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Part 26

by Graham

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Ron Fischer’s wife, the mother of Josh and Joe, telephoned Dr. Driscoll on Friday to inquire about the lab results. She was stunned to learn that her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Surgery was scheduled for Monday, and the goal was to remove the cancerous lesion, without having to excise a testicle. She called Josh while he and Joe were working a job and told him the results.

Josh was stunned, but told Joe immediately. We are going to have to man up and take charge of this business, and the work, for a while, Josh considered aloud.

We can do it. We know how. Dad’s taught us well, and strictly; but we have to step up and treat the business and the jobs just exactly like Dad, he explained. Joe nodded.

Events moved swiftly. Their Dad’s surgery was the least unfavourable as possible. The tumour was well-defined and appeared contained. The options were to remove the tumour and apply radiation to the testicle, or remove the testicle along with the lesion, leaving Mr. Fischer with one testicle, but not subjected to radiation.

Ron Fischer chose the second option. After surgery and laboratory examination, no cancerous cells were found in the testicle excised. The prognosis for cancer-free recovery was good, and a biopsy of his prostate was also without any trace of cancer.

His physicians instructed him to eat well, rest, walk and regain weight and strength, but not to undertake anything strenuous or involving heavy exertions for at least 3 months. Mrs. Fischer insisted he comply with medical instructions, but Ron Fischer wondered how he would be able to stand the inactivity.

In the meanwhile, Josh and Joe had taken the business in stride. Both young me were getting up at 5:30 a.m., 5 to 6 days a week, making sure the truck was packed and ready, and heading out to long days of work.

Returning home at 7 or after in the evenings, the boys cleaned out the truck and their equipment, re-packing it for the next day. By the time they had eaten dinner and showered, the eyelids of both sons were heavy and they were weary with fatigue.

As he learned of his two, oldest sons’ actions to keep and increase his business, Ron Fischer was impressed, pleased, and proud. Over the long road of recovery, he took note of the boys’ consistent attention to the work, and regimen of their schedules and lives to keep the business ongoing and growing.

It had become a regular routine for the two of them to trudge upstairs to bed by 9:30, to get a solid night’s sleep and be fresh for the next day’s work. Moreover, the boys’ social activities were greatly decreased and limited to conserve their energies and focus for work.

Of course, the other, big reason their Dad had no inkling about. With him sidelined, recovering from his surgery and condition, and no longer having to worry about him coming into their bedroom to check on them, another regular part of their routine was to sleep together in Josh’s lower bunk.

Every night, the boys relieved the tensions and frustrations built up from the day with hot, sexual actions that always included Josh’s coition of his younger brother, and both boys ejaculating orgasms closely together. The dedication and genuineness of their intimacy with each other grew.

The needs and expectations around the house were decreased, although they were responsible for keeping their bedroom, and the bathroom they used, clean and tidy, along with outside mowing and trimming. Leisure time was rare in their home.

Their Mom frequently complained to them about the condition of their bedroom and bathroom. They truly were very busy young men, and when they were at home they were tired and negligent about those chores.

Finally, Mrs. Fischer had enough of their inattentiveness to her complaints. She expressed her pique to their Father, who while still quite incapacitated, summoned Josh and Joe into their parents’ bedroom.

Boys, I understand you are both growing up, and I’m not unaware of how you are handling men’s shares of work and responsibilities. I’m impressed, and grateful. You are sons any Dad would be eager to have, and be so proud of. Ron Fischer spoke frankly, albeit in a weak voice.

Still, you also have responsibilities around the house, as part of the family, to help your Mother and take care of. She should not have to keep after you both, and be ignored by you when she does.

When she speaks, she carries the same, full authority as me, and you are expected to listen to her, and show her respect, including do what she tells you. Anytime either of you decides he’s too big or too old to obey your Mother, you’re going to end up getting your britches warmed and backside blistered.

I may not be able to take care of that myself right now, but if I have to call your Uncle Vern and have him come over, you will regret it. You know how big he is, and he will not care, or be influenced by, how old or big you think you are.

He will administer you both several lickings of your lives, and supervise your doing what Mom told you to do anyway, and afterwards give you more. So, listen up, boys, and shape up. You both know better than to act like this and treat your Mother this way. Understand me?

Yes, Dad. We’re sorry, his two, oldest sons responded.

Okay, then, to do what she has told you to do – now.

Dismissed by their Father without having to get spanked to tears, the boys raced back to their bedroom where they began cleaning it up. Josh told Joe what he needed to do in the bedroom, before going to the bathroom to clean it.

