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Delta Gamma - A Boy's Journey
Part One - Chapter 6 - Kindred Spirits

by PJ Franklin

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Part One – Chapter Six – Kindred Spirits

Rituals and scheduling are excellent things, but do not ever preclude spontaneous expressions of affection and big and little brother CP and sexual interaction. It was Friday night. Sean was antsy feeling, had been since the prior Wednesday over something that he should be able to just talk to Branson about, but had strangely felt reluctant, so had not.

It wasn’t rocket science, it was simple. Ever since Reverse Monday and then the prior repeat reversal on Sunday night, Sean continued to jones about wanting to dominate Branson as he had on both occasions. It just didn’t feel right.

Branson had already had two sessions dominating Sean this past week. Those were great, but now it was Friday and Sean wanted to dom Branson even that night. So what was the big deal? Did it feel disrespectful to even want to dom Branson sooner than Sunday?

Hey buddy, Branson plopped down next to him in the downstairs front room. It was after the usual DG house dinner hour which both had missed anyway due to campus activities elsewhere. This was the first they had seen each other since breakfast actually, Hey, Sean said, pre-occupied, again, You OK? Branson asked having noticed Sean a bit quiet the last few days,

No, I’m not, Sean’s forehead wrinkled and he leaned forward, right foot tapping, hands clasped in front of his elbows resting on his knees, eyes to the floor. Branson immediately slid his arm about his little brother’s shoulders thinking something was really wrong now!

Sean ... what’s up? Please tell me, Branson urged with the gut ache of wanting a little desperately actually to help his adored little bro, Want to go up to our room? Branson added, No. No need to do that. I fucked up, Sean said both surprising Branson as well as pleasing him that Sean was sharing his discomfort now.

Branson leaned over and kissed Sean’s temple, OK. We’ll handle it together, Branson said with a jaunty reassuring tone rubbing the back of Sean’s neck. It felt so good, but damn, now the shame of not having trusted Branson and told him immediately and earlier that week really built up some.

Sean sat up and looked at Branson, his own arms clutching himself, I should have said something much earlier this week big bro, Sean said. Branson patted his boy’s back and nodded, anxiously listening.

Sean sighed, Ever since last Sunday when you honored me with our second reversal session, I’ve been ... that is ... I can’t stop thinking about it. I ... well I want to do it again ... but not wait until Sunday again like we agreed. God Branson! Like right now I want to drag you up to our room and beat your ass like we did last Sunday or even just throw out the rules and ... and, Oh God, Sean blushed unable to finish and looked the other direction and waited, his pulse racing.

Branson sat back and was glad that Sean was not looking the other direction because now he was gleaming like a proud papa enjoying that Sean seemed to really like dominating Branson because Branson had been all week thinking about it too and had wanted to say something. But he too had not and felt bad about that, Hey, look at me, Branson said. Sean did now feeling better for his intimate confession.

I loved last Sunday and well, I’ve had it on my mind too, and Sean sighed, We both should be spanked for not communicating, The corner of Sean’s mouth curled up, his nerves over it all now quelled, Indeed. You know, some of the guys do that. They do switch off sessions every time. I’ve wondered if we should or not. What do you think li’l bro? Branson stoked to be talking to Sean about it and very glad that it was not something really all that concerning and yet, it bothered Sean so it was important.

Sean buried his forehead into Branson’s near shoulder now, one palm pressed into Branson’s chest, the other onto Branson’s mid-back. Branson turned his head and chastely kissed the top of his beloved little brother’s head as other brothers walked to and fro a short distance away.

Really. I don’t want to do that regularly. I’ve not had enough of our sessions as they are, Branson. I love to be the object of your CP and dom-skills during an evening and as you see, I REALLY loved dominating you in the same way. No. Maybe later, not yet though, and Branson smiled,

Me too, bro, I totally agree. So, we’re on the same page. The Sunday-only thing was just an idea, not a directive, Sean, Branson said, So ... let’s refine the thing. If you want to dom tonight or on any other particular night, just say so. No more scheduling needed maybe.

Sean sighed in relief, I don’t know why I make mountains out of mole hills, and sat back on the couch, Not a mole hill bro. It’s always over the simple things like this that feelings get bruised and then are not resolved. Then something else small happens and the bruise gets larger and then it begins to sabotage the relationship, and Sean saw Branson’s face mirror his past,

I’ll learn to not do this again. Thank you Branson. You’re a good counselor, Sean said with true relief and admiration distracting Branson’s reverie who gently smiled and with humility at his little brother’s generous praise.

So what now? Branson asked, refocused on his awesome little bro, I just want to relax with you a bit. No agenda. Let’s just see where things go tonight, OK? and Branson grinned, OK my hot stud, Branson gave Sean a bit of a hair ruffle making Sean smile.

The pair rose and headed for the recreation and gaming room. Video games, pool table, poker table. The room also doubled for official DG house punishments utilizing the old leather cylindrical gym horse that sat against the far wall in repose, reserved exclusively for and ready when called upon to host a DG active needing official house punishment.

The room filled quickly with fellow actives playing darts, shooting pool in pairs as Sean and Branson now were or playing poker around their octagonal table made for that purpose. Others sat on the various stools or reclined on the old chesterfield sofa and big soft dad’s chairs as the boys called the single roll-topped armed sofa chairs.

Soon, some bare bottom spankings started among the big and little brothers. No big deal, but it did catch Sean and Branson’s attentions as they sat aloft on side-by-side stools astride the pool table side holding their cues upright while waiting for their turns.

One pair in particular across the room, a big and little brother pair of a few years old now were grinning, big bro spanking little bro. Giggling, smiling, whispering to each other, nobody else paying attention really.

