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A Meeting With the Principal

by Guyver

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Kevin first heard about the beatings Mr Smithers, his school principal, gave from his brother Aidan. Aidan, a strapping 16 year old, had always been Kevin's mentor; he seemed larger than life to Kevin, who was , after all, two years his junior. Nothing seemed to ruffle him - he was a good fighter, had a way with the girls, and always took the punishments their father gave them like a man, with no pleading or begging.

One friday after school, Kevin got home to discover that his brother was late. He thought nothing of it; Aidan was often busy with the school football team. He settled in front of the TV, and watched a few inane cartoons. About half an hour later Kevin heard the latch on the front door click shut, and steps quickly ascending the stairs. This was unusual; the brothers where very close, and not above playing sex games after school, before their parents returned from work. With a sigh, Kevin switched the TV off, and went up the stairs.

He found his brother lying naked on his bed, crying heavily into the pillow. His buttocks where a bright red, and scored with many welts and deep purple bruising. Kevin smiled; Aidan often wanted to 'play' after a beating to take his mind off things. Kevin slipped forward and slid his hand under his brother's heaving body, intending to massage his brothers penis to life.

The reaction was nothing like he expected. Aidan leapt from the bed, laying a heavy blow to Kevins face as he did so. "Don't touch me!" He screamed, backing off from the younger boy, his face contorted in fear. "Get out! GET OUT!"

Kevin did not know how to react. He stood dumbfounded mouthing "What..." as he tried to make sense of it all. "What happened?" He finally managed to ask.

Aidan seemed to sag as he realised what he had just done. "I'm sorry Kev, I'm sorry. It's just that Mr Smithers just..just..."

Kevin nodded in understanding; Aidan's butt cheeks spoke more words than where necessary.

"No, Kev. It's more than that....he...he..." His voice trailed off. "Please Kev, just leave me alone."

As Kevin left, he heard his brothers voice behind him, so quiet he probably wasn't meant to hear. "Never get on the wrong side of Smithers Kev; never."

A few weeks later Kevin was sitting in his math class, watching with rapt fascination as one of his friends got hauled to the front of the class and caned for talking. It was only on the hands, and not very hard, but it was obviously painful; his friend was crying and he still had four hits to go. The teacher doing the punishment was a reasonable fellow, who normally did not use corporal punishment; but he was in a dark mood today and was showing it with increased disipline.

Kevin heard a whisper in his ear. "He's enjoying it! He's got a hardon!"

The teacher at the front of the class froze in the act of swinging the cane, and leveled an accusing glare at Kevin. "Do you take this as a joke, sonny?" He bawled, his face flushing in anger. "How dare you talk while I am administering a caning!"

Scared witless, Kevin just stammered "I didn't...It wasn't me..."

"Enough!" The teacher shouted, cutting through the boys protests. "You will go to Mr Smithers this instant and explain yourself to him."

Kevin just starred. Mr Smithers? He hadn't even done anything wrong!

"Now!" The teacher shouted again, almost screaming. Kevin left as fast as possible.

Mr Smithers sat behind his large oak desk, toying with himself idly. Paperwork occupied much of the surface, but he could not bring himself to do any of it. What he really wanted was a nice little boy to spank. He tried to tell himself that his interest in corporal punishment was purely professional, that as a headmaster of a private boys school it was his duty to keep discipline in the most effective way possible. But he did not even manage to convince himself; he enjoyed the feeling of power that having a naked boy folded over his lap, preferably begging for mercy, gave him. He enjoyed the softness of boys flesh as he spanked it unforgivingly, and the way the children would squirm against his body as they tried vainly to escape the chastisement. But even more he enjoyed giving them the choice, and the look of desperation as they finally decided to let him.....

A faint knock on the door dragged his mind back from his dark thoughts. Placing both hands on the desk, he summoned his sternest voice and said "Come in." The young boy that entered took his breath away. For a brief moment he saw the outline of the childs buttocks, squeezed together by the slightly small school trousers he wore. The childs face was a mixture of alluring youthful innocence, and fearful apprehension. "Yes?" Smithers said, more to cover his excitment than anything else. He recognised the boy as the brother of a child he had spanked only recently.

"Mr Walker sent me for talking in class, sir. But I didn't, it was tommy..." Kevin blurted out, his prepared speach forgotton in the need to proclaim his innocence.

"Enough. I know Mr Walker, and if he says you where talking, then you where talking. Clearly you were sent here to be punished, and be punished you shall." Smithers decreed, standing up and moving around his desk towards the boy. "Pull down your trousers."

Kevin was mortified. Remove his trousers? He remembered with shock that he did not have any underwear on; he had been in too much of a rush in the morning to find any. "But sir...I haven't got pants on...underneath."

A slight smile tugged at the corner of Smither's mouth. Things were getting even better. "The state of your underwear is of no concern to me boy. Now pull down your trousers or I will do it for you."

With no way out, Kevin had no choice but to lower his trousers. With a bright red face he pulled them to his knees and stood, bare bottomed, in front of the principal. Smithers removed the belt he was wearing and doubled it over. It was soft and pliable; well used and worn. "Bend over the desk." Smithers commanded.

Kevin did as he was told, but Smithers was still not happy. "Forehead on the table, legs straight. I want that backside of yours as high as possible."

Kevin was terrified; his bottom felt so exposed, bent upward for the world to see. Smithers took a long admiring look at one of the pertest bums he had ever seen. Then with great joy he brought the heavy belt crashing down on the left butt cheek.

"Owwww!!" Kevin screamed, jerking straight. Terrible sobs broke from him as he was pushed firmly back into position, and more blows landed with blistering speed on his bum. Smithers swung a further 19 times, watching in fascinated excitement as the bottom changed from a cool white to glowing pink, and on to a fiery red. Between the boys shaking legs he could see his young penis and ball sack bouncing with each blow, and to his joy the boy had an involuntary erection.

After the twentieth swipe, Kevin waited for the next agonising blow. Pain seared his little buttocks, and the backs of his thighs where the lapping tongue of leather had caught him. When no further blows landed, he slumped forward on to the desk, tears streaming down his face. As he cried he felt the man lean over him, his body pressing against his own. Smithers whispered in the boys ear "It's not over yet, sonny. You now have a choice; you can either take twenty more hand spanks on your bottom, or" Smithers paused to let the horror of twenty spanks sink in, "or you can let me arse fuck you."

Kevin froze in terror. There was no way he could take another twenty, no way at all...even if they were only hand spanks. But let Smithers take him up the ass? Not even Aidan had done that. It was too horrible to think about. But his buttocks were still burning with pain. He had no choice. "Arse fuck me.." He whispered in despair, "just no more spanking."

Behind him he heard the sound of a zipper being drawn, and the unmistakable sound of pants being removed. Smithers placed both hands on the boys hips and placed his cock-head against the boys virgin hole. With a quick thrust he was in.

Kevin screamed in pain as his body was violated. He could feel the mans cock thrusting inside him, and the mans hands roving up inside his shirt. Then to his horror, Smithers grabbed his penis and started to jerk him off roughly; stirring feelings Kevin had not thought possible. The man rode him hard, driving far into him, slapping his bollocks against the childs burning bum, faster and faster, until with a triumphant cry he orgasmed his juices into the boys small hole.

Kevin felt the man squirt inside him, the hot cum stimulating him inspite of himself. He couldn't control himself, he undulated his cock in the mans hand until he too came in a moment of ecstasy.

Smithers was ruthlessly efficient. He cleaned up the mess, gave Kevin a few more pats on the backside for amusement value then sent him back to his class.

When Kevin got home, he was in no mood to play with his brother.

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