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When Cultures Meet
Episode 2: Exploration

by Paul Lewis

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When Cultures Meet, Episode 2: Exploration


My plans for this, the first day of our Christmas holidays, were comprehensively frustrated by the Yorkshire December weather.

Following the extremely enjoyable activities that had accompanied our awakening, I had intended to give my Nigerian friend, Ikemba Okoro, or Iki as he was always known at school, a full tour of the grounds of the estate in which my Dad worked as manager, showing him the scenes of our deeds of the previous summer: the lake where we had so carelessly sunk the speed-boat, the clearing where we had camped and which also had seen the five-boy group spanking that had followed that particular escapade; the surrounding woods and countryside not forgetting, of course, the infamous fishing shack, which Jonathan and I, carried away by our illicit sexual activities, had almost burned down as a result of our equally illicit smoking session.

When I had told Iki about the bare-bottom canings we had received from my Dad afterwards, he laughed. Oh, you soft English boys! he exclaimed You don’t know what a proper caning is! Six times across my arse would just be my father warming up – and you say the others only got three?

Well, I didn’t really have an answer to that!

After breakfast, as we stood regarding the lashing rain and trees whipping in the high winds outside our bedroom window, I looked at Iki. Well mate, doesn’t look as if we’re getting outside much today! Not much like Nigeria, is it?

Iki shook his head. Indeed no, my friend, he replied. Where we live, in Lagos, we are only six-and-a-half degrees north of the Equator. It’s probably about 30 degrees Centigrade there at the moment!

I whistled. Wow! Well, it’s about 3 degrees Centigrade out there! I jerked my head towards the window. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have snow soon.

Iki looked up, eyes bright with interest. Snow? Oh I do hope so, Alan. I have never in my life seen snow!

I chuckled. Well mate, I hope you’ve brought plenty of warm stuff with you, because you’re going to find the cold unbelievable after what you’re used to! Anyway, more to the point, what d’you fancy doing today as we can’t go out?

The Nigerian boy gave me a mischievous smirk and a light slap on the bottom.

Yeah, well we can’t do that! I laughed. At least, not until we’ve got guaranteed privacy for an hour or two. Mum’ll be back any minute anyway.

OK, went on Iki, serious once more, I guess we could make a start on those assignments we have to do over the holidays.

I groaned. Iki! On the first day of the holidays too! How could you even suggest it?

Well, Alan, they have to be done and today looks as good a time as any to make a start on them. Maybe later listen to some music, eh?

I nodded, somewhat resignedly. Yep, you’re right. At least it means we shouldn’t have a mad panic just before the end of the holidays.

Just before breaking up, we had all been issued with subjects for history assignments that had to be written up and completed over the course of the Christmas break and handed in promptly at the commencement of the Lent term. Mine was on the theme of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia, his push west and the founding of his capital, Saint Petersburg. Iki had to research the pioneering days of North America in the 18th Century, the spread of colonization westward from the east coast and the opening up of the great hinterlands. We both had a good selection of library books on our respective topics and, with something of a sigh, I opened my school bag and dumped them on the desk with a thump.

Quickly, we rearranged the furniture, such that we could sit facing each other either side of my desk, each using half. Thus it was, about thirty minutes later, Mum gave a light tap on the bedroom door on her return from town and peered in at us.

My goodness! she exclaimed with a laugh. I wondered why it was so quiet. I’ve never seen Alan getting down to his holiday work so soon. Iki, you’ll have to come and stay more often!

Oh, Mum! I protested, laughing too. It’s only because it’s so grotty outside. Otherwise, we’d have been out and about. Right, Iki?

Yes, indeed, Mrs. Bebbington, replied Iki gravely. I am hoping to see snow soon though!

Brrr! Are you indeed? exclaimed Mum, tousling his curly black hair. Well, I’m sure you’ll get your wish soon enough. Now, who’s for a nice cup of tea? Can you break off long enough from your labours for that?

Yes! we shouted, in unison.

After a pleasantly sociable kitchen tea-break, joined by Dad in from his work in the Estate Office, we once more headed upstairs. Back in our room, with door closed, we made an attempt to continue work. After only about 10 minutes, however, attention wandered and our thoughts drifted.

Alan, began Iki, looking up from his books.

Yes, mate? I grunted, glancing at him.

I am really puzzled by something. I’ve been at school here in England over three months now and I’ve not seen one boy get the cane. Is that normal?

