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More Young Male Celebrity Spankings (Fan Fiction)
Selling Vials of Tom Brady's Fart (Fan Fiction)

by Bunbuster

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Disclaimer: This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

What, no way, are you nuts?, 39 year old pretty boy Tommy said as he went into his manager’s office after having farted his way into the building after a steaming touchdown. As usual Tommy’s teammates trailed behind him checking out his small tight buttocks and savoring his pretty boy farts.

Though he was blushingly adamant about not following his manager and assistant manage’s request Tommy’s pretty boy face was in a cocky naughty boy prideful grin at being asked..

The request was an odd one to be sure.

A local New England school badly needed funds to rebuild after being wiped by a storm.

A local rich couple said they they would pay for the rebuilding if The Patriots would sell 4 vials of pretty boy Tommy’s fart on an on line auction. The people who won the bid would be in seventh heaven.

Many older women would push a banana in an out of their cunts and sniff away, thinking how having a farting Tommy next to them in their beds after a plowing.. Aside from being a gorgeous young stinker, Tommy ws the perfect candidate for this. He was a real gassy baby especially, like now, after he scored a touch\down and led his team off the field with his farts, like he was the pied piper;

Many men would sniff away while beating off, imagining that they are penetrating young stinker Tommy’s pretty boy butthole

It was not only Tommy’s anticipated response that had the 2 middle-aged managers have me there but because of the pretty lad’s generally snotnosed attitude of late.

Tommy did indeed fart loudly when he saw me appear. Tommy knew that he had a spanking coming.

No, come on, no, don’’t, give me a break, the pretty boy poot butt begged as I got down on one leg and upended the stinky gorgeous pup rump up on my raised knee. I patted Tommy on the seat of his tight pants which were so filthy that it looked like he was already spanked with a dirty paddle.

Time to get to work.

Ahhhhh, shit, ahhh, ouch, awwwww, not again, ouch, come on, www, damn, my butt, awwww, ouch, awwwwww, damn, owww, not, ouch, again, Tommy yelled as I spanked his firm yet sweetly soft tiny hiney.

After raising dust on that pants seat I peeled down Tommy’s tight pants. I got the pants completely off revealing his bare little butt which was already red and sore from the pants warming that I had administered.;

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ouch, stop it, awwwwwwwww, damns, ahhhh, please, sob, sob, I’ll fart, awwww, like you, www, want me to, awwwwww.

Damn right you’ll fart like I want you to young man, I lectured as I spanked that stinky little butt.

Ahhhhh, please, sob, cut it, ouch, out, I, www, said I’d do what you awwww, want me to, awwwwww, my ass, awwwwwwwwww.

When I was done spanking Tommy he fell on all fours looking like he was ready to be corn holed and sure enough hot enough to be corn hollered. Tommy reached back and rubbed his blazing buttcheeks, revealing his juicy red farting rosette which looked like a tiny red cunt pooting out desire for a nice fat young cock.

Tommy’s 2 older managers picked the stud puppy up, bent him over a table and held him down by pressing down on the pretty boy’s muscled back. To get some semblance of being still in control, which the egotistical young guy was;t, Tommy leaned on his elbows to lift his upper body up.

Tommy was surprised to see 2 of his teammates who were ordered, with the penalty of a spanking, to stay behind and assist in the pretty boys fart collecting. As if either of there 2 young buck needed to be threatened with a spanking to get them to work with Tommy’s tender pink fart hole.

Handsome hunky 32 year old wide receiver Danny A. was an ass men and he had the hots for Tommy’s tush.

Danny was always the first one who followed behind the farting hotshot after the sexy dude scored a touchdown and farted his way to the locker-

Danny savored every wiggle and fart that Tommy’s ass produced especially the loud farts which to Danny was Tommy’s tushie pit calling out for Danny;s hard drooling pecker.

Then there was 30 years old humpy cutie pie quarterback Jimmy G who had had the pleasure of being royally corn holes several times by Tommy boy.

Since he first laid eyes on Jimmy G’s caboose Tommy had the hots for the full firm young buttocks which had a massive bush in the crack. A real cock tickler.

After Jimmy G. had witnessed him getting spanked Tommy, to regain some pride seduced the young bugger who idolized Tommy.

The cornholings were so intensely hot that in no time Tommy’s porker and Jimmy G’s pucker became a hot stinky young male item.

Ok youngster’s, reach into his crack, try to not touch spanked skin, and pry those buttcheeks apart. I ordered and the pups did just that,

Danny drooled when he laid eyes on Tommy’s juicy red tooter. He wanted so bad to tongue that juicy red faster and his cock got so hard that it almost busted out of his pants.

Jimmy G’s own tooter puckered hungrily when Tommy’s track opened. Jimmy panted when he looked at Tommy’s pink chestnuts and cock, He wanted badly to mouth the head of the pecker,

I tenderly lubed Tommy’s rosette with vaseline and gently pushed the head of a vial up hiney heaven. The vials had tapered ends to make it easily to get it safely in the very tight bunger. Tommy looked back over his shoulder and groaned. Though mortified he still had a semblance of boyish ego on his pretty face.

Ok, fart young fella, I ordered but the gassy back didn’t fart.

Give his left buttccheek spank, Bill, I told the managed who was holding Tommy’s left side down.

SPANK Ouch, ahhhhh.

I had my eyes on Tommy’s rosette. When the apsnk landed the hole puckered inwardly only to unpacker and fart.

That’s a good boy, I said as Tommy’s fart filled the vial.

Spank that right bun, Don, I said when Tommy’s butthole stayed to tidy for the second vial. I again watched the stubborn fart hole in action.

The rest of the vials did not require spanks to get the pretty boy pooting though Tommy still went ahhh when he cut loose.

When we were done I gave the gorgeous young fart ass a loving paternal hug. Though he endured a painful embarrassing ordeal the handsome bugger, naked as a pin, swaggered cockily to his locker.

I shook Tommy’s hand before he left and his whispered I guess I needed a good spanking to me.

Two of the vials were sold on auction to 2 Tommy boy ass lovers.

The couple who were the benefactors, who did keep their promise, bought the 2 other vials for themselves.

The woman bought a nice size pink dildo which she affectionately called Tommy Boy.

She would have some tremendous orgasms as she fucked herself with the dildo and sniffed the vial of Tommy’s youthfully pungent fart.

The man had his best jerk off sessions as he sniffed Tommy;s poot and imagined that his dick was sliding in and out of Tommy’’s tight fragrant young asshole.

So, everybody was happy and that includes Tommy boy. He did say that he had needed a good spanking and that was exactly what I gave the handsome uppity young bugger.

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