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Life's New Chapters

by Halcloud

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Parker (29)
Magin (22)

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The store now empty, the toys all gone, the customers no longer strolling the aisles. Nothing is left on the empty shelves except maybe some cobwebs and dust, all of them dismantled and shoved to the side. The bike racks look odd with all of their inventory stripped away. Looking at the store like this, it reminds me of the skeleton of what was once a magnificent beast. But this was a toy store and now it’s just empty real estate.

Locking up for the last time, I took the store keys off my ring and stuck them into a pre-addressed manila envelope, I then carefully placed it through the slot of the locked mailbox.

It’s done then, I sighed raggedly.

Giving the building’s darkened iconic sign one last glance, I quickly strode to my car and left.

Meeting a few good friends for pizza and drinks, I got a bit schnockered so Magin offered to drive me home. The twenty-two year old has chocolate colored hair, he’s fair-faced and super cute. His expression always seems to be a happy one, though right now he appears worried and anxious. Drunk, but my wits still about me, I didn’t question him in case it was more drama than I could handle in my current inebriated state. I instead turned toward the window and thought about getting home to my bed and sleeping through the rest of the weekend.

I have to stop at my ex’s, will you come with me? Magin asked suddenly.

Of course, I replied automatically, then after-the-fact figuring I’d just stepped knee deep into Magin’s drama. Oh well, I really like him anyway. Right now? It’s 2 A.M.

Yeah, I know, sorry.

Arriving, we parked and got out. I felt surprisingly steady and sure-footed as we climbed the set of stairs of an older apartment building to reach the second level. Half of these are empty, given the amount of curtainless front windows.

Parker, it’s this one, Magin said quietly and waved a quick c’mere hand near his side, like he was calling a dog to heel. Giving the door some light knocks, Magin stood patiently as a very beefy and intimidating man answered. Never picturing Magin dating a boulder with arms, it was by instinct that I protectively took a step closer to the young man beside me.

The Boulder looked down at me and grinned. Change in taste? he asked Magin while sizing me up.

Magin gave his arms a fold, Yep.

You’re more my type, The Boulder informed me. Mmm, so you wanna hook up?

No thanks, Magin is my new main squeeze, I lied.

Hrmph, The Boulder sounded. Whatever. Magin, you know I’m not letting you take Chanel.

Oh, yes you are, Magin huffed and somehow managed to shove his way past the large boulder of a man.

I looked past the ex and watched Magin glancing around the hallway before disappearing from my sight.

The Boulder looked at me and started to shut the apartment door.

Sticking my foot in to block it from closing, the ex suddenly opened it wide, knocked me back, and slammed it shut. Oh shit!! I tried to twist the knob even though I’d heard it lock. Listening to their shouting inside, a string of vulgar expletives, and the yap-yapping of a small dog, I wasn’t sure what to do. I then heard the clear sound of a belt cracking against skin. It took me a second but it suddenly dawned on me that the large front window was wide open with a box fan jammed in the free space. I got busy knocking the fan out of my way, I then straight-up fell through the opening. Picking myself up off the ground, I made my way toward the belt cracks.

Stalling a moment when I reached the bedroom, I opened the door and found Magin with his jeans halfway off while trying to evade capture. The Boulder pinned him to the ground and began cracking the folded belt against Magin’s bare ass. Visible red marks quickly glowed across the young man’s smooth cheeks.

Please stop!! Magin cried out as the cracking continued.

Before even thinking, I sent The Boulder tumbling and found myself standing in-between them. You, I pointed at the ex, don’t even think about laying another finger on him. Magin, get up, let’s go.

I heard Magin getting to his feet behind me and watched as he collected a quivering tiny dog that was cowering on the far corner of the bed. See ya, asshole, Magin sniffed a goodbye and together we quickly exited the apartment.

The Boulder, bewildered, didn’t even bother to come lock his door after us.

Safely secured in the car, Magin looked at me in the dark, Sorry.

For what? I asked. The street lighting revealed a red mark on Magin’s face. I gently grabbed Magin’s chin to get a better look, Don’t apologize for him. It’s time for a new chapter, isn’t it?

Magin looked into my eyes, a surprised expression spread across his face, Yeah, he said slowly. Yeah, you’re right.


A number of months after my encounter with The Boulder and I’m in the thick of several different life-scene changes. One being that I moved Magin and Chanel into my little house with me, two is that Magin really is my main squeeze now, or actually my only squeeze, and three... Well, three is big.

