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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son
Part Forty-five

by PJ Franklin

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 12 May 2018

Character summary and ages to date: Jesse McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-five years old and Randy McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-four. Their three adopted sons are now Chase and Zane McKensie-Wolcott, both seventeen-years-old and the third is Cody McKensie-Wolcott, fifteen-years-old.

Part Forty-five

I did not sleep well the night after Jesse’s and mine trip up on horseback into the beautiful wilds above our St. Regis property to make love and regroup a little on our own. I don’t know why. I did sleep well the next night but still didn’t feel right the next day. Was I sick? Did I need a doctor? I didn’t think so and then I started to pay attention more to what was going around me and the family.

We all know that getting together a construction crew to rebuild something is not that easy. Takes time and all. The B & B would not be going anywhere of course and in the meantime, Jaxon, Sammy and Kale could bunk over on the ranch property with us and Ben while Jaxon Hart and Tyson McDuffie continued to try and round up what was needed to finish the place off.

And yet, things lingered for the next week or better, no progress at all and then I noticed that Jaxon Hart was leaving Sammy and Kale with us and him gone for long, long stretches. He said that he was trying to help get things done under Tyson’s direction, but then when I asked Tyson about that, he said that he knew nothing about Jaxon, was not even talking to Jaxon. Strange.

I told Jesse about my discomfort and ill-at-ease, You too, Randy? he said, I been feeling strange. Something going around? Hmm, so Tyson said he didn’t ask Jaxon to help round up workers for the remodel? and I said, No, he didn’t. Should we talk to Jaxon about it? I asked,

Jesse thought a moment, No. Definitely not, Jesse said mirroring my own conclusion, Let’s just let this play out some, he suggested and that is what we did and then a day later Sammy came to me,

Mr. Wolcott, can I talk to you about something bothering me? and of course I said yes, It’s about Jaxon. He’s ... well, he’s been standoffish. Not his usual horny self at all. Told us the other night in fact that he was busy and couldn’t do stuff right then and then he goes off by himself and is still in sight. I don’t like how he makes me feel either right now. He feels creepy, Sammy said and that did concern me.

It certainly did not seem that Sammy nor Kale indicated that Jaxon was being mean or abusive. If anything Jaxon simply was not around nearly as much just as I had noted all on my own. I told Jesse about Sammy’s concerns and he nodded, Let’s call Carolyn. Sammy and Kale rightfully still belong under her guidance with the State of Montana, so we did.

We shared our concerns about Jaxon with Carolyn and particularly involving Sammy and Kale. She too was content to just let things be for then. I also called our long time social worker, Georgina Coleman, back in Omaha as she was the one who found Jaxon for us and explained our concerns about Jaxon to her, Funny, she said,

I should not tell you this, but I am anyway. He told me a week ago or so that he was thinking strongly of moving back to Nebraska. But that’s the concerning part. He told me that he talked to you boys about it. My stomach tightened and as Jesse was standing near, I told him what Georgina just said to me. He shook his head,

Not to me he didn’t, and I told Georgina. She sighed, I don’t like this one bit. So you’ve talked to Carolyn? she asked me, Yes, I have, and Georgina sighed, Let me call Carolyn. I’m concerned about Sammy and Kale, she said and I agreed, OK. We’ll do whatever is best for Sammy and Kale, but please don’t say a thing to Jaxon, I asked, Don’t worry. Not a peep, Carolyn said and the call ended.

Merely twenty-four hours later Carolyn called at about seven that morning, Sorry to call you boys so early, she apologized, But I think I better come and get Sammy and Kale. Jaxon Hart was supposed to report into me about them and has not twice in a row. After what Georgina told me last night about your concerns about him, well. I have to safeguard the boys as best I can, and I sighed, OK. When? I asked, This evening, she said.

I told Jesse all of this and he agreed and then we rustled up all of our boys with Ben and together Jesse and I talked to Sammy and Kale about the situation after lunch. Let me tell you there were sad faces all around, We understand Mr. Wolcott, Sammy said, We don’t want to go but Jaxon is being strange and I don’t like it, and we looked at Kale, I don’t want to go either, but I feel the same.

Things with Jaxon Hart finally came into full light just after Carolyn arrived at around six that evening, Sammy and Kale all packed up and ready to go back to Billings with her. Jaxon Hart finally shows up. He drives up and gets out of his truck, an old beater, What’s going on? he asks, but not smiling and to me feeling cautious and even skittish.

Carolyn turned and faced him, Jaxon, why haven’t you reported to me as you know you got to? That’s twice now and a third coming due, she confronted him pointedly, Don’t have time, he said with a slight scowl and was not apologetic, Jaxon, what’s going on? she asked them in front of all of us. Jaxon looks at her, None of your god-damned business. You’re too nosy, woman.

Wow. Just wow. I looked at Jesse and he looked at me. I looked at Sammy and Kale and they both scowled at Jaxon. Carolyn sighed, Fine. You’re fired. Your stipend is revoked for working here in the State of Nebraska in social work.

Jaxon looked at her, then at me and Jesse, Fuck you all. I’ve already moved my stuff off your properties, got in his truck and then sped off. We would never see Jaxon Hart again, That went well, I said with ample sarcasm feeling very let down and not at all comfortable with a lot of things now.

Cody, Zane, Chase and Ben all gave Sammy and Kale teary-eyed send offs and then they hugged Jesse and I and we kissed their temples and let go. Carolyn hugged us, You boys are the best. Don’t let that asshole put you off, please. We need men like you in this State, she offered and then left with the boys. We had no idea if we would ever see Sammy and Kale again.

What now? Zane asked, Your father and I are not happy about the situation all around. Nobody is to be alone on the B & B property. You go in threes at a minimum, hear? Jesse said, Yes sir daddy, Zane said, Yes dad, Chase said both solemn. Jesse then asked Cody as well,

Cody? You’re not to be there alone there, understand? and Cody shrugged, Buy why daddy? He asked Jesse. Oh boy. Jesse scowled at him, Boy, less you need a barn whipping you will not enjoy you just obey. The whys are none of your business right now.

Cody looked down, Sorry daddy, and I sighed and looked at my man trying to be a good father and protective of the safety of his boys and I agreed that Cody needed to not ask questions just then, What about me? Should I plan to go too? Ben meekly asked, No Benjamin. You stay here. This has nothing to do with you, OK buddy? Jesse reassured him.

That evening dragged on a bit. We were sitting in the family room all of us dressed down including Ben watching a family movie. I was cuddled into Jesse not at all interested in the movie. Nobody seemed to be, maybe Ben a little.

Letting Jaxon go was easy. He just suddenly up and became unfriendly and even kind of dangerous feeling to us. He was deceptive and rude to the lady that had welcomed him into the state to work. Letting Sammy and Kale go was heart breaking and bothered all of us I was sure, but there was something else going on,

Jesse, I whispered to him, What, he replied, Follow me, I said and he did leaving the boys in the front room. I took my man out to the front porch, it was dark out but not too late, about nine at night, Jesse ... I started, No. Let me, he said and I looked at him feeling a shiver,

Ever since we got back from that ride up yonder nothing’s felt the same. Then this Jaxon thing. I don’t know Randy. I don’t feel at home here any more in Montana. I even feel threatened, and I nodded, Any reason why, Jesse? Somebody say or do anything? I asked, concerned No. Not that bad. Not yet anyway.

