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Smart Ass? Dumb Ass? Spanked Ass!

by Bad Boy Bobby

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I think about spanking when I was over
And the hand was fallin’ down
Warmed by the fire, I love bein’ harder
When there’s no one else around

And I’m fallin’, woah, I’m fallin’
I’m fallin’ over your knee

[From Falling by LeBlanc and Carr, from 1978, when my best friend and near-lover in a dormitory one year put me over his knee... again and again and again and again.... This song makes me laugh. It sounds a little like they are singing I’m Paul Lynde and I can just hear the comedian laughing and saying his signature, How are ya?]



Inspired by my phony brother David when in ’03, I was evidently telling him of political internet discussions I used to have back then, was moving back to Florida in the area where he lived. He suddenly said, You’re a real smart-ass! I smiled and after a moment I thought of the perfect comeback. Well, beats being a dumb-ass! He chuckled and said, You’re just a plain ass! I laughed back and it took me a little but I said, And you are the hole in the ass! Your turn! Some time back he and his then-live-in-girlfriend were visiting me in Orlando and he was driving, kept doing crazy stuff which made her angry. So she said, Asshole! Made him blush but yes, my brother has always been an asshole. Maybe ever since he made it to 12 or something. He had no comeback to my hole remark.

Anyway, it inspired this story. Brothers seventeen and fifteen, so the reviewer does not trip over himself, trying to figure out what ages to put. Sticking out tongue!



My brother Matt and I were always trying to outdo each other. Living at home with Dad, we got on his nerves one night with our silly antics.

You know, you’re a real smart-ass! Matt told me.

Beats being a dumb-ass! I snapped back, ever resourceful. He laughed. You’re just an ass.

Now I laughed. You are the hole in the ass, dumb-ass!

Dad snapped, trying to read his newspaper in peace. Both of you need to be quiet and stop this endless bickering. He stopped a moment, then added, Or you’ll wind up being spanked asses.

I smirked, Matt sneered. Yeah, right! I said.

We were just sitting on the living room floor. Dad heard me, moved his newspaper downward, as I looked over at him. Keep it up, Jake. You keep talking and I’ll grab you, pull down your pants, put you over my knee, and give you a good, old-fashioned spanking.

I felt pale at once. No way! Come on, Dad, parents don’t spank their children anymor.

Dad was pretty quick himself. So you admit being a child, eh?

Matt started laughing. See, you’re a smart-ass.

Fuck off, dumb-ass! I snapped back.

All at once, Dad put down his paper. Me, I’m not a small fry anymor, but Dad, well, he’s quite muscular and strong, as you saw coming into this story, didn’t you? He jumped up, got over to me, immediately pulled on my ear. OW! Dad, don’t!

Get up! I complied. I mean, he had me by the ear. I suddenly found myself rising to the occasion, and I was pulled by Dad right over to the loveseat nearby. I mean he just got out of his own chair, took me over there, by my ear. Once seated, he reached over, started undoing my shorts.

Come on, Dad, you can’t do that! What are you doing?

He kept it up, not much to it, around-the-house shorts. I started to pull his hand away but he was fast, and as I said, strong. He got my zipper down, pulled down. I tried to fight it but found myself unable to. I mean, how do you stop your father from exposing your body like that? He is wanting to get my private parts exposed. I just found I lacked the courage to stop him, especially as I found myself getting a hard-on.

He got my shorts down, grabbed my snug boxer briefs, pulled them down, too. I could picture my brother behind me, watching my bared butt right now. But it didn’t matter what he saw now, for my own father quickly got me over to his side, and he pulled me right down, right across his lap. He got my legs up on the loveseat with him, though as tall as I’d gotten, me stretched out on a loveseat made for two, my legs dangled off the end, kind of down on the carpet.

He pulled up my shirt a little, he got am arm around me, squeezed tight. He then started spanking me with his hand, like I was 3 or something.

