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Keating Male Health Center
Chapter 13

by PJ Franklin

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Chapter 13

Humorously referencing the opening of Chapter 12 ...

Hartley Boys Academy head boy, Chad Barkley, was at that very moment doing what one is not supposed to be doing at any time at HBA and that was puffing on a freshly lit cigarette with fellow senior boy Jonathan Hart. Oh, the smug head prefect had actually caught Hart with one of the cigarettes already lit, Hart thinking that he was on safe turf dressed down to his skimpy P.E. kit and pretending to be getting a few running laps by himself utilizing the school’s new artificial surfaced quarter mile running track.

Likely story, but it usually should be a very effective ruse as seldom was anyone utilizing that part of the large athletic field that time of day far from spying eyes. So he confidently lit up on the far side of the track in back of a lean-to that housed some off season football training tackling dummies.

Chad had just happened to be walking from the administration building to Coach Oliver’s office in the gymnasium. Chad’s eagle eye spied the thin curling up of smoke from quite a distance. It didn’t last, but Chad knew the peculiar color and density of that lit forbidden substance and though he rarely partook of same for himself, he still was not unfamiliar. So just who was breaking rules?

Chad delayed his trip to Oliver’s office and made a beeline for the far side of the track and caught Hart red-handed as it were, Barkley! Hart blushed dropping his hand with the lit smoke-stick to his side as his best friend glared at him hands on hips,

You know the rules Hart, hand them over, he said. Hart sighed, bent over and picking up the rest of the half pack of cigarettes and unused matches gave them over to Barkley who then set them aside, I could turn you in to the Head, but of course I won’t. That is if you get those skimpy shorts of yours down quickly and take your punishment right here and now. Your choice! Barkley smirked, his trousers tented far forward in his prefect uniform slacks.

There was no choice. Hart nodded, I’ll take a whipping now, he said knowing that the prefect would loop out his dress slacks belt and get the job done on the spot. Chad nodded, looped the belt out and doubled it up as Hart lowered off his running shorts leaving his jock strap on. Then hands up on the thin corrugated metal of the back of the lean-to, Chad put his shoulder into the effort laying on lick after lick across Jon’s more than attractive derriere.

Jon hissed and grimaced but despite the stinging pain his cock strained forward towards the metal wall with increasing stiff need. Chad’s as well. The belting was, of course, nothing really too much more than yet another excuse to stir up the loins of both boys and obviously did, Stay put old friend while we finish this up properly, Chad leered down at the artwork caused by the belt.

Chad then unzipped the front of his slacks and extracted his erection, primed and ready, Suck or fuck? he asked, Fuck, Hart smiled thinly, his favorite way to encounter Chad’s hard member. Barkley moved to in back of Hart and pulled the same-aged boy back into his prick and then rather roughly entered familiar territory.

Jon Hart winced again as the stiff shaft burned its bath between Hart’s still throbbing red bottom cheeks and then Chad started a brisk slamming of said prick driving himself fully in and then nearly out each time.

Take it bad boy! Chad smirked, Yessir, Jon said out of rote and then his pelvis got into rhythm as it always does when the Head boy and he get amorous together. Then, when it was time, Chad did what he always does with Jon, pulled his prick out of its cozy quarters. Jon did what he always does twirls about to facing Chad, drops to his knees mouth wide open and now Chad shoved his ready tool quickly down Jon’s throat and cut loose.

The rapture was, as always, complete and very satisfying to both. Chad backed away, put himself back together as did Jon. Chad then found the confiscated pack of cigarettes, took two out, handed one to Jon and then helped him to light up ala the movies after sex.

Bad luck would have it that as now two smoke trails could be barely seen curling up towards the trees in back of them that a HBA sophomore lad who was trotting out to the track to run laps for actual training when he saw two up-curling smoke trails. The boy was not naïve. He knew what boys did to flaunt rules. Probably two freshman thinking that they were going to get away with contraband. Well, not on his watch!

The lad immediately flew into the gym and reported his suspicion to Coach Oliver who thought the boy daft, but checked it out anyway. By the time that Steven Oliver got out to the back of the gym and scanned to the back of the track towards the lean-to, there was no more smoke to be seen. Still, he told the student to get about his business as Steve then decided to explore the area nonetheless.

Nobody of the three males, two HBA seniors and Coach Oliver were surprised all that much when they practically ran into each other just in front of the lean to shortly thereafter. Just a deep inhale of the air around the lean-to told Oliver all that he needed to know, Do you two have something you need to tell me? he asked looking rather stern.

Chad and Jon both sighed. They were caught dead to rights as it were and it would serve no purpose to not confess, and they did. It could be worse for Chad of course. Unwise abuse of authority. Quite different than Jon’s misbehavior.

To my office both of you, right now! Oliver scowled mostly at Chad of course. As he walked like a condemned prisoner to whatever fate awaited, Chad was in a very tender state of humiliation and fear realizing that Oliver would or should give him an exceedingly very painful bare bottom hiding for his crime, that is if he was lucky.

Oliver could, if he so chose, send Barkley to the Head for considerably more censure and severe punishment including threatening his status as Head boy. Other than letting Chad stew in his miserable juices over the unsavory possibilities, Steven Oliver was disinclined to involve his good friend and school Headmaster, Rich Hartley. Not over tobacco, but Chad did not need to know that right away.

Jon should have been on the easier side of the issue. Yes, the Head boy had every right to have punished him on the spot for the contraband and had, only the pair’s prior bad luck had offspring. It would seem that Jon’s father, Vincent Hart, happened to be on the HBA campus on business at the time of his son’s track and field smoking abuse.

Jon knew this of course as he trudged with Chad towards Oliver’s office him having actually met up with his father an hour before he had smoked the cigarette that got him into hot water with the Head boy.

It was Jon’s understanding that his father was quickly departing the campus soon after their meeting. The brief meeting had gone very well. Father adored son and son admired his father. They had even hugged and pecked temples at their separation, the elder promising the younger an exotic hunting trip up in the wilds of local mountainous terrain a few weeks hence.

One snafu led to another for Vince Hart, however, delaying his egress from the school and not only that, he was unexpectedly directed to the gymnasium to Steve Oliver’s office to finally complete his business dealings. Just as Oliver ushered the two naughty seniors into his office, the door knock came. It was Vincent Hart.