Well, Sean and Branson were both paying very close attention and now Branson was chewing on his lips. His groin started to grumble at him as he watched the big brother hand spank the little brother and put him in his place over the knee, just by the looks of it where the little bro wanted to be.

Sean felt Branson’s hand slide to his far shoulder and squeeze kind of hard as the boy’s spanking palm moved swiftly across the reddening bared backside with a purpose. Sean tensed as well, his own groin starting to really distract.

Sean swallowed hard. To him and he thought kind of obviously so, Branson was in the mood to top Sean tonight and that seemed appropriate, but he would wait for Branson’s word in his ear to Get your behind upstairs and prepare for punishment, utilizing the P word just for emotional and sexually stimulating fun of course.

Just the thought of pleasing Branson in that special way was now really making Sean’s penis stiffen in his trousers as they were about to have to take their turns at the pool table. He was in fact ready to move quickly at Branson’s first inkling.

Branson knew what he wanted now and leaned over to whisper it privately into Sean’s ear, Little brother. I am going to excuse myself to go upstairs. I’m going to dress down to my punishment briefs and go to the corner nose first and prepare myself for a hard session of punishment and using, please? You come up when you deem is proper, and then just did it not waiting for Sean to respond.

Hey guys, I need to scoot, Branson told their fellow competitors, Sean has permission to do my turns, Branson finished and then up and took off. Sean felt a little surprise, but actually not too much as he watched his big brother put the pool cue back into its wall rack and then just walked out of the rec room.

Sean blushed a little, felt an incredible rush of humility and fraternal love for Branson and then sighed with a small smile of exhilaration. He would try and make the evening upstairs somehow a least a little special and memorable for his big bro, but first Sean had to finish the pool match.

Branson climbed the stairs with a sense of self-pride that had never been given expression the prior year, nor certainly not with Todd three years earlier. And this was not the first time in the past couple of weeks with Sean, either.

As he reached their bedroom door, opened it, closed it behind him and then started to disrobe himself by their shared closet, he contemplated how growth of character within the frat works. One brother’s attitude affecting the other.

How respect flows back and forth encouraging each other’s mature responses and progress. Pleasing another pleases yourself, concepts such as with Nick Castleman, some brothers are slow to get or never do.

Now naked, his prick stiffly pointing the way, Branson quickly tidied up the room and then specifically his desk top and arranged the implements of punishment present just right. Belt, a smaller strap, hairbrush, a Jokari paddle all at the front, his large traditional personal frat paddle lengthwise across the top of that first row at the front of his desk.

Then Branson looked at the dreaded wooden spoon laying between the strap and the Jokari used in his possession to blister-sting punish a boy’s butt hole. He looked and stared at it daring Sean in his own mind to use it on Branson, torture and punish him with it, his cock getting wet with pre-cum now.

Branson then directed his gaze upwards and looked at his venerated paddle and smiled. He leaned over, his hands clasped behind his back and then gently kissed the paddle’s business side, Please paddle. Teach me a hard lesson of fraternal obedience as my little brother sees fit tonight, and then stood up feeling his bond with Sean strengthening just with that little simple private act of respect alone.

His last act before going for corner time was to light the single candle by his bedside on one side of the room and another at the corner of his desk top to set the desired solemn tone for the evening. Then Branson strode to the far bedroom corner near to their beds, put his hands up on his head, lacing his fingers and literally pressed his nose into the corner, his penis having to tip back for the close physical proximity. He waited.

Sean patiently finished the pool match, but only very distractedly which harmed his game. He nonetheless properly shook hands with the winners and then hastily made retreat from the boisterous room’s jocular energy and noise and then almost was run over by Robbie and Kyle in the corridor outside, Hey Sean! Where’s Branson? Robbie asked. Sean blinked, Oh. I’m headed up to our bedroom now guys. He’s there, Sean said without revealing why.

Oh. Well Kyle and I talked. We wondered if you guys wanted to join us. Kyle is topping me tonight in our bedroom. Thought you guys might join us? It’s going to be very formal. Kind of like Hell Week Ceremony formal. You know, just because, Robbie said.

Sean was poised to jump around the pair to hurry upstairs and now did not. That Robbie and Kyle were doing the same as he and Branson took Sean by surprise, but in a good way, Well gosh, guys. I’m headed upstairs to do just the same thing already. Branson is up there and I’m sure he has our room lights dimmed. Candles. The works. His nose is in the corner by now, and watched Robbie’s arm hug Kyle’s shoulders some,

Wow. That’s exactly what we do, right Kyle? and Kyle smiled and pecked Robbie’s temple, For sure. Hey well, you guys have a great time, Kyle smiled affably at Sean, Or ... Kyle. You can send Robbie upstairs to join us. Same rules. No talking. Nose to the corner and then you and I can plan and then join them? Sean suggested to his former incoming freshman class DG pledge co-captain.

Want to big bro? Kyle asked Robbie, Absolutely! Robbie nodded enthusiastically, Then scoot big guy, and smartly spanked Robbie’s retreating back side, Hey, let’s head for the front room. The rec room is crazy, Sean suggested and that’s what the little bros did.

When he heard the bedroom door open, Branson assumed naturally that it was Sean. But when he turned his head and saw that it was fellow senior active DG brother, Robbie Mason, and not Sean Davis, his prick jumped and his pulse spiked!

Branson did not move a muscle and even closed his eyes and pressed his nose back into the corner and harder yet, even. That Robbie was in their room felt epic. Something must have transpired downstairs, something unexpected and Branson’s fists now clenched and unclenched at his sides with unusual excitement, emotion and even lustful meanderings.

Robbie felt a strange exhilaration as he entered Sean and Branson’s room. He had never done an extant formal session with another fellow senior active outside of normal house ceremonies. He and his big brother had done this alone many times three years ago and passing on the tradition to Kyle had been easy-peasy this new year and fit their relationship like a glove. So natural. He had a notion that other pairs did it, but had never asked around about it and now this unexpected delight!