Well, you can get the cane, I answered, laughing, but you’d have to do something pretty bloody bad to do it. I guess you’d be caned for things like bullying, stealing or deliberate vandalism but, honestly Iki, you see so little of that it’s almost unheard of. I put down my pen. Look, we have about 130 boys in our year-group, right? Iki nodded. Well, I’ve been with them since we were eleven, so that’s four years now. In all that time, I’ve only ever heard of the cane being used about three times, so it really is rare.

Iki whistled. Wow, Alan, that’s amazing! At school in Nigeria, we get caned for just about any offence. Talking in class, late homework, anything like that.

I shook my head. No. For that kind of stuff, we get detention or impositions – that’s when you have to write an essay on a given subject and hand it back to the master who issued it in the time he tells you to. I guess if you bunked them often enough, you might end up being caned eventually. I tell you what though, it’s not unusual to get a whack or two with a slipper from one of the gym masters, ’specially for mucking about in gym or swimming. Then I grinned. I’ll tell you about when I got slippered, bare arse, for something like that!

Iki laughed. Yes, please do, Alan. I can’t wait to hear what you got punished for!

Assignments completely forgotten, I started to relate my tale. We’d found that if you lay down naked, on your front, at one end of the changing-room shower basins, turned on all the showers then kicked off hard, you could skim almost all the way to the other end on a cushion of water.

Iki chuckled. Sounds fun!

I nodded. It is! Well, last summer term, two mates and I were doing just that in the swimming-pool changing room after the class, although we’d been told to get out quickly before the next group came in. Completely forgetting the time, as you do, we were still there when Mr. Davies, the senior PT master, came in and caught us. He lined us all up, still naked, told us to bend over and then gave each of us a good whack on the bare arse with his gym-shoe. God! It didn’t half sting! He told us that if we were still in there in 5 minutes, we’d get six more each!

Iki grinned. So, what did you do?

We were out in four minutes, each with a sore bum and a semi-stiffie!

Iki roared with laughter. Oh, Alan, I’d love to have been there!

If you had been, I retorted, You’d have had a sore bum too and, knowing you, a big stiffie!

Yes, but it would have been worth it though, grinned my pal. I’d really love to be slippered with you, my friend!

Iki! I laughed, you are seriously weird! You get caned and spanked so much anyway. Why do you get such a kick out of it? They must be really painful, some of those thrashings you get!

Iki nodded. Yes, Al, they sting like hell at the time but, afterwards, when my arse is all a warm glow... he paused, then continued, put it this way, I’ve had my very best wanks after canings from my father!

Yep, I guess I can relate to that, I admitted, laughing at his infectious enthusiasm. Though probably not before all the stuff that happened last summer. That really opened my eyes to a lot of things I never thought possible and I ended up enjoying it!

So you do understand! exclaimed the Nigerian boy. Alan you are a friend amongst friends! A somewhat wicked glint came into his eye. Do you think you could find your father’s cane? I’d really like to try getting it in that position he caned the five of you, same as we spanked each other this morning!

I laughed. Hell, Iki, I wondered what this was leading up to! What a glutton for punishment you are. OK, I think I know where he keeps it, but we must be sure no-one’s around.

Getting up, I opened the bedroom door and listened carefully. I knew Dad would have returned to the Estate Office by now, but was not sure where Mum might be. Downstairs all seemed quiet so, taking a chance, I trotted across the landing and into my parents’ bedroom. Opening my father’s wardrobe door, I felt around at the back, soon finding what I sought. Drawing the thin, whippy rattan from its hiding place, I returned to our own room and closed the door. Holding it up, I showed it to my friend.

Iki gave an evil grin. Wow, Alan! I bet that gives a real sting!

Yes, it bloody does! I replied with feeling. I had it six times across my bare bum, remember?

Well now my friend, I want you to cane me, six times across my bare bum as well.

I laughed. OK, mate, but we really need privacy for this. We’ll have to wait until later. By the way, are you hoping to cane me too, because I’m not at all sure about that!

Don’t worry, Al, laughed Iki. I’m your friend, don’t forget. I know you are not used to it as I am and no way am I going to hurt you. Not much, anyway!

At the not much part I regarded him very dubiously, then stowed the cane away safely beneath my bed.


After lunch, Mum looked at me. Alan, she began, would you and Iki be kind enough to do the clearing up for me? I had a call earlier from the surgery to say their regular receptionist has gone sick and could I possibly stand in for her this afternoon? I know Dad’s busy all afternoon and I shalln’t be back until around six, so it would be a real help if you would.

I nodded. Of course, Mum, no problem!

A pleasure, Mrs. Bebbington, said Iki politely. It is a small return for your hospitality.

