing a lot of thinking about Matthew and death too. Not quite death, but Marc knew how upset Rolf was with Matthew, and that Matthew wasn't going to enjoy any part of the rest of the day. He felt badly for his friend. He was upset as well with Matthew, but that was not the first thing on his mind right now.

Meanwhile, Matthew's hopes of silence soon ended, as he heard Rolf's heavy footsteps climbing the stairs. Matthew winced and buried his face into his pillow. As his doorknob turned the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Rolf came in and sat down next to Matthew.

"Matthew, sit up please."

Matthew didn't want to, he wanted to melt into the bed and never be seen again. But he knew resisting would anger Rolf more than he already was, if that were possible. Matthew crawled out from the safety of his nest and sat up, staring at the floor.

"Matthew, what were you thinking?"

"Rolf I am so so sorry."

"I didn't ask if you were sorry, I asked what you were thinking."

"I desperately wanted a video game. But I realized that wasn't going to happen. As I was walking to meet you and Marc, that CD caught my eye. You know how much I love that song. Anyway, I figured I would hide it, get Marc's attention, and ask him to spot me the money. But when I found him, or vice versa, he just pulled my arm to get me out of there. And I forgot all about it, until the sensor went off."

"You put it in your pocket! Unpaid merchandise. You KNOW that looks like stealing, no matter WHAT the reason. You were lucky that they didn't have an undercover officer catch you doing that. You were upset with me that I didn't loan you the money for the game, why did you think I'd buy you a CD?"

"I didn't! I thought Marc would." Matthew continued looking at the ground. Rolf was currently unreadable, he wasn't sure if he was really upset or not. He certainly wasn't yelling, but sometimes that was worse than when he did yell. Matthew was too upset to look at Rolf, didn't want the answer to his question.

"Matthew, I am thoroughly disappointed in you. I know you would never steal, you ARE better than that. But jeez, sometimes I swear you lack common sense. Things could have gotten really ugly if that manager pressed charges. Don't get me wrong, things are bad enough. It's one thing to get us banned from somewhere, but to drag Marc into, AND have ANOTHER friend bare was humiliating. Since this all stemmed from that stupid video game, I will tackle the source. The computer is off limits...for a month."

"WHAT? A month no way! You can't..."

"Matthew, pipe down, that is just the beginning."

Matthew's eyes bugged out as heard those words. Just the beginning? That was more than enough already.

"You are grounded for two weeks. You will have a nice long list of chores to be done that will be in lieu of payment to me for that CD."

"B...but Rol-"

"I don't want to hear it Matthew."

Matthew's mouth worked, but no sound came out. He couldn't believe this! He made a simple mistake, what was the big deal?

"Fuck Rolf, that sucks. I made a human error. And I don't deserve any of this shit!"

Rolf's eyes iced over again. Matthew covered his mouth as he realized what he had just said. He honestly slipped, but that didn't matter. Rolf just grabbed Matthew by the ear and brought him to his feet. He walked Matthew directly into the bathroom. Matthew knew that cursing was unacceptable, especially THAT word.

"Rolf, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. It...Everything was just an accident! OOOWWW!"

"Sit down." Rolf said as he steered Matthew over to the toilet, and directed him to sit, pulling on his ear.

Matthew grabbed for his ear as soon as Rolf let go. "THIS ISN'T FAIR!" he yelled, stomping his feet.

Rolf turned towards him, blue eyes boring through Matthew. "You do NOT raise your voice to me young man. You have made several mistakes, and you are being punished so you remember to think twice about repeating those mistakes. And if you don't want to add a spanking onto the rest of your punishment, I suggest you sit there quietly." Rolf turned back towards the sink and got the soap out and lathered.

Matthew sat quietly until Rolf approached him with the soap. "Rolf, pleeeeeaasseeee?"

"Open your mouth."

Matthew started to back away as much as he could, clamping his lips down hard, shaking his head from side to side.