There was Branson in the corner as advertised. Branson Jerrold, an old and valued, but oft-times cranky and even sometimes over-the-top manipulator of all things DG. He was in the room as advertised. Robbie then disrobed and without looking at Branson, found the opposite room corner and put his hands on his head, fingers laced and pressed his nose into the corner, his erection tip having to make the same adjustment as Branson’s had.

Let’s go get my paddle for Robbie, Kyle said leading the way to his bedroom upstairs as the pair decided to be very formal and strict with the routine to honor their big brothers. Kyle changed into his topping uniform the same as what Sean would wear. DG house polo for top, jock strap and DG house gym shorts, tube socks and sneakers. Then he grabbed up his paddle and they headed out to Sean’s bedroom.

They paused and then Sean opened the door for them both, walked in and closing it observed the dim lighted and candle-lit quiet atmosphere and two senior actives, their big brothers, clad only in their respective white punishment briefs two noses pressed into the two corners formed by the three room wall sides. Sean swiftly dressed down and then put on the identical uniform as Kyle’s.

Kyle carefully placed his paddle above Branson’s on Branson’s desktop and it was shortly joined by Sean’s paddle, rearranged to fit all. Just looking at the neatly arranged collection on the desk top was pulse racing to both little brothers to say the least and they nodded their quiet smiles to each other, Where did you get the spoon? Kyle quietly asked and picking it up, smacked his other palm with it,

Kitchen, like everyone else. You guys need one if you don’t already. Great for punishing butt holes, Sean smiled, Excellent! Kyle nodded putting it back hoping to use it soon on a certain big brother of his.

Then Sean nodded to Kyle and the boys stood side-by-side in the middle of the room and looked at the senior boys, Your big brother looks awesome like that, Sean whispered to Kyle, As does yours my friend. Let’s treat our big brothers to a night together they won’t forget soon, and Sean nodded in response,

Agreed, I’ll start, he added and then Sean indicated to turn themselves parallel to the long axis of the room, Follow my lead, Sean whispered and Kyle wordlessly nodded. Sean then quietly counted to ten as two pair of big brothers’ fists clenched and unclenched at their sides in two room corners with keen anticipation. Five ... Four ... Three ... Two ... One ...

Brother Jerrold, go fetch your frat paddle and present it properly to me on your knees at my feet, Sean began. Branson jumped to the task and a long moment later was kneeling with upright posture, his paddle laying on his upturned palm-shelf as was proper.

Brother Mason ..., and Robbie was bid to duplicate Sean’s directive to Branson and now two senior DG actives kneeled side-by-side at their little brothers’ sneakers. Sean looked down and smiled, a new order of things apparently called for,

Brother Mercer. I observe that our naughty big brothers are sporting two fresh pre-cum stains. What should we do about this? Sean asked. Branson and Robbie’s cocks jumped and the size of the wet stains now increased as they both shivered with lustful delight.

Punishment brother Davis and seeing that our boys are pent up, I suggest milkings each. That will calm their troubled libidos and make their paddlings all the more painful, Kyle said out loud and predictably, two sighs from two big brothers and the wet spots got larger yet.

I suggest wooden spoon paddlings of each anus and of each erect penis, side-by-side on the bedside so that they may suffer together and learn their lessons of obedience together, Sean said calmly. The wet spots nearly doubled on the spot!

I concur brother. Brother Mason, you may take the paddle back to the desk top. Put it back and bring me the wooden spoon, and face now fully flushed with anticipation Robbie barked, Yes little brother! got up and obeyed, Brother Jerrold. Also put your paddle back on the desk top and come back to me, Sean asked and Branson chirped his similar response and obeyed.

Kyle and Sean now sat on the bed side top leaving space for hip-to-hip positioning. The seniors returned and stood before their little brothers, Robbie handing Kyle the spoon and then the boys clasped hands behind their backs, Remove your shorts now boys, and hold them to your mouths, Sean instructed and the seniors slipped them off and Sean looked at Kyle knowingly who then said,

Give the other boy your shorts and then you will both lick and suck the wet spots of each other’s shorts, Kyle said. Sean grinned with appreciation as Robbie and Branson’s lusts were being maximally spiked doing their piss slits no good at all, becoming both cock-snot factories.

Come here the both of you. Step forward to the bedside, Sean instructed and the boys stepped forward, Now stuff those shorts, wet sides in, into the other man’s mouth and then bend forward over our knees in the middle, bare bottoms pressing together nice and high! Sean completed.

The senior boys were now pretty much mesmerized into valued submission and quickly obeyed the directive. As they did, Sean and Kyle respectively grasped and then pulled back each older brother’s erection with testicles tightly trapped above the squeezed tightly together thighs. Now the sensitive undersides in back of the penis heads were exposed for easy access to spoon punishment.

All was now in readiness. Branson and Robbie were up on their elbows now and looked at each other, their mouths gagged with the sullied white briefs. As they did both Branson and Robbie’s piss slits poured even more cock-snot as the very idea of being forced to do this lewd act was exceedingly stimulating way beyond the norm. The pair also now held hands, squeezing them in affection, fraternal bonding and a lot of excitement staring at each other wide-eyed.

The effect on each older boy was telling. Branson silently begged the universe that he get to watch fellow active Robbie get the painful spoon treatment. He might shoot his wad just watching. Robbie was great friends with Branson but let’s face it. The oft-times haughty DG Vice President could use a bit of humiliation and now Robbie was pretty sure he had a front row seat to Branson’s hopefully pained facial expressions. Clearly it was just like boys who were being boys who from very young ages loved watching as other boys got their rears spanked and punished by authority figures.

