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Dan and Joe
More of Tony's Fall Job

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – More of Tony’s Fall Job

Over the fall, Tony certainly received his share of spankings. Considering he was working only once a week for about three months, he ended the fall well spanked. As had Carl before him, there was an indoor work day. The weather was dreadful, rainy and cold, so it was impossible to do anything outside. Just the walk to Mr. Schmidt’s had Tony quite wet, even with an umbrella and raincoat. Tony let himself in, shed his raincoat, and removed his wet clothes, looking to hang them somewhere to dry. Mr. Schmidt came down as the boy was undressing and said let me put those in the dryer, which he did.

The house was warm so Tony had no need to ask for a robe and enjoyed being out of clothes. Upstairs there were some things in the clothes closets that needed taking care of – changing over from Summer clothing to Fall and Winter. Tony was excited to see Mr. Schmidt’s bedroom which was handsomely appointed. More than once Tony misestimated the size of the load he could manage and clothing fell to the floor. Mr. Schmidt said nothing but his face showed disapproval which Tony saw and felt sure meant only one thing. He was right.

Work done, Mr. Schmidt said, while the job finished well you know you were careless.

Yes, Daddy, Tony replied, feeling abashed.

You need to be spanked. No time like the present. Mr. Schmidt took a chair and gave the familiar gesture. Tony knew what to do. Obediently he perched himself over the man’s lap, ready for his chastisement, which started with no delay. SMACK SMACK SMACK. As the Fall went on, Tony was aware of, and often amazed by, Mr. Schmidt’s ability to tailor each spanking to the situation, a skill Mr. Bailey did not have as effectively developed. Sure enough, this spanking had its own particular qualities. Also its own effect. No tears, but it did not take long for Mr. Schmidt to achieve his goal of having a yelling naked boy over his lap. Tony’s yells did nothing other than let him react to the mounting sting in his bottom; Mr. Schmidt paid them no heed, at least not in terms of easing up on his efforts. He was well aware of them and the yells were helping him gauge the spanking.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Steady even swats landed on Tony’s bottom. With each one he let out with a loud owwww, to the delight of his spanker. Tony never made any attempt to count as he usually got no further than ten before the sting distracted him. As intended. The spanking wound down, though Tony’s cries did not until after the last swat was delivered. He was allowed to stand and was not chastised when his hands went to his warm, stinging bottom. As he did with every spanking from Mr. Schmidt, Tony accepted it as his due and held no resentment. If anything, his reaction to his punishments came to be similar to Carl’s – a feeling of something special in being spanked by this man, a feeling he did not have with Mr. Bailey, much as he benefitted from those spankings.

None of Tony’s spankings from Mr. Schmidt were the result of damage done to any of the man’s property or tools. Mr. Schmidt’s only regret, if that is the right word, was that there was no opportunity to spank the boy to tears. He felt this was important for every lad in his employ to experience at least once, if only as a warning about certain kinds of behavior. Not that Tony hadn’t had some good cries elsewhere.

There was also the time that Tony forgot his change of clothes. Even if Carl had not filled him in on the consequences of such forgetfulness, Tony would have made sure at least one visit would lack clean clothes. Mr. Schmidt had no question in his mind that this was not an oversight. Carl was not the first boy to be forgetful that way and likely Tony would not be the last. Again, Mr. Schmidt could tailor the spanking appropriately. When he knew it truly was forgetfulness he made sure the spanking sent the message not to forget. When he knew that the boy was asking for a spanking by his behavior, Mr. Schmidt gave a spanking with quite a different message, a message that made it clear to the boy that the man knew exactly what was going on and would not be fooled with by a teenager. Tony had not known what to expect for his willful disobedience.

The absence of clean clothes was noted on Tony’s arrival. It could not be otherwise. He obviously did not have the laundry bag that contained clean clothes with him. Mr. Schmidt said nothing, but Tony knew by the look he received that he would get the spanking he expected. It hovered over him as he worked, bringing on a mixture of excitement and nervousness, the latter because he had no idea what the actual spanking would be. For this spanking Mr. Schmidt used a procedure he rarely used but had always proved effective.

As he showered Tony was aware that Mr. Schmidt was nearby watching him bathe rather than in his usual chair. Something was up, but what? Water turned off, Mr. Schmidt came up quickly, took Tony by the arm and delivered a good ten swats to his wet bottom. Ow, that really stung!

A wet bottom makes quite a difference, Mr. Schmidt said when he finished. Dry off and join me on the couch. The wet swats were not the whole spanking, not that Tony really thought that they were. Dry, he dropped the towel in the hamper, crossed the room and, without being told, placed himself in the time-honored position for naked naughty boys. The day’s sting was not only from a wet bottom. Mr. Schmidt made sure the sting continued and grew. As the spanking went on Tony feared he might cry, something he hadn’t done yet in front of Mr. Schmidt. Did it matter? The tears would be like any from a spanking. Still, he hoped he would not succumb. Mr. Schmidt had no intention of tears and so they did not flow. By the time it ended Tony, really for the first time with Mr. Schmidt, regretted his actions. At the same time he did not. As he walked home later he was conflicted. The spanking reflected what he was due for an intentional infraction and it hurt. On the other hand, something about the fact that it was Mr. Schmidt doing the spanking mitigated some of the chagrin at a proper punishment.

Tony never fully sorted out these mixed feelings. When the job finished for the year he was aware of a feeling for an adult man that was unlike any he felt for other such men, even his father. He wondered if Carl had felt the same. Maybe he should find time to talk with his brother’s buddy over the holidays. When they did manage to compare notes they discovered that their feelings were quite similar, and unexplainable.

Is he spanking you over vacation? Tony asked.

Yes, and I want it! I don’t know why. I’ve always hated spankings and I don’t really like it when he spanks me, yet I keep wanting it. Weird, I know.

Oh well, it’s our secret, Tony assured him. Carl smiled and agreed. Do you think he’d spank us together?

Carl gave a moment’s thought, remembering that he and Frank had been spanked together by Mr. Schmidt, and said I have no idea. I not sure how we’d bring it up. As I think about it, maybe he’d like that. Carl knew a bit about Frank’s relationship with Tony, but had never had any naked time with the younger brother. He hesitated a bit at the thought of being spanked with him.

Those spankings did happen. That is another story.

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