Rolf wasn't in the mood for games. If Matthew wanted to do this the hard way, Rolf would do it the hard way. Rolf tossed the soapy bar into the sink. He grabbed Matthew by the arm, yanking him to his feet. Rolf placed his leg on the toilet seat, and bent Matthew over his knee. In one solid yank, Matthew's shorts and underwear were at his knees. Rolf reached over and grabbed the wooden hairbrush from next to the sink. He placed his other arm around Matthew, and locked him into place.

Everything had happened so fast that by the time Matthew realized what Rolf was doing, the first smack had landed, HARD, across his right cheek.

Matthew screeched in shock, pain and frustration. "Oooowwwww!"

Before he could let loose with a long list of expletives, Rolf had landed the brush four more times, and Matthew lost the air needed to speak coherently. He simply balanced there, trying not to cry, trying not to fight.

Rolf spanked Matthew a good dozen times with the brush before putting it down and releasing Matthew.

Matthew's hands immediately tried to rub the sting from his injured flesh. He had a couple tears on his face, but had managed not to break into full fledged crying. He was having trouble breathing correctly though, as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

Rolf stood there as Matthew settled down some, got his breathing back under control. "Sit down. We're going to try to do this again."

Matthew slowly sank down onto the toilet, grimacing a bit as his bottom contacted with the seat. He waited while Rolf got the soap ready again, and he slowly opened his mouth when asked to.

Rolf moved the bar in and out of Matthew's mouth about ten times, coating it well, then told him to clamp down and hold it still. He left Matthew sitting there for 10 minutes.

Rolf returned and stood in front of Matthew, arms crossed, looking right into his eyes.

"Are you ready to continue our discussion, WITHOUT the trash talk?"

Matthew nodded yes, and Rolf removed the sudsy bar. He allowed Matthew to rinse for a minute. But for Matthew that was fifteen minutes too short. They headed back into the bedroom.

"Alright, I don't want a peep out of you, or I will haul you across my knee and you will truly be sorry."

Matthew just pouted and worked his tongue around his mouth, trying to relieve that taste.

"In addition to the month of no computer, and three weeks grounding,"

Matthew looked up and went to say something, as his grounding was two weeks thirty minutes ago, but when he saw Rolf's eyes, he knew it would only get him a sore ass.

"Tomorrow you will be spending the day at Marc's...working." Rolf continued. "You owe him big time for the embarrassment you caused him, however unintentional it was. Marc is still banned from that store, and a day of manual labor won't kill you. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Matthew sputtered out.

Matthew was actually looking forward to tomorrow, after all Marc wouldn't REALLY make him work, would he?

"You can get started with some manual labor here. You are to clean and polish the banister, top to bottom."

Matthew looked up again, ready to complain bitterly, but Rolf's set face caused his reply to die upon his lips.


"Yes, sir." Matthew muttered before getting up and heading downstairs for the cleaning supplies. There was so much more he wanted to say, but knew he'd pay dearly for it. He HATED to clean that banister, there was so much detailed woodwork. It was going to take him the rest of the day to get it done, if not more.

Matthew was granted an hour for dinner and cleanup, then had to go back and work more on the banister. As he feared, he didn't get it completed before Rolf told him at 9 to get ready for bed. Matthew again wanted to complain about the early bedtime, but the choice between cleaning any more of that hated banister and laying in bed, the bed won hands down.

Rolf woke Matthew at 7am, and Matthew was ready to leave at 8. Rolf drove Matthew over to Marc's house, dropping him off at the end of the driveway, promising to pick him up in time for dinner. Matthew waved as Rolf drove away, saying lots of lovely things, all those words and phrases he'd wanted to utter since yesterday. He felt much better after that release. He headed up the walk to Marc's door, knocking and then entering without waiting for Marc. "Hey there, ho there! Scooby Doo, where are you?" Matthew sang, waiting for Marc to appear.