Sean licked his lips with anticipation. This was going to be sweet. He commenced the new ritual, We must now stimulate our naughty brothers’ bottom holes, Kyle. You start with the spoon and punish Robbie’s anus, cock and balls. Each of our brothers must be so punished until he shoots his wad, Kyle, and Kyle nodded, I concur, brother, Robbie’s and Branson’s eyes widening and their hand holding nearly white-knuckled with excitement and anticipation.

As Sean then watched Kyle, he firmly wet-fingertip rimmed Branson’s hole. Branson was instantly distracted and moaned loudly, but then refocused on Robbie. It would have been difficult not to as just the very familiar sound of the spoon’s hard convex surface smacking Robbie’s hole got his full attention.

That and Robbie’s facial expression. Each lick forced more forehead wrinkles and facial grimace. Robbie had to look away to process the feeling of bee stingers swarming on his tender pucker hole, Yea, that’s it. Feel that Mercer? Take it boy. You need punishment! Branson’s mind devolved into a lustful glee.

Then Robbie’s eyes bulged as his little brother moved the spoon’s harsh attentions to his testicles and penis. What was worse? Getting his hole lit up or now his proud tackle? Robbie hissed as his little brother had reached behind his rigid member and made it stick out nearly parallel to the floor and cradling it gently then laid down the law with stinging painful spoon licks right in back of the very sensitive head.

Robbie whimpered as he eyes teared up, Oh God yes. He’s getting his cock punished. So will I! Branson’s mind shifted into empathy mode biting his lower lip and then sighed, distracted again as Sean’s wet fingertip was rimming him with a purpose.

That should do it, Kyle finally stopped his big brother’s sexual torture and handed the spoon over to Sean. Robbie sighed and finally turning his head looked at Branson who looked like the boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Worried and well he should be. Robbie’s hole and genitals all felt like somebody had let a lit match wave under all of it far too closely.

Now it was Robbie’s turn to watch Branson’s forehead and face crumble as Sean gave his hole the business with rapid stinging licks right on top of it, but then it was not easy to concentrate on Branson when Kyle was now aggressively rimming his hole with a dry fingertip, poking the tip in and out of his orifice entrance.

Kyle even grabbed up Robbie’s balls and gave them a very long, very painfully aching squeeze. Let go and did it again and again, Shit that hurts! Robbie winced to himself, but all it did was to stoke the fires of his masochistic side, Make it hurt more little bro, his mind flogged his sensibilities when he glanced over.

Branson’s mouth was silently mouthing, Ou! Ou! Ou! Ou! Ou! as Sean now was paddling the spoon right square onto the tender flesh right in back of his taut cock-shaft head, Yea. Naughty frat boys get their cocks spanked you bad boy, Robbie grinned to himself and then winced again, Kyle’s fist reminding him that his own balls were equal grist for needed discipline.

Then, the preliminaries stopped. Sean and Kyle high-fived grinning ear-to-ear with each other as Robbie and Branson clutched their hands more tightly and sighed with relief as their boy parts still hummed with the throbbing warmth of having been pretty well owned by their little brothers.

On three, brother, Sean said to Kyle and then as planned, they pulled the two mussed underwear gags from two mouths and then two dry middle fingers suddenly and abruptly thrust deeply into two unsuspecting butt holes. Branson’s and Robbie’s eyes got huge as they looked genuinely taken off guard.

The two fingers burned a lustful path in and then out of each fuck tunnel. In and out, in and out picking up speed. Now without gags the older boys could respond, I’m gonna come! Robbie’s voice lurched, Me too! Branson joined him a beat later and the younger boys then quickly positioned the garments that they held right at two gaping piss slits.

Tongues wagged from two pleased little brothers as two big brothers grunted like hogs in heaven announcing their duo ejaculations. Kyle and Sean made sure that all of the expelling semen was soaking the two undergarments in one area for maximum concentration.

Oh the blessed relief of unloading. It never gets old, but there always seems to be a price to pay on the other end in situations like this. As the raptures subsided the command was given, Open your mouths boys! Kyle told the older boys and they did and then they sighed with but thinly disguised recognition as the fully soppy white, drenched fabrics now filled their mouths to mingle with their taste buds of bittersweet boy spunk the little bros making sure that each got the other’s semen spunks.

There, that’ll take-em down a notch or two, Robbie grinned. Sean nodded, And that is just for starters, he said out loud as Robbie and Branson looked at each other too humiliated to feel anything about the other boy other than empathy as they suckled the bitter flavors of the other’s ejaculate.

Punishment spankings boys! And then paddle licks! Sean announced. Robbie and Branson’s faces now mirrored more surprise. Spankings before paddle licks? What fresh new Hell was this? Why had they not thought of that years before but neither had?

Branson’s forehead wrinkled up with new worry now. How would it feel to get frat paddle licks after your ass is as thoroughly hand spanked as Branson suspected his now would be? Robbie thought identically, but far back in his mind he gloried in it. He wanted to visit this new Hell, Go for it little bro, he thought of Kyle.

Worry or glory did not matter to the younger actives now as they easily manhandled their semen-soaked-shorts-gagged big brothers’ bodies to over their knees side-by-side once again, Bad boys are spanked! You both should just be glad we are not using the hairbrush or belts, Sean rubbed his palms together ready to spank and let the boys relax just a tad and they did, Oh you mean that we might use the brush and belt AFTER we paddle their spanked rears? Robbie joined in the ad-lib.

Of course! Sean said. No more relaxed big brothers now. They were being fully rag-dolled and knew it. The side-by-side hand spankings started and the little bros meant business, Bad little frat boys ... are SPANKED! Sean smirked loudly.

