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Slut Teacher
"Sex with an underage boy, eh? Either I call the police or I give you the hardest, longest spanking you have ever gotten!"

by Bad Boy Bobby

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I see you on the street and you walk on by
You make me want to hang my head down and cry
If you gave me half a chance you’d see
My desire burning inside of me
But you choose to look the other way

I’ve had to work much harder than this
For something I want, don’t try to resist me

Open your butt to me, baby
I hold the lock and you hold the key
Open your butt to me, bad boy
I’ll give you pain if you, you turn the key

[From Open your Heart by Madonna, who I have often called Maslutta. But hey, she’s not the only slut around here!]



I waited at my desk a moment. This frog just jumped up into my throat and clung for dear life! Feeling quite scared, I at last got up, walked over to the classroom door. Trepidatiously, I got it open, looked around the bend. Mine was the corner, others to the left. Nobody there. Whew!

I closed my door, walked down the hall. Was my bossman standing there, watching? Not once but twice, definitely not my imagination. I made the only sounds in the entire area, walking past the classrooms and lockers along the southern corridor. No sign of him to the left, the western side. Up ahead another hall to my left, the center hall.

It was just when I got past this one, he suddenly sprang out! All at once, my big boss, the principal of the school, he lunged out at me, grabbed me around the neck, got hold of me. I could not match him in power or endurance, and he held me tight, around the shoulders, tucked me into his papa bear embrace.

So you were having sexual fun with a student, huh? You have your own paddle? You know corporal punishment is outlawed in this state. You want to have spanking fun with a student, want to have sex with a student? Huh? Bendover?

I felt scared. Please, Mr. Pounding, I didn’t mean—

Oh, I saw you! Say you being dominated by him! Saw you twice! Saw you yesterday, though not while you were looking. What do you have to say for yourself, Bendover? What do you have to say for yourself?

He said these words softly into my ear, keeping me held tight like I was a criminal behind bars, a very dangerous one!

Come with me! He at once got hold of my left arm, he grabbed it, swung it around behind my back, kept it in place. Ow! I cried, but he ignored me. With my arm secured, he grabbed me by my shirt collar, began walking me down the hall.

Oh, please, Mr. Pounding! This is humiliating!

Lucky for you, there is nobody here. But if there was, you’d deserve it all the way!

He kept walking behind me, or next to me. He kept my arm pinned with one hand, kept my shirt up with the other. Just treating me like a naughty boy right here and now. We walked past the halls, heading towards his office. From what I could tell, nobody was here. Except the janitor. We walked past him.

Oh, my! he said. Wow, this was humiliating!

He did not let go until we were past the main office where students came and registered for classes. We got past all that, beyond other offices, to arrive at his at the end.

In you go! He pushed me past the door, then he let go of me finally and left me standing there, before his desk. He went around and got behind it. He sat there, facing me.

Now what do I do? You have been caught having CP and sexual games with an underage student. Now what?

I swallowed, standing there nervous.

I don’t know.

He shook his head. He was big and muscular, did not have much hair left on his head, had a nice goatee, hazel eyes, a wide-eyed, frightening stare when he wanted to have one.

Sex with an underage boy, eh? Either I call the police or I give you the hardest, longest spanking you have ever gotten!

I stood there. What? You can’t do that!

The hell I can’t? You think you are the only one with a paddle? Why don’t I just call the cops right now?

He picked up the phone, dialed 911.

Please, sir, don’t!

He pulled the phone from his ear, I heard the operator say, 911. What is your emergency, please?

I jumped over, grabbed the phone from him, set it back down on the receiver.

I see.

Please, can’t we just forget about this? My cock bounced in my underwear when I first heard his words but now it must have shriveled up, because now I felt panicky and this was no longer fun and games.

He removed his glasses. Maybe I should contact the campus police, who are still on the clock now, at least one of them. Maybe they should handle this.

No, please, sir.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, I don’t know. A 24-year-old man, using detention to have sexual fun with a student.

But... but... he is the one who attacked me!

With your own paddle?

My throat muscles moved. I didn’t have an answer for that one.

He opened his drawer, pulled out his own paddle. Oh god, a long one with holes in it! Very frightening! I shook my head back and forth, watching this thing being lifted in the air.

Well, your choice! He set it down upon his desk, moved his glasses into a drawer, came around to me.

I felt nervous, but at once he got his hands upon me. He untied my tie, got it loose around my neck.

Please don’t, sir. He just paddled me himself, went pretty hard.

Continuing to undress me, he said, I am aware of it. His was hen scratch. He got my tie undone, slid it along my neck hard, giving me neck-burn. You may have a pink butt but when I get done it will be a deep, dark red. Or purple. It should look like raspberry preserves, either way.

He unbuttoned my shirt buttons. To some degree, this was a great turn-on. My big, muscular boss was going to give me a spanking. As he saw what Kenny had done, he likely would also pull out his meaty cock and take a stab himself.

