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Playing At School

by U.N. Known

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 27 May 2018


A re-imagining of Playing School by Lucas Hennington here:


Emerging from the house where he’d been watching his trap unfold Andy Harris crept across the garden to the garage where it was taking place.

The twelve year old had the reputation of being something of a nerd, but he didn’t think that gave the other boys the right to bully him. Luke Edwards and Zack Peterson seemed to think it did just because they were older, and cooler than Andy was. After today though, Andy was sure they wouldn’t be doing it again. Not if they knew what was good for them.

Luke and Zack were both in the garage Andy was heading towards, happily playing along with everything without a care in the world, totally unaware of the trap Andy had laid for them with the help of his sister Beth.

Whilst not all that remarkable amongst her peers in the sixth form, at sixteen Beth was everything any boy a short way into their teenage years would think about in a girl and that meant breasts. Large breasts. Not that boys like Luke and Zack would normally get anywhere near a sixth form girl. Certainly not as near as they were now which was only a few feet away making it a good idea that they were both sat behind a table so just how excited at least one of them was, wasn’t visible in the shorts they had both been persuaded to wear.

As you probably know I’ve got an audition to be an actress. Beth had said to them, totally out of the blue, one day during an otherwise uneventful lunch break the previous week when they were just standing around minding their own business waiting for their mates to finish their lunch. And I wondered if you two guys could help me?

They’d said nothing at first. Both looking over their shoulders expecting to see some sixth formers behind them, only there was no one there. Beth Harris was actually talking to them. A real sixteen year old girl, with boobs and everything, was talking to them. Real boobs. Right there. Boobs. And she wasn’t telling them to go away or to stop staring at her boobs. Even though they were. Staring. Boobs.

The moment they’d realised this, both boys had snapped to full attention in just about every way possible although their eyes never really got as high as Beth’s face.





They’d replied, their words running over each other, and the entire range of their breaking voice, as they didn’t even wait for more details before agreeing to whatever it was that they’d been asked to do.

Beth had then smiled at them and nearly made them melt into puddle on the playground of Hennington Comprehensive. She’d then flicked her long blond hair over her shoulder, and Luke at least nearly wet himself, as he imagined a wink that hadn’t been there, directed just at him. Something the pair of them were still debating a moment before they’d turned up at the house the following Saturday prepared to do anything, literally anything, to make her happy. Just as Andy had hoped they would.

Approaching the garage an hour or so after the bullies had, Andy was able to resume listening to the tantalising conversation from within, hoping he hadn’t missed too much on his journey down from his bedroom. Not that it mattered as he’d be able to replay it later when he edified it down for Beth’s Promo real for when she actually did have an audition for something. Not to mention the version he would be putting together for himself, to show around school if the bullying didn’t stop.

Andy could picture the scene in his head just as he’d seen it one his monitor. His sister, standing at the front of the garage where an old chalk board, minus it’s easel had been suspended from the runners of the garage’s over head door. Large ornate writing that had taken him ages to do, standing out proud on the jet black surface giving little more than the letters of the alphabet and Beth’s name as Miss Harris.

Beth herself, sat on one of two high backed chairs taken from the dinning room, in front of the improvised blackboard, behind a table wearing the sort of dress she wouldn’t normally have been seen dead in but which made her look the part of the Victorian school marm, she was pretending to be with the high collar and tight bodice above the billowing shirts that came right down to her ankles, almost, but not quite hiding the small black leather boots that encased the feet she insisted were dainty, but looked ordinary to her brother.

That wasn’t the extent of her costume. Horn rimmed glasses were perched on the girl’s small nose, pushed down as far as they would go so she could see over them, not just because she couldn’t see anything through the thick lenses, but due to it adding to her character as did the tightly packed bun of hair that crowned her head, and made her face looked drawn if not actually gaunt, with little help from the make up she’d applied.

You boy! she would snap from time to time, pointing in such a way that she could have been talking to either boy, Stop your messing around this instant or it is a trip to the headmaster for you and you know what that means don’t you boy?

The pair of thirteen year old’s did, if not because it had been threatened several times already before alternative punishments had been carried out, as realistically as possible so as to help Beth with her acting. Something which, although they tried their best they just couldn’t take as seriously as they shifted about on the little hard chairs, trying to write lines with unfamiliar fountain pens, with stinging palms and thighs yet not once complaining as they anticipated the reward that would be theirs once Beth had finished rehearsing for a role that didn’t exist.