Kyle enjoyed Sean’s loud sentiment but said nothing. He was too busy meticulously turning white flesh to angry palm prints and didn’t Robbie know it. Kyle could kill his ass with his palm. Part of the reason he adored the younger boy so much. You know the old DG frat saying, No pain (from spanking), no gain (of a good hard ball-emptying ass tanning session).

Any one listening on the other side of the room door might have strongly suspected that somebody or somebody’s were royally pissed off the rapidity of the palms flying up and down, up and down striking from crowns to sit-spots and maybe just below on tender thighs as well. All Robbie and Branson could so were to fist up handfuls of bed tops, close their eyes and take their duo comeuppances.

Still, both Kyle and Sean were very proud. They knew that they were giving their big brothers Hell, the kind that they expected would be eventually returned to them and yet both big bros kept their tortured hind ends up high. There was some leg kicking and a lot of grunting and groaning, mouths still stuffed with saliva loosened semen, but that was it.

Finally, two sore palms later having worn them out on two now very well spanked boy bottoms, Kyle signaled for the spankings to stop. Sean went back into instructor mode, Get up the both of you and keep the dirty shorts in your mouths. To your corners for five minutes! Kyle instructed to Sean’s nod of agreement.

The older boys got up and quickly without hesitation or touching scattered to their corners with throbbing behinds and sore boy parts glad for a short respite, even though both of them were both very eager to continue the humiliating process. Branson pressed his nose to the wall as his cock was limp now. Robbie’s as well as the milkings had done their jobs all too well.

Good job brother, Kyle high fived Sean and Sean nodded, What’s next do you think? Sean asked out of ear shot of big brother ears as they stood pawing at their own shorts now soaked with large pre-cum wet spots. Suddenly they looked down at each other at the spots,

Hey, let’s spank each other, loudly and warn them. Any more ejaculations from them on account of them hearing our own fun time will mean more punishment for them, Kyle suggested and Sean nodded and said very loudly,

Listen up you two! Kyle and I have wet our shorts like you did. We must punish each other before we continue with you two. I warn you! No more spontaneous ejaculations in your corners or you will be VERY sorry! Sean said giggling at the last so that only Kyle could hear who also giggled, Get the brush, Sean whispered and Kyle did, Sean getting the wooden spoon.

How could he not ejaculate now and suffer God only knew what next? Robbie thought to himself, God bless Sean and Kyle, Branson thought knowing for sure he could not possibly resist the urge to disobey and in fact wanted to badly in order to suffer the next level of erotic punishment and likely humiliation that Sean might conjure up.

You first Kyle. Over my knee! Sean said especially loud, Yes brother Davis! Kyle responded quite loudly. Robbie tensed, eyes closed, his cock entirely hard again and starting to leak anew, Branson’s as well. Then the sounds of hand spanking bare ass penetrated both older boys’ libidos, spiking them, imagining watching the duo,

No, not the brush, please Sean! Kyle’s voice next assaulted the older boys’ crumbling defenses, Not the brush little bro! Robbie mumbled to himself and helplessly so enhancing his cock’s rapidly building sensitivity and then the sounds ... just the sounds of rapid brush licks,

Ouuie! Sean, Ouuie! Kyle’s pretty sincere complaint put both Branson and Robbie right on the edge. They had to try and blank their minds or they would push over and squirt the walls in front of them losing their battles.

Then Sean fisted up the wooden spoon. Here was the clever ruse at hand. He motioned grinning to Kyle to get up and stand next to him as he would simulate paddling Kyle’s butt hole with the spoon only it would only be his other palm and Kyle would add false complaints. Sean started, The spoon for your butt hole, boy! and Kyle responded, No! No! Not that Sean, please, no! Kyle nearly lost it into a big guffaw but did not and then Sean paddled his own palm quite rapidly.

OU! OU! OU! Please Sean! I’ll be good I promise, OU! OU! My hole! My hole stings! Kyle added his verbal sound effect. Robbie bit his lip as the sounds of anus punishment (or so he thought) tortured his dirty mind and he loved heard his little brother getting it and then forgot his cock which did not forget what it wanted just then.

Branson only had to put himself in Kyle’s place as receiver of his awesome little brother’s ability to put him to rights in that manner and that was enough for his penis. Right then as they watched each big brother Kyle and Sean heard the duo grunts and even saw the pulsing streams of semen flowing from their big brothers’ piss slits, their bodies rocking back and forth helpless to resist the oh so good raptures.

Sean nodded to Kyle to go and berate his naughty big brother and Sean did the same, BAD BOY BRANSON! Now get on your knees and lick the walls clean! Sean pretty much spanking Branson’s ears with the loud directive, NAUGHTY BOY ROBBIE! Get down and get to work! Kyle berated Robbie with good effect.

The older actives’ cocks ached badly now having refused to detumesce and relieve their owners of the strange aching discomfort on account that what they had been ordered to do was entirely and totally erotically amazing to them. Branson licked his expelled spunk feeling as naughty as Sean had told him he was. So did Robbie and the older boys finishing, they remained down on their knees.

Get up you two and come over right now and face us on your knees, both of you! Sean instructed and they did, What now Kyle? These two need some humiliation, Sean commented and then Kyle smirked, Both of you. Rise. Get and take your paddles downstairs to the rec room and resume position on your knees side-by-side in the middle of the room, paddles up on palms and say nothing. You are both getting public paddle punishments! Kyle devised, Very good, Kyle, move it you two! Sean grinned.

Two scarlet faced bare naked senior actives, one the DG VP, flew downstairs as ordered not talking, just thinking each to himself that his little brother’s evil punishment directive was to be both admired and enjoyed as well as sweet revenge somewhere down the line. One thing was for sure and soon, however, and that was that the other boys in the rec room gave them both huge doses of cat-calls and sexually lustful taunts as they kneeled as ordered, paddles offered up on upturned palms and waited.