Matthew wandered about, wondering where Marc was. He noticed the door to the garage was open, so he went out.

"There you are. What are you doing? I am here to 'work'. So let's get started on some grueling game playing or something." Matthew said enthusiastically.

"'fraid not fruitcake. Rolf said you were to work, and I have a ton of things that need to be done. And sorry, but let's face it better you than me."

"Ha ha. You are a riot. Seriously what is on the agenda?"

"Matthew, I am not kidding. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be done in the yard, and you know I hate the outdoors."

Matthew wasn't sure if Marc was messing around or being truthful.

"Come on, you should get going and start the hard stuff before that afternoon sun hits. The lawn needs to be mowed, the bushes trimmed, and I want the soil turned so I can do some planting."

"Marc please tell me you are kidding."

"Matthew I told you I am dead serious."

"This fucking sucks."

"Matthew...quit while you are ahead. If I have to, Rolf said he would come and supervise. Besides you DID get me banned from a store that sells DVDs dirt cheap."

"You order yours online anyway." Matthew said snidely.

"I do, occasionally. But that isn't the point. Now I suggest you get moving, because I have more for you to do inside."

Matthew just barked out a sharp "Fine." and watched Marc head back inside the house, closing the door behind him. He started to lose it, picking up a hammer and almost chucking it at the door Marc had just closed. He was shaking he was so mad. But at the last second he dropped it and took a deep breath. So Marc wanted to prove a point. Matthew decided he'd play along for a little while, certain that Marc would come rescue him soon. He knew how much Marc hated to mow, so he decided he'd start there. He did feel as if he owed Marc a little kindness, but not as much as Marc thought he did.

Marc's yard wasn't nearly as big as Rolf's, but it still took a while. Matthew mowed for an hour out front and along the sides. The sun was warming it up, and Matthew was sweating buckets. He stopped the mower and pushed it around back, then sat down in a chair in the shade to cool off.

Marc thought Matthew could use a drink, so he brought out a large glass of ice water. "Here, thought you could use this."

Matthew looked up, accepting the drink. "Thanks, not exactly what I would prefer, but it'll do." He drank deeply, the water tasting delicious. He polished off the glass in record time, almost giving himself a headache, before handing the glass back to Marc.

Marc walked back inside to his office where he was doing some surfing on the internet. Ten minutes passed and he still hadn't heard the mower start back again. Finally he got up and went to the door. "Matthew, I think you need to get back to work, your break has lasted long enough."

"It is HOT, H-O-T hot out here, let me rest." Matthew said, attitude clearly apparent in his reply.

"Matthew, get up NOW." Marc said sternly.

Matthew sat still for a moment until he heard Marc start out the door. He'd pushed as far as he could, and jumped up and went over to the mower.

Marc just shook his head, laughing to himself at Matthew's usual bratty tricks.

Matthew started the mower and began on the backyard. It was REALLY getting hot, and he started to get frustrated as he looked at all the bushes that needed to be trimmed, and the flowerbed that Marc was going to have him working in. Matthew HATED working in the dirt. And so far, Marc didn't look like he was going to rescue him anytime soon. It was slowly dawning on him that maybe Marc was serious, and that Matthew DID have a full day of crap to do. This really made Matthew angry. He wanted to just turn the mower off and book, but he knew that wouldn't get him anywhere. He just continued pushing along, sweltering under the sun.

Marc watched Matthew from the kitchen window. He knew Matthew was struggling, trying to find a way out of all that work. And Marc did feel slightly guilty for allowing Matthew to do all of it, but Rolf insisted, and Marc really didn't see any harm in it. Marc went back to dusting. A few minutes later the mower had stopped, and Matthew returned it to the garage. Matthew came inside, he had taken his t-shirt off to dry his face. He looked like a drowned rat, with the sweat that was pouring off.

"Marc, please it is too hot out there. Please don't make me go back out there."

Marc thought about it for a minute. "Alright Matthew, I can se