Unaware of the trap they were already ensnared within, Luke Edwards and Zack Peterson – two of the coolest third years at Hennington Comp if not THE coolest – continued to pretend to be two naughty little Victorian schoolboys despite fidgeting in clothes, from a completely different period that Beth had insisted they put on.

It will help with my acting if you both look the part. she’d told them, as soon as they were inside the garage, and still staring at what she was wearing. A simple smile ensuring their pubescent brains wouldn’t be able to come up with any objections even though they had so many. Go on. Put them on. For me.

How could they resist? They couldn’t and soon their hoodies, ripped jeans and trainers – all of which were much more expensive than they looked – had been replaced by clothes that were being paid for by the hour, having been hired from a costume shop especially for their acting debut.

Do we have to put it all on? Zack had whispered to Luke, once they were behind the boxes that had been piled up at the back of the garage to make room for the main set.

I guess. shrugged Luke, holding up the white briefs that had prompted his friend’s question. Both of them unaware of the built in microphone of the camera just above their heads were easily picking up their conversation as clear as anything, just as Beth was from the front of the garage.

Please do boys. she’d said, making them both jump a little, and then shiver for reasons they didn’t quite understand, but rather liked. It will make it easier for me to do the scene, and you want to help me, don’t you boys?

They did. They wanted that more than anything so both dropped the colourful boxer shorts they were wearing, thinking themselves unseen behind the boxes, and then wriggled themselves into the tight briefs but before they could put on the rest of their costumes, Beth had another suggestion for them.

Why don’t you boys put your clothes into that box on the floor so they don’t get dirty?

Boys being boys, neither of them was overly worried about laundry matters, as that was something that happened by magic at home, but they did as they were asked all the same. They even closed the box when they were done, not able to hear the click of it locking due to the overly loud beating of their own hearts, that was echoed in the tight front of the briefs they were desperate to cover before their excitement could be noticed by the pretty girl giving them instructions.

Remember to tuck your vests in. prompted Beth, Like little boys do.

It was an instruction, along with numerous others, that Andy was going to remove from the finished video before he shared it, so as to make it look like both boys were doing what they were doing because they wanted to. AS if the entire thing was their idea and not his.

The vests duly went over slightly shaggy heads – one with a slight tinge of ginger although Zack insisted it was a light brown – and tucked into the tight waistbands of their underwear even though that underwear had to be pulled up further than either boy normally would have done to do so. This leading to a few seconds of rather personal re-adjustment at the front that didn’t look at all family friendly and a near wedgie look at the back that exposed the edges of pert boy buttocks that wasn’t particularly comfortable. Yet there were no complaints. Just compliance.

Shirts were pulled over the vests, and buttoned all the way to the top, also on instruction from Beth. Red and black stripped ties were threaded around the collars, and then fastened into knots were slightly wonky they were good enough all the same.

Socks followed. Plain grey, with just a hint of red around the top were pulled on growing teenage feet, and up hairless shins, where they were turned down so the brighter side of the red band could be shown off.

Sandals, that didn’t entirely match were then buckled onto those same feet. A dark brown pair for Luke while Zack’s were more of a tan colour. The theatrical shop not having much call for such footwear in such large sizes as a rule, so the Harris’s had made do with what was available.

Surprisingly Beth and Andy had found a lot more choice when it had come to grey school shorts, allowing them to pick out a couple of pairs that most suited their purpose of embarrassing the two bullies, than to being historically accurate. Zack’s in particular were a rather closer fit than the boy was used to wearing, and that is without considering there was just a couple of inches of leg on them. Luke fared a little better, but not much. Perhaps an inch or so less of his thighs were on show, but then he was slightly taller, so all in all, just about as much of his legs weren’t covered. Both pairs, however, were of a tightness that meant the briefs had been a good call, as the boy’s own boxers would have left unsightly lines in their costume, as well as hanging out of the legs. As it was, the boys’ buttocks were perfectly cupped and outlined in the stretched grey material. The partly elasticated waistbands, giving them the cliched bubble bum of the sort of younger boy more traditionally associated with the clothes they were wearing.

Hurry up boys. Beth urged them on, all the time. Not giving them a moment to think for themselves, unless they realised their costumes weren’t that of a Victorian school but one from several decades later. One chosen not just for how humiliating it would be for a teenager to wear, but which would give access to parts of their bodies, normally hidden beneath tough fabric.