We had been living together for so long now that our rhythms were the same. We could read each other nearly word-for-word. It felt good that way. He looked at me, California, he said. I looked at him, What about it? I asked not getting it,

I think you should call your dad ... I mean ... call dad, Randy, and I looked at him again, Why? I asked while I felt wonderful goosebumps that Jesse had owned my step-dad as our and his dad just then. Suddenly the phone rang inside the house. We went inside to answer it, Hello? I asked,

Randy? It’s dad in California. Am I calling too late? and my eyes widened. I covered the receiver and looked at Jesse I think like I had just seen a ghost, It’s dad in California! I kind of mouthed to him and he nodded as if he knew that this was going to happen.

No daddy. It’s not late. Good to hear from you, I said, Sleepy Valley, he said. I squinted, Sleepy what? What are you talking about dad? I asked. I loved called my step-dad, just dad or even daddy. I think he liked it too.

Valley, Sleepy Valley. It’s right between Palmdale and Santa Clarita right above us about forty-five minutes right off Antelope Valley highway 14 from our home here in La Crescenta, he explained, Well OK. But you called just to say that? I asked not getting it,

I just bought a huge spread up there. Makes yours in Montana seem like a small chicken ranch. Got a swimming pool, tennis court. Bunk house, a stable separate from the barn fit for at least a dozen mounts. The works. Huge main house and a smaller one right on the property. Two old woodsheds, and he was going to go on, but I stopped him, Wait what? Two woodsheds? Why does that matter? I asked him.

Jesse drew near to me then and reached for the phone and I gave him the phone, Dad? It’s Jesse, he said and I heard dad say something and Jesse grinned, Thanks! Yes well, I have to put him over my knee now and again, and then Jesse winked at me, What? What does that mean? I grinned blushing hard. What were they talking about, who putting who over Jesse’s knee, but Jesse waved me off,

Yes sir. Sounds like a nice buy, dad. Oh yea? Really. Well, maybe you’ve got something there. Here’s Randy again, and I grabbed the phone from my naughty man, Dad, what’s this all about? And them woodsheds? I asked anxiously,

Well what do you think boys like you and yours do in woodsheds? he asked kind of knowingly. This was the first time ever that my step-daddy had ever referenced anything to do with spanking and sheds and the like without really saying it,

Well, I know what Jesse, I and the boys would do, but so what? and a pause, Honey, I bought that land and all on it hoping to call you and Jesse and convince you to move to California to live on it. Your mom and I miss you two. We want to be around our grandsons. We’re getting on in age and all and want you all near, he said, his emotions kind of spilling over the phone to me just then.

I got caught up in it and felt my eyes water a little. Jesse hugged me tightly while I got a grip. My dad wanted me and my beau close and called our boys his grandsons. None of them had ever had a grandfather either. Suddenly it hit me. The way that I had been feeling, Jesse too. Jaxon going sour, Dad, How did you know? I asked incredulous.

How did I know what? Can’t a father just call and make a wish to his precious boy over the phone? and that did not help me quell my tender emotions. Just then the boys, all of them streamed into the room one after the other. They saw us on the phone and walked over, What’s going on? Chase asked.

Jesse let go of me and launched himself over to them, Shush! It’s OK. It’s grandpa on the phone with daddy Randy. Let them finish. Nothing is wrong, Jesse calmed them, Is that them? Harold asked, Yes. You want to talk to them? I asked already feeling a little guilty that we lived so far from them, I do. But what were you going to say, Randy?

How did you know that Jesse and I just figured out tonight that maybe we don’t belong in Montana any more? And Jesse said just one word. California, and there was a silence, I didn’t, but your mom said for me to call right now. You know how she gets, he said, She was also the one that told me to buy that land and the buildings on it. Said they would come in useful soon, and I sighed.

Here dad. Talk to the boys, I’ll talk with you later, and then Cody, Zane and Chase raced over like it was a line-up to get cash prizes, the first one the most. Cody beat them to the punch, Hello? I’m Cody, but I don’t know what to call you? he asked and then dad talked a bit, Well OK. Grandpa is good, and another silence.

I looked at Jesse and us at Cody. And then Zane and Chase at Cody and then at each other with smiles, You like that? Good. Then that’s it, Grandpa. I want to meet you so bad, Grandpa Cody said with heavy emotion and I drew Jesse near to me and to Ben as well.

Ben looked a bit stunned and sheepish, Whatever we do, Ben. You’re going with until you find what you want, OK? I said to him. He nodded, Yes sir. I’m grateful, he said but I could tell that maybe he needed to do something entirely different from us, just what he did not yet know.

The boys finished up talking to their new Grandpa and I got back on the phone, Looks like you’re a hit with your grandsons, Grandpa, I smiled, So what do you think Randy? he asked anxiously. I sighed, Daddy, I think Jesse and I will talk, but I’ve a feeling we just may take you up on your offer and move us further out West. Don’t do anything with that land, but I’m warning you. Jesse and I are going to check in with our social work contacts and see what’s brewing in L.A. County. We liked helping boys like us dad. What about that?

Suddenly my mom, Claire, was on the phone, You leave that to me Randy. How are you my little boy? she asked apparently having listened in. I melted. My mom used to call me her little boy no matter what age I had become. It felt so good to hear it once again, Now I’m good mom. What do you mean leave that to you? I asked, I know what you have been trying to do in Montana. Let me help. I know social workers here in the L.A. Basin. Have your ladies call me and I’ll put them in touch if that is what you want to still do if you decide to move, she finished,

Thanks mom. Love you, and she sighed, Love you too baby, now let me talk to that man of yours, and I put Jesse on and saw the boys surrounding Ben reassuring him that he was as much wanted in our family as any of them. He looked better then.

Jesse talked to mom for a while, all smiles the entire time. The call between us and my dad and mom and now the boys’ grandfather or Grandpa finally ended. The evening had started out poorly and now was just plain surreal. The entire day in fact. I felt exhausted, but was not about to give up doing anything called of me with my man or boys.

So, what’s going to happen next? Zane asked the pregnant question, Not sure. We may get out of Montana and head back to Burwell first; but I guess we’re going to eventually end up in Los Angeles so you can all have a grandpa, near-by, Jesse said.

The boys’ faces lit up, Hot dog! Cody yelped and then looked at Ben, Oh, sorry, and Ben sighed, No Cody. You should be very happy. I would be, and I looked at Jesse and then addressed Ben, Ben. Look. I already told you that you have a place in our family just for asking, And he nodded, I know. I just ... I just feel my place is eventually elsewhere I guess. It’s OK. I’m happy to be here for now, he said convincingly.

You don’t look happy. How about I bend you over and make you happy, Cody teased an erotic threat his way. Ben looked at him and then at us and then back at Cody, Maybe in that woodshed, out there, and Cody looked at us,

Don’t look at us, go to it boys! I said and off they went, just Ben and Cody. Just when you think that Cody is going to muck things up even with his heart in the right place, he goes and does the right thing heart and all. Jesse and I looked at Cody and Zane. Come to think on it, it had been a while since our original two sons and their dads had hooked up just the four of us.

And you two? I asked Cody and Zane. They looked at each other and then Chase looked down shuffling his feet, wheels appearing to be turning and then looked up, Um ... daddy? Could it be us four all together? I got things ... things I want to say to all of you, if it’s OK, and I got the shivers.

