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More Young Male Celebrity Spankings (Fan Fiction)
Punishing Young Anthony Recker's Big, Stinky Juicy Butt Loaves (Fan Fiction

by Bunbuster

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Disclaimer: This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

I have spanked so many young male celebrity asses that you can say that I’m a connoisseur of stinky young male asses.

I adored the small asses that I’ve spanked.

Justin Biebers’s tender little pebbles.

Joey Jonas’ high arched hairy cracked stink cheeks and his little brother Nicky’s buxom dimpled sweet cheek.

Two of the most prominant young celebrity butts that I’ve tanned were Antony’s big muscular ass and Rafa Nadal’s big baby bottom.

Though both young butts were big they were individually beautiful.

For instance, when Anthony farts there is first the sound of his hole exhaling and then the the sound of the poot traveling down his deep crack.

When Rafa poots the sound is just of the poot the popping out his hole and nothing else. Anthony’s ass is harder and more muscled that Rafa, though of course Rafa’a caboose is muscled. Rafa’s butt has a somewhat chubby softness thing going so his poots rapidly leave the crack Then we have the fact that Anthony’s farts are much more powerful than Rafa’s. Just saying.

I’m older and stronger than most, if not all, young bucks and I can upend the best them across my lap for a solid butt stinging spanking. That’s why I was hired as official spanker of young celebrity rumps.

Another reason that I was hired for the job is that I am a very loving paternal man. Just about all the young bucks that I’ve spanked respect me as a second father. The father who has the guts to spank them when spanking is needed.

Talking about my fatherly ways, I remember that after I had spanked young cutie Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars fame, I lovingly hugged the young bugger and ran my spanking hand up and down his back and the little stinker burped. I imagine that after spanking a young guy what could be more appropriate then to burp him.

I I remember when I spanked Mark’s cute blond butt buddy Derek Hough. After I spanked him hugged him and when I ran my hand up his back the cute young stinker farted!. He blushed and apologized bur I just hugged him tighter.

What warm memories I have of spanking those two.. Watching them shake their cute little dancers’ butts in their tight pants made me so honored to be the man who gave the 2 cuties their much needed spankings.

Back to the main point to this story, Anthony’s large sexy young manly ass. Anthony was being a brat and he needed a spanking. Me to the rescue

I found out that Anthony was going to a certain address to dress for a masquerade party.

On the way to the address I met a handsome 33 year old African American youngster with long legs and a high arched little butt. He wore white dress pants and a black shirt. His name was Chico. I told the young beauty that I was going to see Anthony.

Me too, we’re going to a party together, what are you seeing Anthony about.?, Chico asked. I loved down at his pretty young and I spilled the beans.

Anthony has been a brat so I’m gonna put him over my knee and spank him, I said.

Chico tensed up and blushed burning red.

Guess you’ve never been spanked, I asked as I patted and stroked his buns.

Er, no, ahhh, sorry, Chico blushed and farted on my patting hand.

Er, before you deal with Anthony can you give me time with him?, Chico asked. I asked him to clarify and the explanation was something else.

Anthony lost a bet with Chico so Chico was going to collect the booty, literally.

For the longest Ben had wanted to fuck Anthony up his huge gorgeous virgin ass. I don’t know exactly what the 2 young pups betted on but Chico won which meant he won a piece of ass. Also, Chico said that after the corn holing he and Anthony were going to the masquerade party, he as a gentleman in tux, tails and top hat and Anthony as a women!!!!.

I asked Ben that he could watch me spank Anthony if I got to watch him corn hole the big assed beauty.

Sure, no problem, Ben said. He blushed when I mentioned the word spank since I patted his remarkably firm little behind when I said the S word. Good to let the pup know that he too was young and spankable.

We saw Anthony from a distance but he didn’t see us. He was carrying, across his shoulder, 2 plastic bags which i figured was the boys’ costumes.

Antony, cute as a button, had on a semi-loose fitting navy blue tee-shirt and comfort fit jeans, which didn’t nothing to hide the fact that the young stinker had a very large gorgeous ass on him.. He had a seemed nervous yet excited. Can’t blame him being that he was going to submit to a hot butt fucking. His excitement showed that he desired Chico’s porker as much as Chico desired his tooter.

Chico wasted no time. He stripped off Anthony’s tee-shirt, baring his firm but baby pink upper torso.

Then getting behind the hot piece of ass Chico and pulled his jeans and boxers down. When the large pink loaves bounced out Chico took a mouth watering sniff out of the deep sweaty pooty ass crack before giving the cheeks countless kisses. Anthony’s fat pink pecker was hard.,

Chico then stripped, revealing his gorgeous lean young brown body. His brown buns were small, tight and spanky adorable. The perfect young spank bottom. His brown cock was fat and long with a juicy purple head on the tip.. The brown porker was hard and throbbing with desire for some Anthony ass pussy.

As he tenderly nibbled Anthony’s shoulders Chico pried apart Anthony’s large sweet laves and put his throbbing brown fatty in the crack. Letting go go the buns Chico cheek fucked the deep crevice, careful not to cum. He wanted to save that for the real booty which was Anthony’s tight booty hole.

After the cheek fucking, which had Anthony drooling for some cock and Chico’s porker drooling for some fart pussy, Anthony climbed on all fours on a desk. Anthony had the kind of beautiful ass that looked it’s most beautiful best over the knee for a spanking or on all fours for a hot corn holing.