Magin and I were all dressed up and standing in front of my bank, I held a report folder in my hand while we made our way inside. The folder held the well thought out business plans for a pet supplies shop. I have most of the money in savings, I just need a small loan from them to wrap things up. Leaving the bank, the meeting had gone well.

Do you think it went all right? Magin asked as we got into my car.

I grinned and grabbed his tie, drawing him in for a quick kiss, Yep.


Our soft opening went well, and the grand opening was even better, I’d place the event in the realm of fantastic. The little pet supply shop on Lincoln Street has been well received by the community and we’ve been making bank because of it.

It’s a fine Monday morning, blue skies, crisp air, and I’d just unlocked the shop’s front door. Magin is currently sitting at the register while holding his little dog, her long white coat flowing over his arm. A man came strolling in as soon as the lock was undone. I actually had to sidestep him to avoid getting run over. He went up and asked Magin if we carried such-and-such brand of dog food, and then asked if we had such-and-such variety of said brand. The man made his purchase and quickly left as another customer arrived. I always enjoy watching Magin work and interacting with the customers, he’s very likable.

Around lunchtime, Magin left me with babysitting duties while he went next door to buy human food for us. I was holding Chanel dutifully when a young man with a big and wild Labrador entered the shop. It seemed like the dog had never been on a leash before and this wild one could give any bronco a run for his money. Grabbing a large organic beef bone and a large bag of dog food, he managed an exasperated smile as I rang him up.

When Magin walked into the store with lunch, the Labrador broke away, ran over, and ripped the bag right out of Magin’s hand! Whoa!!

Rocky! Rocky, NO!! the owner tried yelling to no avail.

Magin reached for the bag and got snarled at, he quickly brought his hand away from the dog to avoid getting bit. Errm, well I hope your dog isn’t allergic to turkey on rye, he told the owner.

The guy finished paying, strings of apologies escaping his lips as he quickly left the store with his beef bone and unruly Labrador.

Magin carried the bag of dog food out to his car for him. I then watched my boyfriend walk past our door, he’s probably going over to repurchase our lunch.

Getting through another successful day, we happily closed up shop and made for home. I found myself sitting on the couch and not wanting to do much of anything besides watch TV. Magin, adorable as ever, draped his skinny-self over my lap. He’d just changed into night clothes and his tempting round bottom was well presented.

Giving the thin shorts in front of me a few stinging pats, Hmm? I questioned.

I need some attention, he whispered.

A spanking?

Yes, please.

I obliged, bringing a firm hand down repeatedly to either cheek. Feeling his cock harden against my leg, I slowed down. Shorts off, I directed and gave him some little love pats. Lifting himself, I was able to get them off without making him stand up. Just come to me bare-assed when you want your tail warmed.

I’m never sure though, I’d be so embarrassed if I came to you naked and you told me NO.

When has THAT ever happened?


I don’t mind spanking you. Whatever makes my boy happy. Alright?


Raising my hand, I gave Magin’s beautifully pinkened bottom a nice smack and watched his cheeks bounce back into place. I kept going until his bottom glowed a nice rosie color.

Ouch! he finally yelped.

My hand is stinging, so I’m sure his ass is. If you want spanked with the brush, go get it.

Hopping off my lap, he jogged off toward the bedroom and quickly returned.

I grabbed the brush as he bent back over, his beautifully perfect ass positioned right in front of me. Raising the brush, I cracked it down hard.

Ah!! OWWwww! Magin cried out.

Snapping the cool wooden back down on his other cheek, he gave me a similar reaction. Giving him a steady spanking with the brush, the CRACK-CRACK-CRACK filled the room along with his cries and yelps. His bottom quickly turning a toasty red, I finished with a series of spanks to his fatty sit spots.

OWWWwwww!! he cried loudly and began sniffing.

His bottom thoroughly ablaze, I set the brush aside and lovingly rubbed his back and reddened cheeks. That hurt, didn’t it?

He sniffed, Yes.

I know, come here for some loves.

Getting up, he sat his burning bottom on my lap and nestled his face against my neck.

I kept petting his hair and rubbing his back while we watched TV together. Magin’s tears settled down shortly after and I could feel him wanting to say something.

Parker? he started.

I kissed at his head, Yes, my love?

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Smiling, I knew exactly what to say, New chapters can take you down the path you were always destined to be on. I’ve never been happier than knowing my path led to you, Magin. I pulled back slightly to look in his eyes, giant tears were streaming down his pretty face. Hugging him tight, I felt tears forming in my own eyes. New chapters, they can turn out pretty damn good.

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