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The Cleary's
Part 25

by Emrick

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Carter walked into the front hall of his parent’s house only to be confronted by the sight of his youngest son standing with his nose to the wall, letting him know that Norman was in trouble.

Carter sighed to himself and told Norman to turn around. The poor little guy did so very hesitantly, and shuffled over to his dad.

What happened, was all Carter asked him.

I got the cookie jar down after Grandma told me not too, Norman explained sadly.

Carter sighed again. Norman for some reason seemed to think rules didn’t apply to him the same way they did everyone else, and had been pushing the limits lately. They had gone round and round and Carter was about at his wits end with the eight year-old.

He knelt down in front of Norman and grabbed his arm then spun him around so he was standing sideways. Without warning, Carter brought his hand down three quick, sharp times on the seat of Norman’s pants, causing the little guy to yelp in surprise, and when Carter spun him back around, Norman had tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

Carter still had a hold of one of his arms, but Norman used the other one to reach around and rub his bottom while he listened to what Carter was saying.

You need to start listening better.

Yes Dad, Norman told him.

I mean it Norman, this is the third time this month you got a time out, and if you get one more then you’re getting a real spanking. Understand me, Carter told him.

Yes Dad. I’ll behave, Norman told him with a small sniffle.

Make sure you do. Now go tell Grandma sorry, and find your things, Carter told him and Norman scurried off in the direction of the sitting room just as Eugene was coming out of it.

Carter told him to hurry up and get his shoes on so they could get home. It was tax season, so he had to go back to work after he got the boys dinner, and the fact that he was on a tight schedule was the only thing that was keeping Norman’s bottom safe at the moment.

A minute later, Norman was followed back into the hall by his grandmother. Carter barley said hi, thanks, and bye to her while he rushed the boys out the door and to the car where he strapped in Norman, who still looked a little put out.

Carter realized he had been a little short with him, and Norman was the type of kid who needed a lot of reassurance so Carter gave the side of his head a quick kiss and said, I still love you Norm, as he buckled him into the car.

Norman just smiled at him, and Carter climbed into the driver’s seat and they headed home.

Walter had his homework spread out on the table when Carter, Eugene, and Norman got home, and Carter asked if he could get his youngest brother sorted out while he made dinner.

Sure Dad, Walter told him and jumped up help Norman.

There had been an issue or two prior to that, and Carter had warned Walter several times that he needed to start acting more mature if he didn’t want a baby-sitter in the evenings. Walter definitely didn’t want that, and Carter hadn’t needed to ask him more than once to do anything.

Carter made a quick dinner and did his best to catch up some with the boys, listening to the three of them tell him all about their days. Norman decided he needed to play on the floor by Carter whenever he had changed out of his school uniform and insisted on sitting as close to him as possible while they ate.

After they ate, Carter got the laundry started and kissed and hugged Walter, Eugene, and Norman before hurrying out the door.

He got home a little after 9:00, in just enough time to tuck Eugene into bed and check over homework before going down to grab the laundry out of the dryer. After that he and Walter made lunch for the next day and Carter followed him upstairs to check on the Eugene and Norman.

He went to his younger sons’ room first, but didn’t find anyone in Norman’s bed. Eugene was sound asleep in his, and Carter kissed his forehead and whispered, Love you, to him before going to Walter’s room.

He found Norman curled up Walter’s bed and Walter in the process of pulling on pajama pants and a t-shirt. He started to pick Norman up, but Walter stopped him.

Don’t worry about it. He’ll just come back in a few hours anyway.

You sure, Carter asked.

Yeah. He’s fine, Walter told him as he side stepped his dad to climb into bed.

Alright then, Carter told him. He waited until Walter was in bed, and leaned over to kiss Norman’s head then quickly did the same to Walter, telling them both, Love you. Good night.

Night Dad, Walter told him and Carter shut off the lights on his way out of the room and went downstairs.

He was in his room and asleep within minutes of checking the doors and it took everything he had to force himself up the next morning.