Please, Mr. Pounding! Can’t we talk this over?

He got the rest of it unbuttoned. There’s nothing to talk about! Only action will suffice. He spun me around, giving me the opportunity to look outside his office, see the emptiness of it, which I hoped would stay that way. He pulled my arms backwards, got the wrist buttons undone, pulled it off me. I hadn’t noticed but he was not wearing his own jacket, showed up in the hall wearing his own long-sleeved shirt and tie. Now I was in my undershirt, but for now he focused on the lower part. He reached his bear body around me, unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my knit pants, unzipped. He got down behind me, pulled my pants down to my ankles. I was turned by him to face his desk. Put your hands on the desk, slut!

I bent over, did. He got my foot up into the air, removed my shoe, sock, and pants leg. Then my foot back to the carpet, the other the same. He tossed my clothes into the chair he has in the corner of his office. Back to me, he stood up.

Now I was wearing my white, cotton undershirt and briefs.

Perfect. Just like a little boy!

I was expecting him to pick up his paddle, felt so nervous, but instead he started removing his belt.

I looked back in horror, saw him whip off his belt, followed by an unbuttoning of his own wrist buttons, and getting them undone, he pulled his shirt sleeves up.

Oh, gosh! Please sir, don’t whip me with your belt!

Yes, beg. Make sure you beg, boy! That will lead to my excitement.

He doubled up his belt and swung it against my underweared butt! I cried out, he swung some more. Oh, this was horrible! Another swat! Ow! That burned on top of Kenny’s paddle pounding, not to mention his own hand!

He gave me maybe five.

Come to think of it, I need to see how our fine student did it.

He got to me, grabbed the waistband of my tight briefs which had been tenting up front quite a bit today. He got them down, maybe halfway down my thighs or so.

He got up close, rubbed his hands around. Yes, I see some nice pink. A general pink and now a bit more from my belt, I know.

Please, sir.

He rubbed my buns, very seductively. Underneath, I felt a certain part of my anatomy begin to expand. He pulled my cheeks apart, got a peek.

Then he stood more up a bit. He placed his belt down on his desk, got over and picked up his paddle.

No, please, Mr. Pounding. Not that. It’s... scary.

He mimicked my voice with a higher pitch. Oh. Mr. Pounding! It’s scary!

He got behind me. I was a little bent over his desk, but he wanted me more bent over. Just placed his hand squarely on my not-bare-yet back, pushed me over so I was almost perpendicular to the desk. I moved my hands back to cover my butt from what was to come.

Put your hands forward, boy slut! Or you will get it much worse!

I moved my hands forward, then put them into my face. I turned my palms upward, rested my face into them. Breathed.

He rubbed his hands on my back, decided to get it underneath my shirt. He rubbed my lower back a bit, turning me on underneath, before getting into swing position.

Oh god, this was gonna hurt! Though it did feel sexy, my underwear stretching along my mid-thighs.


Oh, what a nightmare! I yelled out!

He got closer, rubbed my butt, right where this wicked monster struck its intended target.

How nice!


I yelled again. Damn, this was tearing me up! I could hardly stand it!

He again rubbed my cheeks, pressed his hand on them.


I jumped up from there, backed up, but he grabbed me. He twisted my head and spoke softly into my ear. Get over, naughty boy! Or I’ll call the campus police right now and order whomever is there to come bind you for me, watch your humiliation!

I did as told and he swung again. Oh, the tears were forming.

You ain’t nothing but a bitch in heat! Naughty slut! Cruisin’ the young guys, looking for action. You got it now, sweetcheeks!

Another slam of his monster paddle, then another, then another! He was not playin’ around now! I shuddered, moved a bit from each one, but kept my place over his desk.

He got to me, put his beast down, and leaned over, whispered into my ear. How do you like it now, you little boy slut? Little tramp?

The tears trickling down my face. I don’t, sir.

Ha! I don’t feel it!

He stood back up, got down behind me, pulled my briefs, down and off. One foot up at a time, gone.

He reached around, got his arm underneath my chest, lifted me up to standing. Immediately, he spun me around, pushed me back down onto his desk, only my T-shirt covering up any part of my body. He lifted my legs up, got to my side, sat down somewhat on his desk. I hadn’t really noticed but his desk was quite cleared off, as though this were all planned. Quite evidently, it was.

With his body sitting down, he leaned over, kept my legs up with one hand, started spanking my crack with the other.


I moaned to his touch. He was gently spanking my anus. I closed my eyes, taking my sight off the back of his shirt, his butt, barely, as he stayed in seated position. My right hand reached around and held onto his own right hip, and my eyes remained closed, concentrating on the delicate spanks he placed between my cheeks.