Jackets and caps. Chop-chop. she clapped her hands, making them reach for the final items on the hangers.

The blazers were surprisingly heavy, being wool based, but a good fit, if a little shorter than usual to a point that they didn’t cover more than half the shorts. They were also a bright red that couldn’t be missed, especially not by the hi-definition cameras that were filming them as they were pulled onto young shoulders. The gold braiding on the badge of the fictitious school on the breast pocket, particularly catching the otherwise harsh garage lights much more so than the matching, if smaller, badge sewn onto the crown of the also red caps that fitted snugly onto each boy’s head.

And so the scene had begun. Beth explaining to the short clad teenagers that she was going to be playing the part of a stern school teacher, dealing with naughty boys. There’s no script, she said, even before either of them had thought to ask, It’s what we call an improvisation.

As the girl paused, Luke saw an opportunity to gain extra points in the girl’s good books by asking what that meant. He even put his hand up first. Something he’d have never had done at Hennington Comprehensive.

It means, Edwards, replied Beth getting into character by addressing him via his surname, That we make it up as we go. Or rather that I do. You two just follow along with what ever I say or do, understand.

They did. But not in the way she wanted.

You have to call me Miss Harris, she pointed to the board, Or just Miss. Go on say it.

They looked at each other, shrugged, their shoulders inside the red blazers and did so.

Better. Beth walked to the front of the classroom, and clapped her hands to signal the start of the lesson.

Following a script that was anything but improvised, Beth delivered a Welcome to the Class speech, purposely implying she was teaching a junior school class of much younger children than the two who were in front of her and laying down the rules before they could complain.

There will be no answering back in my class. she told them, slapping a twelve inch ruler on the desk. If there is it will be suitably punished. Do you understand boys?

It took a second for them to realise they should ask but when they did, they did it correctly, if with smiles plastered all over their faces as they sing-songed the words. Yes Miss Harris.

All it all it was everything Andy could have wished for. More probably. He’d never really expected his bullies to actually behave like little kids in junior school but they soon were. And mischavious little kids at that. Which was even better. For Andy and Beth, if not for them.

Given that Beth’s teaching method was little more than reading from the dryest textbook she’d been able to find, it didn’t take long for her pupils to start to get bored. And as any teacher, whether acting or not, knows. Bored pupils will always get into trouble. So it was for Luke Edwards and Zack Peterson.

Who dares to talk in my class? demanded Beth, standing up so suddenly that the chair made a terrible scraping noise as it was driven backwards.

Him! they both said, pointing at each other and then giggling at finding themselves behaving like little kids.

Beth was down the aisle between the two single tables acting as desks in seconds, which given it was only a couple of feet from where she’d been sitting shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, yet it was. As was the look on her face, which was anything but smiling.

You boy, her finger pointed at Zack. Hold your hand out. Palm open.

Having been asked to do something similar at Hennington Comp, Zack was only too eager to prove he had nothing hidden in his hand. Only that wasn’t why Beth had asked him to do it. As he soon found out.


The flat side of the ruler came down across the palm of the boy’s open hand, followed almost immediately by a red hot stinging pain, that caused Zack to say some words that would never have been tolerate in a Victorian school room, and weren’t to be in a modern garage either.

That is enough of that sort of language, young man! He was told in no uncertain terms and if that wasn’t enough to let him know he was in trouble, then the slender female fingers taking a pinching hold of his left ear where it protruded outside his cap, certainly did.

I will not have that sort of language in my class room! Beth didn’t shout but she may as well have been for the impact it had, such was the authority in her voice as she raised Zack to his feet by his ear and then led him to her desk where he was left to stand looking very much the naughty little boy as he attempted to rub both the red mark on his hand, and the ear he was sure was now twice as long as it had been a few minutes earlier.

That hurt! he complained, although to who wasn’t sure. However anyone watching thought the camera feed as Andy had been at that time, would have sworn the words were directed to the viewer not least due to Andy zooming in to the boy’s flushed red face with enough clarity to catch the hint of wetness in the corner of his eyes.

So it should, Peterson, So it should. That is what happens to naughty little boys in my classroom. Now open your mouth.

He did, perhaps because he was asked to or maybe to say something about what had happened. Not that it mattered as the result was the same. Something was pushed inside it.