After the talk that he and I had the other night over his secret sexual kink and such, I had a notion that our son wanted to come out of the closet over his sexual secrets to Jesse and Zane. It did seem appropriate after all of the changes that appeared to be coming our way very soon, OK. Let’s go to our bedroom then, I said and the four of us walked down the hallway.

After we got inside Chase stood and faced Jesse and I, Zane just to his side, Daddy Jesse, daddy Randy, Zane, Chase started and then hesitating, fists clenched at his side, looked down and up, I’m a pervert, he said. I blinked and looked at Jesse. Well, that certainly is one way to start a discussion about wants and needs, is it not?

Oh really Chase? You just catching on now? Zane said rather stridently to his brother. I saw Jesse ready to react likely to call Zane down. I quickly put my hand on Jesse’s shoulder silently signaling to let it play out. He nodded.

What are you talking about? Chase asked his brother, You know what it is. Your little secret pee pants? Zane said. On boy, this was gonna get good, You been spying? Chase looked a little pissed (pun unintended),

No. But you’ve left your wet things in the bathroom. I walked in on it. I figured you had a thing for it. I didn’t care. I don’t care now. But you care, Zane said, So what are you saying? Chase asked looking defensive,

Nothing except maybe you want to get punished for it. Hided and then ass-raped for being a naughty little pee pants boy, Zane challenged I thought appropriate trying in his own way to help Chase to feel comfortable over it, even playful with it. I felt my dick stir. I looked over at Jesse who looked as intrigued as I felt just then,

What’s wrong with that? Chase asked Zane now even more defensively, Did I say there was anything wrong with it Chase? Maybe I wanted to help, huh? Ever think of trusting me, your brother? After all we’ve done including pee! Jesus Chase! It’s just pee! and Chase’s stiff posture relaxed. Zane had a point.

Hold off Zane, let me, I said and he looked at me, Yes daddy, Zane said quietly and then I looked at Chase. I decided that discussing all of this was useless to Chase unless he knew for sure that his fathers and brother were all on his side,

We all want to help Chase, so listen up boy. I’m telling you right now, if you pee your pants I am going tan your hide and then have your other dad and Zane work your boy cunt over and not lightly, you understand me? A full on ass belting and then hard using, boy, I said, my cock hard as nails in my Wranglers now hoping that my offer had meaning to him if he wanted it to.

What if ... what if I don’t want to, now? Chase asked. Ah, yes. The old make me routine. I was about to challenge him on that, but somebody beat me to it. Zane went right up to Chase nose-to-nose just then, Well that’s pure Bullcrap. You don’t fool me for one second brother. You desperately want your tender little boy hiney blistered by your brother, me, and by your fathers, them, Zane pointed to his fathers,

And then you want all three of us is to rape that hot, sexy little cunt hole of yours, Zane challenged Chase who just blushed ten shames and stared at Zane. I was going to say something next but then of all of us, Jesse strode forward next, Stand aside Zane, and he did and now it was Jesse nose-to-nose with Chase,

Is Zane right, son? Huh? Does my little faggot girl cunt son need to pee his pants cause he needs hard whipping and harder using of that little cunt box of yours? Just say it then. Tell me you want all that, Jesse challenged him. On boy was I hard as nails just then or what? Hell, I wanted to be Chase just then Jesse saying all of those hot, sexy, dirty words right to my face in front of our boys.

Chase’s eyes got real big. He nervously looked at Zane and then at me, Don’t look at them. You look at me young man. Say it! Jesse’s tone and body language intense, but not mean, just aggressive, Don’t make me daddy. Don’t make me say it! Chase blurted.

Jesse chuckled. He knew, I am going to make you. You’re getting your pants taken down and spanked over my knee until you tell the truth of it, Jesse threatened. Chase held onto his seat with both palms just then, No spanking daddy. I’ll be good, I promise, He said, With the belt too, Chase! Jesse added,

No daddy. Not a bare bottom whipping over your knee! Chase said now looking wild with lip-licking excitement, Yes you do, Zane said and then I stepped forward to Chase, and then hugged him from behind wrapping my arms around him. As I did, Jesse stepped back and we all watched as Jesse unlooped his good looking thick leather belt from his Wranglers, doubled it up and lightly slapped is other palm with it in a most deliciously threatening manner.

I slid my hand down to Chase’s Wranglers in front. Yup. Hard as nails. If he bulged any more, my son might come bursting through the tough denim. My bulge rivaled his. I pressed myself into my son’s ass. His hands came back and clutched at my hips. He turned his head and I pressed my lips to his and we kissed.

Will I get a bare butt whipping if I pee my pants, daddy? and that was Zane! He had stepped right in front of Jesse and said that. Chase and I broke our kiss to look, Just do it and find out, Jesse said to him. I wanted to say that to my beau and have him say that to me.

Jesse pulled Zane into himself face-to-face and Zane pressed his lips to my man’s and they kissed and then Jesse turned Zane around hugging him from behind just like I was Chase, What do we do with these naughty little cowboys of ours, baby? Jesse asked me.

I decided to have some fun with this. I let go my hug on Chase and half-stepping back, looped out my leather belt and doubled it up, If these boys of our pee their pants, they’re both getting their hides tanned over our knees, that’s what, I said.

Jesse came striding over and stood right next to me. He leaned over and kissed me and me, him. Chase went over I thought to stand with his brother, but no. Jesse and I looked at our boys as Zane and Chase hugged and kissed a moment,

I love you Chase. I’d do anything, share anything with you. Come on, let’s earn ourselves whippings, he said. Chase smiled, I’d like that, and the boys turned to us, Get over here, the both of you, Jesse told them.

The boys came over, Chase to me, Zane to Jesse. We hugged our boys from behind, Jesse and I elbow-to-elbow, still holding our doubled-up belts, Just relax in dad’s arms, Zane and let it happen. Pee your pants. It’s easy, Chase encouraged Zane.

I ran my hands smoothly up and down Chase’s sides, My sweet boy, I said gently, Pee your pants for your dad, now, I encouraged him. I felt Chase relax, Oh yes daddy. Will I get a hard whipping and using if I’m a naughty pee pants boy? he asked, Yes baby. Hard whipping and harder using, I replied.

Can I have a hand spanking too, daddy? Zane asked Jesse, Sure you can, son. Now pee your pants like daddy’s good boy, Jesse encouraged Zane. I so wanted to do this with Jesse now, just us.

Come on Zane, let’s do it together, Chase’s hand reached for Zane’s and Zane took it. I looked at Jesse. It was like he read my mind, You and I are going to do this later cowboy, and I smiled eagerly and nodded my approval of that hot idea.

Almost! Chase said, Nearly! Zane said, Oh yea, I’m being naughty now! Chase then said, Me too! Zane said. I looked down at Chase’s Wranglers as the sudden big wet spot appeared and my nose wrinkled at the distinctive smell. Funny. It was like an aroma of sorts to me now, That’s my good boy, look at those wet jeans my naughty young man! Jesse smiled as he berated his son.

You gonna tan my hide now, daddy? Zane asked Jesse, Beet red, boy, beet red, Jesse asked, Are you going to punish me now, dad? Chase asked me, Sure am young man, over my knee, I replied.

Shortly, two chairs, two boots up on those chair seats making two knees to go over. Then two boys over those knees, their wetted Wranglers and boxers pushed down just enough to bare our boys’ bottoms. Then the wonderful sounds of leather licking bared boy-ass skin, WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP!

