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Tawsing Technique

by Rod Birch

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I have two sons whose mother died 10 years ago and I have always spanked them for misbehaviour. Their stepmother approves of my methods and the boys themselves accept it as a natural part of their upbringing. Robin is twelve and Simon fourteen.

When they were younger, I used to spank them over my knee, and very occasionally still do so for minor misbehaviour, particularly at night when they are in their nightclothes. Simon, in particular, hates this humiliating punishment and for that reason, spanking can be very effective indeed. For more serious offences, however, I have a tawse & cane which seem to be in frequent use and I always punish their bare bottoms. Apart from the added intensity of a tanning on the bare flesh, by having their pants down I am always better able to judge the effect of the thrashing and compensate accordingly.

The tawse is a genuine John Dick Lochgelly specimen which I acquired from the manufacturer and is 2ft 6" long, split into two 12inch thongs, each 1" wide and 3/8" thick. It thwacks beautifully and hurts abominably when applied very forcibly across a young boy's bare bottom as both my sons will readily testify!

The cane is a standard "Medium" school cane, again about 2ft 6" long, and 1/4" thick. This leaves some very ripe weals when used properly, as both lads know to their cost!

I have constructed a special whipping stool which is kept in the bedroom closet with the two punishment instruments when not in use. It has wide leather wrist & ankle cuffs attached to each leg to keep the culprit securely held in the best position for his thrashing, preventing him from jumping up or protecting his bottom in any way when sentence is carried out.

When a boy is due for punishment, the stool is brought downstairs into the living room, where the beating is carried out in front of all the family. The boy has to completely remove his trousers or jeans before being secured to the stool. His shirt is then lifted well up so that his bottom is revealed and facing his mother and other brother who sit on the settee to witness the proceedings. Ignoring the usual pleas for leniency, I very firmly and slowly pull down the boy's underpants as far as his knees, leaving his buttocks completely naked and ready to be thrashed for his sins.

At this stage, it is the little things that one notices most. The shivering and occasional little muscular twitches that ripple over the surface of the bare white cheeks. The slight goospimpling of the skin due to its sudden exposure to a cooler atmosphere and the straining of legs that are firmly held in position by the ankle straps. The pleas and entreaties of the boy as he awaits the inevitability of the pain that is about to be unleashed on his tender bare bottom, knowing that mother and brother are witnessing his coming shame.

The sentence may be anything from six to twenty strokes of the Tawse or between six and eighteen of the cane, depending on my view of the seriousness of the culprit's misbehaviour and his age. And I firmly believe that if punishment is to be effective it must be made to hurt or it is wasted.

I always, therefore, lay on the tawse (my particular favourite) with plenty of vigour, with my right arm raised high in order to bring it down forcefully in a full swing and make the two leather tails crack loudly as they thwack across the lad's naked buttocks. Not savagely, but coolly and deliberately, with sufficient force to imprint the painful message on his tender bottom with vivid intensity and send it into the expected convulsions of stinging agony! Usually, I try to convert the entire area of both bottom cheeks to a hot burning crimson before the punishment ceases so that the culprit's bottom flames and glows for several hours afterwards as an effective reminder.

The watching boy is usually quite pale as he witnesses his brother receive his thrashing. I believe there is nothing more salutary to the other boy than to watch the bare bottom cheeks of his brother jiggling and wobbling uncontrollably under the repeated impact of tawse or cane while they simultaneously change colour from white to pink, to crimson red and, finally, if the punishment is prolonged, to a flaming overall scarlet mass of burning pain. There is nothing to compare with the sight, the sound, the entire sensation of repeatedly thrashing the writhing and squirming bottom cheeks of a young schoolboy until he screams and howls to be let off the intensive agony that is scorching his sensitive backside! Certainly both boys agree with that and often say so!

After the thrashing, the boy has to remain over the stool for 15 minutes, displaying his sore red buttocks to his brother and mother. After that time, his brother has to undo the straps and help the victim up and then tend to his very sore buttocks if required, in his room.

The other day, I had to whip 14 year old Simon for coming home late. He had done this several times before and so I decided to make this an exemplary thrashing, sentencing him to 12 with the tawse and 6 with the cane. He begged to be let off, but he knew that I never change my mind once sentence has been passed and he reluctantly & fearfully removed his jeans before going over to the stool, which I had already brought down, and indeed used on Twelve year old Robin earlier that evening for being cheeky. Just occasionally, I do punish the boys on their own, particularly in Robin's case. Twelve with the tawse taught him some manners, I think.

When Simon was over the stool with his underpants down, I studied his bottom quite closely and realised that the boy was growing up somewhat, his bottom being much firmer than young Robin's earlier. Simon was obviously a bigger boy than Robin anyway, but he was also a little overweight, that being quite evident on looking at his chubby, yet firm and very tender backside awaiting its punishment.

I stood to one side and then brought the last 6" of tawse down with a mighty "THWACK!" onto his left buttock. Simon let out a howl of pain and began writhing over the stool as he usually does. Another 5 severe lashes fell on his left cheek before I changed sides and did the same on his right cheek. Each fearful "THWACK!" was met with a howl from the boy and his tender bottom jerked and squirmed incessantly over the stool to which he was secured and at the end of the twelve hard strokes, his bottom was an angry crimson mass of heavy weals. He was then given a five minute respite before he was caned.

The six cuts of the cane were given horizontally across both buttocks but were all confined to the area between halfway down his bum and his crease, where bottom meets thighs. This is always a very tender area for young boys, as his screams of pain showed only too well.

When his thrashing was over, Simon had to remain for his 15- minute post-spanking period. Robin just looked, fascinated, at his brother's backside and quietly rubbed his own bottom, still bare and extremely sore from HIS earlier dose that evening (The boys don't have to dress again after a whipping, if they don't want to and in this case Rob had decided against it).

Simon had certainly received a good thrashing as the state of his backside testified. His rear end was bright angry scarlet all over, with the deeper livid red/purple cane weals flaming angrily across the base curves of both cheeks. By tomorrow, his whole bottom would be black & blue, as indeed Robin's little bum was now showing signs of becoming.

For a while, his behind continued to jerk and squirm spasmodically in agony, making the chubby buttocks quiver and tremble like twin jellies above the contrasting whiteness of his young thighs. He cried loud and long with the burning pain of his whipped bottom which he was in no way able to soothe or relieve. I looked at my 14 year old son, lying over the stool with underpants lowered and stretched tautly between his straining lower legs, which were secured to the stool legs about 2ft apart - a teenage boy of whom all one could see was his outthrust ballooning buttocks, naked and whipped scarlet above his straddled limbs - and was more than ever convinced of the effectiveness of severe corporal punishment.

Eventually, I released the sobbing boy with a stern warning that worse would follow if he ever stayed out late again and then made both boys stand together, bottoms facing me, for inspection of their marks.

Robin's bottom had readily taken the 12 severe tawse strokes earlier that evening. The tawse marks could be seen wrapping themselves right around his slim little bum, which was beginning to turn from the earlier angry crimson to the instantly recognisable marks of the tawse- an overall bruised bum with the tawse weals showing up against that background. He said that his bum was still very sore and apologised again for his cheek. After a hug and kiss, he went upstairs to bed. Simon, on the other hand, would display the redness on his chubbier cheeks for some time yet. In the morning, though, he too would have a black & blue bare bottom which I would inspect when he got up. In his case, though, there would also be some purple cane weals to show for his naughtiness, which ought to make him stop & think twice before being late again!

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