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Capwill's Curiosity

by Plagosus

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I am beginning to think, said Mr Brindling to Capwill, that you are curious to know what a bare bottom caning is like. Are you curious to know what a bare bottom caning is like?

Oh no, sir! said Capwill. He may have wondered in passing what a bare bottom caning was like, but would never have said he was particularly interested in knowing.

Well, if you are curious I am here to satisfy your curiosity next time you are sent to me. In case you’ve wondered what a cane is like, I’ll show you.

Without looking round, Mr Brindling reached behind him and took a cane from the collection bristling in an umbrella stand. He laid the cane down on his desk in front of Capwill.

Pick it up.

Capwill picked the cane up.

Test and see how far you can bend it.

Capwill found that a cane was far more pliable than he had ever imagined.

Hold it by the crook end and shake it.

Capwill did as ordered.

Do you see flexible the tip is?

Yes, sir.

Raise the cane high and bring it down as fast as you can. Do it three or four times.

Capwill plied the cane as directed.

I’m sure you noted it makes a very satisfactory swishing sound as it travels through the air.

Yes, sir.

Bear in mind that the swish becomes a crack when the cane’s progress is interrupted by a bare bottom.

Yes, sir.

Go away and think carefully whether you want to feel the effect of a cane swishing and cracking into your bare bottom.

Capwill went away and thought about what it would be like to have a cane swish and crack into his bare bottom. Best avoided was the answer he gave himself. Whilst he resolved to mend his ways he found he could not help thinking about the cane. He realised he did not know what the procedure was. He did though know someone who did. He sought out Pinfold who was said to be the most caned boy in the class.

After offering Pinfold a bag of bulls-eyes and suggesting he take two, Capwill got straight to the point.

Is your bum really bare for the cane?

Pinfold looked at Capwill quizzically.

Absolutely everyone – except perhaps Slater—knows you have to bare your bum for the cane. If you mean is your bum ever so bare as in not a stitch of clothing on or anywhere near it so that not even a pedant like Mr Ferris can say your bum is not completely bare – not that I can imagine Mr Ferris ever saying: That boy’s bum is not completely bare! – then I can safely say it is. With your trousers crumpled round your ankles and your pants sitting right on top of them and whatever you are wearing up top according to season pulled up as far as it can go you are naked from the tops of your socks to well above your navel.

Got it. I was also wondering...

Capwill was not sure how to express what he wondering.

...whether you feel the situation is different from all other situations in which you find yourself with a bare bum?


It is. A study with all that polished wood, leather and old books seems the wrong sort of place to be getting your bum out. A respectable gentleman with a watch and chain is not the sort of person you feel should be around when you’re getting your bum nicely bare. Most of all of course it’s the reason you’re getting your bum bare. Normally when your bum is bare nothing is going to happen to it. When you bare it in a book-lined study you know it’s because the respectable gentleman with a watch and chain is going to whack it hard with a cane. That’s going to make you think it could do with a bit of protection.

Do trousers and pants make that much difference?

Can’t say. Obviously it would still hurt. Pointless to consider the question as we always get it bare. Anyway, why the questions? Are you up for it?

Had my final warning and just got to wondering what it was like.

You got the pick-up-the cane routine, then?


It seems ages since I had that, said Pinfold looking into the distance and clearly recalling when he underwent the pick-up-the cane routine. Any more questions?

Take me through the procedure.

Nothing much to say, really.

Capwill proffered his bag of bulls-eyes again by way of encouragement.

Well, said Pinfold, popping the sweet in his mouth, if someone else is in the queue before you you see them go in, you imagine them getting ready and before long you hear the cane.

Mr Brindling says it cracks when it meets your bum.

It certainly does! When you hear it you can’t help thinking it will be you soon. Once you’re in he starts to tell you what to do even if it’s not your first time. You go round to his side of the desk and stand at the side of his chair. Then it’s trousers and then pants down. As I said you have to make sure they’re right down. If they’re right right down it makes sure they’re well clear of your bum.

Capwill nodded knowingly. It was axiomatic that if your trousers and pants were right down that they were well clear of your bottom.

Then you hitch the rest of your togs up and as I said right up and for the same reason. That is of course when your bum is really bare. Then you get over the arm of the chair. You have to get well into the seat to get your bum up. If your bum didn’t feel really bare before you bent over it will when you get it up as you know it’s a great target for the respectable gentleman with a watch and chain and cane to aim at.

It was not too difficult for Capwill to imagine Pinfold’s bare bottom making a great target.

After that all you have to do is keep in position while you get your bum whacked.

Is that difficult? asked Capwill.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do move about a bit, but always make sure I get back to where I started.

Obviously the cane hurts, but how does it feel?

Concentrated sting, increasing in intensity with each whack.

So he whacks harder as he goes on?

The cracks don’t get any louder so I don’t think so. It just feels that way.

Isn’t that odd?

I expect it’s because the effect is cumulative – not of course that he whacks twice in the same place.

I knew that. All the whacked bums I’ve seen always have the lines spaced out nicely.

He has a good aim.

So when he’s finished your bum is all sting?

It is completely suffused with sting.