Moans, groans, Hurts daddy! Chase said as my son dangled, jack-knifed so hotly over my knee, Has to hurt, baby, I said to him, Yes dad, please more! Chase pled with me. WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP!

More punishment please, daddy! Zane said to Jesse. WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! Jesse and I tanning our boys’ bottoms, I say we spank them and then rape their naughty fuck holes! Jesse said just then, fire in his eyes, I agree, I said and we tipped the boys back onto their feet.

We’re going to get our behinds raped now, brother, Zane said to Chase, Spanked hard, first brother, Chase replied as Jesse and I sat down. The boys flew over our laps now, pushing their hided red-welted behinds up for spanking.

Oh shit, Jesse said looking down on the beautiful sight of Zane’s pushed up belted bottom cheeks. I didn’t need to ask him why he said that because I saw and felt the same just then, I know, I said and then gave into the impulse just like Jesse did just then. Our fingers pried apart our boys’ punished buttock cheeks and then our lips and tongues started to rim our boys and penetrate their fuck holes.

Oh dad yes. Tongue clean me! Chase urged me on, Oh your tongue daddy! More! Zane urged on that which needed no urging. I could feel the heat of Chase’s belt whipping on my cheeks. I could smell the piss wafting from Chase’s front side. Actually it made me feel dirty and wanton for my son.

Oh daddie, you make me want to get fucked so bad, Chase’s voice as if from off somewhere as I pushed my tongue in and out, in and out of my boy’s sweet pucker hole, cleaning it again and again, never enough it seems.

Daddy, I want to clean your hot man hole with my tongue, please daddy, Zane begged Jesse just then, Me too dad, please let me tongue pleasure your tight boy hole, Chase begged me. Tell you one thing. Jesse and I are always strong to task, but the boys’ requests were too good by far to pass by, so we didn’t. Only sometimes one can have cake and eat it too!

Very shortly, the four of us were naked. Jesse and I were kneeling hip-to-hip on our bed top straddling and squatting our naked asses directly over our sons’ heads. Our pucker holes were lowered and pressed down onto the boys’ faces, their tongues going to work rimming and cleaning out our man holes.

The boys’ legs were drawn up and thrown back hugging our torsos, their bared bottoms right up in our faces for using and we were. We spanked our boys, slapped their naughty bottoms with our palms reaching across to spank the other man’s boy. We verbally berated them for not doing a good enough job eating our asses and spanked them some more.

We aggressively finger-raped their up-exposed boy pussies, one finger and then two and then spanked their thighs, sit-spots and buttocks even more until they were a mess of crimson, Time to rape these two boys of ours, Jesse growled letting Zane’s legs down. I let Chase’s down.

The boys quickly flipped onto their tummies, Rape me dad, fucking rape my punished ass, Chase pled with me, Me too daddy, rape my butt, Zane pled with Jesse. It was like our erections just flew into our boys and started pounding. Pounding and slamming, You ready? Jesse asked me after a lot of ass fucking, Yup, I said and we both cut loose with our raptures and creamed inside of the boys.

Jesse and I finished and flopped onto our backs. Zane and Chase climbed up on top of us and we kissed our boys, tongued with them, their erections still hard, Get up here boy, feed me that dick of yours, Jesse told Zane and I but nodded at Chase to do the same and they did. Our boys pretty forcibly mouth-fucked their fathers and emptied their balls into us, the four-way orgy nicely concluded.

About then the bedroom door opened and in poked two heads, Cody’s and Ben’s, Why does it smell like pee in here? Cody asked, If you have to ask then you are a stupid butthole, Zane replied to them and we laughed.

Did you boys have fun? I asked them as we all sat up in the bed, Cody and Ben came into the bedroom and turned around. Our eyes were blessed with the sight of not one, but two very red bottoms. Apparently Ben and Cody had used a razor strop on each other, crimson hot both of them.

And then they both leaned over and spread apart their punished cheeks, the results of two well fucked boy holes were very evident, Yea, pretty good, right Ben? Cody asked, Yea, pretty much, Ben smiled his agreement.

Later that evening we got a call. It was Carolyn to tell us that she got Sammy and Kale back to Billings safe and then received a phone call from Jaxon Hart begging her to be taken back, What did you tell him? I asked her, To fuck off, just like he told us, and I laughed,

Good for you Carolyn. Give the boys a hug for us. I think we’re going to go back to Nebraska for a while, sell off the properties here in Montana and then move to California. Hey, my mom said to call her. She has social work contacts we might use.

My pleasure Randy, my pleasure. Take care and give that handsome husband of yours a kiss and a hug for me. I hate losing you, but there’s nothing more to be done. St. Regis will be losing good and decent folk. Call me if you need anything and give me your mom’s number, and I did.

Later I was sitting with Jesse on the smaller settee in the family room with all of our sons and Ben on the bigger couch eating snacks and watching a boring movie. I suddenly felt an exhilaration. I felt centered again with my man at my side just like I had the other night up on our horseback ride.

Something about traveling through life with him at my side and me at his no matter where we made home location-wise. It seemed to fit, Say, were we going to do pee pants together? I whispered in his ear, Yea, you in the mood? he asked back. I thought a moment, Not sure. Maybe. Wouldn’t mind dominating your hot faggot ass no matter what else we do though, I quickly added,

How about we get alone and see what happens. In that woodshed we never really used much? Jesse suggested. I liked that suggestion, Let’s do it, so we slipped out of the family room hand-in-hand leaving the boys behind and got outdoors and then inside the woodshed closing the door behind us.

I hugged Jesse from behind. We were wearing only silky boxers, You know something Jesse. I just realized what with us probably going to California. It’s like a full circle, me from California from years back and then living with you, Ma and Pa in Nebraska a long time. Now we may give a go where I come from. Boys get a real Grandpa. We get our dad. I so miss Ma and Pa, I said concerning our beloved passed parents and he sighed,

Me too. Truth is, I like the idea a lot. I like dad. And mom too, referring to Harold and Claire. Jesse then turned and hugged me tight, his lips by my ear, Randy. I been a bad boy. I’m sorry. I won’t be bad any more. Please don’t hide me, he said gently, almost trembling his play words out for me to use,

Jesse, I’m sorry too but bad boys need whipping and then hard using, and slipped my hands down to his ass and spanked them hard twice each and then made him take his boxers off to full nakedness. He winced, No. Please don’t Randy. I’ll do anything. I’ll suck your cock, He offered.

I chuckled, Yes you will, but only after you’re done begging me to stop tanning your filthy little faggot slut hide, I replied and then roughly fingered his hole. He moaned and pushed his ass into my finger the best he could, You are such a little slut, and he whimpered, No whipping, his voice small.

I took his ear and pulled him over to the saw horse and pulled him down straddling it before I let go, No please Randy! he watched me snatch up the razor strop handle. His ass got higher yet, Please no! he said one last time before I stepped back and swung and swung and swung and swung cracking that strop again and again and again across my man’s hot boyish bubble ass cheeks.

He grimaced and wailed, Make me pay! he warbled. I did. I hand spanked him some as well and then added a few more strop licks. I tongue-licked his hind end too and then tongue-fucked him after that. I hauled my Jesse off of the saw horse and when wheeled about and spied the hairbrush, No Randy, not the brush! Jesse grinned nervously holding his already tanned tail in his palms.

