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Double Trouble Date

by Rolf and Gayspankee

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original authors only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 26 Jun 2000

"Where is my purple shirt?" Matthew yelled, knee deep in clothes in the closet.

"Do I look like a mind reader?" Rolf replied, pulling on his tight pair of black pants. "When did you last wear it?"

"Sometime last week. Where could the da.....arn thing be?" Matthew was getting slightly frustrated.

"The laundry was done two days ago. If I remember correctly you have yet to bring the clean clothes back upstairs. I'm sure it's hanging down there. And DON'T just bring up the purple shirt young man!" Rolf finished as Matthew breezed past him and down the stairs.

Matthew returned with a few token hangers with clean clothes and tossed them on the bed.

"Hang them up please."

"I will, just let-"

"Now. Before the cats get hair on them." Rolf swatted Matthew once, sending him back towards the bed.

Matthew was muttering. "It's not as if the cats don't get hair on everything anyway." He grabbed the hangers and turned towards the closet. He saw Rolf standing there, arms crossed.

"Want to rephrase any of that?" Rolf asked quietly.

Matthew could have, wanted to, but thought better and replied "Yes, sir. I was just saying how I thought the clothes should be hung up too."

Rolf shook his head and finished getting dressed. They were heading out for a double date with Marc and his new friend Luke. "Matthew, Marc said he'd swing by at five, are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." Matthew wasn't sure he really wanted to go out with Marc and Luke. Marc had been spending a lot less time with Matthew than Matthew was happy with. He was all prepared to hate Luke upon sight. He did want Marc to be happy, but he was feeling a little left out.

Promptly at five the doorbell rang. Matthew normally sprinted to the door, but in his lackluster enthusiasm, Rolf beat him to the door.

"Hey Rolf how are you?"

"I am doing well, Marc. Come on in."

"Thanks. Hey fruitcake," Marc said looking past Rolf at Matthew, who nodded hello. Marc continued to Rolf, "Luke said he would meet us at the restaurant at 5:15. If you both are ready, we probably should be on our way."

"I think we are just about ready. If you don't mind I would like a moment with Matthew. Take just a sec."

"Alright, I will be in the car. Hurry though okay? Don't want to be late."

"Trust me Marc we won't be late, promise."

Marc headed to his car as Rolf closed the door behind him. He turned to Matthew. "I want you on your best...on Marc's best behavior. I don't want any trouble from you. Tonight is very important to Marc. He wants us all to get along. And you know how I feel about first impressions."

"Yes sir," Matthew mumbled.


"Rolf! I get it."

Rolf glared at Matthew but didn't say anything.

Matthew opened the door and Rolf followed, locking it behind them.

Matthew hopped into the front seat, Rolf in the back seat. The restaurant was only a five minute drive away and they made it in plenty of time.

Marc walked in ahead of Rolf and Matthew and found out their table wasn't quite ready. "We've got a few minutes before the table is ready for us. Let's go into the bar to wait."

They took a seat at a round table. Matthew waited until Rolf and Marc were seated, then sat on the other side of Marc, so that Luke would have to sit across from him. He tried to interest Marc in some conversation, but Marc was too busy turning to check behind him to see if Luke had arrived yet. Rolf was watching Matthew, trying to figure out what he was up to.

"What can I get you gentlemen to drink this evening?" asked the server.

"I'll have a glass of white wine please." Rolf replied, then looked at Marc.

Marc wasn't paying any attention, too intent on the door and the appearance of Luke.

"Marc? Drink?" Rolf said, placing his hand on Marc's arm.

Marc turned towards Rolf, then the server. "Oh, uh...I'll have iced tea."

"And for you?" the server said, looking at Matthew.

"Long Island iced tea."

Before Rolf could say anything, Marc kicked him under the table and said "There he is!"

The drink was quickly forgotten as Marc got up and walked over to the bar entrance to get Luke's attention. They returned to the table, Rolf standing up to shake hands as they were introduced. Matthew remained seated.