Capwill was not sure he knew exactly what suffused meant, but assumed it was similar to infused, which was what happened to tea when the flavour came out of the leaves into the water.

Do you turn the taps on at all?

The eyes might mist over a bit.

Capwill did not have any more questions and Pinfold had nothing further to say, so the discussion ended there.

Capwill thought he knew all there was to know about the cane short of getting it and so stopped thinking about it. At least he did until a week or so later, on his way to the toilets, he was passing the end of the corridor where Mr Brindling’s study was. He noticed that Orpington-Smythe was waiting outside the study fidgeting with the hems of his short trousers. There was a good chance, thought Capwill, that Orpington-Smythe’s trousers would soon be down round his ankles. The study door opened and Tetley, rubbing his bottom, came out and Orpington-Smythe, hands on bottom as if to protect it, went in.

Capwill’s curiosity was aroused once more. Should he, he wondered, linger near the study door and listen in. He decided he would. Anyone passing would just think he was waiting to see Mr Brindling. He turned into the corridor. As Tetley passed him he could not help noticing that his eyes had quite decidedly misted over. Capwill stopped by the door. He could hear Mr Brindling’s voice, but not what he was saying. Then he was sure he heard the word trousers. He imagined Orpington-Smythe letting his trousers down and settling them on his shoes. Did he hear the word pants? He was not sure, but in his mind’s eye saw Orpington-Smythe take his pants down. He allowed a moment and judged that Orpington-Smythe had pulled his other clothes up. He wondered if Orpington-Smythe felt that his bottom was very bare. Just as he was thinking that Orpington-Smythe must be bending over the arm of Mr Brindling’s chair and getting his bottom up he heard a swish-crack. It startled Capwill a little as he was not ready for it and it was louder than he had expected.

Corks! exclaimed Capwill, a little louder than he meant to. He froze for a moment and then started to walk away, but the cane swept down again and no one opened the door. He moved back to where he was. He pictured Orpington-Smythe’s two-striped bottom presenting an excellent target for Mr Brindling’s cane. There was another swish-crack. No way that does not sting like a thousand bees! whispered Capwill with awe. The cane did its work again and Capwill recalled that Pinfold had said he moved about a bit. That had to be an understatement. There was no way Orpington-Smythe could be keeping still. The only question was how Orpington-Smythe was moving. Was his bottom going up and down or was he twisting from side to side? Capwill thought about looking through the keyhole, but immediately discounted the idea. If a master came by he would be next in.

When Capwill heard the fifth stroke it occurred to him that it was as Pinfold had said – the cracks did not get any louder. He wondered if Orpington-Smythe was feeling the accumulative effect of the strokes as Pinfold did. When the last stroke had landed Capwill decided it was time to beat a retreat. He continued on to the toilets. He was on the point of leaving when he reasoned that there was a good chance that Orpington-Smythe would turn up before very long. He was not wrong.

Hello, said Capwill.

Orpington-Smythe, whose eyes were very definitely misty, mumbled a reply.

I saw you waiting outside the study. Were you up for it?

Orpington-Smythe nodded.

Bet your bum is suffused with sting.

Orpington-Smythe nodded again. He went into a cubicle but did not shut the door. Do you want to see?

It was Capwill’s turn to nod. He had seen a few caned bottoms, but never a freshly caned one. He moved towards the cubicle. Orpington-Smythe shook his head. Best to stay where you are. If someone comes in, cough and I can shut the door with me on one side and you on the other.

Good thinking.

Orpington-Smythe turned round. He did not however drop his trousers, but pulled up one trouser leg. A few moments later a tinkling sound was heard. Orpington-Smythe pulled the chain. He then undid his trousers and pulled them and his pants down. Bending forward, he hoiked up his pullover, shirt and vest. Six parallel red lines were revealed.

That is one well-whacked bum! enthused Capwill.

Orpington-Smythe swayed his bottom from side to side.

Bet your bum moved a bit faster than that when it was getting it!

I think it may have done. That cane’s devilish.

Capwill regretted not peeping through the keyhole.

Orpington-Smythe pulled his trousers and pants up and tucked his shirt and vest in. He went to wash his hands.

Capwill stood at the next washbasin and washed his hands for a second time. So, he said nonchalantly, obviously the cane is wicked, but what about having to get your bum bare to get it?

It did feel a bit odd, said Orpington-Smythe, shaking the excess water off his hands. I mean it’s bound to. It’s not every day you have to stick your bare bum up to get it whacked, is it?

Now you mention it, I suppose not, said Capwill, conceding the point. When you say you have to stick your bare bum up what do you have to do exactly?

To start with there’s a cushion on the arm of his chair – you have to bend over the arm of his chair – and that obviously gets your bum up. But he gets you to move to and fro until you’re just right.

I shouldn’t be surprised if that made your bum feel really bare.

It was more when he laid the cane on my bum to take aim. That’s when it came to me that I was actually going to get my bare bum whacked. Of course when he got whacking all I was thinking about was the sting.

At that point the conversation was cut short by the entry of Palmer.

