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Part 4

by Graham

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Returning home, Wade displayed the same weary, dispirited affect as he had aweek earlier after the same collection activity. He was careful to try to conceal anything that might betray what the cause of his downtrodden feelings.

When his Dad, and then his Mum, commented on his downcast appearance, he quickly explained he was just tired, from not having slept as soundly as usual. In answer to questions about what was interrupting his sleep, Wade offered his concern about doing well on upcoming assignments and tests at school.

Both his parents recommended he turn in early, to try to get enough sleep to be refreshed for his busy Saturday. Wade nodded, kissed his Mum and Dad goodnight, and went to his room.

By now, he himself was aware of how old and worn his clothes were  – especially his underwear. He had begun going to bed in the raw, taking off his small, old, thin briefs to try to make them last longer.

Lying in bed nude, on his stomach, recurrent thoughts of being spanked and wanked by the guys as the Johnson residence assailed his fatigue-weakened consciousness. He felt anxious and troubled by the recent, increasing ordeals he was experiencing. He was also bothered and surprised by another, resurgent boner, but disposed of it by granting its craving demands.

Why was he, all of a sudden, finding himself subjected to being denuded, spanked, wanked, and photographed as a victim at a customer on his route? Why did he become aroused and stirred while it was happening? He hated the whole upsetting drama he had become swept up in.

The next morning, he was up early, ate a large bowl of cereal for breakfast, before setting out on the busy Saturday. Once again, he started from the end of the route that would leave the Johnson house near the end of his collections.

Wade’s outlook brightened as he experienced great success in getting payments that had not been made the evening before. He put the money in a bag that he secured with a padlock, keeping it in another, locked bag, chained to his bicycle.

By the time he reached the Johnsons’ house, he was getting hungry, but was determine to get the long-overdue payment, in cash  – all $126. He stood knocking at the front door without a response, until he remembered he was now directed to putting the paper inside the back, storm/screen door.

Quietly, he walked around to the back, pulled open the screen door, and began knocking on the exterior back door. He was about to give up in disappointed frustration.

Turning to leave, he was startled to hear the exterior door opened. Turning back, all of a sudden he found himself being dragged inside, with the door slammed and dead bolted after him.

Get in here! Eddy Johnson shouted at him. Is this what you want?! he asked, showing him 6 $20 bills, a $5 and a $1 spread out in his hand.

Ye-esss, was the most Wade could answer in his anxious apprehension.

Here, guys, stick it in his pocket. We want our little paper boy to get everything he wants, everything he needs.

The guy taking the 8 bills from Eddy Johnson stuffed them down inside the right front pocket of Wade’s old, faded, tight, light blue jeans. As he did so, his left hand clasped the young paperboy’s small, curved, tightly wrapped bottom, while his right hand delved deeper in the jeans’ pocket, finding and grasping the mortified youth’s growing bulge.

Now, young man, are you ready for the rest of what you have coming  – what it seems you really also want? Eddy feigned an authoritarian, parental-like tone.

No-nooo, I got what I want, thanks, Wade replied, looking to turn and leave.

Nobody can turn a little paperboy like you away without making sure he gets everything  – everything he wants, and everything he needs! You know what we’re talking about now, kid! Don’t pretend, play dumb! It’s what you need, because it’s what you want!

All four guys grabbed Wade, lifting him up off his feet from the floor, and laying him back down on his back. He swiftly turned over, trying to use his strong, slender legs to propel him up off the floor, to stand and run.

Instead, two guys grabbed him from behind, under his arms, pulling him upward and backward. His feet and legs, off the floor and in the air, were kicking and flailing, as they dropped him backward down onto the floor again.

The same two guys pulled off his shoes and socks, and his t-shirt up and off his skinny, smooth, bare trunk. Starting to pull his jeans down, they encountered the young paperboy’s twisting and wrenching around violently, trying to prevent it from happening.

They began teasing him, asking him if he wasn’t hot. They told him they were going to cool him off by stripping him of his jeans.

They started tickling him, under his arms, down his bare sides, around his hips, to get him off guard and cease his resistance. As they did, one of the guys began unzipping his beltless, snug, light blue jeans, forcibly tugging them down. Before he realized it, they’d been slithered down his skinny legs to his ankles.

He strained to try to kick against them, but the jeans restricted his legs, which they also held down, while peeling the jeans the rest of the way off his feet. In the struggle, he quickly lost his briefs next, gasping loudly and stiffening momentarily as hands seized his growing, young boner to free it from the briefs snagged on it.

They regained hold of his legs splaying them apart. To Wade’s shocked dismay, his young member was erect, standing up, bobbing before them all as he lay confined on the floor. He saw Eddy Johnson bending over him with a cylinder-shaped object in his hand.

This is a little something the guys thought you could use, little paperboy. He words, tone, and manner were demeaning.

Hold him still, guys, Eddy instructed. Wade found himself gripped by six hands restraining his motions. Eddy reached to grasp the young paperboy’s straining, erect rod, which pulsed with more thickening stiffness as the cylinder slid down over it, burying the kid’s engorged, young member in it.

Noooo! What’re you dooooing?! Stop! Stop it! Aaaaaa-nooooo! Nooo-hooo-aaaa-ooooo! Aaaaa-oooo-nuh-ooo-huh-aaaaaaa!

He was shouting his reactions to the tube that Eddy had turned on to vibrate and suction the boy’s inexperienced penis.

Shut little paperboy up! Take his little briefs and stuff them in his mouth, and tape his hands so he can’t interfere! Eddy directed.