The boys were force fed scrambled eggs for the third time that week, and Carter shoved Eugene and Norman out the door while yelling bye to Walter. He dropped Eugene, and Norman off at his parent’s house and hurried off to work where he fought off the urge to lock his office door and take a nap under his desk.

When it got to be five thirty, he left the building and made his way to his parents’ house. His hope was to get Eugene and Norman going without too much trouble, but he found Norman standing with his nose to the wall, he knew it was going to be a long evening.

He shook his head in disappointment. There was only three days left in the month, and Carter had hopped against hope that swatting Norman would be enough to get him to behave long enough so he wouldn’t actually have to spank the little guy.

Come here Norman, Carter said after a minute.

Norman reluctantly turned around and walked over to where his dad was standing.

What did you do, Carter asked him.

Norman took a deep breath before saying, I took Grandpa’s bottle with the ship in it off of its shelf.

Why, Carter demanded.

I just wanted to look at it. I didn’t break it or anything, Norman said and Carter could tell his voice was on the verge of cracking.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t break it Norman. It’s not a toy, and you aren’t supposed to be playing with it, Carter told him.

I know, sorry, Norman told him.

Well I’m sorry too, because I promised you a spanking if you got another time out, so you can go straight to your room and wait for me as soon as we get home, Carter told him.

Norman nodded in response and there were tears trying to make their way out of his eyes. Carter couldn’t help that, and told Norman to go apologize and find his things.

Norman nodded again and went in the direction of the living room.

Eugene and Norman emerged from the living room a few minutes later followed by their grandmother, and Carter helped Norman with his coat while he told his mother thanks and good bye then followed the boys out to the car. They were at home in ten minutes and Carter got them inside as quick as he could.

Go get changed, and Norman I’ll be up in a minute, Carter said as they were pulling off shoes and coats.

Norman nodded and Carter was almost certain he heard him sniffle as he was headed upstairs. He would have to console him later though because he still had to figure out what to do about dinner.

He grabbed a frozen pizza out of the freezer in the basement and put it in the oven then waited until Eugene was back downstairs.

Watch the oven, Carter said in the direction of Walter.

On it, Walter assured him, and Carter made his way upstairs.

Carter went into Eugene and Norma’s room where Norman was sitting on the edge of his bed, and it looked like he was already crying.

Carter sighed, and took a seat next to Norman then pulled him into his side.

I’m sorry Daddy, don’t spank me please, Norman blubbed then burst into tears.

Carter let out another sigh, and pulled Norman into his lap. He immediately buried his head into Carter’s shoulder, and Carter rubbed his back for a bit to try and clam him down some.

When his tears had subsided a bit, Carter scooted him back in his lap so he could see Norman’s face.

Listen Norman, he started, I know you’re sorry and all you wanted to do was look, but you know what you can and can’t touch at your grandparent’s house.

Yes Daddy, Norman said miserably.

And I also know that you can follow the rules better than what you have been lately, Carter continued.

I know, I just forget sometimes, Norman said.

I know Norman, but forgetting isn’t an excuse, and nothing else seems to work, Carter told him.

Norman looked like he was about to burst into tears again, so Carter lifted him up off his lap and stood him on the floor in front of him. He quickly pulled Norman’s pants and underwear down and steadied the poor kid while he pulled his feet out of them.

After that, he lifted Norman over his lap, and let him wiggle a little before telling him to reach his hand around his back. When it appeared, Carter grabbed it.

Alright Norman, I’m going to start now, Carter said as he tapped Norman’s bottom a couple of times, and Norman let out a sound between a sob and a sniffle.

Carter raised his hand and landed it squarely in the center of Norman’s bottom, causing him to cry out. The next spank was given on the upper half of Norman’s bottom, followed by another on the same spot the first one had landed. The next was just below that, and the last two were both in the crease where Norman’s legs and bottom met.