Imagine the look on Jon’s face when his father was suddenly standing in the opened door next to Coach Oliver, Mr. Hart. How appropriate, Steven smirked. Vincent blinked and shook his head at who he saw in the office beside Coach Oliver, Coach Oliver. What is my son and Mr. Barkley doing here? Vince asked unprepared for his answer of course.

Funny you should ask, Steve smirked and then the two now freshly re-chagrinned older teens told Mr. Hart what his son and his son’s Head boy had been caught doing just minutes before, Vince (as the two adult men had been on a first name basis for several years now), as you are Jon’s father, it is your right to demand that Mr. Barkley turn himself into the Head’s office for further discipline and examination of his fitness to be Head Boy given his poor influence on your son this day, Steve was reluctantly forced to offer to the parent and good HBA friend.

As he listened to what Coach Oliver had been forced to offer Mr. Hart concerning Chad’s behavior, Chad closed his eyes and prayed to the heavens for some kind of solution that would at least spare him his position as Head boy. Anything at all. Severe bare bottom hidings daily for a week, a month! Maybe even Brent Miller’s fate, a fire whipping in the gymnasium. Just the thought of the latter stirred his loins recalling Brent’s experience of not that long ago.

Still there was hope. Chad was not as close to Jon’s father as he was with many of his senior class friends’ fathers. Through Jon Chad did know Vincent Hart to be a good father, though exceedingly strict. Chad had enjoyed whenever Jon had regaled Chad on several occasions over some of the very painful bare bottom spankings that the younger Hart had received from the older Hart. They had even mutually masturbated during a few of the tellings.

Though Vince Hart was not inclined to take Steven up on his nonetheless proper offer to have the Head boy’s position threatened, he still enjoyed the look on Chad Barkley’s face when Steve had offered it. He knew that the Head boy could feel the depth of his situation. Punishment enough in that manner anyway.

And though Chad did not know it now anyway, Vince was actually very good friends with Chad’s father, Randal Barkley, as the HBA parent community is very small and tight knit and especially of boys in the same year of study. After letting Chad’s ear burn with the threat, Vince finally relented, of a sorts anyway,

And just what would you father have to say and do about this Mr. Barkley? Vince finally confronted Chad not knowing but having a pretty guess at what the answer would be. Chad sighed and gulped. Now was not the time to not tell the truth,

Honestly. My father looks dimly down on hypocrisy, Chad started his confession. Vince glanced at Steven. Hypocrisy is a harsh self-condemnation, worthy of note because that is just what it was. Steven nodded his approval with Vince’s.

I expect he might even take the time to come to the school away from his business and well, I would not sitting for a week after he tanned my bared hide, probably several times, Chad’s head dropped and his voice shrank at the end.

Standing next to his friend and fellow student, Jon winced outwardly, but the very idea of even knowing that Chad could be subject to the same severe corporal punishment that he would face from his own father given similar circumstances gave Jon the shiver-shakes of internalized erotic excitement.

The two even exchanged knowing glances just then. Chad knew what Jon was thinking and vice-versa. Vince nodded, satisfied, I am sure he would, and then looked at Steve, I think we can agree to take care of this mess here right now without involving Rich (the Headmaster) nor Mr. Barkley’s father. This time anyway, Vince stared sternly at Chad.

I’m OK with it. Jon is your son and you are here with him, Vince. Your call, Steve said. Jon had almost forgotten that he was not going to get off the hook for his part of the drama what with Chad’s much direr situation.

It was then that Vince spied one of the two old venerated blonde wood spanking paddles hanging up on the wall in clear view in back of Coach Oliver’s large office desk. As Jon and Chad watched him, he walked over and plucked down one of the two actually identical paddles and proceeded to inspect and admire its sleek, smooth surface that was punctuated by two rows of properly drilled holes.

It was a classic school-boy butt burner to be sure, Oh God, Jon muffled his dread as his father was very well practiced at using the paddle that Jon had to keep in his bedroom back home from age thirteen up until his matriculation at HBA. Just watching his father inspect Coach’s paddle gave him the heebie-jeebies.

Also transfixed, Chad winced internally. He had experienced that very same paddle on several occasions in this same office, him always returning to his dorm room to nurse his painful crimson buttock cheeks. That was long ago. Apparently his long absence from feeling the paddle’s power was at a screeching end.

This will do nicely, right Jon? Vince walked back around tilting his head at his miscreant son. Jon sighed and nodded with calming resignation, Yes father, he said submissively. Steve nodded, Good then. Mr. Hart. As our Head boy here is on the hook for having improperly dealt with your son, I would invite your use of that paddle on him as well. That is unless Mr. Barkley here objects as is his right, Steve looked at Chad.

Chad knew his rights under the school’s charter and constitution. Unless he had committed a civil crime and was subject to adjudication under local, state or federal statutes, no person outside of school officials could claim any right to his punishment without his consent.

And since he was not insane or had a death wish of some sort regarding his Head boy status, there was only one course of action. Chad looked at Jon as he said it. Jon deserved this little perk actually in Chad’s mind,

No sir. No objection. I deserve for Mr. Hart to punish me as long and hard as he sees fit and more than that I apologize to you Jon and to you Mr. Hart for having misused my authority with your son, Chad turning from Jon to Vince.

Jon solemnly nodded. When it was all said and done, Chad’s apology meant more to Jon than almost anything. He was a good friend, honest and when the chips are down, could always be counted on,

Apology accepted for my part anyway, Mr. Barkley, Vince replied, And thank for you allowing me to participate, Steve. Most kind. How about you use that other paddle on Mr. Barkley. I will use this one on my son. Then, after the licks I wish to put Mr. Barkley across my knees and hand spank him and my son together. How will that be then? Vince’s plan proffered to friend, Steve.

All was agreed and the boys made to strip naked of all of their clothing. The office door had been closed shut. Steve went over to crack it open as was tradition at the HBA gymnasium. If a boy was to be punished inside of the office, a part of that punishment was public humiliation. The kind that boys give other boys as they are allowed to listen on the other side of the door as the miscreant is dealt with.