"Rolf, this is Luke, and this is Matthew." Marc finished. Rolf and Luke shook hands warmly, before Luke turned his attention to Matthew, who just looked up and said hi, not offering his hand.

Rolf was going to have to remind Matthew of his manners later. When he sat down, he moved over to where Marc had been sitting, giving them the two chairs next to each other.

"So Luke, Marc tells us you met at the video store." Rolf said starting the conversation.

"Yeah. I would go in at least once a week, and always see Marc there. But I just never knew if he was being friendly or if he was interested in me. Then one night when I came in, he followed me around the store like a lost dog. It was so cute. But I wanted to make things perfect, so I waited until the next time I came in and I left him a card with my phone number on it, to see if he would call. And he did call."

"What a fun story." Rolf said.

"Certainly long winded aren't you?" Matthew mumbled.

"I am sorry what did you say Matthew?" Luke asked.

Rolf elbowed Matthew and glared at him, having heard him clearly.

"I said, uh, he certainly was interested in you."

Luke smiled. The waiter made his way back with the drinks. "Sir, what would you like to drink?"

"Iced tea would be fine thanks."

The waiter nodded and headed off. Matthew needed liquor, and he needed it now. He picked up his drink and started gulping it down. He was nearly halfway through when Rolf took hold of the glass and rested it back on the table, again glaring at Matthew.

Luke was watching the interaction between the two. He thought it was pretty cute.

Matthew sighed and let go of the drink. He was lucky Rolf hadn't told the waiter to change it, so he thought it best to slow down. The one glass would do him wonders, he really didn't have to drink it so fast. Besides, he was already feeling a good buzz as he'd had nothing to eat for several hours.

Marc wasn't paying much attention to Matthew, and Rolf was happy with that. Matthew's manners were long gone.

Matthew sat in stony silence for the five minutes before they were called for their table. As soon as the waitress announced their table, Matthew quickly gulped down more of his drink, leaving only about a quarter of the glass left. He hopped up to follow Marc and Luke, and took the opportunity to accidentally step on the back of Luke's shoe, causing Luke to almost stumble. "Oh, I'm sorry. That was rather clumsy."

"That's alright." Luke said before turning and continuing behind Marc, not thinking anything was amiss.

Matthew got a good tug on his arm.

"Matthew. I don't know what is going on, but you had better remember your manners. Give me that drink, you've had enough." Rolf said, letting go of Matthew's arm and taking the drink from him, setting it down on the bar.

Matthew pouted for a minute until Rolf pushed him ahead towards the table.

Their table was a cozy booth in the back of the restaurant. They perused the menu, waiting patiently for their waitress to return.

"So Matthew, Marc says you two met in college." Luke said, starting the conversation up again.

"Yeah." Matthew replied.

Marc jumped in the lull created by Matthew's terse answer. "I was swimming, he joined the team. We did pretty good, didn't we?" Marc said, turning towards Matthew.

"Yes we did. All that extra help you gave me, we made a great team. Went pretty far in all the tournaments, usually bringing home a lot of ribbons." Matthew kept his eyes on Marc's, excluding everyone else at the table.

"Sounds like you did well. So, what's good here anyway?" Luke asked.

"The seafood is wonderful. And they have the best french onion soup in the city." Rolf offered.

"I might try the swordfish steak, that sounds pretty good." Luke said, already liking Rolf immensely.

"Eeeeeewwww. That sounds gross." Was Matthew's reply.

Rolf shot another look of death at Matthew, who ignored it completely.

"Not a seafood fan, huh Matthew." Luke said smiling.

"Yuuuucck!" Matthew replied.

There was a rather long pause in the conversation while everyone explored the menu. Once again, Luke opted to begin the conversation.

"So Matthew, what is it that you do again?"

"I'm in accounting." Matthew said quickly.