A good mouth soaping should clean out your vocabulary.

It wasn’t actually soap for the similar reason that there were no bars of soap in the Harris household, just the liquid kind in pump dispensers which really wouldn’t have worked in the same way. Instead, lodged between Zack Peterson’s teeth was a small black block of wood Andy had painted white after removing the sharp corner and which did, from a distance look like soap. However it didn’t, of course, have any of the foul taste of soap, making it out to be the perfect prop as Zack realised it was just as soon as he’d got over the shock of having it in mouth.

Good boy. the pretend teacher told her pupil while Beth Harris really did wink at Zack Peterson this time. Probably. She did smile at him, which went a long way to help him relax. Perhaps a touch too much given the tightness, and shortness of his shorts.

Edwards. Beth spun around, fixing Luke with a stare that he couldn’t have broken in a million years, let along the few seconds he had before she was standing in front of him. Hold out your hand.

He did. Even though he knew what was going to happen and that it was going to hurt. He just couldn’t help himself.


It stung a lot more than Luke had been expecting but at least he was able to get through the experience without swearing so was excused the pretence of a mouth soaping. Instead he got to remain at his desk, rubbing his hand between his bare thighs which was meant to cool his hand, but instead seemed to heat up the contents of his shorts instead.

Zack was allowed to return to his desk a few minutes later. The block of wood remaining in his mouth until he was once more seated, and able to take a second ruler slap to the palm of his other hand without saying anything, rude or otherwise after which it was removed and returned to an invisible pocket of Beth’s dress.

Once the boys were both settled back behind their desks, each with hand pressed between their thighs Beth returned to the head of the class and resumed the lesson from where it had left off, but only until she reached the end of the chapter at which point it was time for something different.

Hands were I can see them boys. she said bluntly, making both teenagers suddenly very aware of just how what they’d been doing would have appeared to someone unable to see their hands between their legs, under the desk.

We weren’t... Luke started to protest, but then wasn’t sure what word he could use to describe what they hadn’t been doing that wouldn’t land him with a block of wood in his mouth. Neither, it seems could Zack, who also remained silent, even when his friend looked to him for help.

Well, that is as maybe boys. the teacher rose pulling paper and pens from one of the drawers on her desk, but now I think it is time I put you two to the test, so to speak.

They didn’t understand. Not until they saw the papers they were given which had their names at the top, and then a list of numbers down the side. They’d both been to school long enough to recognise an answer sheet when they saw one and an answer sheet could only mean one thing. A test was about to start.

A question sheet was put up on the blackboard. Held in place by very un-Victorian Blu-tack not that the boys noticed. They were too busy trying to make sense out of what was written. Especially at the bottom.

The questions started out easy enough that a reception class toddler could have answered them. That though wasn’t the case by the time they passed the halfway mark, at which point Beth herself could well have struggled. Luke and Zack though, and no chance. Their classes not having come close to studying the same subjects in anywhere near the same depth as Andy’s advanced classes had and he’d set the questions for just that reason. To make them cheat and get caught doing it.

Psst! whispered Luke with much less subtly than he imagined, What’s the answer to number fourteen?

Before he answered, Zack gave a worried look up to the teacher’s desk, but Beth appeared not to have heard anything. No clue! he replied from the side of his mouth. Got anything for number sixteen?

They continued asking each other for answers for nearly two minutes before Beth decided she should do something about it.

Are you two boys cheating in an exam?

Their heads shot up fast enough to flick their caps back slightly as they denied they’d been doing exactly what they had been doing.

Oh dear, sighed Beth shaking her head slightly as a sign of her disappointment in them both before calling them up to her desk.

Peterson on this side. Edwards on the other. Stand up straight when I am talking to you and straighten your ties while you are about it.

They did both those things while Beth waited to give the lecture that would bring her little brother down from his room, ready to join in the action.

Now boys, she said turning her head slowly, dramatically from one to the other, What do you think happens to naughty little boys who cheat in tests?

The question wasn’t that hard to answer, especially as Beth was holding the ruler in her hand while she asked it.

They get slapped Miss? offered Luke, his eyes not leaving the ruler for a second not even when Beth laid it on her lap, as her hands dropped to the sides of the chair.

Yes, Edwards. They do. So which of you brave boys is going to go first?