Mother Nature has her ways. Somehow the specter of spanking in any given situation can send out a pheromone that reaches boys’ noses, at least at HBA. They can sniff the air like wolves or sharks sniff it for blood, signs that prey is close by. Activity nearby in the gym proper suddenly slowed or stopped.

Somebody was in deep shit in Coach’s office. It was time to investigate and those present did rushing to the cracked open office door. There was nothing at first. Maybe a false alarm, but like good predators the boys stayed silent and patiently waited.

Inside the office bare naked Chad now sidled up on and elbow-to-elbow to Jon’s left both now bent over the front of Coach’s desk top. Both sported stiff hard penises that were now pressed into the glass-topped surface, but neither boy expected those to last. Jon turned his head to lock eyes with Chad, both facial expressions anxiously expectant.

Vince was ambidextrous, at least for today’s purposes and rubbed his paddle’s surface over his son’s upturned derriere with his left arm and fist as he stood to Steve’s right. He had noticed that his son’s buttocks were already red most likely from the expected corporal punishment that he well knew that Head boy had given his son for having smoked in the first place. That was no problem for Vince. The prior hiding may even make his son’s back side all the more receptive to learning his lesson.

Steve did the same with his paddle rubbing it firmly with his right arm and fist slowly see-sawing it back and forth across the Head boy’s well up-proffered bared rump. Chad’s blank stare at Jon turned involuntarily to a leer knowing that he was about to enjoy hearing Jon’s father’s paddle fill Chad’s ears with the distinctly erotic sounds of corporal punishment.

Hard wood meeting Jon’s sexy bare rear, the same rear that he had enjoyed belt-whipping and then fucking. He also knew that having belted Jon already that Jon was not going to be happy with that paddle re-searing his already prior well-seared surfaces.

Jon leered as well. Yes, his bottom was at risk, but so was Chad’s. It would make him internally joyful to hear Coach’s paddle crack its authority over Chad’s hot, sensual curves. How humiliating for his friend, the Head boy, to have to suffer the same plebian fate as him.

But then both boys did what all HBA boys did. As the paddles rubbed, the two older teens got up on their tip-toes in back pushing their readied rumps up even higher to willingly take the paddles’ painful lessons. Also, their elbows collapsed their torsos flat to the desk top as did their faces turn towards each other cheeks flat to the surface.

Both boys now felt like freshman noobs, mere fodder for the paddles. It felt to both of them as if they were standing in front of a firing squad together. Jon’s eyes widened as just then Chad’s hand slipped on top of his interlacing his fingers into Jon’s. Jon was glad for it and managed a slight smile of thanks and then ...

THWACK! ... THWACK! ... The duo strikes delivered one after the other hardly a half a second separated filling the air both inside of and outside of the office with the loud report. Chad’s and Jon’s hands gripped all the harder as their faces soundlessly winced up from the start. This clearly was going to hurt and now they knew it.

Outside, a gathering of flaccid penises dormant in jock straps suddenly all woke up to half-hard. They had not been wrong. The entertainment from inside the office was now officially afoot. One thing was certain. Two paddle reports meant two boys were inside suffering, but which two? Clues should come any time.

Coach Steve and Mr. Hart pressed and rubbed their paddles across the duo freshly tanned surfaces as was tradition while the boys tried to recover. The buttock surfaces, lowered just after the initial strikes now elevated back up to original position as all boys did. Up came the rumps and back swooped the paddles once again ...

THWACK! ... THWACK! ...The second set of rump roasters. Even Chad could not suppress a loud humiliating yelp joined by Jon’s wailing bark. Predators, even of the human type bent on erotic enjoyment know voice patterns. The two yelps were deeply toned. Whoever it was inside getting their lunch handed to them were not freshman, nor sophomores. Certainly two juniors and maybe even seniors which would be so much more satisfying.

Even as the two boys’ sizzling rumps quieted the paddlers rested and rubbed the duo double-painted surfaces again and up they came, high up. Both men had played or still played baseball or softball. They had strong shoulders and swung back the paddles and then forward again as if hitting for the fences as they say ...

THWACK! ... THWACK! ... Please sir, it hurts! Chad wailed without filter, Daddy please no more! Jon cut loose as their hips involuntarily spasmed and jerked, fiery buttock cheeks clenched trying to put out the fresh flames and each boys’ outside knees lurched up from the floor toes flexing and extending again and again trying to process the searing pain. One thing was now assured outside of the office and that the identities of the boys inside were now confirmed, Shit. That’s Barkley and Hart, one boy said even as his penis joined all of the other into full hardness that quickly tented all of their gym shorts far forward.

THWACK! ... THWACK! ... (Two more loud pleading yelps resulting of course) Fuck. They’re getting roasted like nobody’s business! another boy said grinning ear-to-ear now, but not from what was going on inside the office rather from the hand of the boy next to him who had now slipped it down his shorts and inside of the elastic of his jock gripping his stiffy.

He was doing the same in return as was everyone so gathered. It was going to be the usual wank-fest outside of Coach’s mostly but not quite closed office door as was tradition for such circumstances at the venerated HBA gymnasium.

Three down, two to go. Beads of sweat gathered on the men’s foreheads, as did on the boys’ as the office was small and four adult sized males inside working hard, Nice and high now boys, Coach told Jon and Chad, Vince nodded his approval as the paddle surfaces slowly see-saw rubbed back and forth over the very crimson landscapes once again.

Chad steadied himself for lick number four and extended his toes up higher yet angling his cheeks just right and even pressed them into the paddle begging for the wooden surface’s fiery attention. So did Jon. Their grip on each other’s hands tightened.

THWACK! ... THWACK! ... FUCK! both boys yelped at the same time, Language! Steve smirked and Vince chuckled. They were getting the job done all right, very well in fact, Fuck yea! one boy said outside again answering the word from the inside but only because he had already lost control and was drenching his partner’s fist with semen. Then two more boys exploded on account of the first just a tad like the physics lessons the boys had learned about how a nuclear device is detonated atom to atom.

Last one boys, nice and high again, please, Steve cajoled the students. Chad’s face mirrored Jon’s pained, but resigned expressions. Up came the rumps higher than ever. The paddles rubbed, paused, swung back and swooped forward with just a little extra on the back end ... THWACK! ... THWACK!