"Wow! You are a chatterbox aren't you?" Luke said laughing.

Matthew pointedly ignored Luke and spoke to Marc. "Are you getting your usual favorite, that is, if the frickin waitress ever finds us back here?"

Marc looked at Matthew, slowly realizing that he was being a first class brat.

Rolf had had enough. He was getting hungry, and it looked like he was going to have a bit of Matthew's ears for an appetizer. "If you'll excuse us gentlemen," Rolf said as he stood up, "I'd like a word with you, please." He held out his hand for Matthew's.

Matthew knew that tone of voice. And that the request was a command. He thought about saying later, but thought better of it. He slowly slid out of the booth and slid his hand into Rolf's. He was embarrassed that Marc knew probably what was going to be said, but he was more embarrassed wondering what Luke now thought.

Luke swallowed his questions with difficulty and concentrated on his menu, wondering what was going on.

Rolf pushed Matthew ahead of him in the direction of the restroom. When they entered, there was a gentleman at the urinal. Matthew was hoping that Rolf wouldn't create a scene. He didn't, he just walked over to the sink to buy time while the man finished up. Rolf washed his hands, giving Matthew a killer glance that suggested he did the same. He complied. Soon the gentleman was finished, he washed his hands and exited. Rolf grabbed Matthew by the arm so they were face to face.

"Matthew Christopher, I don't know what is going on in that head of yours, but I want it to stop immediately. Not only are you being rude, be you are being obnoxious as well. Tonight is very important to Marc. And I don't like the direction you are trying to take things. You better leave any attitude you have right in here. Understood?"

"Whatever. Let's get back there before we miss the waitress."

Rolf twisted Matthew around and delivered two quick, sharp blows to his bottom.

"Matthew, lose the attitude. If I have to bring you back here again, you will be VERY sorry. Now do you understand me?" Rolf said in a hushed holler.

"Yes sir." Matthew replied, beaten.

Matthew and Rolf returned to the table. Luke noticed that Matthew was rather flushed, but he didn't comment. Just then their waitress returned.

She took their orders, and returned a few minutes later with appetizers.

Matthew remained quiet for a while, the trip to the restroom fresh in his mind. The conversation carried on around him, and he remained sulking until Rolf pointedly said "Matthew, your manners." He flushed darkly, but managed to ask Marc a question, joining back into the conversation.

Luke was trying to stay in the conversation, without asking the questions that were on the tip of his tongue. He had slowly come to the realization that Matthew didn't like him all that well, and figured it was based on jealousy. He also had worked out that Rolf was somehow in charge of the relationship, though he didn't understand how it worked. He just knew that Matthew had quieted down after they had returned to the table. Luke had a bit of brat in him, a sense of adventure. He decided to work on a way to heat things up at the table. He'd just bide his time until the perfect opportunity arose.

Matthew caught Luke staring at him and it upset him. He was sure that Luke was sitting there imagining Rolf punishing him, that it was written all over his face. He stared dislike at Luke, wanting to punch the self satisfied smile playing across Luke's lips off his face.

The waitress returned to freshen up drinks. "Would you like anything else to drink?" she asked Matthew, who only had the glass of water in front of him.

"Yes, a strawberry daiquiri would be nice, thank you." Matthew said smoothly.

"That would be a virgin daiquiri, right Matthew?" Rolf said, shooting Matthew the look that says "say yes if you know what's good for you".

Matthew was left with no choice and adopted a pained, exasperated look. "That IS what I meant." and rolled his eyes, while silently cursing the fact that he was outsmarted again and would receive no liquor, although he was still feeling pretty good from the first drink.

Rolf resisted the urge to throttle Matthew.

Luke again watched the interaction between the two of them.

"Matthew you into sports?"

"Just hockey."

"Oh I love hockey too. Your favorite team?"

"Don't have one." Matthew replied quietly.

Rolf then let out a loud cough and gave Matthew a not so gentle kick under the table.