Damn, this was embarrassing! My dad is warming my butt up with his hand! My bare butt. Here I am, a senior in high school, due to graduate, and my father has me over his knee, spanking my bared bottom with his hand.

Come on, Dad, I’m almost a grown man!

Hey, I have said you can live here during your adult years! he snapped back, never stopping his pace, spanking my butt like he was beating his own meat or something. You aren’t going to smart off, make juvenile comments in my house, young man. Whether you are 17 or 71. He went right on, held me tight, spanked my butt hard with his bare hand. His flesh slapping my flesh. This was so humiliating! And right in front of my younger brother, who I know was delighted to see this.

His hand just warmed up my behind, kept going, very hard. Dad, cut it out! Please! I’m too old for this!

He just went for it, tore me up! I felt like a rump roast in the oven, slowly simmering, but moving to boiling! Or is that broiling?

I could hear Matt the Brat over there, snickering away. Dad’s hand just continued lighting me up. Damn! All this for calling my dumb brother a dumb-ass? What is this shit?

I kept twisting and turning, making grunting noises as he spanked away! Here I am, exposed, getting my bare butt spanked by my father. And me in high school, set to graduate next May! This is outrageous! Whoever heard of such a thing? He went pretty hard and pretty long, turning my white cheeks into a rosy red. I reached back to block his shots, but he stopped spanking me, long enough to hold onto my wrists, keep them in place.

I grunted, I groaned, I was getting my bare ass spanked, whether I wanted it spanked or not. And just then I noticed, underneath... I was getting hard as a rock! I was thrashing on top, grunting, moving back and forth, but underneath I was building up a wildfire of a raging boner, coupled with a massive amount of lust!

Dad finally ended his rear assault, started rubbing my embarrassed cheeks, rubbing his hand all around.

I looked over, saw Matt still grinning wildly.

Way to go, Dad. I am glad you decided to punish him.

Dad rubbed my heated buns some more, and underneath my lollipop was ready to be wrapped up and stuck on the shelf, all nice and hard now. Oh, my younger brother’s voice was so grating. He was enjoying every moment of this!

Dad rubbed my beaten flesh some more, turning me on some more.

Well, I won’t have my sons making smart remarks under my nose and showing me disrespect.

And he went the extra step, pulled apart my cheeks, looked. He kept a hand and pulled one cheek, then he spanked right over there, right over my hole. Gave me maybe ten hard smacks right on my cavity, kept my outer cheek pulled.

Way to go, Dad! Burn him up on the inside, too! Aw, I couldn’t believe this! Dad was spanking me on my crack, pulling apart my buns like this! And right in front of Matt the Brat! I just couldn’t get over this! And his anal assault made me even harder underneath, my bare cock digging into the fibers of the furniture Dad and I were over. Didn’t think of it until now but I bet his own cock inside his pants was hard!

He gave me one final, declarative smack. Get up!

I got up from him, turned to face him, backed away, nearly tripping over my own shorts and underwear in the process. I reached back and rubbed my heated buns and he noticed, my erection springing right out underneath my shirt for him to notice, which he seemed to. Hey! No rubbing back there. Or I’ll get my belt!

Yes, sir! responded I, unused to calling my dad sir.

Servers you right, Jake.

What are you smiling at? You’re next.

With lightning speed, Dad got up, got over to dumb-assed Matt, and he got the ear treatment, too. Dad drug him over, sat down as with me, started getting my younger brother with the dumb-ass mouth undressed himself, showing me HIS naked butt! Dad made mincemeat of his clothes, getting not just his shorts and underwear down and off, but he stripped him of his shirt, too! And he put my brother, naked completely, put him over his knee like me, got him into position, and started spanking him like crazy! Wow, not sure when I saw that pain-in-the-butt naked last, but he was naked now. Dad started spanking his naked butt like crazy. And here I was, standing here, enjoying it. Matt got a prime view, being over where I could not see him without twisting my head a little. From here, I could see his face, his butt risen over in the background, sort of, saw him wincing in pain, his eyes shutting, or rather squinching shut.