You can come again! smiled my mother, Dad nodding in agreement. Thanks very much, boys. That’s a real life-saver.

Would you like us to do anything about supper prep? I asked. Mum thought for a moment, then shook her head. No, it’s alright thanks, Alan. I’ll pick up fish and chips for all of us on the way home. That all right for you, Iki?

Certainly, Mrs. Bebbington, he replied. I’ve been getting used to your English fish and chips at school!

She nodded. Right. That’s settled then. I’ll see you all later.

My Dad stood up to go, giving us a grin. Thanks, lads! That’s a real help. I’ll be in about six too and I gather you’ve both got plenty of work to be getting on with.

Yes, Dad, I confirmed and, as he turned to go, Iki and I exchanged a quick wink. Neither of us was in any doubt that we should be fully occupied!

Both my parents having left, we disposed of the washing-up and tidying away in short order before shooting back upstairs in double-quick time. As the bedroom door closed, we stood there, facing each other and grinning broadly.

Well, how about that, then! I chuckled.

Most fortuitous, Al, exclaimed my Nigerian friend. Privacy all afternoon.

OK, I went on, let’s make a bit of space. Rapidly lifting the desk back against the wall we cleared the decks and, with a rather wicked smirk, I arranged the pillows across the lower corner of my bed and pulled the cane out from under it. Then I stepped back. Right, mate, are you absolutely sure you want to go ahead with this? I asked, giving him one last chance to back out. Also, for God’s sake say when you’ve had enough and I’ll stop straightaway.

Yes, Al, my friend. Cane me like your father caned you. Slipping off his shoes and loosing the belt of his jeans, he undid the top button, unzipped the fly, dropped them and stepped out. Then, grasping the waistband of this tight blue briefs, he slid them down and off. Then he laid himself down carefully, hips dead-centre over the pillows and his head and shoulders laid comfortably on the bedcover. I grasped his long shirt-tails and rolled them up as far as they would go, leaving him naked from shoulders to socks.

Blimey mate! I whispered softly, what a view! For the second time that day I gazed down appreciatively at his glossy black backside as it stuck enticingly up in the air, running a hand over the pert, cheeky mounds. His buttocks were flawless, looking as if carved from pure black marble, firm, well-rounded and smooth as silk. Sprawled as he was, thighs spread, young Iki was leaving nothing to the imagination. His big, firm balls just asked to be stroked and massaged and I reached down and grasped them gently, kneading and rolling them in my fingers, while he moaned softly with contentment. An exploratory finger into his crack found his tight hole, tickling it playfully and bringing forth a gasp of pleasure. Then I gave each of the firm globes a sharp smack. Do you want a hand-spanking first? I asked, just to get you warmed up?

Yeah! breathed Iki quietly, wriggling his backside in anticipation. With my left hand in the small of his back, I raised my right and brought it down hard, with a resounding smack, on the upturned buttocks, invitingly presented for punishment. Iki gasped, then giggled, jerking slightly forward.Oh, Al! That was a stinger!

I chuckled and began to spank him steadily, laying on fast, hard smacks, that soon had him squirming and kicking. With his bucking and thrusting becoming increasingly urgent and my own cock at bursting point inside my jeans, I laid on a final half-dozen hard slaps to the crown of his buttocks, then ran my hand gently over the blazing-hot cheeks.

Wow, Alan! breathed my friend huskily, If you can spank like that, I can’t wait for a caning!

You’re getting one, you naughty boy! I exclaimed, with mock severity. Just a sec, though! Iki glanced round, as I kicked off my shoes, undid my jeans and shucked them off, along with my pants. He laughed as my rock-hard cock sprang up, poking out from under my shirt. Hey, Al! Good to see you’re enjoying this as much as I am!

I picked up the cane and moved into position then, raising the rattan to shoulder height, I brought it down in a swishing arc, to connect with a loud Thwippp! on my friend’s naked bottom.

Waaaaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhh! cried the Nigerian boy, twisting from side to side and his legs flying up in the air at the powerful sting that burned its way across his bare rear.

I paused a moment, then, Thwippp! Waaaah-owww! My second stroke landed across the peak of the muscular globes and Iki’s breath wooshed out of him, feet leaving the floor, as he bucked furiously, buttocks clenching.

I paused again. Iki, are you absolutely sure you want to carry on with this?

Yes! Yes! he gasped. It stings so much now, but it’ll be so good afterwards!

Shrugging, I raised the cane again and landed three more strokes across the coal-black mounds, each producing a slightly louder yell, buttocks bouncing strongly