"I meant aside from the Penguins."

"Ah the Penguins. Yes that Jagr is quite the hottie isn't he?"

Matthew then began to rise from the table, quietly.

"Going somewhere?" Rolf asked.

"Just the bathroom."

"I think I will join you." Rolf replied solemnly.

"I don't need an escort."

"You might." Rolf said as he grabbed Matthew's arm and guided him to the bathroom, again.

Meanwhile, at the table Marc was still so engrossed by his new love that Matthew's behavior was not registering.

"You know Marc, with all this bathroom talk, I find myself in need of using it as well. Excuse me?"

"As long you come back." Marc said with a smile.

Luke winked back, and headed off to the restroom.

Rolf steered Matthew into the restroom, took a quick look around finding no one else inside, and quickly landed a half dozen very firm swats on Matthew's bottom.

Matthew took a few gulping breaths, trying to swallow the tears that threatened to fall.

Luke had walked up and heard what sounded like a slap over clothing, and pulled up short when he heard Rolf's irate voice, though he couldn't quite make out the words.

Matthew though, had no problem hearing what Rolf had to say.

"Young man, I have had ENOUGH of your bad manners. This is the last warning you're getting. The next time I see or hear ONE bit of bad manners, we're going straight home, and I'll blister your tail when we get there. And as of now, you are going to have to make REAL nice to keep that from happening when the evening is over as it is. AM I UNDERSTOOD?" Rolf barked in drill sergeant tones.

Matthew bobbed his head up and down, certain that if he spoke the tears he was holding back would come pouring out.

Rolf opened the door and pushed Matthew out ahead of him.

Matthew almost ran over Luke outside the door.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just heading in." Luke said, sidestepping and quickly going into the restroom, certain his eavesdropping was written all over his face. He had seen Matthew's face, specifically the eyes that were bright and full of unshed tears. He wondered what had been said.

On the way back to the table, Matthew was hoping beyond hope that either Luke was clueless to what just happened, or at the very least, didn't inquire about it. Rolf guided Matthew down in his chair. Marc finally noticed something was up when he saw the watery eyes.

"What's going on?" Marc asked shifting from Matthew to Rolf, not caring who answered.

"Nothing to worry about Marc. I promise." Rolf replied.

"Why ar- never mind I will take your word for it. Did you see Luke in the bathroom?"

"I believe as we were leaving, he was coming in."

"Really? As you were *leaving*? Hmm."

Matthew looked quizzically at Marc, and slowly realized that Luke must have been standing outside and heard all or part of what was said. He had been feeling sorry for himself, and was still struggling with tears, but when he realized Luke might have heard something, he got mad. He didn't know what he could do about it, but it didn't sit well with him.

Luke came back to the table a moment later.

Marc looked at him, and noticed a tiny flush to the cheeks. It made Luke look even more gorgeous. Marc just filed that piece of information away for later use.

"Marc, you haven't seen the waitress with our food yet, have you?" Matthew asked, wanting the meal to be over quickly.

"No, but they are a little busy. I'm sure it'll be here soon."

Luke wanted Matthew to think he knew everything because he knew that would get under his skin. "A little hot in the restroom, wasn't it Matthew?"

Matthew shot him a look to kill.

Marc being naive as always commented. "Actually, I think it is rather warm in here as well. Must be all the people."

"Must be sweets." Luke replied smiling, loving the naivete in him.

The waitress finally made her way back to the table.

"Gentlemen here are your drinks. I am so sorry about the meals. They promised them up in five minutes. I apologize for the wait."

Matthew started to glare and was ready to make a snide comment when Rolf stepped in.

"Thank you ma'am. Looks like things are jumping here tonight."

"Yes sir, they certainly are."

Matthew just sulked sipping his virgin drink slowly.

Within five minutes the meals were delivered. Matthew dived into his, hungry and knowing eating was better than talking. He kept catching Luke looking at him, and it was driving him lit