Dad’s hand made wildfire of Matt’s bare butt. It was so nice, seeing his fleshy cheeks rising to the occasion, Dad slapping the fire out of him. He started moving around, as I had, trying to squirm out of it. Dad’s hand would not stop, just kept going and going. He had Matt pinned, his arm around his mid-section, like me. Now I could be all gleeful, and I was. I felt like stepping out of my shorts and underwear, so I did. I could feel my erection bouncing all around. I wanted to reach down and grab a feel, watching my brother’s bared hiney being roasted alive. I moved over to see his face more. At last he made eye contact, seeing my gleeful smile as I had seen his. Oh, so nice! He just made a boo-hoo face, feeling as humiliated at I had felt, maybe. I don’t know, I was a senior in high school, him a bratty sophomore. Getting your bare butt spanked by hand by your dad is a little closer to his age than mine. But this was delightful.

He reached back as well, tried to block Dad’s powerful hand, but was no match for our father, just as I wasn’t. Dad got those two skinny wrists locked into place and he continued bashing his prized possession. The bouncy cheeks just kept on bouncing, turning a fiery red, the tears starting to cascade down my weasely, dumb-assed brother’s face. Ah, this was nice! And my cock got really hard, kept its hardness from when I was over my father’s knee, just moments ago.

Dad, please! Please!

Dad stopped. You gonna talk trash with your brother again?


Dad got a hold of his own cheek, pulled, started spanking him on his crack, as he had me. Matt the Brat screeched out loud, as Dad gave him some anal attention, too. Just as he had me. Matt put his hands forward, seemed to enjoy it on some level as I think I did. He got his butt just roasted by Dad’s mad hand, now got it good right on his tight, little hole. Man, Dad wanted us to be COMPLETELY humiliated today! He spanked us long ago when we were much younger. Neither of us expected this now, at our ages.

He finished punishing my bratty brother’s bared bottom, the twin, humpy cheeks with the parting middle. A final swat, like with me. Get up!

He certainly was not so smug now! Up he went, and he too backed away from Dad, started rubbing his hot little buns.

Dad remained firm, stood up. Hey, stop rubbing away the sting, or my belt promise is good for you, too.

Matt stopped. Dad looked at me. Get the shirt off, Jake. I want you naked, too.

I peeled it off, stood there with my Bouncing Baby Boy, almost aimed right at Dad. He looked down at it, momentarily.

About time you boys got what you have needed. Way overdue.

I looked over at Matt; he looked at me. Evidently, he saw my boner as I stood there, but getting his hiney roasted, he did not take the time to enjoy the view. Now he was nice and hard, too.

Both of you, go over to your respective corners!

He pointed. Matt had been over towards the kitchen area of our condo. This was all the more embarrassing, due to others living on the other side of this living room wall, who may have heard all this spanking. Now Matt got over by the kitchen corner, Dad directed me over to the further corner, by the back porch.

Put your hands on top of your heads, stay there for a while. I’ve got to go use the bathroom. You two stay like that until I return!

He added, You understand me?

We both replied, Yes, sir, which I am sure he enjoyed hearing very much. Oh, I like those red asses. I may make a habit of this now.


He left. I couldn’t believe it. Spanked like a little boy, now made to stand in the corner like one! Both of us!

You sure got us into trouble, smart-ass!

I said back, You are the one who caused it, dumb-ass!

Smart-ass or dumb-ass, now we’re both a spanked ass!

I snorted. I had to give him that one. The little brat! I just stood there, facing the corner, just waiting for Dad to release me, so I could go jack off!



The fall and the springtime were like in between time
You’re here and spanking hard away
Woah, I just wanted to say
Won’t you please spank away?

’Cause I’m fallin’, woah, I’m fallin’
I’m fallin’ over your knee

[Musical interlude]

But I’m fallin’, yeah I’m fallin’
Oh, I’m fallin’ over your knee
Over your knee
Over your knee
[And feeling so hard]

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