Neither of them wanted to, and neither of them had to. The door was right behind them. But they were thirteen, and in the presence of a pretty older girl. So instead of making a run for it, they both just put out their hands, palm up, showing the marks that were already there and which weren’t about to be added to.



It was what they’d expected, just not where they’d expected it. The ruler stayed where it was. Their hands remained untouched. The same though, could not be said for their upper thighs which were now stinging more than their hands.

Gasping they both did the same thing, which looked rather cute to the cameras, as well as foolish. Turning sideways may have protected the leg that just got slapped from more of the same, but it opened up the other, so far untouched one, for the same treatment which is exactly what they got.



Mouths fell open but no sounds came out, as the boys danced back the other way, and then thought better off it, not knowing which way to turn, as hands started to rub the sting out of their legs.

Back to your desks, boys. Beth dismissed them with a wave of the very hands that had left the red imprints on their otherwise rather pale upper legs.

Once they were sat down, she was up, again armed with paper but this time it was plain, clearly not an answer sheet although they would soon be writing on it. Writing the same line over and over again, using their best handwriting, or at least as best as it could be when using fountain pens without blotting paper.

I Am A Naughty Little Boy In Shorts Who Needs A Spanking. was the phrase Andy had chosen for his bullies to write after much thought. Strangely neither of the teenager’s questioned it, even though it proved to be slightly too long for the paper they were using, causing, Zack to have to start after just two lines, that had taken the space of five.

You boy, Beth snapped from time to time, mostly without reason, just to see their caps snap upwards, to see if they were in trouble or not before looking down at their work, in case they were.

By this point Andy was now standing at the door no longer just listening but once more watching the scene unfold, trying to catch his sister’s eye so he could make his entrance.

He didn’t have long as Beth was more than ready for him.

You boy, she snapped again, Do you want to be sent to the headmaster?

What headmaster? replied Luke thinking he was improvising when he was actually playing right into Beth and especially Andy’s hands.

Throwing open the garage door, hard enough to make the other boys jump, Andy made his entrance as dramatic as possible, There most certainly is a headmaster, for it is I Mister Harris.

Eyes grew wide, mouths fell open as the twelve year old resplendent in a well fitting three piece suit, and traditional black gown of a Victorian school master, strode purposely to the centre of the room and stood staring at them.

Stand up when, boys, when Mister Harris is talking to you.

They did. Somewhat to Andy’s surprise, if not Beth’s who was, by now, rather enjoying her role in the downfall of her little brother’s bullies.

The boys themselves were rather confused, not knowing if this was part of the role play or not. They’d both certainly recognised Andy, despite the way he was dressed. He still wore the large round glasses that they’d so loved to make fun off and he still had that overly neat hair cut, although that at least didn’t look so out of place now he looked more like an adult than a little kid.

So, Miss Harris, Andy spoke without turning to his sister, it taking all his control to keep his voice in the manly tone he was trying to maintain, Are these the two little boys who have done all the misbehaving I’ve been hearing about?

Stepping around her desk, once more with the ruler in hand, Beth replied that they were.

There was a momentary silence as Andy appeared got his first good up close look at how the former tough boys were now dressed in their small tight shorts, crisp white shirts, ties, long socks, sandals, caps and blazers, looking so very much cuter than they usually did in their own clothes.

Zack’s face was still a little flushed, highlighting the redness in his hair, while Luke’s wide eyes gave him the look of a startled toddler seeing Father Christmas for the first time and wondering what he was going to get. Well he was going to find out very shortly indeed.

That is indeed a shame Miss Harris, Andy replied to his sister, For I hear these two have been bullying the younger boys and that most certainly will not do, will it Miss Harris?

Indeed it will not. Mister Harris!

So, Miss Harris, what are we to do with these two, do you think?

It was a rhetorical question for both brother and sister knew what they were going to do, or at least attempt to do. It all depended on how the two short trousered teenagers reacted to what happened next. So far though, all they were doing was looking from one of the siblings to the other, with completely confused faces.

Suddenly spinning around on the heal of his best shoes, Andy stepped towards the teacher’s desk, and snatched the chair from behind it, placing it in the middle of the floor so there was space all around it. He then, flipped up the back of his gown as he’d practised and sat down.

Edwards, he said to Luke, pointing to the floor by his side, Come and stand here. Boy!