And this time because it was allowed, the men quickly stood back to not get knocked back as the two tall young men lurched back and upwards towards the room’s low ceiling their toes soon about two inches up from the floor, four palms seeking to comfort four well-paddled full cheeks, heads thrown back and mouths spurting, Damn! and Jesus!

The men ignored the two naughty words as more punishment was to be had anyway. Two more lads outside of the room grinned with fabulous orgasms not realizing that the drama inside was not yet concluded.

Steve and Vince did take advantage as the boys did their little spanking dances twirling about like macabre ballerinas and sat on the desk’s front edges, knees at the ready. When the boys stopped the footwork, Over, came the command. Both Chad and Jon, well versed in the art of the after-the-paddling hand spankings that occurred both at home and at school, did not hesitate and flew forward.

Jon across Coach’s knee and Chad’s over Mr. Hart’s knee. Chad was especially humiliated of course. Being over his father’s knee was one thing or Coach Oliver’s. Chad had not been put over another father’s knee not his own since he was fifteen for God’s sake!

Even on that occasion it had seemed more like hero’s play than anything really serious. He and his best friend at the time had been caught sneaking two of the other boy’s father’s beers from the frig that hot summer day. Hot or not, fifteen-year-old boys are not to be seen drinking alcohol on a hot summer’s day after mowing their two family lawns, the houses side-by-side.

The other boy’s father was inclined to let Chad off the hook. After all it had been his son’s idea and the boy’s dad already well knew that that peer pressure is a very real and powerful thing. Heroically, Chad had declined and wanted to join his friend and did. Hand spankings, but not too severe then really.

This was different. Here Chad was a very proud and strutting eighteen-year-old Head boy of a traditional all-male boarding school for God’s sake and not some whiny freshman noob. But here he was all stretched out across Mr. Hart’s knee like a pathetic snot nosed twelve-year-old or worse.

And it did not help at all that Jon was right next to him. At least Coach Oliver was not somebody’s father. Shades of the past come to roost. Chad knew better however. He had earned this and he would take it proudly as well. As Mr. Hart’s palm gently rested and slightly rubbed the already red and raw paddled surfaces, Chad’s hips pressed his aching behind hard into Mr. Hart’s palm just like he would if Mr. Hart were instead his own old man.

It’s what Chad demanded of any boy that he spanked so banning hypocrisy from his life, Chad did the same. He looked at Jon who looked back and shrugged back to Chad his empathy as the men raised their palms and got to work right quick.

And right quick outside of the room eyes bulged with renewed vigor. Those boys who had not ejaculated already quickly went to the edge and spilled over it as the unmistakable sounds of brisk humiliating hand spankings came out and graced their grateful ears.

Hand spankings were regarded as juvenile and not cool at HBA. If at any age you found yourself over your prefect’s or teacher’s or Coach’s knees getting what should have been left behind when you were eight years old, you were not happy. Oh, anyone who was watching or listening was very happy, but such is the way boys are with each other.

That they knew it was two senior boys, one of them the school’s vaunted and admired Head boy, only made it all the better. Those boys who had already shot their loads once loaded up again and did it again and why not? It was not like this was going to happen again in their school lifetimes.

Chad thought this too as his face crumbled. Mr. Hart was owning him like this. He looked over at Jon. Coach Oliver had his attention as if Chad was not right there with him. Tears poured down from Jon’s eyes as he too crumbled under the humiliating onslaught.

Vince admired that the boy over his knee was keeping his obviously torn up rump still and did not move a muscle. Good form. And for that reason Vince stopped the spanking a bit sooner than he might have actually had it been Jon and not Chad over his knee. Then it was over and the boys outside the door knew it and like rats scattering from the sinking ship, the space there suddenly was abandoned.

Too overwhelmed even to verbalize, the boys had taken their spankings after their paddlings and then silently waited to be released from their over-the-knee positions. Coach and father then stood and watched as the Head Boy and son stood side-by-side and carefully feeling their torched bottoms. The boys then thanked Coach Oliver and Vincent Hart for their chastisements and then were excused from the room. As The boys outside had already, of course, fled the scene, Chad stood clothed with Jon alone with him,

Well, that was special, Chad rolled his eyes at his own understatement, Yes. I’d go back with you to the dorm, but I have other things to do. See you later, Jon sighed and Chad nodded and took off to his own dorm room with is waddling gait avoiding talking to anyone.

It so happened that new roommate, Brent Miller, was back inside of his new room with Head boy Chad Barkley when Chad waddled into the room. Brent looked up, You look like shit, Brent teased Chad just because as Chad closed the door as Brent was clueless.

Chad gave Brent a short glare that did not last, turned and lowered his trousers and shorts and showed Brent the glowing aftermath from across the room. Brent had been sitting at his desk and sprang up to his feet eyes wide and swooped right over to closely inspect, What the hell happened? he asked reaching out and gently at first touched the very hot sexy red buttock flesh with fingertips only.

Ou! Careful! Brent winced but did not slap Brent’s hand away whatsoever and then told Brent how he had been waylaid and why. Brent smiled and did not bat an eyelash of course. If anyone was familiar with dire consequences, it was him. Still, prior agreed protocol between the boys demanded a certain response on his part now,

Hmm. Somebody has been a very naughty boy, Brent teased as was to be expected of their new relationship. Chad manfully as expected kept still then facing the door and hands at his sides as he then felt Brent slipped one hand forward and grasped Chad’s already hardening penis in front and then grabbed a harsh and painful handful of already well-tanned boy flesh in back sending Chad up to his tip-toes in his patent leather shoes wincing with renewed pain.

Brent grinned with evil pleasure as his cock was adamantly straining forward his sweat pants by now. Chad’s mind seethed with sexual energy now. He would have shared this moment with Jon had Jon not been busied elsewhere but it was not exactly as if this was second best at all.

Chad smiled to himself, Give me hell, Miller, he said without verbalizing and slapped his palms to the back of the closed dorm room door. Brent released his grip and then shoved a dry middle finger right quick up Chad’s ever ready boy cunt to the knuckle, Brent! Chad grimaced as the burning path seemed to ignite inside what had already been burned outside.

