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Carl's Summer Job
Part 13

by Brhmsj

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Carl’s Summer Job, Part 13

After the intense spanking Mr. Schmidt had no intention of spanking Carl again for ten days or so. There were no reasons to in any case; had there been cause for a spanking it would have been put off. It was nearly two weeks later that Carl was over the lap again.

In the meantime Mr. Schmidt saw to it that there were pleasurable post-shower pastimes. Specifically, masturbation on Carl’s part. As we’ve said, not every boy masturbated while in the man’s employ, which was fine with him. The only requirement of any employee was spankings as necessary. Carl’s performances, as it were, over the next two weeks varied. The first day Mr. Schmidt invited him to masturbate in the shower. Carl made good use of the soap. Next work day Mr. Schmidt took Carl in hand, to use a phrase, to give him a lesson in pleasuring one’s self, showing him a technique that you can enjoy and you can use on Frank or any other partner. Carl was feeling new sensations and loving them all!

Some days Carl would display how he was progressing on new techniques, some days Mr. Schmidt would teach the boy new variations which always had him exploding in ways he never imagined. He found time to try things on Frank who was duly impressed and made every effort to learn from his buddy.

The first week after the spanking was taken up with chores and these pleasurable new experiences. Carl was a good student! He had long since ceased to be concerned about how weird any of this might be. If anything he was totally comfortable and quite enjoyed being naked as much as possible at Mr. Schmidt’s house. Another Saturday and Tuesday passed with no spankings but with new routines. Thursday was another matter.

It was rare that Mr. Schmidt gave a spanking just for its own sake. Some years he would have a boy who seemed to need or want the occasional spanking outside of discipline. A couple even had talked with him about that need, exploring their psyches with these discussions. So it was on this Thursday that Mr. Schmidt felt it was time to end the break from lap time. Carl’s work was exemplary that day. It had been every day since the memorable spanking. Still, Mr. Schmidt was of a mind that it was time. Carl was giving unconscious indications that he was missing that particular type of attention.

As sometimes happened, Mr. Schmidt stood by the shower and chatted as Carl washed himself. These were enjoyable times for both. The usual touch up on Carl’s shave was done. As he finished the task Mr. Schmidt casually said you could use a spanking, don’t you think? Carl blushed slightly and his penis, semi-hard during the shave, now shot to a full erection. Yes, he was eager for a spanking. Mr. Schmidt would explore the boy’s feelings when the lad was settled over the lap.

Carl used the towel to clean off the last bits of shaving cream, handed Mr. Schmidt the towel, and after the man had dropped it in the hamper the two crossed to the couch. Mr. Schmidt took the familiar position and Carl, a bit too eagerly perhaps, draped himself over the man’s lap. Neither spoke but both had a warm, comfortable feeling in their respective positions. Mr. Schmidt took a moment to admire the bottom beneath him. It never failed to be a happy sight. As this was not an earned spanking, Mr. Schmidt intended to make it fun, without telling Carl his plans. He spent some time rubbing the boy’s bottom, eliciting soft moans and sighs of pleasure. When he knew Carl was getting too relaxed his hand came down. Not hard; it would take a bit longer to get the sting and color going at this rate. Which was fine. Carl picked up on the difference and let himself respond to this new type of spanking. The sting being induced felt good. For the first time ever he truly was enjoying a spanking.

The smacks that were somewhere between love pats and a true spanking continued for a while. Carl started shifting a bit under the hand, raising his bottom to meet the hand, which drew a smile from his spanker. When Carl’s bottom was nicely elevated, Mr. Schmidt stopped swatting and let his hand wander between Carl’s legs, teasing the inside of his legs and then tickling the boy’s ball sac. Carl squealed with delight. He also developed a good firm erection, which both felt and enjoyed.

The spanking resumed, exactly the same as before, though now Mr. Schmidt would occasionally alternate the spanks with some erotic touching of Carl’s back, bottom, and between his legs. When a finger slipped between his cheeks the boy let out a loud gasp of excitement. Mr. Schmidt would go no further, but this soon would be a topic of discussion in a quiet, intimate moment, Carl sitting on his lap.

Things continued this way, Carl more and more taking delight in what was happening to him. He could feel the sting slowly developing which added to his excitement. This was new! A spanking being fun, sensuous, erotic. At home that night he would spend a lot of time reflecting on it and wondering what place, if any, it might have in his life.

However, we return to the spanking now in progress. Carl’s movements to raise his bottom had the inevitable effect of rubbing his erection against Mr. Schmidt’s leg, adding another sensation to everything. Before that went on too long Mr. Schmidt stopped and rested his hand on Carl’s bottom. Carl relaxed onto the lap.

