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A Sharp Reminder

by Readbottom

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 23 Mar 2018

If you are underage please stop reading now. All of my characters are over the age of 18. This is a work of fiction. Thank you for your feedback and votes! They make my day :D

A brisk knock at the door broke the Prince’s concentration.

State yourself, Master Maldoon responded from across the room without looking up from the papers he was grading on his desk.

It is Quincy, a voice responded from outside of Maldoon’s door.

Come, answered Maldoon.

Ceil scowled and looked down to his book once more determined to finish his required reading and be dismissed for the day before anyone upset Maldoon’s mood.

The sound of the door opening and closing followed by slow footsteps filled the room.

Master, Quincy said in a humble voice.

Ceil groaned and looked up at the scene unfolding before him unable to focus. Quincy slid a paper across the desk towards Maldoon who in turn picked it up and read it quietly as a look of disapproval began to sink into his features.

You are here to be disciplined, Maldoon said slowly. Quincy, I am shocked.

Quincy looked at Master Maldoon’s face as he spoke: Forgive me, Sir. I need a reminder to help me stay motivated.

Ceil’s jaw dropped at the sullen show of humility displayed by his peer. He snapped his mouth shut with an audible click expecting Maldoon to look in his direction. Maldoon didn’t. Instead he focused all of his attention on Quincy as if Ceil was not present at all. Ceil watched the scene begin to unfold before him entranced.

These marks are very poor, Maldoon continued. What happened?

I lost my focus, Quincy responded with an air of humility. I need a sharp reminder.

As much as I want to let you off of the hook I can’t. Maldoon’s voice was full of remorse. It is the policy for young Nobles such as yourself to be disciplined for allowing their marks to slip so low.

I understand, Sir, and I am ready to accept the punishment I have earned.

What punishment do you believe you deserve? Maldoon put the paper down and pushed it away as if it smelled fowl and he wanted it as far away from his nose as possible.

I should be caned on the bare, Quincy answered with confidence.

That is far too harsh, Maldoon countered folding his hands atop of his desk. If you father was not away what punishment would he give to you?

The question made Quincy shift in place showing signs of discomfort for the first time.

He, Quincy stumbled on his words, he would put my across his lap and give me a good session with his belt, the humble student answered.

On the bare? Maldoon pried.

Yes, Sir.

Has your father ever taken the brush to your bottom?

Never, Sir, Quincy answered still managing to look at his disciplinarian in the face.

Master Maldoon hummed in his throat and gave a long, blood curdling pause. You shall have your first taste of the brush today then, he concluded.

Thank you, Sir, Quincy said with his face blushing brighter.

Master Maldoon opened and closed a drawer then stood up. He dragged his armless chair behind him as he strode to the front of his desk. Ceil watched in fascination as Maldoon placed the chair right in front of his desk where the entire scene was in full view. Maldoon took a moment to shift the chair into the proper position and then sat with the brush on his lap.

Do you know the proceedings? He asked softly.

Quincy nodded and gave a low Yes, Sir, and dropped to his knees before his Master. He arched his neck up and said: I have been distracted and have allowed my marks to become unacceptable. For that I am in need of discipline. Master Maldoon, please take me across your knee and discipline my bare bottom with your brush.

Though Quincy was stoic about the situation his flushing cheeks betrayed his true emotions of shame. Ceil studied his cheeks which were a deep shade of red knowing his other cheeks were next to be transformed into such a color.

You are a good boy, Master Maldoon said placing the brush behind himself on the desk where it was easily accessible. I hate to do this to you, but you do seem in desperate need of correction.

Quincy nodded and then spoke: Shall I bare my bottom, Sir?

Yes, Maldoon answered.

Quincy stood up and unfastened his belt. His pants dropped to the floor followed by his underclothing. Maldoon patted his knee beckoning the boy in need of correction to lay across his lap. Quincy shuffled over and crawled over his Master’s knees until his midsection rested fully on Maldoon’s lap and his head hung down. Maldoon shifted a bit pushing Quincy forward more and making his rear more accessible for discipline. Without asking Quincy folded one behind his back to be pinned in place while using the other arm to steady himself. Maldoon took the naughty boy’s wrists and guided it to the small of his back where he pressed firmly to keep the errant child in place.

This shocks and saddens me, Maldoon commented while looking down at the exposed bottom ready to be disciplined by his hand. You need to know that today’s session is designed to deter you from returning here again. It is acceptable and expected for you to cry, and permissible for you to beg for me to stop. Be rest assured that regardless of your pleas the punishment will continue until I am convinced the lesson is thoroughly learned. Do you understand?

Yes, Sir, Quincy said not moving from his position. Thank you, Sir.

Are you ready?

Yes, Sir. Please begin.

Maldoon obliged and lifted his hand high. He brought it down on the exposed backside with such force that Quincy was pushed forward on his lap. Quincy reacted by closing his eyes tight and scrunching his face. The next blow landed pushing him forward once more followed by another harsh blast. The sound of a bare hand meeting flesh shot through the room. It was wildly loud, or so Ceil thought. The slaps continued pressing into the exposed flesh each one jarring Quincy’s entire body.

Ceil knew from experience that he would be kicking and crying out in protest by the third of forth blow but Quincy was far past that point and still reminded silent. Besides the uncomfortable squirming Quincy was remarkably still to accept his spanking.

Ah, this hurts! Thank you, Sir!

Maldoon rewarded him with more stinging slaps before pausing to reply.

Is this lesson resonating with you?

Yes, Sir. Quincy gasped as he spoke. Continue, please.

You do not have to remain stoic with me, Maldoon reminded him before raising his hand to deliver another sound blow. This will end in tears, he assured him while landing another sound slap. I have not done my job if it does not. With that, Master Maldoon set out to complete his task.