Brent then swooped the finger back out almost as painfully as it entered and then palm spanked each already well burnished cheek once each. Chad hissed and bit his lower lip. If his dear roommate was true to their agreement, he was not going to get off lightly and by golly Brent Miller had better do his duty or else.

Brent knew his duty. He well understood and knew that if he shirked his duty that he would suffer mightily the Head boy’s wrath in some unpleasant fashion at a later time. That was all well and fine, but how many chances would Brent have to turn tables on the vaunted and exceedingly sexy Head boy? Few. Fewer than few actually.

Brent grabbed Chad’s arm, the Head boy still in his prefect uniform and took him to their clothes closet helped him out of his jacket, hung it up properly and as he did Chad divested himself to full nakedness as was their ritual in such matters.

No Brent! Not the brush! Please, I got royally paddled as well as hand spanked by Mr. Hart over his knee, Chad pled. It was all play acting of course just to stoke his and Brent’s already raging lusts to take advantage of the moment. Brent maintained decorum. Hairbrush in one fist, Chad’s arm in the other he calmly pulled the Head boy to the edge of Chad’s own bedside and sat,

You should have thought of that when you lit up with Jon in the first place, Chad, Brent said with an uncommonly dry tone, but harbored a flush of supreme joy over his task at hand as he guided Chad to straddle his out-canted left knee for Chad to bend his torso forward over onto the bed top.

Once again Chad found himself in heaven in spanking position only this time with his new roommate it would be quite different than with Mr. Hart in Coach’s office. Yes, Chad was quite sure that Brent would take advantage with that dreaded brush as was expected, but unlike with Mr. Hart also used for sexual enjoyment and right away Brent did as he would have done if their places were switched.

Brent grinned with lust and set the hairbrush aside. His fingertips lay gently onto Chad’s still well-marked surfaces and then Brent’s thumbs pried apart Chad’s deep cheeks. Chad smiled and relaxed some as he felt Brent’s touch and then elevated his hips far higher than he would have with Mr. Hart.

Had he done with Mr. Hart what he was now doing privately with Brent, Mr. Hart might have taken offence as this maneuver now was clearly lewd, That’s my boy, Brent smiled as really, Chad’s totally exposed tight well up-pushed boy pucker was practically already kissing Brent’s lips. Not only that, he could feel Chad’s fist not only finding Brent’s erection in his sweats but said hand had slipped under the waist band elastic and was now latched onto the organ which would eventually be raping its way deeply inside of Chad’s fuck tunnel if all went well.

Brent took his time and flicking out just the tip of his eager mouth muscle rimmed about the winking wrinkled orifice driving Chad insane, Oh God Miller, just shove it in for God’ sake! he whined. Brent just chuckled Now, now, patience and don’t forget who holds the brush handle this go around Mr. Head boy, Brent chastised, but was in empathy for certain.

Sorry, Chad backed off. Him saying sorry to Brent made Brent’s eyebrows lurch up. Chad Barkley never said sorry to anyone. He must really be jonesing. That and Chad was doing a good job jerking on his cock, Chad’s thumb actually flicking nicely about Brent’s somewhat gaping piss-slit idly playing with a stray sheen of pre-cum.

Brent decided that it would pay off later if he just stopped the pretense and pleasured them both, so he did, Oh Jesus mother of God, yes! Chad’s head threw back as he felt Miller’s tongue fill his greedy slut hole so quickly to the hilt that it took him by surprise. Pleasant surprise of course and then Brent treated Chad to an especially long and satisfying season of tongue-fucking in and out lustily cleaning Chad’s hole even as Brent’s other hand was either masturbating Chad’s rigid member shaft or squeezing off and on onto Chad’s big full boy balls.

At virtually the same moment both boys wondered that it might be more fun to just break away and get into a tight balled-up 69 and do mutual tongue-fucking of the other, Chad on the bottom this time of course; but such thoughts were fleeting. Brent wanted to brush spank Chad and Chad wanted the same.

Brent finally sat back with a satisfied smile, Tasty, he said and fisted up the brush handle. Chad smiled as well and realized that he was overdue. He pushed his hips far up again, just not as high as before, Bad boys are paddled raw in this room, he said with a firm tone, Yes ... they ... are, Brent repeated and then did just that.

Keeping Chad’s stiff shaft in his fist both for control and to allow Chad to hump his way through the ordeal, Brent flicked his wrist and mostly from his elbow paddle-tanned all that was available, even some that was not at first. All over Chad’s prior punished rear and then recognizing the need, Chad parted his thighs wide enough and then Brent did his duty and burnished inside up near and around Chad’s rectum.

It was as expected a thorough beating but neither did Brent go overboard. Thirty very hard pointed brush licks seemed quite enough so Brent stopped and hissing with need dove back down, parted those re-freshly sizzling ass cheeks again and then dove deeply back down and inside with his eager wet tongue.

Chad had white-knuckled or rather molested the bed top with his death grips as the brush murdered his backside anew, but when that stopped there was the instant recognition of tongue in hole, well, Chad relaxed his whole body and just enjoyed. His hand had stopped pleasuring Brent’s erection due to distraction, but now got busy again,

I need to be fucked, Chad said now up on his elbows, You will, Brent said pausing and then dove back down making Chad smile at Brent’s enthusiasm for oral-anal and decided to just lay back down and enjoy the younger boy’s efforts.

Come on, get up, on all fours, Brent suddenly said and Chad did. Finally, a good hard ass using. A boy-on-boy raping of that which one cannot rape because it so needful on the part of both parties. Chap postured up like a complete male whore. Brent just smiled, divested himself of all clothing but first took a familiar detour, leaned over and resumed oral-anal.

Oh yes! Chad agreed that the detour was very nice indeed and flattening his torso down, head turned to his left carefully pushed his hips back to help his own anal pleasuring. Brent’s one hand took the time to nicely torture Chad’s balls, the other flog on Brent’s erection flicking off pre-cum at the slit up forward.

But all good oral-anal things must eventually stop and did. Brent stood up tall, let go of Chad’s genitals and slapping Chad’s hips asked, Come in your ass or mouth? was the pregnant question, Mouth, Chad replied and that was all the talking said for then.