You wanted this spanking, didn’t you, son? At first Carl was taken aback by the question. It was a moment or two before he replied, taking time to sort out just what he did think. Mr. Schmidt was in no rush and wanted the boy to have time to think before answering.

Finally he said Daddy, this does seem kind of weird to me, but I think you’re right.

It’s ok, son, don’t feel embarrassed. This is just between us. He felt Carl’s erection surge a bit against his leg. That told him quite a bit.

Now the boy began to open up. At first I didn’t like the idea that you’d spank me. I didn’t like the spankings, either. Mr. Schmidt chuckled lightly. I can’t explain it, I’m not even sure about it, but I guess. . . well. . . I don’t know, it’s just. . .

Take your time, my boy.

A long pause. Carl found his voice again and said, Well, I guess that somehow being spanked by you has been. . . I don’t know. . . special, I guess. You’re the only person I want to spank me! Mr. Schmidt could see that the boy’s face had gone quite red with blushing – it showed in the back of his neck. Mr. Schmidt lightly, reassuringly, stroked Carl’s bottom, the boy’s relaxation under it palpable.

It is special, son. I find with almost every boy who has worked for me the spankings become special. That’s important. I’m going to tell you something. Spanking you has been different, special in a new way. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you.

Oh no, Daddy, I’m glad! Carl rolled over on Mr. Schmidt’s lap and raised his arms to give the man a hug, which was returned. They stayed that way for a few minutes, neither speaking, Carl remaining at full erection. For all the affection Carl felt for this man, this still was new, he’d never experienced anything like it. Sometimes, even now, he wondered how strange it might be, or even if somehow inappropriate. Right now it felt very appropriate.

The hug was not the end of the afternoon’s activities. Your spanking isn’t done, my boy, Mr. Schmidt said after the hug had gone on for a while. Yes, Daddy, Carl replied and put himself back in the spanking position. The sensuous spanking resumed, Carl now more active in his arching to meet the hand which again stimulated his hard penis in front. At such a moment Mr. Schmidt always had a decision to make. Should he let things take their course and have the boy shoot all over his pants, or end the spanking and have more the boy masturbate for him. He was enjoying Carl’s responses, his pants were old and already soiled. He let the spanking continue, modulating the swats and the teasing such that he was controlling Carl’s actions, thus the one to decide when the boy would ejaculate. Boys sometimes lost control but usually Mr. Schmidt was able to make this phase go exactly as he wanted.

Carl’s excitement was most gratifying. As he continued Mr. Schmidt was confident that he was completely in control of things. He’d let Carl get lost in his excitement, then pull back, denying the boy the release he was coming to want more desperately. Even desperate, even with a now stinging bottom, Carl was loving all of this. As the session went on he understood that he was being manipulated. This was Mr. Schmidt – the manipulation was exciting, the boy was glad to give in to it.

The time had come. Whether Carl thought he was ready or not, Mr. Schmidt decreed (to himself) that now was the time. He adjusted the spanking so that Carl’s bottom was continually rising to meet the man’s hand, a bottom eager to feel the sting the hand provided. Now it really was an easy matter to bring the boy to climax. It was noisy, legs kicking a bit from the intensity, Carl shooting longer than he ever had, flooding the man’s trousers. Neither cared. A new level of intimacy was established. Spent, Carl lay over the lap, exhausted.

A minute or two later Mr. Schmidt said son, you need to get up. Carl obeyed. He stood awaiting word from the man. Mr. Schmidt retrieved a small towel and cleaned up the boy, then dealt with his pants. Carl hadn’t noticed by Mr. Schmidt had put a towel down on the couch. Whatever shot beyond the man’s pants was safely in the towel, not damaging the couch. The boy’s penis was still quite sensitive and he gasped at the touch of the towel. Mr. Schmidt excused himself, returning a couple of minutes later wearing fresh trousers. He sat in the corner of the couch. Carl needed no instructions.

Carl settled himself on the man’s lap, positioned so that he could have both arms around his spanker and mentor. In turn, Mr. Schmidt held the boy tight. Carl leaned into the man. Nothing was said, just the pleasure of this intimacy. Carl began to doze off, but Mr. Schmidt made no move to get the boy off his lap. Carl didn’t doze long, but Mr. Schmidt savored the time with the boy sleeping in his lap.

When Carl woke, Mr. Schmidt said it was time to dress and go home. The embrace continued for a moment, then Carl got dressed and was out the door. At home he went to his room, undressed as he knew he was alone for a while until his parents returned home, and reflected on the day. He had never known quite such excitement physically, even with his best buddy Frank. Would he want sensuous spankings to be part of his life, perhaps from someone other than Mr. Schmidt? He knew he did not want anyone else to discipline him with spankings.

What he did know was that this was between him and Mr. Schmidt and was not for anyone else to share, even Frank.

His next spanking, as to be expected, was not pleasurable.

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