I enjoyed but ignored his begging, pulled up a chair, fisted up the brush handle and then pulled Jesse down over my lap ass up, brush at the ready! Jesse’s hands swooped back to protect his already well punished back side so I deftly held his wrists down to his lower back,

You ready for a beating? I asked, Yes sir! he grinned. I laughed. He was enjoying every second of this play as was I. I went to work and then beat his ass raw with that brush, Jesse wincing, grimacing, kicking, biting his lips and doing a lot of whimpering and yelping.

I pushed him off my lap and onto his knees. I stood and looming over him grabbed his hair, Suck my dick, boy, I said and shoved it into his mouth. I gagged him with my hard peter and then mouth-fucked him a while, pulled out and then helping him to stand, roughly pressed him standing up to the woodshed wall. I then drove my dick inside of his hole. I fucked Jesse standing up, hissing and growling the whole time.

I pounded and slammed myself in and out of him a while and then pulled out and made him kneel in front of me again and shoving my hard juicy-musty erection into his mouth, shot my load. He sat back after all of that hot action and looked up at me. I held my hand down, pulled him up to standing and then we kissed and we swapped his semen juicy-stained spit, hugging and kissing intently.

Jesse broke the kiss after a while and hands on my shoulders, looked at me with his beautiful eyes, Take me to bed. Fuck me one more time please baby. I love you Randy. I love you here. I love you in Nebraska and I’d love you in California if that’s where we end up. Hell, baby, I’d love you on the moon, he said,

Yea, but those space suits are too bulky to fuck in, I quipped. He smiled and took my hand and then us still both naked out of the shed and back into the house, Excuse us! Coming through! I said as the boys were all right there,

Oh, oh. Daddy Jesse is going to get fucked, Cody said because he saw our looks, Again! Jesse grinned just as I pulled him down the hallway out of their sight. I threw my man into our bed and fucked him again, totally did us both in that time. Didn’t even shower off all the filth and mess from our bodies, just hit the sack as we were the day more spent from good raw sex than we had for a long time.

* * * * *

Had there been any doubts about us leaving Montana behind, they were fully dismissed a few days later. Chase found a hand-written note attached by an old hunting knife, the blade stained with considerable dried blood to the front of the B & B. The note read: Leave or else faggots, you all die!

Chase did not show it to anyone, not to Zane or Cody, just us. We asked him to never say a thing to his brothers and he never did. Jesse and I conjectured who might have done it, including Jaxon; but that sort of thing is a useless waste of time. All that note did was to make our minds up, 110%. Montana was out, California was in.

We spent the next few days or so arranging to leave Montana permanently. We already had good leads on real estate sales of the property that would let us out of both places with no loss, nor profit. Neighbors who had never bothered to swing by to say hello in the first place bade us good-bye with that look that says, We didn’t want you here in the first place, as if we needed yet another reason to get the hell out of Dodge.

Two days later in the middle of all of the packing a phone call came for Ben. His former adopted dad, Clyde Kroger told Ben that his other dad, Jack Hartley, had finally succumbed to his cancer and had died over two weeks before. We made Ben put Clyde on speaker phone and he agreed. As Jesse and I stood there ready to have Ben hang up on the son-of-a-bitch, Ben asked Clyde why he had not called well before now over Jack’s passing.

Apparently Jack’s family had fought Clyde’s presence for Jack’s final passing and his funeral as well, but after the funeral a few of them relented even to the point of sharing a small portion of Jack’s cremation ashes to Clyde to do with as he wished. Over the phone, Clyde then begged Ben to at least go with him back to Texas to scatter Jack’s ashes, but Ben had another agenda and rightfully so.

He ignored Clyde’s request, Why did you leave me? You kicked me out of your lives? I loved you and you treated me like shit. Why should I do this with you? Ben asked the man. Good question. Clyde’s answer to Ben seemed decent enough,

I was distraught Ben. I’m so sorry. Jack’s diagnosis. I had spent decades with Jack, Ben, and they still took my man away from me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t even get to say good-bye to him before or after he died. I’m so sorry! and Clyde broke down a long moment before regaining his composure and continuing,

I understand Ben. I was wrong. We were wrong. We treated you poorly and I was a part of that. You are such a fine young man. You deserve better. If I could I’d do it right and over again. I’ll leave you alone now. I just wanted you to know that I love you and wanted to make sure you had a chance to help me scatter your dad’s ashes proper. Good-bye sweet boy, and was about to hang up,

Wait! Ben said, I’ll go with you, but you have to come here to Montana before we leave and apologize face-to-face. After that we’ll see, and that sounded good to us if that is what Ben wanted.

Clyde quickly agreed and in fact then high-tailed it to Montana from Texas in record time and drove into the property in the early evening two days later, only three days before we were all going to get the hell out of Montana forever as far as I was concerned. Jesse and I were in the driveway with Ben when Clyde Kroger drove in. He got out of his car and we walked over to him.

Jesse. Randy. You men are looking great. You too Ben, he looked down, You may not believe this Ben, but ... I wanted to do so much more with you and for you. We never let you do nothing. It sounds awful but Jack couldn’t because of past wrongs that had nothing to do with you and I wouldn’t only because well, we made mistakes is all. Pretended to be more than we were and couldn’t let go of attitudes.

Ben walked up to him and they hugged, We all make mistakes dad. I made some too. That’s all in the past. I still love you, you know. You pissed me off and left me behind. That’s hard to get over ... but maybe, and then Ben turned to Jesse and I and then back to Clyde, Maybe I want to try again, just you and me this time, nobody else. The whole threesome thing never worked for us like it does with these men, he looked at us.

I don’t deserve a second chance, but I welcome one Ben. You are a beautiful young man, so strong and able. So many times I wanted to just let you have your way with us, me. Jack wouldn’t hear of it. We had fights over it. Bitter ones you never knew about, but I couldn’t let him go. And now he’s gone. If you try, I will try harder, I promise!

I sighed. I looked at Jesse and he looked like me, wanting to believe Clyde, but needing something more from him in good faith, Prove it, Clyde, Jesse said apparently just before Ben might have asked Clyde the same,

Anything. I’ll do anything you boys say to win Ben back to me, Clyde said, Fine. Take him into the woodshed Ben and don’t come out until you’ve beat his ass black and blue with the strop and fucked his sorry ass twice. I’m serious, Jesse said. I nodded my agreement.

Only if you boys watch to make sure I’m doing it right, Clyde offered. It was agreed. It was strange and weird, but most things concerning Jesse and mine life was strange and weird lately. We went into the shed and stood back from them as Ben and Clyde stripped off naked and talked softly with each other choosing a strop together,

How do we know Clyde isn’t just horny and going to dump Ben again? Jesse whispered his worry to me, We don’t. Ben is old enough to make up his own mind and make his own mistakes, I said, Yea, that’s what I was thinking too, Jesse replied.

Clyde is a handsome sexy man, clothed or naked. I hugged Jesse from behind and at the least the show was hot, hot, hot. Ben wielded our best razor strop and Clyde took it really good, thirty licks, his face and body language mirroring the same grit and grimace as I or anyone would from that number. He did good,

Fuck me Ben. Fuck me like we never let you boy. You’re so strong and handsome and sweet, he said pleading after the whipping. It was very convincing. We then watched, pretty much entranced as Ben fucked Clyde and even pulled out at the end and made Clyde get down on his knees and slapped his face, hard, You’ve been a bad father, now suck my dick, and slammed his hard, musty erection into Clyde’s mouth and the man sucked the hell out of it making Ben cum.