After sweetly kissing the 2 massive cheeks Chico had Anthony bend his legs so that his knees were pressed against at his firm hunky chest, a position that spread and dimpled Anthony’s large sweet cheeks which Chico kissed and nibbled. In this position the lips pf Anthony’s baby red peach fuzzy bunghole could be seen peeking out, or puckering out, from between his mouth watering big dimpled loaves.

After kissing both large loves Chico spread the butt mountains and, pink as the dickens, was a real live bunghole. The puckering hole was so gorgeous that Chico tongue kissed the orifice which made it clench and unclench with cock desire

Chico pressed the drooling head of his cock at the juicy hot back door.

Anthony did his gassy baby thing, pushing his arse down on the hard fat cock and farting. This caused the purple cock hard ti go in the beautiful hole slowly. When the head was fully in, Chico helped by corking the massive dome into the hole, then the whole long fat shaft slowly went in, looking like a frozen tootsie roll entering a strawberry cream pie.

Anthony groaned and Chico panted when the cock came in and out of the tender hole. When he thrust out Ben’s cock looked gorgeous as it was gripped by the juicy red moist poot pussy.

When he came, with a lusty scream Chico shot about 5 times, the cream bomb so huge that the sweet stuff shot out of the sides of Anthony’s hunger. Anthony let out his own loud scream of lust.

Not a youngster who comes up for air, especially when fucking a juicy big ass like Anthony’s, Chico, after his cock out of hiney heaven with a gurgle sound, and hadAnthony lay on his back.

With Anthony’s legs on his shoulders, Chico gave that juicy tight fart pussy another hot creamy fucking.

Chico was moaning with his eyes closed and Anthony was drooling with his eyes and mouth open as that rod like clock plowed that succulent young tooter.

Chico blasted another huge cream bomb, 4 shots, up the tight pussy, making sure that every drop of his man juice was spent up that young tight hot man hole. Afterward Chico tenderly kissed the we’ll plucked pucker and Anthony kissed the tip of the hot rod that had just plucked his anal cherry.

What a treat it was seeing those 2 young male butts bouncing along. Anthony’s huge cheeks and Chico’s high arched brown pebbles were doth delightfully spankable.

About 15 minutes later the cuties walked out. Chico was stunning in tux and tails, his firm little fanny pushing the tail of his jacket up.

I alert the reader on something for them to enjoy while reading what’s coming next. Type in Anthony as Mini Mouse or go to for the picture.

I was floored when Anthony waltzed out.

The cute young buck was smirking from under a short blond wig.

The smirky rascal wore a tight black girly top on his firm your body.

On his lower half was a very short pleated polka dot skirt. It was pretty much a tu tu and under that was black panty hose. The bugger had on black high heels.

It was comical, and hot, to see him. Anthony was not in any way in drag. He was a frisky big young man in women’s’ clothing.

What the, damn!!!!! the young rascal moaned when he saw me and he again that he showed that he was all young male by letting loose a humongous young male fast which had a gurgle to it being that the butt hole that it came from was chock full of Chico’s sweet cram.

No, come on, no!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony protested loudly as I got down on one leg and forced him over my knee.

Don’t, stop.

More protests when I pulled the tu tu up, revealing a massive ass bulging out of the seat of the black pantyhose. Further down was Anthony’s young male equipment bulging out

Fuck, awwwwwww, wow, ouch, come on man, awwwww, man oh man, ahhhhhhhhh, what the, awwwww, hell, ouch.

I soundly spanked the seat of those pantyhose as Anthony yelled and wicked his high heels through the air.

Awwwwwwww, man, awwwwwwww, it, owww, kills. awwwwww, stop,, owww, ahhhhh, damn.

The tightness of the pantyhose along with Anthony’s humongous young manly farts and along with the hard spanlks that I was applying to that panty seat made the swat rip open.

Unencumbered by the tightness of the pantyhose Anthony’s big beautiful ass bounced out. I spanked that bare bottom hard and stingingly as those high heels windmilled the fart filled air.

Ouch, please, awwww, www, stop, awwww, sob, sob, awwwwwwwww, awwwwwwwwww, www,, sob, sob.

After spanking the young pup to tears I stopped the whopping and Anthony’s high heels stopped jumping. I kept Antony over my knee and lectured him as I ever so gently stroked his big burning buns.

You need to behave, young man, i lectured. The stoking made Antony fart on my hand. He looked up at me blushing and turned his face in embarrassment.

No worries about that, I said after the fart blasted on my hand.


Anthony moaned again when I let up up and, as his ass was sticking out, he let out another massive young male fart. This one came with a big drop of Chico’s cum shooting out. It was so plentiful that if Chico wanted to be a sperm donor he could have used Anthony’s fart as a sample.

I gave Anthony a big fatherly hug and then sent the 2 young fuckers on their way, each with a smack to the can.

SPANK Owwwwww. wow, wa Anthony’s reaction to the spank to his blazing ass.

SPANK Ahhh, whoa, was Chico’s reaction to the spank to his remarkably form young ass.

I hope that Anthony bent over a lot at the party and got a lot of sniffs of his big juicy sticky loaves. What a beautiful big ass that youngster has.

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