Endlessly. I was in rapture! So soft, so sweet, so luscious. He gently spanked my anal cavity for some time. Then he started going a little harder, keeping my legs held high, my knees maybe halfway bent. I felt my right heel resting on his shoulder. He spanked me some more, softly and delicately, but started increasing the force. Oh, it hurt! Felt nice in some ways, but as all this was on top of other action, it started to increase in pain.

Let me see, now. How’s about some belt?

He got hold of his belt, evidently. And he swung it lightly against my crack area. From this position, he could not go too heavy. So he slapped the leather upon my crack a bit softly, compared to my other leathery swats. Though he started going harder as he moved to the backs of my thighs, started whipping me a bit more now.

Please, Mr. Pounding! I choked out between sniffles. Have some mercy.

Fuck you, boy slut! I promised you the hardest spanking you have ever received! Now shut up and take your lickings, you little brat!

He slapped the leather against the center portion even more. In fact, I want you to reach back your hands, pull your cheeks apart. Open your butt to me, little boy slut!

I did as he said, afraid not to. Got my hands back there, pulled. He took his finger tips and he smacked along the edge, right on my puckered hole. Among all the pain, I now felt such excitement! He’d ignored my own cock, now he pushed my balls and cock up out of his way. He continued tapping his fingers against my anal area.

Then he stopped. My fingers still pulling, he moved a bit, started slapping my inner thighs, the way Kenny did.

Oh, yikes! Please don’t!

Shut up, brat! He slammed his hand down hard on one of them.



I moved my hands back, pulled them together on my chest. He smacked my inner thigh again and I screamed out in agony. You know, your little cavity is still all sticky from the student’s cum. What a slut you are! I should have taken you to the little boys’ room and washed your ass for you! Now you probably got his cum on my paddle and my belt!

He stood up, let go of my legs, then he reached, grabbed my wrist and jerked me up into his warm embrace, like a rag doll.

Get down on your knees, you little pussy!

I did as he said, down. He brought his belt to me. Here, lick that cum off. It’s all sticky here. Lick off his cum with your tongue!

Please don’t make me do that, Mr.—


He’d gotten hold of my hair, pulled it, took his hand, and slapped my face. I was horrified!

I said lick it! You little whore! Lick it up now!

I did as he said. He presented what he had slapped against my anus up to me, I licked at it. Yes, I could taste some cum. My student had just filled me up with his sticky nectar. I sat on the nectar once I quickly got dressed, have felt the stickiness all this time, and now I was made to lick up his belt, get it clean.

Good boy.

He put the belt down, stuck his fingers in my face. Lick every drop of cum off these, too.

I went to it, sucking each finger off as he shoved them before my mouth, one at a time. I looked up to him as I sucked, saw him looking down at me.

At once he withdrew his finger, grabbed me by the hair, and slapped my face again. I was stunned!

You aren’t worthy to look your superior in the eye! Back to sucking his fingers dry, my eyes averted.

He got his hands under my armpits, pulled me back up to standing. He got me over halfway between his desk and the doorway.

Lift your arms up high, little boy slut! Lift them high! And keep your eyes closed, or I will blindfold you with your own socks and stick your own underwear in your mouth!

I did as instructed. He took his belt and he doubled it up again. And he swung it so it wrapped around my torso. I cried out in pain, though it was giving my luscious butt a rest! He lashed at me, the leather wrapping around my back and curling to my front. He struck me over and over, and he moved his body around front, I could tell, my arms extended, my eyes closed.

He swung it over and over, all around. I was in pain, now in my chest and my back. How horrible! I would not have gone along but I sure did not want to face charges, did not want the campus police notified. They may decide to call the local police, whether the principal was their boss or not. So I needed to do what he said here, or face the consequences.

With my arms still in the air, he got to me. Get that thing off! He reached down, got my shirt by its hem, lifted it up, straight and off. Now I was naked, my hands down at my sides. He grabbed my right nipple, squeezed. I cried out in pain. Nice!

He got to the front of me. Open your eyes. I did so, looked into his beady eyes. He was right in front of me and he reached down, grabbed one of my testicles, held it tight. You want me to squeeze, little boy?

I felt panicked. No, please don’t!

He let go. Get down on your knees again, punk!

He put his hands on my shoulders, started pushing me down, hands on top of head, got me there to kneeling position. With the open door behind him, he pulled out his cock, which was very large and very fat. The biggest I have seen.

He waved it in my face. Suck on this, little whoreboy! He pushed it into my face. Feeling horrified, I started licking it, trying to please him. He held onto my head, pulled my hair a little. Suck it, bitch! I tried to please him, tried to get it into my mouth. I was afraid he’d force it inside, gag me, but he just held onto my head. I tried, tried to go down, but he was too big, too fat.

I said, Suck it, bitch!

He pushed my face back and he slapped my lower jaw/neck area. I was amazed, scared! What