SHIT! Chad blurted as Brent’s steel pole shoved its way past Brent’s ass muscles and buried itself into the depths, Chad’s fists once again abusing the bed top covers. Brent paused, waited to feel the relaxation and then set to pounding, slamming and otherwise rag-dolling Chad’s practiced insides. Chad finally got up on his elbows and looked back and they made eye contact, Kiss me please, Chad requested and nodding, Brent stopped the lewd pummeling and pushed them both forward flat to the bed top, Brent on top and Brent’s mouth finding Chad’s they proceeded to tongue each other’s mouths as Brent resumed his fucking efforts.

Slow fucking became rabbit fucking. Rabbit fucking turned into such a fury of debauched rag-dolling that the kiss was forced to break as Brent went crazy and then pulled out. Chad had the presence of mind to realize that this would be very fast, whirled about and impaled his own mouth and throat onto Brent’s awaiting shaft and with only half a second to spare Brent roared his rapture nearly losing consciousness in doing so.

Chad just froze as the organ pumped thick white juices down past his gag point and directly into his tummy Brent grunting something intelligible as his fists had latched onto Chad’s head just in case. No need and when it was done Chad fell helplessly onto his back. Brent stumbled off from the bed edge onto his ass on the floor, both panting as if they had just finished a ten hour marathon.

Brent did not stay down long now. He scrambled himself up to standing and getting back to the edge fell forward and this time, he impaled his mouth down onto Chad’s erection to the hilt. Chad just lay there hands at his sides as Brent’s sweaty head moved swiftly up and down until Chad nearly burst into tears when finally his rapture was forced out of his balls and down Brent’s throat.

It really had been a fait accompli. Just spontaneous is all, but so is most of the best sex between boys at HBA. Chad moved to the head of his bed and sat up, grabbed Brent’s arm and pulled the boy to sit between his knees, wrapped his arms around Brent and gently kissed the boy’s temple, Nicely done. Thank you. You’ve behaved properly and will be rewarded whenever you want, and that was code between them.

Brent smiled to himself and already was preparing in his mind when he would maybe later that night or the next or the next or just whenever find himself standing late at night before the Head boy’s study desk. He imagined himself eye-balling the paddle and belt that Brent would have already placed there for him to gawk at in anticipation of a hot session over the front or side of the desk with one or all of the implements.

And then not moving from place be entirely butt-raped by Chad’s big hard organ after the hidings and spankings. It would be very, very hot and satisfying for both which was now a common ritual between them, Thank you Chad, was all that needed to be said and Brent did it not only with calm confidence, but with a bright shiny-toothed smile.

* * * * *

When the home’s front door came open and in walked not only his baby brother, Dr. Will Keating, MD but also Michael Turner, the clinic’s newest and now Will’s medical assistant, Matt was neither surprised though maybe a little concerned.

He watched them carefully. Was what he suspected might happen between the two males, now happening? Will took Michael’s jacket and tossed it to the side almost impatiently and then facing Michael and both boys smiling, Will embraced Michael and Michael, Will in a manner usually reserved for lovers at the least and couples at the most.

The kiss lasted and lasted and was very erotic to see and Matt could. His only doubt for Will, his brother, is that Matt hoped that he would wait some, get through school and into his residency training before and maybe even some time after before making any personal relationship commitments with another male of like interests wishing to share their lives.

It was not something that Matt had ever contemplated for himself actually until very recently and by the way, when exactly was the young church pastor and brother to Jared Crane, Mark’s horny little brother, going to call him for another date, anyway? Still, watching the pair out in the foyer make out hardened Matt’s cock. He would say nothing of course.

Then Will upped the ante it seems by breaking the kiss and taking up Michael’s hand into his walked them into the front room where Matt sat in his easy chair, Will, Michael, Matt said, Doctor Matt, Michael said respecting Matt’s high position as his boss, Brother, Will said to Matt.

Matt then sat up. This looked kind of serious, Something you guys need to tell me? Matt asked cautiously. Will nodded, Yes. Michael and I have decided to maybe be boyfriends for now. Couple up, he said. Matt sighed with great relief. That he thought was sensible, Well, congratulations are in order then. When did you decide this? Matt inquired.

At dinner tonight. After my boyfriend physician examined me very thoroughly tonight in the clinic after hours, Michael said with uncommon glee holding Will’s hand tightly. Matt chuckled, I’ll bet it was thorough. Well good then, Matt said, but it felt strange. Will had never boyfriended-up as it were.

But Matty, look. Michael and I discussed it. We don’t want you excluded from our lives or anything like that. You’re my big brother and confidant. Would you mind if we sometimes asked you to participate? Will asked.

Matt’s tummy clenched, You mean for sex? he asked a bit anxiously, Yes. Michael and I thought that a nice threesome could be fun now and again, and Matt now felt guilty as while he was looking at the pair kiss out at the foyer, he was perving them.

Conjuring up fantasies about spanking both boys’ bared bottoms over his knees in tandem. Making them do dirty things to each other. Supervising a double-headed dildo halfway buried deeply inside both boys’ rectums as Matt used a wooden spoon and punished their naughty bottom cheeks with briskly stinging licks. Elaborate in-clinic play sessions. The boys getting caught collecting body fluids by Matt and then punishing one as the other watched.

Goodness. You won’t find me turning that generous offer down any time soon, Matt said with a cleansing gulp, See, I told you he wanted to. You didn’t believe me, Will gloated, And something else he doesn’t believe, Will said and then just did it. Right in front of Michael but on a dare from Michael, Will leaned way forward and locked lips with Matt.

Matt flailed about just a little, but settled in and gave in as Michael grabbed at his own swelling trouser tent. Watching the two brother medics munch mouth was about as hot a thing as he had ever seen. Will finally pulled Matt to standing and then breaking the kiss grabbed Michaels wrist, Get over here boy, kiss this man, he said.

Michael’s eyes got very wide and his countenance very shy, but he stood his ground as Matt gently took him in his arms and pressed his lips to Michael’s. Michael melted and then got into it with Will, tongues and all.