Capwill reviewed the chat with Orpington-Smythe. It seemed that his experience was not entirely the same as Pinfold’s. The important point was of course that the cane stung more than moderately. It just had to with the sound it made. Now that he had heard the cane crack on a bare bottom he was more that ever resolved to avoid it. He avoided it for quite a while, but in the end the strain was too much and he lapsed.

I feel sure I mentioned the last time you were in here that I would be more than happy to satisfy any curiosity you may have about what the cane is like, said Mr Brindling to Capwill. It seems that you have returned to satisfy your curiosity.

Capwill would have been happy to explain that both Pinfold and Orpington-Smythe had already satisfied his curiosity, thank you very much, and there was no need for a demonstration. He wisely said nothing.

Mr Brindling stood up pushing his chair back. He selected a cane from the umbrella stand and swished it a couple of time. Capwill swallowed hard and felt his bottom tighten.

Get yourself round this side, said Mr Brindling, moving the cushion from the seat of the chair to the arm.

Capwill went round the desk and stood at the side of the chair, knowing that was where he needed to be.

As you know, in this school a boy’s bottom needs to be bare for the cane. Would you say that if your trousers and pants were down as far as they can go that your bottom was bare?

Not completely, sir.

Quite. For your bottom to be completely bare your shirt and pullover, and we mustn’t forget the vest, have to be moved out of the way. Now, it may surprise you to hear that many a boy pulls up his vest, shirt and pullover just a little way in the belief, no doubt bona fide, that his bottom is completely bare when it is not. The error is avoided if the vest, shirt and pullover are pulled up as far as they can go. Have you got that?

Yes, sir. My trousers and pants have to be down round my ankles and everything else up very high so that my bottom is very bare for the cane.

Very well put. And when you bend over will you be keeping tight hold of your vest, shirt and pullover so that they do not slip down and cover your bottom?

Yes, sir.

Good. Trousers down. Try not to fumble too much with whatever fastenings they have.

Capwill unbuttoned his trousers, pushed them over his hips and gave them a shove to send them down his legs.

Some boys find the next part a bit difficult even if they are not shy. I expect it’s because they suddenly realise that pants down means that their bottoms will be quite without protection when they are caned. The way to do it is to put both hands on the waistband of your pants, tell yourself that on the count of three you are going to get your pants down very smartly and then count to three in your head. Off you go.

Capwill took hold of his pants, counted to three and before he knew it his pants were down with his trousers.

Now pull your vest, shirt and pullover up so that your bottom is, as you put it, very bare.

Capwill gathered up his vest, shirt and pullover and pulled them up very smartly. His bottom did indeed feel very bare.

Bend over getting well into the chair.

Capwill bent over and moved forward. He expected Mr Brindling to tell him to move to and fro, but no such order came. He must have taken up a satisfactory position. He felt the cane rest on his bottom. He suddenly remembered how very flexible it was. Very flexible had to mean very whippy. He closed his eyes and tightened his bottom. The cane was drawn away and a moment later Capwill heard a swish which merged into a crack. Both swish and crack sounded rather louder than when he had last heard them. For a brief moment he thought that the cane did not hurt, but a hot line surged across his bottom. Capwill was sure that the cane had completely wrapped itself round his bottom. He uttered a loud gasp. He also scissored his legs as much as his trousers would allow, which was not a lot.

Keep steady! said Mr Brindling.

Capwill thought that that was going to be easier said than done. He readied himself for the next stroke. The cane swished down. Capwill tried hard but there was no way he could keep his feet on the ground. He avoided gasping, but only at the expense of snorting.

You’re not keeping steady, Capwill.

I’m trying, sir, said Capwill through gritted teeth.

Push your feet into the carpet.

Capwill pushed down on his feet. The cane snapped round his bottom again. Capwill found he kept his feet on the floor but that his bottom rose up. He sank down slowly letting out a whistling sound. The cane was starting to sting more, confirming Pinfold’s opinion that the cane got worse as it went on. The cane rose and fell again and so did Capwill’s bottom. The fifth imparted some incredible sting and Capwill just had to lift one foot off the floor. He felt his eyes starting to mist over.

Last one coming up, Capwill. Just shift into the chair a bit. You’ve drifted out of position.

Capwill shunted forward. Mr Brindling took fresh aim by laying the cane across the lowest part of Capwill’s bottom. Capwill was sure that indicated that the last would would be special. He pressed down more firmly on his feet and reached across and took hold of the other arm. The swish and crack were no louder than before, but the sting was definitely much sharper. So much sharper was it that Capwill was quite unable to keep steady at all. His feet drummed on the carpet and his hands shot back to grasp his bottom.

Mr Brindling allowed Capwill to rub his bottom furiously for a few moments before he enquired, Have you had your curiosity about what a bare bottom caning is like satisfied, Capwill?

Oh yes, sir! said Capwill, his eyes now very definitely moist.

And how is your bottom feeling?

It’s suffused with sting, sir.

A nice turn of phrase. Pinfold came out with it the other day. It must be doing the rounds. Try to remember the feeling next time you’re contemplating getting into a spot of bother.

Capwill was quite sure he would.

A few days days later Slater approached Capwill proffering a bag of humbugs.

Is your bum really bare for the cane?


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