When they had finished, both their bedroom and the bathroom were tidy, clean, and sparkling. Mrs. Fischer was placated and pleased, announcing her approval to the whole family.

See, you boys really can keep a bedroom and bathroom clean, when you’re motivated. Sitting with them at supper, Ron Fischer spoke up in his faint voice.

I think they’re motivated now. They ought to be.

Almost a month later, on a Saturday afternoon, the boys’ Mom was again lambasting them for the disarray and dirty condition of their bedroom and bathroom. She had reminded them repeatedly for over 3 weeks.

When the doorbell rang, Josh and Joe ignored it, choosing to sit lazily in their cluttered, disorderly bedroom. Suddenly a large, looming figure appeared in the bedroom doorway.

It was Vernon Fischer, all 6′6″, 260 lbs of him. The boys looked up in horrified shock.

Joshua, Joseph, I had a call from your Dad today. Why are you boys sitting here in this mess? Is there a reason for piles of clothes on the floor and shoved under the bunk beds? Is there an excuse for your bathroom looking like a hovel from the third world?

He stood towering while staring intently at them. I figured not. Another question is if there’s any reason your Mother had to nag and nip at you to try to get you to clean the bathroom and your bedroom?

Both boys wore the guilty look of a cat with canary feathers all over.

Okay, boys. You know why I’m here. You know what’s going to, has got to, happen next. Both of you, strip out of those jeans and t-shirts, and your underwear. You’re first, Joshua.

That order got the attention of Josh and Joe immediately. The faces of both were burning red as they stood up and began disrobing before their gigantic Uncle.

When they were standing there, naked as when they were born, Uncle Vernon pulled of his pocket at thin, hardwood paddle. Taking a seat in the armless, desk chair, he beckoned Josh to him.

Now, Joshua, son, you are the oldest, the leader, the one to set the tone and example. Instead, you’ve fallen into the same lazy, slovenly habitual setting as your brother.

What have you done to impress on Joseph the need to change, to be organized, tidy, clean, and most of all to obey your Mother? What does your Dad say, Joshua?

You know what your Father would do if he were able to, don’t you?

Of course they did, which is why both boys’ faces were staring down at their bare feet on the floor.

You know what happens to bad boys who don’t obey, don’t you, Joseph?

Joe paused, looking ashen-faced. Ah, they, ah, ah, get spanked... um, really hard, he replied in a terse voice that sounded slightly shaken.

Exactly, and that’s why I came for a visit today, boys. While your Daddy is not up to dealing with you, your Uncle is. Now, Joshua, get over here. You’re going over my lap first, young man!

With his hands covering his exposed genitals, Josh obediently walked to his Uncle, whose strong arms and hands helped lower his oldest nephew over his lap. With the handsome, hunk-like, young man hanging upside down across his Uncle’s strong thighs, he heard Uncle Verne ask a question.

Before we begin, Joshua, tell me why you are getting this spanking, young man. I want to be sure you understand what has brought this on you, and you to this situation.

Speaking in a soft, compliant tone, Josh answered. I, ah, haven’t, ah, been listening to Mom. She’s asked and told me and Joe to clean up our bedroom, and the bathroom, but we keep tuning her out.

How are we going to correct this, Joshua? Uncle Vern asked.

Feeling nervous and anxious about the impending licking he was about to receive, Josh’s mouth was dry, and his reeling mind couldn’t think of what was appropriate to say.

Ah, you’re, ah, going to spank me, and, um, Joe.

That’s true, Joshua, but how else can you, and Joseph, avoid being right back in this same position and situation?

Oh, ah, by listening to Mom, and, ah, doing what she says right away.

Bingo, Joshua! You really are the bright boy everybody in the family says you are. How about you, Joseph, what do you say?

Joe was already whimpering as his mouth and chin quavered and tears flowed down his face. Ye-es, sir, ah, Uncle Vern. We, ah, I, ah, need to listen and obey Mom the first time.

Alright then, boys. I’m satisfied you both know what has caused you to be in the situation, and how to prevent it in the future. So, here’s what we’re going to do. I am going to spank you both, no punches pulled.

You’ll feel it plenty, and scream and cry and bawl. When we’re finished here, you both will be dispatched to clean up your bedroom, and the bathroom, and show them to your Mother, to her satisfaction before you will be allowed to dress.

If your little sisters and brothers see their big brothers scurrying around, cleaning up what they know you were supposed to have done a long time ago, with red-marked, hot, glowing bottoms and backs of your upper legs, it will have an effect on them, as well as you both.

With those remarks, Vern Fischer began wielding the thin, hard paddle all over Josh’s rump and upper legs. It had been almost 3 months since Josh had gotten a spanking, and the re-introduction to the discipline was especially shocking, harsh, and humiliating.