Luke did as he was told, even without thinking about it. After all, it was all part of the scene, wasn’t it? Hadn’t Beth told them to just go with it? And Luke wanted to please Beth, more than just about anything. The front of his shorts very much indicated just that. On the other hand, he was always bit nervous and even shuffling his sandals on the cold concrete floor until he was standing beside the seated younger boy who instantly started to chastise him.

How dare you misbehave for Miss Harris, boy!

But... interrupted Luke snatching his head around to look at Beth, who just stared back but for a little smile playing on her lips, that Luke thought was all for him but it wasn’t. It was a cue for her brother.

It happened so fast. So fast that Luke couldn’t react. One moment he was standing up and the next he’d been pulled, remarkably forcefully over Andy’s lap to a position where neither his hands nor his feet seemed to be able to reach the ground, and with his short clad bottom at the perfect angle for a spanking.

Hold still boy! demanded Andy, totally enjoying the reality of something he’d dreamed about for so long to have one of his bullies over his lap like this. His hand resting on the tightly drawn shorts, for a moment, before easing up the back of the blazer so it wouldn’t get in the way of what was to follow.

Raising his arm up, at a speed that made it look as if he were being filmed in slow motion, Andy took a deep breath once it was at shoulder height, made all his muscles go taut and then brought his palm down rapidly and precisely into the centre of those tight grey shorts.

For a moment nothing happened. Then Luke’s back arched slightly in reaction to the sting from his first ever spank sank into his bottom and then into his brain. Not that the latter got any time to register too much as by then, Andy was repeating the operation with the same devastating effect.

The sounds of a boy getting his bottom smacked soon started to fill the garage, bouncing back from the bare block-work walls until they echoed across each other.

Luke for his part, was regretting playing that part, yet despite the rapidly increasing sting in his rear, he still wasn’t about to let the beautiful Beth Harris down. He would prove to her that he could take whatever the improvisation could throw up. Or at least he thought he would. One thing he was surprised about was just how hard the nerd was spanking him. Luke just would have never have thought a kid who never played sports could spank like that.

Truth be told Andy hadn’t been sure he could either but like every budding scientist he’d performed experiments in order to get it right. Mind you, he now realised that the cushion he’d used for practise just had never reacted the way a real boy’s bottom would. There had been none of the flexing, and none of the wriggling not to mention the occasional vocalizing of the discomfort Andy was creating and which was causing Luke to loss his initial stoicism.

One thing the experiments had taught Andy though, was that he had to pass himself, as after all there was another bully waiting to be put in his place. And that place was across Andy’s lap for a well deserved spanking.

Stand up and go back to your desk, Edwards! commanded Andy, doing nothing to help Luke to his feet but unable not to smile at the single tear that was running down the teenager’s face, or the way the disheveled boy was rushed back to his seat, rubbing his sore little bottom as he went very much a punished little boy.

Andy waited until Luke was seated, trying not to laugh out loud as he bounced around trying to find a soft spot for his tender bottom on a seat that was anything but soft. Then, once he was seated, Andy’s eyes drifted across the room to where Zack Peterson was looking rather nervous.

Peterson, Andy’s voice boomed across the garage, as he rubbed his sore hand, Come here right now, boy.

Inside the tightly drawn vest, Zack’s heard quickened at the words, as sweat loosened itself from under his arms to run down his side. His own trip over the pretend headmaster’s lap was drawing near, and that scared him. Looking up he could see Beth Harris standing there, waiting for him to obey and he knew he would. He was going to walk over to where the nerdy boy was sitting and lay across his lap to have his bottom spanked, just like his best friend had just down while Zack had watched. It was all supposed to be some sort of acting, but the spanking he’d just witnessed had not been pretend, Zack was sure of that. One look at Luke’s face when he’d stood up had been enough to confirm that, even if watching it had already left Zack in no doubt it had happened.

Somewhere in his head Zack’s more rational side was telling, if not shouting, for him to end everything right there. To walk out. To forget this had ever happened. But he was thirteen and being rational wasn’t in his nature. Instead he was guided by some other deeper force to follow the instructions he’d been given to the letter.

Soon Zack was standing by Andy’s side, with his right wrist tightly clamped in those long slender, almost girlish fingers that would soon be spanking him. Yes, there was no going back now, he was going to be spanked.

I’m very disappointed with you, Andy told him, going into full teacher lecture mode, totally building his part, as Beth would later accuse him. Yet it work, mainly due to Zack’s reaction.