Kyle and Sean took their time after getting dressed in clean dry ritual uniforms, Robbie borrowing a clean and unsullied pair of gym shorts from Sean. When they got into the now even more crowded rec room, they were greeted as conquering heroes with cheers and applause, all of the games therein having halted to enjoy the upcoming spectacle featuring their vaunted peers.

There was new DG active, Nick Castleman’s supposed little brother, Tommy Riley sitting in the DG house President, Nathan Alexander’s lap in a soft chair relaxing, the pair just having had their own private spanking and sex relaxations in Nathan’s room a while before and now nuzzling very affectionately. Nathan especially was in good form giving his VP a lot of verbal shit and Branson enjoyed every word.

Kyle and Sean now stood in front of the offered paddles. The room quieted. No card playing. No pool cues sliding through finger tunnels. No chess or checkers playing or reading, Kiss and offer the paddles your obedience, boys, Sean said, You first brother Jerrold, and Branson closed his eyes, opened them and bringing his down to his lips said aloud, Please paddle, please teach me the lessons of fraternal obedience through hard corporal punishment, and a cheer went up.

Then Robbie repeated the same phrase with equal results of applause and the room quieted, Hand us your paddles, hands at your sides, Kyle commanded, Rise and assume the position, both, Sean said next everyone expecting Sean and Kyle to paddle their big brothers. Robbie and Branson certainly did as they were now bent over in the embarrassing stances.

We need ten brothers to administer single paddle licks, five each for these miscreants! and a great roar rose. Branson could not believe it, neither Robbie nor their cocks as they were hard edged again, their balls rapidly filling as their little brothers were once again cleverly overwhelming their strong male libidos.

Nathan and Tommy lined up as the first two for this rare privilege, one on each side, Nathan on Branson’s of course, Tommy on Robbie’s side. After giving the two older actives two real good roasters, Nathan sat back down where he was before and then Tommy flew into his lap again to watch the rest of the paddle-fest.

As he did Nathan looked not at the boisterous paddle-fest taking place just the short distance away from him, no. He instead looked at Tommy who was looking at the action and Nathan’s cock hardened, not from the action in the room but from reliving in his mind how he and Tommy had so lustily played in the DG room’s that evening. It would seem that Branson and Robbie had not been the only senior actives to be chirping out the ritualistic phrase, Please sir, may I have another! ...

Nothing much was different between senior active and big brother Nick Castleman and his purported little brother and new active Tommy Riley. As usual Nick was in one of his many moods guaranteed to put off any suggestion of relationship much less sexual fun between them.

Nathan had already discussed Nick’s behavior with Nick and with Tommy and as Nathan had already made a pact with Tommy that Tommy should seek out Nathan for fun when he wanted 24/7. Tommy wanted to have fun with Nick and was beginning to think that Nick’s stubborn attitude was all some bizarre control thing. Well, fuck that.

Tommy left their room that evening after doing some homework. He even looked over at Nick and Nick just gave him one of his patented dismissive head shakes. That kind of pissed Tommy off who was getting very tired of Nick’s tired act. Tommy flew out of the room in his commando sweats bare foot and bare chested.

As he bounded down the hallway towards the stairs he almost ran into a very distracted certain DH house Vice President who had just been told to get his ass up to his room by his little brother, Hey brother Jerrold, Tommy smiled,

Hey, Tommy, Branson did turn his head for a quick smile, but his mind was obviously elsewhere. Tommy didn’t mind at all and Tommy focused on his own expedition and not finding Nathan in his room zoomed to the downstairs for the DG house kitchen, the usual headquarters for small groups of DG boys to snack, chat and shoot the shit.

Sure enough there was Nathan in mid-laughter from a fellow senior’s comments about nothing important. Tommy stood in the doorway not exactly reluctant to go over to Nathan, but didn’t wish to disturb either. Nathan turned his head and saw the winsome freshman and instantly motioned him over.

Tommy bounded over to Nick’s side almost like a puppy-dog, Hey Tomster, what’s the good word? Nick asked. Tommy shrugged. He and Nathan had played several times before of course, but Tommy never wanted to seem over eager or intrusive even though Nathan had reassured him several times to just grab my arm and drag me up there kiddo if you get in the mood.

Arm-dragging was not exactly Tommy’s style and Nathan knew that and tilted his head at the shrugging hot, sexy new DG brother, Cat got your tongue? Nathan quipped, Naw, he has my dick, Tommy quipped back. The other senior chuckled, Sounds like you may have an appointment Nate, see you later, the other boy said, all seniors allowed to call Nathan, Nate. Just a Nathan thing.

So do I? Nathan inquired. Tommy sidled up next to Nathan who was leaning back on a counter-top and slipping his hand behind Nathan’s hips to Nathan’s ass, gave it a hard squeeze, If Mr. President is not otherwise occupied, one of his minions requests him up in his room for a little private conference, Tommy smirked a Tommy-smirk which was more like a crooked half-smile.

Private huh. Must be a disciplinary problem perhaps? Nathan probed for the sheer fun of it. Tommy loved how playful Nathan was. How most DG boys are, save his boring big brother, Nick, Yea, it would seem that a certain hot DG senior needs to learn some lessons tonight, Tommy turned up the Bunsen burner a few notches.

Leaning some lessons from Tommy’s mouth was a very clear code from Tommy to Nathan who instantly felt a wonderful flush of excitement and cock stirring, I’ll be up in my room. Any instructions Mr. Riley? Nathan asked and respectfully so without sarcasm.