Ben stood back from Clyde, Wish I could done have that before. That felt good. Now. You’re going to punish me for being a bitch. Spank me like a bad little boy over your knee and then fuck me daddy, OK? Ben offered. I liked it and so did Jesse. We were both turned on as Clyde actually lovingly played his role to a tee.

Clyde spanked Ben over his knee and then actually turned the chair around and fucked Ben bent over the back of it. I pawed at Jesse the entire time and made him get a wet spot of pre-cum on his Wrangler’s front. When it was done I spoke, Stay the night with Ben, Clyde, alone. See how you boys feel in the morning, and then we left the woodshed and Ben showed his dad their room.

We didn’t see them again until breakfast, the make-up sex apparently that good for that long as one of them, Clyde, waddled out to the breakfast table the next morning, That boy wore me out, twice more. I don’t know what I was thinking. He’s more a top than I ever could be, Ben right behind Clyde and swatted Clyde’s behind,

You got a spanking coming later before we leave daddy, so eat up and get your strength, and I could see the gleam of pleasure in both males’ eyes, Fuck me again as well? Clyde asked, If you beg me for the spanking well enough, Ben proposed and Clyde smiled, Deal.

Jesse, I, Zane, Cody and Chase said a teary-eyed good-bye to Ben and Clyde not too long after. We knew it might be a very long time before we saw either of them again. We made sure that they knew how to contact us and Ben promised that we would find out wherever they eventually landed.

Watching Ben leave us kind of made my mind up as the last nail in the coffin of leaving Montana if there were any nails left. It was now Burwell or bust followed by California or bust, Sleepy Valley bound, I don’t know about y’all, but I think it’s time to go. I say we speed things up. Get Wild Bill and Tornado ready and get the fuck out of this dump, I said. It wasn’t a dump, but when you finally get a hankering for something and somewhere better you just say things like that.

No sex. No nothing. We worked hard and straight through the next 48 hours and finally all packed and ready to go, we all took one last look at the now empty woodshed especially, Gonna miss that thing, Chase said, Yea, but Grandpa has two more in California waiting to be used. Jesus God that’s going to be fun! Cody put a good spin on it.

There were two trucks in our moving caravan. Jesse and I together in one towing our horse trailer for Wild Bill and Tornado, both getting on in years. I was thinking to myself that we might just leave them in Burwell and not take them to California, but had said nothing to Jesse about that just yet.

The boys were together in the other truck filled to the gills in back with stuff. Furniture and other large things would be shipped later, kept at the properties under lock and key. Tyson McDuffie helped in that matter, sorry to see us leave. He was a good kid and never a shithole like Jaxon turned out to be.

My only sadness was passing Cody’s uncle’s former bed and breakfast on the way out to get on the highway east to Sheridan, Wyoming to the same flea-bitten trap of a motel that we had always stopped at for the first night. All the good times when Bob Pladgett (Cody’s uncle and former family name) was running Bob’s Bed and Breakfast. Our honeymoon and such there. Deciding to move from the Burwell ranch in Nebraska and have a go in beautiful Montana. Good times but apparently not meant to last like a lot of things.

Once past that property I did not look back. Jesse was driving, us behind the boys’ truck. I cuddled into him best I could in my seat-belt, I’m glad to be heading back to Burwell. I miss it. Glad we kept it, I said, Me too. I want to whip your tail in the barn when we get there, just like we did as kids. Take the horses out to the far fence for an overnight for one last time like we did as boys, remember that? and I looked at Jesse. He had said one last time, so he knew what I suspected about them,

Yes I do. Wild Bill and Tornado, I said, Yea, about them. I don’t think we should take them to California with us Randy, Jesse said and I nodded, I know, I said, They can live out their lives where they belong at the Burwell ranch. I’ll see to it, Jesse said and I sighed. Horses age and die and Wild Bill was old when I first rode him way back when, Tornado now close behind.

I want to give you a switching in the barn or better yet, under the switching tree using that old barrel like Pa used to, I smiled, Fuck me over it this time after, Jesse smiled, Deal, I said. The drive to Sheridan, Wyoming for the night was smooth and as usual, tiring and boring; but we made it. We made the same comments we always do about why we put up with the skanky motel, but we still stayed there. It would be our last time anyway and it felt sentimental that way.

OK. It’s me and Chase and Zane tonight. Daddy Randy is stuck with Cody tonight, Jesse announced on arrival, Oh? I said. He winked at me and I just smiled back at him, You’re in big trouble now daddy. I’m gonna ride heard on your hot ass, Cody said with his usual aggressive hot, sexy, cocky self as he sidled up to me out by the trucks.

I put my arm around my always horny youngest’s shoulders. His palm slipped into my back pocket and he whispered in my ear, You know you’re going over my knee and getting a good long brushing, and I smiled and said nothing. Didn’t need to. I just enjoyed his verve and especially after the shit we’d all been through this past several weeks.

We ate dinner at the still pretty good next door diner that we always did, paid the bill and got back to our motel rooms, See you later hot cowboy, I said to and kissed Jesse, God luck with spankzilla, he grinned at me and I laughed. Cody and I then sequestered in our room together after that.

Cody was all over me fully clothed as soon as the door shut, chest-to-chest. We kissed briefly, Is Ben going to be OK daddy? I worried that Clyde guy was just going to use him and then throw him away like he did before, and I shrugged, Not up to us Cody, but I think he’ll be fine, and Cody smiled, his hands going down to my Wranglers, Well, come on daddy. Time for you to obey, he said matter-of-factly.

I frankly loved it as his hands started to pants me without asking, just doing. Cody commenced to pulling down my Wranglers and shorts to my hips and then he turned me around and pushed me face first into the door, Do you want to pee pants, daddy? he asked, No, not really, I said,

Just thought I’d ask. Rather eat this dad ass out first though, and a moment after that Cody was on his knees, parting my cheeks with his thumbs and his tongue inside my hole without a lot of preliminary rimming, Daddy? You got the good spanking hairbrush in this room? he asked pausing his wonderful tongue action,

Yes, I think so over there in that suitcase, and he bounded away to check. It was there, Got it. Now stay still. I’m not done eating your boy ass daddy. So hot and tasty! I never grew tired of Cody’s sexual energy and aggression. He came back over and then kneeled and reaching around grabbed up my scrotum into his fist and squeezed me pretty good, Cody! I groaned with the edgy pain,

That’s right daddy, I’m in charge of these here balls and this here hot ass, and he spanked me a couple times and then went back to eating me out. All I had to do was press my palms flat to the door, turn my face to the side against the door and enjoy Cody’s sexual pleasuring and I did, his tongue driving me nuts with desire.

He finally stood up, Do you want to shower first? he asked. I nodded, the day’s grime not appealing, Yes I do, and he smiled and took my hand, Me too, and led us over to the bed and insisted on taking my clothes off of me as well as himself. We both sported erections, My naked hot daddy, his hands ran over me, Oh, I don’t know if I can wait, came around to my side, rubbed my naked cheeks and swatted my tail hard, four times.

Over my knee dad, just some warm-up, he said sat and pulled me to straddle his left knee. His free hand had gobbled up my scrotum and fisted the base of my erection as his other hand seemed to want to spank me then before a stray fingertip found something more interesting, Oh Cody, the fingertip became of interest to me,

What daddy? Cody teased. I pushed my hips in the direction of pleasure, Oh you mean this, and in the next moment his talented tongue was rimming me as his other fist was now lightly masturbating my dick.