The boy with the ginger tint in his hair, just couldn’t look Andy in the face or hide the embarrassed and yet at the same time, oddly delighted expression on his face. His bottom was already tingling inside the over tight briefs, and it wasn’t the only thing that was. A weird mixture of fear and excitement was raging around his body, while he held the solemn look of a contrite little boy who was trying to prepare himself for what was going to happen, yet, unknowingly smiling at the same time.

I’m sorry. Headmaster. Zack spoke in such a low whisper that even Andy, sitting right beside him could barely hear him, or believe that he’d heard it to a point where he asked the boy to repeat himself.

I’m sorry. Headmaster.

Andy recovered from the surprise of the overly formal words soon enough, with a more than appropriate answer: So you should be Peterson. So you should be.

A single firm tug was all if took for Zack’s bare thighs to come into contact with the clothed leg of the seated younger boy. From there it continued to pull on Zack’s wrist until he was bent over Andy’s lap.

As he went over Andy made sure the back of the red blazer was raised out of the way so he had full view of the second bottom encased in those tight grey shorts. Zack’s he soon noticed, was perhaps even better than Luke’s. Fuller. More rounded. Perhaps even prominent to a point where Andy started to wonder how no one had thought to spank it before, or even touch it, as he was doing now.

Suddenly realising he’d been rubbing the bottom on his lap rather than spanking it, Andy started to raise his hand. Slowly, like the blade of a guillotine, then following through with that metaphor, once his hand had reach as high as it would go, it rushed down with a sharp sting.


The blow reverberated through the thirteen year old’s body a moment after the sound had filled the garage. His bare legs kicked as if they had a will of their own, as a small almost inaudible squeak sneaked out of his mouth, much to Andy’s delight.


Two more blows came down fast upon the offered bottom, not giving the owner the slightest chance to regain his composure allowing the sting to build much faster than Zack was ready for.

Almost without realising he was doing it, Zack’s hand came back behind himself, in a vain attempt to ward off any more blows, but it was easily intercepted. Held fast in Andy’s free hand, while the other one returned to the business of punishing the bully.


For the next few minutes Zack became resigned to being spanked. His head dropped down, as would his interfering arm had Andy not retained hold of it. His legs did twitch though, each and every time his rear came under assault.


Occasionally Zack moaned, or wriggled but he didn’t make any of the complaints that his friend had, even as the number of spanks his bottom received crept up into double figures, which then became doubled and finally tippled before, after thirty firm smacks to his short trousered bottom he was finally allowed up from Andy’s lap.

The instant the teenager was back on his feet, his hands shot back to remedy the sting in his bottom as he bounced lightly on his feet much to the delight of the brother and sister who had set him up especially the former who had noticed something Beth hadn’t but which he couldn’t resist not pointing out to her.

Go and sit down Peterson, and stop making such a show of yourself.

Zach stopped his rubbing long enough to give Andy a confused look, not having understood what else he was meant to do after being spanked, but Beth understood only too well, as those words were the same she’d often used to Andy several years earlier when he’d been going through his nudity phase something that had always caused his little worm to become upstanding. The same thing now being true of Zack, if the tubular shape just behind the fly of his shorts was anything to go by.

Well, I never. the girl sighed, remaining in character despite her surprise that being spanked could cause that reaction in a boy.

Yes, indeed, replied her brother, also in character, Now if you would be so kind, Miss Harris, perhaps you can continue with your lesson without any more trouble from these two scamps. If not, Andy turned towards the boys, then they are now well aware of what will happen. Are you not boys?

Luke quickly confirmed he did indeed know, not least of which because he was having trouble sitting still on his sore bottom. Zack, however, who’s bottom was stinging even more, didn’t. Instead he flat out asked just what would happen.

Well, Andy stood, taking the few steps that bought him down to the front of the desk behind which the red headed boy would soon be sitting, The next time you are naughty I will have no option but to upgrade your punishment to the next level. One that doesn’t include your little shorts. What do you think of that Peterson?

Zack didn’t answer. Not at first as he was in desperate need to make some adjustments to the contents of those self same shorts, before he could even attempt to sit down and start to plan just how naughty he was going to be for his new headmaster.

Little did Zack know that, just a short distance away his life long best friend was contemplating exactly the same thing but with one difference. He was thinking about being over the lap of the teacher rather than the headmaster.

Meanwhile the Harris siblings, were getting themselves ready to make the boys’s dreams come true.


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