Yes, Alexander. Formal attire is requested, Tommy smirked a bit as he started to get into it, Yes sir, Nathan replied, walked forward, said a few see you laters to some fellow DGs and then disappeared from the kitchen. Nathan double timed it up the stairs to his house floor, no mean fete now as he had to kind of waddle in his school trousers on account of his member being entirely rock hard and kind of pointed in the wrong direction in his shorts.

Nathan rushed into his room, quickly straightened things up and then quickly went to his closet and stripped naked. Formal attire meant only one thing, a clean white pair of Hanes Y-front briefs, the kind favored by the house for all formal DG house Hell Weeks or pledge activities. He swiped one off of the stack he now kept for when Tommy got in the mood to give Nathan a night of pleasuring and slipping them on over his already leaky rigid tool.

He checked himself in the mirror and then satisfied went to his desk top and fetched his personal frat paddle. He then turned off all but two room lamps dimming the light for effect and then went to the middle of the room’s floor, kneeled facing the door and setting the paddle up on his palms waiting patiently.

Tommy counted two minutes out in his head and then quickly made for the front hallway and stairs. He flew up the stairs glad not to encounter anyone on the way as he was now fully engaged in mind and penis towards the President’s room. Tommy paused at the door, calmed himself, then opened the door and moving just inside of it, closed it, turned and saw Nathan on his knees holding up his paddle.

Tommy sighed. What a sight. What a guy. Ordinarily anyone who knew anything about male college frat societies in general and especially Howell College frats and particularly Delta Gamma would have expected their positions in that room just then to be entirely reversed. Yes, that always works but Nathan had requested of Tommy to if he could most times to top Nathan rather than the other way around.

It was purposeful on Nathan’s part to maybe try and help make up for Nick’s poor performance with Tommy. Give Tommy some control that Nick had taken completely away from Tommy. Anyway, let’s just say that it had worked famously and did now.

Tommy adored Nathan’s hot, sexy athletic body in just the skimpy formal garment, tented out and yes, there was not a huge wet spot on Nathan’s Y-fronts over to where the big cock head pressed the fabric out. Nathan was into it, Tommy could tell.

Nathan knew not to eye-ball Tommy and Tommy knew this, so he stood right at the door so that Nathan could easily see him strip off naked of his sweats, all that he was wearing. Out popped Tommy’s big, hard dick. Nathan closed his eyes and wished that dick of Tommy’s to be fucking his mouth and then fucking his ass, but only after Tommy gave Nathan a mini-Hell night on Nathan’s greedy ass.

Tommy said nothing as the temperature in the room soared from tepid to volcanic if one were to measure the pure lewd lust that the pair now shared without saying a word. Tommy slowly walked towards and then around Nathan, his feet no more than three inches from Nathan’s kneeled form.

Nathan almost whimpered when Tommy fisted up his own dick and then kind of slapped it onto Nathan’s bare shoulders, his back and then the left side of his face. Oh how Nathan wanted to turn his head and just suck freshman cock, but he did not. Instead he thought about it and the dark spot on his Y-Fronts started to get a tad soppy much less doubled in size.

Tommy saw the damp spot of course, Were you given permission to leak cock-snot to mess your clean shorts, brother Nathan? he asked, No brother Tommy, Nathan replied with a shiver of anticipation. Tommy licked his lips. Nathan was not the only one in the room that wanted to suck cock. Nathan’s sure looked ripe and ready.

Instead of course, Tommy took a half step back and without warning simply used the toes on his foot and actually hooked them into the back of Nathan’s shorts and lowered them down to his butt crease exposing most of Nathan’s bare ass.

Nathan shivered harder. What was this guy going to do? He found out a moment later as Tommy then went down to one knee and then leaning right into Nathan’s side slid his palm back and forth across Nathan’s bared cheeks. Nathan shivered and pushed his ass back the best he could, And what is the penalty for disobedience brother Nathan? Tommy asked, A hard bare bottom spanking brother Tommy, and then Tommy started to spank Nathan’s ass hard with that palm again and again.

One ... Two ... Three, to five then to ten and then ... Nineteen ... Twenty! All hard hand spanks. When he thought Tommy was finished stinging his hind end so very well Nathan said, Thank you brother Tommy! his voice tremulous with lust, Set that fine paddle down to your right, and Nathan did, Now get over my knee. I am not done disciplining you for your wet shorts. Take them off, Tommy instructed.

By now Nathan was beside himself with hard sexual lust, submission as well. Tommy’s prior sessions with him had been good. Great in fact, but nothing like this. Where did this come from? This would have driven Nick to insanity or worse; but Nathan sure liked it!

Bad frat boys are spanked, milked while they are spanked and then they are paddle punished to a ripe red crisp brother Nathan, Tommy said, Give me those, indicated the sullied shorts and Nathan gave him the shorts, Yes brother Nathan, to a ripe red crisp, he repeated the words verbatim and then flew over Tommy’s knee there on the floor.

Get that naughty cock back, boy! Tommy said and then helped Nathan by reaching between Nathan’s thighs, fisted up the bigger boy’s balls and painfully helped Nathan’s erection to stretch back between his thighs. Nathan closed his thighs up to trap his pride and joy hissing as he was already right on the edge of ejaculating from Tommy’s hot treatment of his sex parts.

You will warn me when you are about to spew your load. In the meantime, take your punishment! Tommy said, firmed up his grip on Nathan’s big nads and pulling them painfully upwards tenting Nathan’s genitals hard with Tommy’s right hand proceeded to hand spank Nathan with his left palm.

For a guy Tommy’s otherwise diminutive size, he could palm spank with the best of them and did. His torso and head close to the floor already, Nathan just shut his eyes and wincingly enjoyed this tough erotic spanking and ball torture treatment.