I just lay there limp with erotic pleasure, his tongue a thing of beauty. He finally sat up, Jesus. We’re supposed to be in the shower. This is your fault dad, your behind is calling to me to give us pleasure, daddy ... with this, and I didn’t know what this was until it struck like an angry hornet. The hairbrush.

Cody’s free arm wrapped and his other arm paddled, me that is, Bad daddy turning me on so we can’t shower yet, his free fist now grabbing at my nutsack hard to hold me down. Every time that brush flat stung tender flesh I would jerk and the jerking would yank my balls and stimulate my cock, My hot daddy needs a tanning! he got all wound up and then really went after me.

Oh Cody, Cody! I finally had to yelp. My ass was on fire from his excellent attention to it with the brush. He stopped, Now that’s what I call a well worn-out boy ass, Cody said, his use of boy for me never growing old. He relaxed his grips on me, his spanking hand rubbing and soothing, So good Cody, so good, I sighed, I want you to feel good, daddy. OK. Come on, let’s shower now, and he helped me to standing, him with me.

We embraced and kissed passionately briefly, the fingertips of both of his hands digging into my throbbing sore ass, You really went after it son, I said, You glad I did? he asked, Of course. I always like it when you get after me, Cody, always, and he smiled, Good, took my hand and finally led us into the bathroom and then into the very close quarters of the hot, steamy shower water cubicle.

I had to wince a little, that hot water stinging my paddled rear some, You’re getting taller, I commented as Cody was just about my height now, the same as Jesse really. I know. Pretty soon I’ll be as tall as Chase and Zane, he said which I looked forward too. I loved having tall sons. We hugged under the water a long moment then, chest-to-chest, Daddy? It’s OK if you want me to back off and be submissive to you, he offered.

I smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, Are you asking? Do you need to trade off now and have your dad put you in your place? I asked back. The corner of his mouth turned up a bit looking unsure, Um ... maybe. I just want you to be happy. You and daddy Jesse work hard to please your sons. Now you went and got us a Grandpa and we’re going to California and all. It just seems I got nothing to offer in return.

His awkward comment made me feel very uncomfortable. I implicitly knew what he meant to say, but didn’t very well, Cody, honey, that’s not true, I responded. He shrugged, Sometimes I feel like I’m a burden and act out like I do all aggressive to hide myself from reality, and I looked at him. He did not think that. Somebody else had put that in his head, I just knew it, Who told you that? I asked,

Zane, Chase too, he pouted. Right. I should have known. I sighed, I thought so. Cody, all that you need to be is yourself. Never not be yourself. Ignore your brothers on this for me, OK? I insisted. He smiled, Thanks daddy. You’re a good father. So is daddy Jesse, he sighed in conclusion.

Um daddy? I think I need to be disciplined by my hot dad, now. Put in my place proper. A hard, hard hiding. A harder using too, he said. The mood between us was clearly changed now and that was fine by me.

Just like my son wanted me to be happy and satisfied, I wanted the same for him, probably more actually. I wanted my boy to feel that he was loved, cherished and appreciated so that he could feel it and truly believe it and not just have empty words.

I slowly turned him in the shower and pulled his hot naked bubble cheeks back and slid my erection between those cheeks and humped some rubbing against his hole, Oh daddy! he winced, Punish me please, make it hurt ... really hard, he whimpered, You telling me what to do boy? I playfully teased a chastisement, No sir. Sorry daddy, I can be a little faggot bitch sometimes, a needy little slut, he sighed.

You sure can. Your daddy’s little slutty faggot bitch. My slutty little faggot bitch, and then I pushed aside my cock and swooped my middle finger right up into my son’s fuck tunnel in one big, I was sure, painful push, DADDY! he yelped rising up on his tip-toes as I wrapped my other strong forearm tightly across his chest capturing him water-tight hard back against my body. Cody’s hands both came up to my arm and gripped it as for dear life.

I’ll be a good boy daddy! A good boy! he pitched his voice higher as I then jammed that finger harder inside not giving any quarter with it, Oh yes you will, because good boys in this family get their hind ends blistered and then raped, I growled. He tensed, Raped so hard daddy. Beaten and used like a hot little faggot slut bitch! Cody finished the aggressive word play all on his own turning me on so intensely!

I tightened my hug on him, my capture of my boy, swooped the finger out of his ass end and then reached around and fisted up his big testicles and then squeezed them very hard. Cody hissed, Oh daddy that hurts. Punishment! he gritted his teeth, but I didn’t let up and dug my fingertips hard into his oval boy balls, Daddiee! he winced and his hands slid back and gripped my hips so tightly, it burned my skin.

I relaxed. He relaxed panting, Daddy is going to give me holy hell tonight. Lower the boom on my bitch ass, he self-talked out loud and yes. Now I was definitely in the mood to ride heard on my young man. It had been a while between us and I needed this with Cody and I thought he needed it from me.

The shower cubicle was small, Hands up on the wall boy. Just a little taste of the pain to come, boy, I said. He did and then I unceremoniously shoved just my dick head into his tight boy pucker and just a little past his tight quivering ass sphincter to get his attention. It did, Daddie! Oh Daddie it hurts! he warbled with a girlish high yelp, his ass muscles complaining to my cock some, Yes it does boy, just a taste, and then I pulled out.

Cody’s nostrils flared. He turned his head and looked at me far sideways his chewing lips, You want that again? I asked, Uh-huh! his eyes widened. I waited and waited and then suddenly did it again, only in a little further meeting up with just a tad less resistance, but no matter.

Cody’s eyes popped open, Damn your cock is big tonight! Jesus fuck daddy! he grimaced as I held it there then pulled my boy away from the wall, pulled my cock out and then twirled him about. I hugged him about as hard as I could and pressed my mouth onto his, his tongue instantly seeking mine and finding it, I let him push his into my mouth and our tongues danced and swirled together almost violently.

His arms wrapped tightly around my neck, my hands pulling his flanks inward to me pressing our cocks very hard together down below. We made sounds, guttural things as our mouths fought and struggled to get more and more of each other, loud and soft mews from my son’s throat. I wanted desperately to eat his ass more, but didn’t want to move, but did, Stay still, I said and dropped to my knees.

Not an easy thing in those very close quarters, Turn around, show me your tail, I said and he did, his palms plastered up on the smooth shower cubicle wall again. My nose was only an inch from my target and I managed to pry apart his ass end with my thumb tips and then dove in with my tongue as deeply as I could,

Oh daddy yes! he squealed, his left knee lurching up which helped it flatten out is deep ass curves some allowing my tongue to get in deeper, My sweet father using my boy pucker for hot pleasure. Oh fuck yes. Oh damn daddy! I am going to pay dearly for this I know. A beating over dad’s knee worth having, his sexy talk driving me insane with need, but I lingered to reward his efforts, my other fist now jerking hard on his stiff prick and his hips pushing carefully back against my mouth to get more I was sure.

I finally had enough if there is such a thing as enough. I wormed my way back up to standing, Get out of the shower. Get yourself dry and into the bedroom. Get my good belt, you know the one. You’re getting a whipping, a hard, hard whipping boy, I seethed with hot erotic need, Yessir, yesdaddie, his voice soft and meek, his words soft and submissive and his cock raging hard. I slapped his ass as he left me.