As he always did, Josh started out trying to be stoical and strong, but also as he always did, he crumbled under the cumulative effect of the blazing paddle blistering his rearend.

He began crying out, begging, apologizing, promising to do better, to be good. His pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as his Uncle spanked every spankable inch of his nephew’s smooth, boyish bottom.

Finally, Josh capitulated, surrendering and submitting to his Uncle’s strength and authority. He wailed, earnestly vowing to do better, to obey.

His writhing and thrashing around on his Uncle’s knees only made the humbling ignominy of receiving such a harsh spanking, at his age, all the worse. At last, Vern stopped, allowing Josh to shake and heave as he sobbed convulsively until he could begin to regain some self-composure.

From long history, Josh knew better than to try to get off the lap of whomever was spanking him until he was allowed to get up. Uncle Vern signaled that by reaching under his heavily perspiring nephew’s under arms and pulled him up to stand on his unsteady, stomping feet.

Go over to that corner at the foot of your bed, Joshua. Stand there, face in the corner, hands on your head, until I’ve finished with Joseph. Like a little boy crushed by a severe spanking, Josh squalled all the way to te corner.

Now, Joseph, your turn, Uncle Vern signaled his next nephew. Joe was already crying heavily, but his todger had taken a saluting position. Vern paid no attention, but put the slightly smaller, younger brother across his large lap.

With just as much verve and moxey, Vern walloped Joe’s bare bottom and thighs while the boy howled and wailed in pain and distress. Beside the more rapid collapse to accede to his Uncle’s disciplining authority, Joe’s flailing, bucking movements cause him to rub and grind and bump and hump his raging boner on his Uncle’s leg.

When he thought he was getting so close he would blow the top off of the volcano, Vern pulled Joe up off his lap, held his left arm, and unleashed a long, intense series of smacks all over the younger nephew’s globes and thighs, while Joe shrieked and jump like an animal being branded. Hysterically crying and gasping, Joe promised, agreed, assured, anything to try to gain an end to the fiery spanking.

His Uncle Vern did not let his young nephew out of the punishment he had coming until Joe’s hysteria broke into heaving, uncontrollable sighs. He steered Joe over to the corner where Josh was standing.

You boys can stand side-by-side for a while, thinking hard about how together you created this shameful, regrettable situation. When you’ve spent enough time groveling in your own hurting shame and regret, you’ll be released to clean up this pig stye of a room, and also the bathroom.

Both young men stood eyeing each other with side glances while squalling and bawling like spanked little boys. Joe was just itching and craving a place and a chance to wank his erection to calming release.

Finally, Uncle Vern released them, admonishing them to get busy, and do a good job, or they would find themselves both back over his knee again. With red faces, reddened, wet eyes, and blazing, red, raw butts, the two young men began vigourously cleaning up their bedroom, putting away dirty clothes to launder, hanging up others.

Josh asked if he could leave Joe to finish up their bedroom while he went to clean the bathroom. Uncle Vern agreed, but cautioned them both to do impeccable jobs, and to check up on each other’s handiwork when they were done. When they had concluded, Vern walked along while Joe examined the sparkling clean bathroom Josh had produced.

He also accompanied Josh as he inspected the last of the tidy organizing in their bedroom, including beds made. Josh reminded Joe to empty the two waste baskets in their bedroom, and once that was done, both rooms like astonishingly better.

Alright, boys. Before you’re allowed to put your clothes on, I want you both to go apologize to your Mom, and also to your Dad. He may want to see both your spanked fannies to inspect my work. Vern chuckled at his own joke.

After a few minutes, the boys came back, eager to regain some modesty by getting dressed. Vern made them stand side by side facing him.

Now, youngsters, this should not be necessary again. But if it becomes so, you both just remember how handily and familiar you both fit draped across my lap, as if getting spanked by your Uncle was what you both were designed and intended for.

Come give your old Uncle a kiss, boys, and then you can get dressed. Next time I see you boys, I don’t want it to be looking down at your bare, red, little bottoms. Understand?

Both young men readily obeyed, kissing their Uncle’s cheek, while blanching with embarrassment, but also fearful and ashamed. When their Uncle told them they could get dressed, they raced to pull out loose boxers to step into, pulled on older, looser jeans, and t-shirts and socks.

Unfortunately, that was not the last time Uncle Vern paid a visit to the Fischer household, to apply discipline to the seats of his oldest, two nephews, while their Father was recuperating. It did prove to be less frequent after the first couple of times, however, as the painful lesson began sinking into Josh and Joe.

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