Tommy slapped bare ass cheeks with one hand and yanked boy balls with the other stimulating Nathan’s cock in the process. There was no further point in any kind of decorum and Nathan just did it. He splayed up and frog-legged his knees and thighs up and apart as the spanks could now more easily rain down fire and brimstone and did,

I’m gonna come! Nathan suddenly shouted shortly thereafter. Tommy stopped spanking with his left hand, let go of Nathan’s balls with his right replacing the testicles into his freed left fist and then with his right put the Nathan’s sullied shorts where it could catch Nathan’s semen spurts. Nathan then exploded, grunting and writhing white boy juice flew out in a staccato stream soaking the underwear that Tommy held there for that purpose.

Tommy let Nathan finish and then he took the apex of the juiciest part of the well-wetted garment and stuffed it into Nathan’s mouth, Eat your spunk! he blurted as he stuffed, Get up! Get me your paddle and then get into paddle swat position, Tommy quickly ordered and Nathan quickly obeyed sucking his semen from the wetted garment that was stuffed into his mouth.

Over Nathan went and grabbed his ankles. Tommy was on him in a flash and then paused to rub that paddle and see-saw it back and forth across Nathan’s freshly spanked cheeks. He did not have Nathan kiss the paddle as he had done before during other sessions. At least not to start, maybe to finish.

Then after Tommy pulled the sullied semen soaked garment from Nathanís mouth, Tommy started the slow paddle licks, one after the other. His mouth now freed of the garment, Nathan answered each with the traditional phrase, Thank you sir, please may I have another, Nathan chirped and then suffered the next lick up to a count of ten.

By number ten, Nathan’s rear was throbbing hot. Tommy bade his partner to stand and have a rub, and Nathan did, On your knees now. Suck my cock, Tommy ordered and Nathan was back down on his knees and had that yummy hard shaft down his throat just a long moment later, Work my hole, Tommy wanted next so Nathan’s hands curled back around Tommy’s hips and he lustily fingered and then penetrated Nathan’s butt hole.

It seemed a toss-up now. Have Nathan suck him totally off or ass-fuck the senior active like they had last time. However there was a door #3 as was shortly demonstrated. The beauty of the 69 position is that you can still be on top and enjoy bottoming as Tommy now was.

Nathan was eating Tommy’s hole and then licking his balls all before there was Tommy’s cock in his mouth once again and better, Tommy was sucking down Nathan’s penis as well. When the time seemed right one finger from each boy jammed up where the suns don’t shine and the sucking became intense. The kissing and cuddling they did a short while later after their duo ejaculations had made it all worth the while.

Paddle licks flew from brothers upon their recipients then, Branson and Robbie. The required thank you may I have another, please rang out from the two grimacing victims, their testicles barely holding off from their third spontaneous ejaculations.

What now bro? Kyle asked Sean as everyone listened, I don’t know, suggestions? Sean called out to the room. Robbie and Branson still holding ankles looked over at each other trying not to smile with pride at their little brothers’ wildly clever machinations on their behalf but had to smile nonetheless and then waited.

Various humorous penalties were called out, some involving some rather illegal naked activity about the campus, some calling for them to have to march (with clothes on of course) to a Howell College sorority and have to be spanked in front of any girls around,

I say we play a game of some kind in this room. The winners, two each, get to ass and mouth fuck Jerrold and Mason, unless of course brothers Davis and Mercer have reserved that very nice privilege for themselves, and I say well-earned at that! and that was DG President Nathan Alexander still with Tommy in his lap.

Done? Kyle asked Sean, Done! Sean said and a great cheer went up, Stay put you two! Kyle warned Robbie and Branson, their faces red with the position. They looked over at each other and pretty much just shrugged, both secretly fully stoked and ready for the very lustful humiliations.

The game was darts. Not full games, but a quickly devised short run that would not take long and did not. Out of the winners emerged both Tommy and Nathan. With them two other senior actives emerged and then the floor cleared.

On all fours on their knees, hip-to-hip now, Robbie and Branson found Tommy’s cock in Branson’s mouth and Nathan at his rear, the two other winners fore and aft of Robbie as Sean and Kyle grinned, arms folded to watched, Go to it boys! Sean said and they did.

Their own cocks now too fatigued to respond save just a little half-hearted hardness a piece, nonetheless Branson and Robbie both enjoyed their public comeuppances at their little brothers’ command. Nathan and the other boy pounded boy ass. Tommy and his cohort pounded boy throat. Soon to great cheers semen flooded four boy holes, the ending a great chorus of cheers and applause.

You’re not done yet. Suck us off! Sean and Kyle demanded and Branson and Robbie all too glad to obey and did. The sixsome of Branson, Robbie, Sean, Kyle, Nathan and Tommy all retired to the front collapsing in a heap together on one couch, I’m beat! Branson said which was a pun and they all laughed.

Sean, Kyle, Robbie and Branson noticed Tommy curl up in Nathan’s lap. Branson looked around to make sure Nick Castleman was nowhere in hearing, I hate to say it Nathan. You guys look all too natural together. Tommy and Nick, well ... and at that point Nathan held up his hand, Please don’t Branson. It’s hard enough, and Branson just smiled and let Tommy and Nathan be on that sensitive subject.

The fraternal love fest continued later in the showers as six boys of kindred spirits mixed and matched for kissing and mouth munching and then split up to retire into their bedrooms. Tommy would return to go to Nick’s room, but he was sated and could ignore if Nick was in a bad mood as was now common.

Branson and Sean hit the sheets. Already Sean was anticipating payback, but so was Branson. Kyle and Robbie were doing the same. Payback for services rendered had always been a DG staple activity in the past and shortly would be once again.

Delta Gamma-A Boy’s Journey-Chapter 6 – Kindred Spirits, © Copyright PJ Franklin, February 21, 2018.

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