Norman was crying for all he was worth, and struggling to get up, so Carter resituated him, and continued on. He focused the next round more on the left side of Norman’s bottom, and spanked his left cheek four times before moving over to his right cheek and doing the same to it.

He landed another two spanks on the lower part of Norman’s bottom, and had his entire bottom a nice dark shade of pink.

Norman had gone limp by that time, and was sobbing some. So, Carter rubbed the back of his leg for a moment before telling him to get his legs apart.

Norman shook his head, and babbled something in response, so Carter spanked the center of his bottom two more times with a little more force than he had been using up to that point and said, Norman Daniel, I said get your legs apart now, or I’ll start over.

Unsurprisingly, Norman’s legs sprang apart after that, and Carter raised his knee some before quickly spanking the inside of each of Norman’s legs four times.

Norman was spent after that, and Carter rubbed the back of his leg some more to get him to calm down. When he started attempt to get up, Carter lifted him back onto his feet, and made sure he had a tight hold of his hands. Norman sort of tried to pull them away from Carter, but he was no match and gave up quickly.

Listen for just another little bit, okay, Carter told him, and Norman nodded. I know it’s hard to remember everything sometimes, but from now on I want you to try really really hard to think before you do something, and if you know you’re not supposed to do it then think about how your bottom feels right now.

I will. I promise, Norman said through a sob.

I know you will Norm, Carter assured him and then pulled him into a hug.

He kissed the top of his head and said, I love you, before kissing the top of his head again.

Love you too, Daddy, Norman said.

Carter held him for a little bit longer before his stomach growled and he remembered he still had to go back to work after he ate. So, he let go of Norman and reached for his underwear and pants. He held them out so Norman could step into them, and when he was dressed again, Carter grabbed a couple of tissues off the nightstand and cleaned Norman’s face for him.

Walter was in the middle of cutting the pizza while Eugene was setting the table when Carter and Norman got back downstairs.

Carter told Norman to help Eugene, and then slipped into his room and pulled on a clean shirt since Norman had cried all over his and then went back to the kitchen. Everything was ready by then so they sat down to eat.

Norman insisted on sitting in Carter’s lap while they did, which made eating a bit more difficult, but Carter really didn’t mind. He knew Norman needed some reassurance, and Carter was more than happy to give him some.

When dinner was done, Carter didn’t have time to do much besides throw a load of laundry into the wash machine and give the boys a quick hug and kiss good bye before heading back to work for another couple of hours.

It was almost 9:30 when he returned and was surprised to find that Walter had checked over his younger siblings’ homework and Eugene had packed everyone’s lunch for the next day.

We, uh, figured you had a rough enough night, so we thought we’d give you a break, Walter told him.

Thanks. I appreciate it more than you know, Carter told him, and after he ran his hand through Walter’s hair, he headed towards his bedroom so he could finally change out of his work clothes.

He opened the door and flipped on the lights only to see that his bed already had someone in it; Norman curled up in a ball and sleeping soundly. He quietly changed into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt before kissing him on the head and whispering Love you, to him then flipped on the lamp before sneaking out.

Eugene was already fast asleep also when Carter went up to check on him, and Carter tucked him in and kissed his head.

He then went downstairs and to the living room where Walter was spread out on the couch. They watched TV and chatted some until the news came on, and Carter got up when Walter did.

He was halfway to his room to check on Norman again when Walter asked him, Do you want me to take him upstairs?

Nah, he’s fine where he is Carter told him, and continued on his way.

Norman was still sleeping soundly so Carter tucked him in a bit and then went upstairs to poke his head in on Eugen, then Walter’s room, were he was still in the process of getting ready for bed.

Love you Walt. Good night, Carter told them.

Night Dad, Walter said, so Carter went downstairs and to his room.

He scooted Norman over so he could slip into bed, and within minutes he had Norman and his Teddy bear lying on his chest. It wasn’t the most comfortable night of sleep he had ever gotten, and he couldn’t stop yawning the next day, but didn’t regret it for a minute.

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