It was now Will’s turn to be wowed and pawed at his well forward tented slacks rather absent mindedly as the sight was so hot and erotic. Matt broke the kiss reluctantly and then put Michael in front of his little brother, Show me what you boys got together, and as they did, Matt’s hands grabbed handfuls of boy ass, Michael’s and Will’s.

Suddenly the prior guilt-ridden fantasy of earlier seemed much more plausible as he dug his fingertips deeply into both generously full, but still clothed backsides, Oh Matty, Will broke the kiss with his boyfriend, throwing his head back and with eyes closed,

What little brother? Matt smirked lightly winking at Michael knowingly for fun, You know what, Will said, No I don’t, Matt teased making Michael blush and chuckle at how the younger brother cowed before the older brother.

I think I do, Michael joined in the fun and then boldly used his hands to unfasten, unzip and basically get Will Keating’s pants and undies down around his hips exposing his fun parts to the room air. Matt quickly hugged Will to himself and then planted four hard spanks to Will’s bared backside.

Will just hissed and rose up on his tip-toes enjoying the sting, Your turn Michael. Six hard spanks on each of your boyfriend’s cheeks, please, Matt directed the action. Will just kept his eyes closed, hugged himself into Matt as Michael’s face mirrored hard, greedy lust and he did as he was told with gusto!

Matt was delighted to watch Michael’s very intense expression chewing and licking his lips as he spanked Will’s bared bottom, Now be a good boyfriend Michael and get down there and eat out his tight little butt hole, Matt ordered.

Michael was trying to learn to be assertive. When you want something, ask for it. Don’t expect others to read your mind and eating out Will was definitely on his list, but he wanted to do it a certain way given that Matt was now in the mix, Make me, he blurted and then blushed and then wished he had not.

But both Will and Matt were right on top of it, Do it boy or Matty will put you over his knee and give you a good hard spanking and you will have to eat my hole anyway! Will smirked as if on cue, No, no spanking. I’ll behave! Michael responded also on cue.

Matt released Will who pulled Michael to himself, reached down and pantsed his boyfriend to naked, engaged him in a brief very passionate kiss as Matt sat back down on the edge of his recliner and then Will pulled his compliant boyfriend across Matt’s knee, bare bottom up high.

Will then kneeled in front of Michael and shoved his hard prick into Michael’s mouth like a big binky as Matt went to hand spank Michael’s ass. Michael closed his eyes enjoying double duty as cock sucker and getting punished on his ass.

The hard slaps did not last a long while as Matt had other ideas, Come on little man, eat out his ass now, Matt ordered Will who blushed for having been called Matty’s pet name for him in front of Michael as if that mattered.

What mattered that he no longer had cock to suck but did now have Will’s tongue laving in and out of his butt hole between his freshly spanked cheeks, That’s it. Nice and deep Will, Matt pressed Will’s head into the target, Michael’s hand coming back to wank on Will’s erection.

Will finally sat back up and Matt spanked Michael a bit more and then Will went at it again. They boys did this a few more rounds and then Matt sat up, OK you guys. Go off and make babies or something. I’ve got work I need to do, Matt sighed and stood.

Matt accepted two chaste kisses and then smiled as Will took Michael by his hand and with their clothes gathered up disappeared into Will’s bedroom down the hall as Matt reluctantly went to his chore. Once behind the closed bedroom door inquiries were made,

So, did you like all that? Will asked his boyfriend as he pressed him to back of the door, Yea, I did, Michael replied, But I think I’d also like my boyfriend’s cock fucking my spanked ass, Michael said with unusual directness that Will admired.

Never let it be said that I don’t listen to reasonable requests, Will replied, took Michael’s hand and led them to the bedside where he pushed Michael back onto its edge, grabbed up Michael’s ankles and put them up onto his own shoulders,

Any last requests before I give you a good hard ass using? Will smirked? Yes, let’s munch mouth as you molest my tight little cunt hole, Michael said and Will nodded, readied his cock head to enter a cozy fuck tunnel and then leaning forward pressed his chest to Michael’s and his lips to Michael’s, Michael’s legs tightly wrapping around him.

Then other than the muffled yelp of Michael feeling his insides rapidly intruded, there was nothing much more to be heard other than slurping tongue-sloppy kisses and one pelvis slamming into the other again and again, Fill my twat up Will. Give it to me baby, Michael said into Will’s ear just before he did.

Don’t move hot boy, Will panted and then after pulling his deflating prick out of its temporary home slid his body down just enough to go down on Michael who just lay there and held onto the bed top covers with both fists as Will fairly mauled his prick like an animal forcing Michael to rapture without any choice in the matter (Thank God).

The pair showered, got clean and then spent the rest of the mid-week evening nude in the front room on the couch watching T.V. as Matt sat near-by nodding off as he had gotten up early that morning. It was just an ordinary sex-sated night at the Keating house after all.

* * * * *

The telephoned notification taken later that night in the Barkley-Miller dormitory room that the team of Bell (Taylor) and Stratton (Eric) were being sent over for adjudication over their latest attempt to pull wool over wiser eyes by trying to sneak a small but purloined bottle of cherry brandy into their room unnoticed surprised nobody. Actually it was far less a clever crime than one might hope for and especially when you fumble the stolen pint about with a prefect rounding the corner and then it falls from your grasp and crashes down to the hard hallway linoleum shattering into shards and chunks of thick brown colored liquor covered glass shards.

Alcohol related misdemeanors are never to be dealt with by ordinary prefects and especially after hours, the matter or matters were mandatorily sent tails-between legs directly to the boy in charge, Chad Barkley, Head boy. It did both boys no good whatsoever that they had recently spent a wonderful weekend with Barkley and Miller up at Lake Chimalis. That was then. This is now and the then may as well be two-thousand years before.

What did you two idiots do now? Chad asked with annoyed nonchalance from his study desk chair as Miller lowered the book he was reading for a paper due in a few days while sitting inside of Chad’s massive and comfortable bean-bag chair and stared at the two miscreant freshman fifteen-year-olds like they were somewhat unwanted intruders.

Red-faced Taylor told the terrible tale. He and his fellow criminal, Eric had talked over what was likely to happen to them inside of Barkley and Miller’s stronghold as they characterized it, A thorough ass beating, I expect, Eric had said, A really hard and bad thorough ass beating, Taylor upped the ante, Yea, Eric said resignedly in agreement.

