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My adventures in Babysitting
Part 1

by Phantom81

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Background: I babysat two boys when I was 21, back in 1989. This is based on real events. Sean was 8 and his brother Chad was 6. Their parents gave me permission to spank the two if and when I felt it necessary. Their parents openly admitted that they spank the two on the bare bottom most of the time, especially when they tell a fib. It was unspoken and understood permission that I was allowed to do the same. The boys also admitted in general conversation that that is how they get spanked.


I met both boys almost by accident. They were peeing in the back yard of the apartment complex, in the bushes. They were not hidden too well, so it was quite easy to see what they were doing, and for some reason, they decided to pull their pants and underpants down all the way, in order to pee. Boys will be boys for sure! But you could tell they were having fun and didn’t really care that someone might see their cute naked bottoms! Or seeing them go pee! I must have startled them when I said Hi, because they apparently paused mid –stream.


Hey guys, what do you think you’re doing? I said half serious and have jokingly.

We’re just watering the plants, chad said with a smile on his face.

Sean added: Yeah we had to go pee real bad and couldn’t wait until we got home, so we’re peeing right here, he said with a big smile as well. And they both giggled at their silly joke.

Um, do you think that’s such a good idea?

Yeah, why not? asked Sean.

No one cares that we’re peeing outside, remarked the younger boy

Aren’t you afraid your parents will find out and you’ll get in trouble?

Nah, we’re never bad ! Remarked Sean. I wanted to say to him, Your right, you’re not being bad, you’re being naughty! But I just rolled my eyes and said You two are a bunch of goofballs! And they kept on urinating and laughed at my remark. Had I had permission to spank them then, I would have in a heartbeat! I would have told them to pull their pants up and get inside! I would take both of them over my knees as I sat on the sofa, and bared their little behinds by pulling their pants and underpants down to their ankles, and spanked them with my hand, and good! But I digress.


Long story short: They stopped peeing, pulled their pants up and left. I wish I knew their parents at that point, and told them what their boys did. I can only imagine seeing them get their naked little and cute bottoms spanked by their Dad! Or at least hearing it through a window! A few days later, I saw them with their Mom and introduced myself. I mentioned that I saw them playing in the backyard, and I could see their faces turn white as a ghost, because they thought I was going to tell on them! I gave them both a wink, and we understood each other. She mentioned in conversation, that she and her husband were looking for a babysitter for them, and I told her my experience as a babysitter. I was hired on the spot. When their Mom started to walk away to go home, the boys lingered a bit and Sean said: Thanks John for not telling on us! Little did they or I know they would end up getting a bare bottom a few days later for something else, and I would get to witness it in person, sitting down not too far away from where I’d get to see their naked fannies up close! And to top it off, not only see their pants and underpants being pulled down by their dad, but get to see their naked fannies get spanked!


The two little brothers had been caught playing with firecrackers and matches, and I was there to babysit them that evening. It was before the sunset and before they took a bath. Their Dad was there as well, and about to leave for work, when he and I were inside talking and finishing eating some pizza. Then we heard a loud BANG and Sean and Chad both said WOW! THAT WAS COOL! Needless to say their Dad went rushing out the front door, and I in hot pursuit to see what happened. He was not very happy to see what they were doing!

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU BOYS!! GET INSIDE NOW!!! YOU BOTH ARE GONNA GET YOUR HIDES TANNED GOOD!! As soon as they got inside, the naughty little boys knew they were going to get a bare bottom spanking, and started to cry. John, will you please hand me the paddle please!

I did so, and Sean and Chad looked at me with tears in their eyes. Sorry guys, I can’t help you out on this one, you’re on your own. Their Dad sat down on the sofa, and I handed him the paddle. I sat down less than 5 feet where I would witness the whole thing. Sean was first. His dad told him to pull his pant and underpants down, and bend over his lap. Sean stumbled a bit, so his dad the honors for him. He lectured the 8 year old naughty boy about the dangers of playing with firecrackers and matches, as Sean stood their ½ naked. I got a good look at his nice little naked butt! He then went over his Dad’s lap, and got a really good sound spanking! Afterwards he was made to step out of his pants and go and stand in the corner, hands down, no rubbing allowed. He grabbed my shoulder for balance as he took off the pants and undies. His butt was very red! Needless to say, I got a real good close up look at his tiny hairless penis and nude rear end. He stood there crying while Chad went through the same procedure. He looked so pitiful, but like his brother had to be taught a lesson. When he pulled his pants and underpants down, he just went ahead and took them off all the way, since he figured he would be joining his older brother soon.

His tiny, white, cute and smooth naked bottom didn’t take long to get red because the paddle covered both cheeks at the same time. He went to join Sean in the corner, and there stood two very naughty little boys with their butts exposed for all to see! Their dad left for work, and told me they could get out of the corner in about ten minutes, and told me to give them a bath. When I told them it was bath time, instead of putting their pants back on, they grabbed them and went upstairs. As I was filling the bath tub for them, they took off their shirts, went pee in the toilet, and then hopped in the tub. I washed them both up, and was careful when I washed their freshly spanked bottoms, apologizing for making them hurt a little. It’s ok they both said, trying to be brave. They dried off, put clean underpants on, and went to bed. As I said goodnight, turned off the light and closed the door, I started going downstairs when I heard: Hey Sean, is your butt still sore?

Yeah, is yours? I snuck up to the crack in the door to see what was going on, and I was surprised to see both of them lying on their stomachs next to each other, with underpants down, rubbing each other’s red bare naked boy bottoms! It was a sight to see! After about 10 minutes of this, they stopped and kicked off their underpants off completely and went to sleep! Boy, they had the cutest naked little rear ends, even though they were just spanked!


More to come in Part 2!

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