Quincy took in gasping breaths yet didn’t protest or kick.

You are taking this like a man, Maldoon said while landing more firm blows. It is a shame that your childish actions brought you here. With that, Maldoon reached back and took the brush which was waiting to be used on his desk.

Without word or warning the brush began to do its work. The sound was completely different than the hand drumming the upturned bottom. The brush made almost a pop sound as it struck rather than the classic stinging slap of the hand. Ceil watched know knowing how to feel. It was odd seeing such submission before the discipline even began!

Quincy still remained composed as the pain was escalated to another level. His head hung low and his body reacted to the painful assault yet he didn’t openly cry out like Ceil knew he would. Instead Quincy grunted and took the pain in stride.

The clashing of the brush meeting bare flesh continued as Ceil watched and listened intently. How long would Maldoon punish Quincy’s bottom? Until the punished boy cracked, Ceil guessed.

The first sign of an audible sob came from Quincy’s lips, though it was so quiet the loud punishment his bottom was receiving almost drown it out completely.

Ceil heard it, and Maldoon must have heard it too because the flurry of strikes paused for a moment and Maldoon put the brush back on the desk. Maldoon’s hand touched Quincy’s back between the shoulder blades.

Was this reminder sufficient for you? Maldoon asked in voice which would have been considered kind if it was not for the context.

Yes, Sir, Quincy answered. Ceil’s heart beat faster. He could tell by Quincy’s voice that he was crying.

Was this reminder that you need to focus on your studies sufficient for you, or shall I continue?

Ceil felt his jaw drop for the second time that day. Maldoon was playing a game of submission with the already humbled Quincy! Quincy was sure to say yes he had learned and Maldoon was sure to continue to punish the boy’s searing bottom just to prove that HE, Master Maldoon, was the one in charge. Ceil watched the episode unfold before his eyes already knowing how the scene would end.

I feel thoroughly corrected, Quincy said struggling to form each word.

Good, Maldoon answered lifting his hand which was previously soothing the punished boy’s back. This is so you don’t forget. Maldoon swung his hand down onto the boy’s bottom.

Sir, please! Quincy finally resorted to begging. An audible sob escaped his throat. I have learned!

His pleas fell on deaf ears. Maldoon continued allowing his hand to raise and fall creating slapping sounds to fill the room one after the other with no rest between.

Nah, no, Quincy gasped finally allowing his feet to kick up into the air. Enough. The spanking continued. Maldoon shifted himself to pull his arm around Quincy’s torso and hold him in place with a his strong arm. In doing so Maldoon was able to keep Quincy’s arm restrained by pinning it between the small of Quincy’s back and the bulk of his arm which now snaked around the boy’s body.

Master, Quincy begged tossing his body from side to side in an attempt to avoid the searing strikes. The boy’s attempts were desperate and wild, yet were used to no avail. Maldoon, though older in age, was as strong as any of the younger men, and he used that strength to correct them. Quincy fought harder allowing his instincts to take over and his instincts said one thing: get away. But, he was no match for Master Maldoon. No one ever was.

No, Quincy wailed before hanging his head in utter defeat. His legs stopped kicking and his body stopped rocking back and forth in an attempt to escape. His body hung across his Masters knee this time in true and humble submission.

Ceil watched Quincy’s body move back and forth across his Master’s knees as the blows landed full force. Quincy wept openly now, thought he begging had stopped. Words were beyond him. Maldoon’s hand continued to work causing the smacking sounds to twist together with the sobs in one great array of dominance and submission.

Then, as abruptly as it had begun, the spanking stopped.

Besides the fact that Quincy’s body no longer was pushed by the strong blows he still sobbed hard as if still receiving the spanks. Quincy howled and sniffed with his body laying limp over Maldoon’s knee.

It is over now, Master Maldoon assured him releasing his iron grip from around the boy’s torso and rubbing soothing circled between his shoulder blades. Maldoon caressed Quincy’s neck and waited patiently for him to gather himself. You took your punishment well, Maldoon soothed.

No, Quincy countered only able to use one syllable to convey his feelings of brokenness.

Yes, Maldoon continued. I make sure all of my sessions end in tears like this. You did very well.

Quincy gasped in ragged breaths yet remained unable to reply. His thoroughly punished rear was still pressed high into the air burning red, the color which spoke of past discipline.

Ceil watched the now soothing scene taking place before him. It transfixed his imagination. How could Master Maldoon be a strong disciplinarian one moment and a soothing touch the next? Ceil’s heart hammered against his chest. Though he didn’t envy Quincy’s pain, he now envied his position across Maldoon’s lap being comforted by the strong man. Ceil leaned back into the couch watching intently as Maldoon carefully gathered Quincy’s body into his arms to pull the boy up to sit in his lap. Maldoon maneuvered the punished child’s body in such a way to make sure the punished rear was never touched and hung to the side of his lap where it was safe from further assaults.

Maldoon tugged Quincy’s body close pulling Quincy’s head close to his chest. Ciel knew from experience that Quincy would be soothed by the steady ticking of his Master’s heart and that after a spanking like he received it would feel like the best and safest place in all the world. Maldoon rocked back and forth slightly while cradling his disciplined pupil.

You may go whenever you are ready, Maldoon said softly. And know that if you are in need of a sharp reminder to focus that you will be right back here.

Quincy nodded into Maldoon’s chest and sat longer soaking in the comfort of the strong embrace which encased his body.

Maldoon looked up towards Ceil. His eyes transformed from soft to sharp in a moment.

Read, Maldoon mouthed the word with no sound. Ceil felt his cheeks flush at being given such a look and dropped his head to continue his assignment. His heart hammered in his chest as he forced his mind to process the words before him. One thing was for sure, if he found himself unable to focus he, just like Quincy, could count on being given a sharp reminder.

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