Then I closed the shower cubicle door and put one palm flat to the door and felt down to my anxiously hard prick with the other. I suddenly realized that I had not had one single thought about all of the fuss and bother that it really is to pick up and move our life back to Nebraska and then to California and especially so that we had not been in Montana but hardly for a few months.

I sighed, We are going to move to California and we are going to stay there forever. No more god-damned moving. I’m sick and tired of it, I mumbled to myself. I turned off the shower and got out feeling like we’d been in there for days.

I got out of the shower and dried taking my time. Then I opened the already cracked open bathroom door and walked into the main room not knowing exactly what to expect, but should have known.

There in the middle of the room was a chair. Athletically draped naked over the back of the chair was my tallish son, his pushed-back erection lewdly protruding down at a forty-five degree angle between his thighs, his butthole pointed nearly directly up to the ceiling.

His knees were drawn up on either side of the chair back, feet off the floor. His torso was angling down over the front of the chair seat, palms flat to the floor. He had somehow draped the belt across his ass-end. I walked up to him saying nothing and then snatched up the belt into my fist.

He turned his head and we made eye contact, Beg me for it, I instructed and then I made it doubly difficult for him. I positioned myself directly in between his spread legs and right over his up-turned anus and then leaning down started to rim his stretched hole with my tongue.

His legs then wrapped around me, ankles crossed, Oh daddy! his voice pitched as I slid my tongue as deeply as I could directly down and inside of his butt hole and started a patient slow in and out boy cunt cleaning.

I loved that he had captured me with his legs and using my hands rubbed his sides and back. Cody moaned as I massaged his outsides and insides, Ohhh, dad. Oh fuck that feels so good. Ohhh ... please daddy, please give me a hard belt blistering. I need it! Please daddy! ... Ooommmmm, he begged. I liked it. I stood up and he let go with his legs.

I stepped to the side and we made eye contact again, Hold on tight boy, I dead-panned. He closed his eyes a moment and then opened them again, Bad boys are hided, he said. I nodded, Yes they are, and then I started in with two hard swipes of that belt, not down across the center of his beautifully presented ass cheeks, but right where thigh meets ass.

He winced, Daddy, his voiced strained, Yes boy? I said and did it again, twice more. Same spots right over the rising thick red welts, Fuck! he looked at me. I seldom have seen Cody’s face pained in a way that was really non-erotic. I thought I saw it then and then checked his peter. Yup, flagging.

I dropped my whipping arm to my side and masturbated his softened cock back to full hardness, Hurts, doesn’t it, I said, Yessir. You gonna do that again? he asked, What do you think? I said and doubled the belt up again, I am going to get a real tanning, just like I asked for, he said. I nodded, Change your mind? I asked to give him an out.

He looked at me. I looked back and dared him and he knew it, Fuck no. If my dad can’t give me a truly hard ass whipping now and again, then he’s no use to me, turned his head and closed his eyes. I smiled and nodded then went after him.

Cody is tough boy. He’s very physical and takes as good as he gives so I blistered his hind end. I didn’t care that he might be marked for a bit after, the edges of that belt already looking a bit messy. He would sit on his sore ass the next day and enjoy it because he always enjoyed such things.

By the time I stopped, his butt looked pretty much a war zone. I tossed the belt aside, You ready for cock? I asked him. He opened his eyes, Make me cry, daddy, is all he said because the belt had failed to do it.

Come on. Up. I want you on your back, I said and helped him to standing. He kind of gingerly felt about his burnt bottom, said nothing and then lay back on the bed edge, legs pulled back. I moved into him and put his ankles up on my shoulders and poised my cock head right at his back door with gentle forward pressure,

Hard or easy? I asked Cody. He smiled gently, My daddy does not do easy. He’s a hard, sexy dad and knows that this boy does nothing easy, so I shoved my prick into Cody without warning falling forward down on top of him. Cody turned his head, breath held and face instantly red and grimaced about as hard as I had ever seen him even breaking out into a sheen of sweat.

He wrapped his hands about my neck and shoulders and then pulled me in to kiss him as I felt his ass muscles and fuck tunnel bitch me out about my rude entrance. We kissed, rather we munched mouths, our tongues familiar and active.

I felt his ass relax and then I started to fuck him slowly. The kiss broke and he lurched up to snuggle me further into him, our bodies fused and his pelvis now in rhythm with me, I needed this. After all we been through especially with Ben. Fuck me daddy, his voice soft. I smiled, Hold on sweet boy, I said and his grip onto me tightened.

Then I fucked him, hard. I would pull out nearly completely and then slam in completely to the hilt. I kept doing this, harder and faster and faster and harder, Breed your bitch son, dad! he yelled and I did. I roared my rapture and stabbed his ass hole hard again and again with each spurt of man semen into my son’s boy tunnel.

Don’t pull out dad. Just stay a while, he said softly, all the goodness of our showers washed away in sweat and effort, Do you feel satisfied daddy? he asked. Strange question, Do you? I asked, No, he said, Me either, I confessed, What’s missing? I added looking directly down at him feeling my cock softening inside of him.

You’ll think I’m completely nuts, but what’s missing is my dad’s hind end over my knees, getting a spanking. Getting fucked by his loving son, he smiled. I chuckled, I should have known. OK. You got it stud. Anything for you Cody, I added, Anything? You may wish you never went there, he cautioned, Oh? I dare you, I said and in offering that thought maybe I was nuts and not him.

A few moments of re-arrangement later and me cursing under my breath because I had ignored the fact that I had just orgasmed which would make anything Cody did to me lose its erotic appeal at least some, Cody had me across his knees. Holding the fucking hairbrush,

You are so in trouble, is all he said and then went to wailing away on my butt cheeks. All I could do was hold on for dear life, grin and bear it as they way. But in a way, it felt needful to get my ass totally punished by the one kid in our family that I think now I related to more than the others. Why I could not tell you, I just did.

Maybe I thought Chase and Zane more from the sane Jesse’s side of Nebraska and Cody from my more wild Californian roots and I related more to Cody somehow. No matter now, it hurt! Ouuuu! Cody! I yelped loud. He stopped and felt under me. I was soft, Had enough father of mine? he smirked.

I sighed, No. You decide. You’ve earned that right, I said confidently as his fingers started to diddle my back door, Maybe I have, don’t mean I have to keep going, and his palm flattened, OK. Hand spanking until I wear my hand out on you dad. Then you’re getting plowed, He said. I nodded and he started in.

Gosh! How can he spank so long? Guess practice makes perfect as his palm about wore me into begging him to stop, but not quite, Damn my hands hurts! he conceded, Get up. You need fucking, Cody blurted and helped me to standing. Then he pushed me face first into the bed, Get in there, right in the middle, and I did and then he pounced in back of me, pushed me into the mattress and did what he said.

Cody pounded me, his father, slammed and fucked me without any niceties. After he raptured he panted, Want to shower again? he said, Yea. No more sex though honey. We need sleep, and that’s what we did. It was nice to just shower with my boy sans any erotic expectations.

Later on in the bed, I spooned my boy back into me, Thank you for this evening Cody. I needed that with you, I confessed, Me too daddy. Everything is going to be all right now. I got me a real Grandpa now. I got you to thank for that. Thank you daddy, he said, Welcome, I said and then we slept.

Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher’s Son – Part Forty-five, © Copyright PJ Franklin, May 12, 2018.

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