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Boy Scout Camp-Puberty And Punishment

by Teenspankboy

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This story is a true story that is still fresh in my mind as I think about it, and this is my first time posting so let me know what you think.

It was mid-summer at a Boy Scout camp in middle Missouri. My name is Taylor and I was going to spend one glorious week at camp with my troop. My friend Scott and I had been friends for a couple of years and we were in the troop together. I was 14, and he was one year younger than I was, 13. We got our tent together. Our tents were bug green tents with an opening at each end, that sat on a platform with to cots in it.

The first day there was a busy day, we took the bus in and got there in the afternoon and set everything up out all of our stuff in our tents, and went to eat dinner at the mess hall. After dinner we all went to the opening campfire and came back to the tent and went to bed after a long day. The first day was pretty uneventful.

The next day we woke up early and went and had breakfast at the mess hall then started all our daily workshops that we had signed up for. But both Scott and me had signed up for all day but our last we left blank. Our second to last workshop was canoeing, so we got in our swimsuits and went down to canoe, and we had fun we tipped over a couple of times, got all wet. Then after our period, we went back to the tent, and the campsite was empty, we went in the tent and started to change. Well being just budding teenagers, we saw each other naked and I got a hard-on, so I sat down on my cot naked sporting my 5" hard dick and tried to pretend I was looking for something. I noticed Scott was getting hard too, I asked him why he was hard, and he said something cheesy, "I am thinking of Cindy Crawford", in my mind I new different. I asked him if I could touch it, hesitating a little, he said yes. So I grabbed it and stroked it once. He groaned, when I grabbed it. He asked if he could do the same I said yes, so he sat next to me and grabbed me in all my boyhood. We started stroking each other right there in the tent. I asked him if I laid down if he would lay on top of me, and he said yes, and we did, he started dry humping me, and let me tell you it was the best feeling either of us had either felt, both of our cocks, rubbing against each other. All of a sudden we both started tensing up and I wasn't sure what was going on and, then I felt this explosion in my groin and this weird liquid came out of my dick then his, we came on each other. That was the first time either of us had ever cum and the first time I had seen it. It was neat.

We wiped each other off and got dressed and went and joined everyone else, by now they were all at the mess hall having dinner. Then we went and took showers and went to bed another end to another long day.

The next day we had our workshops again, then canoeing came around again and we got all wet and went back to the tent, and thought about how much fun we had, but the thought of getting caught had entered our minds. I remembered a spot that was pretty secluded that I had seen when I was hiking earlier, and I told him about it and we decided to go there. We got dressed then started hiking. When we got there, we looked around and it was great there was no one else around, needless to say the second we put our stuff down, our shorts and briefs were down and we were stroking each other again. Then I asked Scott, "On one of my dad's movies I watched I saw this girl, suck this guys cock, can I suck yours?" He was real hesitant, but finally said sure, after I begged some. So I got on my knees and started sucking away. Then all of a sudden, I heard "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?". We turned and saw one of the counselors 5 feet away staring right at us. The camp counselors are all Scouts too, so they are like 16 and 17. We both jumped up and pulled our shorts up and didn't know what to say. He told us that we were going straight to the camp office to call our parents then go home. We started begging and pleading not to tell anyone, we would do anything. He said that we needed to be punished for doing such bad things. We begged him to punish us, anything at all. He asked "Anything?". We told him anything just don't tell.

He said ok, I am going to give you the spanking of your lives. That scared both of us, we told him anything else, please don't. He said spanking or let's go call. (It was weird all these orders coming from someone 3 years older than me). We agreed to let him punish us.

So, we hiked a little further up the path to a clearing where a tree had fallen down, lying on the ground. He told us both to drop our shorts; we did very slowly, pleading the whole time to change his mind. Then he told us to pull down our underwear, we started begging the hardest we had in our lives, he told "NOW". So we did, and then we were instructed to lay over the log, which we did, and he pulled up our shirts so both of our naked teenage butts were waiting target. Then the shocker came. He started pulling his thick leather Boy Scout Belt off, and doubled it up. We were almost crying already, without it even starting. Then I heard it coming, "WHAP!", "OWWWW!". That hurt, then Scott, "WHAP!","OWWWW!" then back and forth until we both were crying and screaming, with criss-crossed marks all up and down our butts. Then he stopped said he was done and left. He left us both half-naked crying over a log in the woods. After a little while, we both got up and carefully pulled up our pants and briefs and started walking back....

There is more from this week, if you want to hear more e-mail me and let me know, and if you liked it let me know too. Thanks.

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