Wade started to object, only to have his briefs waded into a small ball and forced into his mouth. Next, he found his wrists wrapped together with duct tape.

All at once, the stimulating sensation launched Wade’s arousal to an orgasm, as he ejected shots of semen into. The vibrating, suctioning tube continued to wreak its work on him, however.

All right, then, with this new toy to enjoy, little paperboy needs another licking. Let’s get him reposited over my lap again, while I try out that flexible, leather paddle.

Wade was hoisted up off the floor, into the air, and deposited upside down, hacking back over Eddy Johnson’s lap. Almost instantly, a hard, sharp crack smacked his rump.

Mmmmmmaaaaaa-aahmooowwww! The pain, unexpected, was shocking in its fiery intensity, radiating waves of fire from his rearend to his brain. He could not process what was happening quickly enough, however, for the second, third, and continuing succession of licks biting and burning his already well-spank-marked bottom and upper legs.

This new spanking occurrence, with a far more excruciating implement, broke the humiliated, but subdued paperboy almost immediately. He could only grunt his muffled cries and screams through the bottom mute crammed into his mouth.

He writhed and thrashed around on Eddy Johnson’s knees to no avail. It felt like a hot knife was flaying the boyish flesh off his mounds and thighs as the paddle literally inflicted blistering spanks.

Just as quickly, he collapsed to cease struggling, acceding to the whipping being delivered to him. His slim body was wet with perspiration, his face drenched with tears and mucous, as he wailed with pain from the cracking swats.

Yet, over the course of the severe licking administered, his senses were momentarily distracted from the humiliating pain, diverted to the surging, sexual stimulus of his boyhood tool that kept on pumping, milking, demanding, and bringing forth another climax after another.

To Wade, it seemed like he was entrapped in this painful, rapturous series of torture for over an hour. In truth, it was less than 30 minutes. At the end, the slight, lean youth was beside himself with radiating, sizzling pain, unimaginable erotic release, and an encompassing aura of shameful disgrace and humiliation.

When the licking was concluded, Eddy kept the young paperboy hanging draped over his legs, while the cylinder extracted a final flow of ejaculate from Wade. He could only whine in his muffled voice, as he erupted again. One of the other guys was taking pictures with his phone.

Dumped back onto the floor off Eddy’s lap, Wade lay on his back, his knees bent, trying to lift of bottom from the floor, with the sucking, vibrating tube still on him. Eddy turned off the motions and removed it from the paperboy’s wilted member.

Holding it up for the other guys to see, Eddy exclaimed, Wow! Look! Little paperboy has filled the thing with millions of potential babies! He’s like a stud, ready and available for breeding! They all laughed.

Let’s get him dressed and on his way. He’s got to bring the paper this afternoon, don’t you, kid? Wade could only nod yes, as his face streaked tears and snot.

They reached into his mouth and pulled out his now-soaked briefs. He cried tumbling sobs, audible at last. To his hurtful discomfort, they pulled his wet briefs back up his legs, turning him over to pull them up over his tomato red, hot, radiating rump.

He cried out as hands repeatedly clasped and squeezed his seared, little glutteals through the translucent, wet, cotton seat of his briefs. They stood him up, holding him firmly still as they pulled his socks back on, then his jeans, and finally cut his wrists loose of the duct tape binding them.

The too-small, too-tight, light blue denim evoked a cry of pain as they scraped the backs of his upper legs and his buttocks. His t-shirt was pulled over his arms and head, to cover his back and chest.

All right, kid, you’re ready now – ready to go out and face the world, get the rest of your money, and then come back with the papers this afternoon. Don’t be late! That would be a mistake, a bad thing for you!

They hastily escorted him through the house to the front door, opened it, and pushed him outside. Behave yourself from now on, little boy, they mocked before closing the door on him.

Even in his devastated state, Wade had presence of mind to unlock his bags from his bicycle and put the $126 dollars into it. He rode off, standing to pedal, not able to endure his small fundament touching the bicycle seat.

He felt the strange, weird wetness of his damp, saturated, little briefs, clinging and sticking to his bottom and package under his snug, small, short, light blue jeans. Riding hard helped suppress his emotions with vigourous, physical exertion, but the incessant suffering from his throbbing backside and upper legs forced his mind to return to the harsh, humiliating treatment he’d undergone.

At the newspaper delivery office, he paid his bill, calculated and pocketed his profit, and picked up the Saturday papers to deliver. He started at the end nearest the Johnson house this time, hoping he could simply place the paper in between the back doors and leave.

He parked his bike at the neighbor’s house and stealthily walked to the back of the house. Opening the screen door and quietly putting the paper inside, he closed the door and ran as fast as his thin, muscled legs would carry him, notwithstanding the agonizing pain to his butt and thighs while doing so.

As he completed deliver of Saturday’s papers to his route, his thoughts ruminated on the circumstances and conditions that had developed with the Johnsons. If he tried to collect from them every week (as he should), he faced the realistic prospect of being preyed upon and subjected to their regimen of torment and abuse twice every weekend.

That thought was way more than he could endure. If he waited, allowing them to forego paying for the newspapers they received in the meanwhile, until the end of the month, he would reduce his exposure to being stripped and spanked and wanked to no more than twice a month.

To mitigate being subjected to twice-weekly, abusive treatment and domination, he determined he would do the latter. Hopefully he could avoid ever having to explain his choice to either his boss or other paperboys at the newspaper delivery office, or to his parents.

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