The pair then walked or was it rather waddled a bit the remaining distance to the stronghold as despite the dire circumstances and likely un-pleasantries to follow, well, at least the idea of getting spankings side-by-side from their nonetheless favorite senior HBA betters did appeal in that fashion, I see, Chad said with disinterest.

Well, his cock was hard in his trousers, but that was not especially anything special. Brent tilted his head observing with bemusement as both miscreants’ trousers well tented forward as was his, I’m busy right now, Chad said dryly and he was with some very annoying school work,

Miller. Hide the both for me will you and not nicely either, Chad said not even looking up from his sheaf of papers from his hated economics class. Miller looked over at his roommate and tried not to scowl that he was just as busy because now Bell and Stratton looked over to the ex-prefect expectantly and he should not be showing Chad up like that and knew it.

Miller put down his book aside the chair, sighed and stood. What was the point of not being a prefect any longer and simply enjoying life as Chad Barkley’s eager and very talented boy toy when now he was being told to assume the duties of a prefect once again? Hand on hips he regarded the two otherwise very hot, sexy teens with expertly practiced and put-on faux disdain,

Right. And why didn’t you both put on pajamas at this late hour before coming over here? just to be a shit to them. Taylor looked at Eric and shrugged his non-answer. This amused Chad and really annoyed Brent who scowled, Get out. Go get into your PJs and return. Don’t bother with underwear either and you’d better not take more than ten minutes in all or I’ll take you from room to room to your peers and hide you anew inside of each in front of them. Now move it! Brent barked.

The boys moved it muttering, What a bitch, as they hurriedly trotted and then out-right ran back to their dorm and room to do as told and return within the allotted time. Chad finally looked up, Very good Brent. I approve! and Brent then did his best imitation of an actor’s bow at the end of the play.

Come over here quick to my side for your reward, and Brent did and enjoyed as Chad extracted Brent’s penis from his trouser fly and sucked down on Brent for a short while before putting it back, More later if you do a good job on the idiots, he said.

So maybe being Chad’s able assistant and not a full prefect was a good compromise. Meanwhile Taylor and Eric had to ignore their full on erections as they hurried back to the stronghold now dressed in their HBA regulation pajamas and presented themselves for punishment back to Miller who noted their horny conditions having already procured paddle and belt.

Brent regarded the two younger teens with lewd stares before he then enjoyed telling them both to discard their PJ bottoms to bare their sexy boy bottoms. Taylor and Eric did as instructed and then Brent had the two bend over and grab ankles facing the Head boy’s box-seat view of proceedings. Then Brent laid wood to bared buttock flesh one after the other for five hard passes that filled Chad’s ears with loud yelping and very stimulating complaints.

Chad’s cock hardened as he sat there and admired his roommate’s ways with the younger boarding school students. Casting the paddle aside, Brent took up the doubled up belt and tanned ass. Tanned two pair of paddled cheeks long and hard to tears each one too! Now Chad was blushed with very naughty thoughts as he continued to observe.

Allowed to stand, rub and wipe their red-wet faces the boys waited, Turn and show the Head boy your punished red bottoms, Brent said and they did hands at their sides. Brent looked over to Chad who gave Brent two thumbs up of approval out of the boys’ sights, but also observed that despite the intensity and obvious pain generated by the punishment, well, you just can’t keep a good HBA boy down for long you know. Yes, two rigid wet-tipped penises stuck out from the two younger lads.

Chad looked at Brent and figured out easily without seeing why Brent’s forehead was now wrinkled and his hands on his hips as if befuddled. The corner of Chad’s mouth turned up now as he could hardly blame any of what is usual at HBA now-a-days for a long time.

Chad rolled his eyes at Brent just for effect, OK you two, turn around, and they did. Chad shook his head and with maximal eye-rolling effect said, Why do I bother? and then sat back, Go ahead. Put on a show for us now. You know you want to. Suck each other off or masturbate the other, just make it quick, Chad snapped as if annoyed.

Brent chuckled and went back to his bean-bag chair and plopped himself down into it to watch. Taylor whispered into Eric’s ear and he nodded, kneeled in front of him and sucked in Taylor’s cock to the root, slipped a finger around to between Tay’s ruined cheeks and ran that finger up Tay’s bum all the way. Eric got results hardly fifteen seconds later and then stood as Tay went down in front of him and did the same thing.

It was very hot indeed to both Brent and Chad but you don’t say that. Instead you say, Yes, yes, hooray for you two idiots. Now get out now! Chad barked and they got dressed and did. On the way back to their dorm they paused in a dark corner of a building and made out a little,

That was great back there. Nice idea with that bottle of cheap booze, Eric praised Tay, Yea, those guys are all easy. They took that whole act hook, line and sinker, and then they returned to their dorm room, got naked, fucked each other’s brains out and then went to sleep sporting saucy smug grins of pleasure.

None the wiser that they had just been thoroughly and expertly punked by the younger generation of HBA peers, Chad stood, You’re not done yet, get up, Chad said, What now? Brent acted put upon and watched as Chad stripped naked and bent over the front of his desk, Manhandle me like you did those boys. I want everything. Paddle, belt, a hand spanking over your knee. And I want to be eaten and to eat and then ... but before he was tasked any more with the obvious, Brent shouted, Fine! OK! Jesus Barkley. Who was your valet, servant and ass master this time last year?

Chad smiled, Nobody, so shut up and get to work. Why do you think I have you here anyway? Your looks or brains? Chad snorted. So did Brent who just chuckled, I’ve done more ass tanning since not being a prefect than before. I want my old job back, grabbed up the paddle and readied as Chad smirked, You can’t have it. You’re mine now. Shut up and get to work, and Brent did of course.

Later after Brent fucked the Head boy’s ass to his satisfaction and the Head boy returned the favor by going down on his boy toy, they retired. Another day at HBA, another ass spanked or fucked or both. Now it was time for sleep so that they could do it all again the next day and the next day after that and then the ...

Keating Male Health Center-Chapter 13, © Copyright PJ Franklin, February 18, 2018.

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