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Brexit Britain
Part Eight – A New Act and Extension of Power

by Memories of a Naughty Boy

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A New Act

When post-Brexit Britain went back to the polls, the first general election following the passage of the Reintroduction of Corporal Punishment for the Youth of the United Kingdom and Northern Island Act the Prime Minister, Theresa May, already on shaky grounds within her own party, was dealt an embarrassing defeat. Despite being the largest part in the Westminster Parliament she was still unable to gain a working majority and thus had to go begging cap in hand to hard line Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Island to once more prop up her government.

Unfortunately for Mrs May, the DUP’s leader Arlene Foster no longer wished to do business with the disgraced Prime Minister. Therefore, left with the decision of sticking by Mrs May in opposition or deposing their leader the Conservative Party issued a vote of no confidence and ousted Theresa and held fresh elections.

The eventual winner was the Honourable Member of Parliament for North East Somerset, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg. A hard-line Brexiteer, he was often characterised by the British press as an old Victorian gentleman. However, a great supported of the Corporal Punishment Act, one of the many ways he was Victorian, he announced in his maiden speech as PM to extend and strengthen the Act in what later became known as the Roll-Back Speech.

In 2025 the Great Punitive Act for the Youth of the United Kingdom and Northern Island entered the statue books. The new Act:

Extended corporal punishment for male youth as legal and mandatory to summit to from up to 25 years of age to 30 years of age, females remained as 25 years of age.

Lowered the age were corporal punishment must be administered over clothing – designated as underwear or trousers – from 10 years of age to 8 years of age.

Removed the option for public bodies, e.g. police, schools, courts, to carry out corporal punishment on boys and men older than 8 years old on covered buttocks.

Extended the powers of the police to utilise corporal punishment, including allowing the use of corporal punishment for potential anti-social behaviour.

Introduced training camps for the youth.

The Act came into force in November 2025. The chapters following hold accounts of the outcome of the Acts introduction.

An Extension of Power

December 17th 2025

Officers McCarthy and Gray approached the two youths hanging around the shopping precinct and immediately recognised 17-year-old Dion Jackson and 16-year-old Jake Summers.

Boys, started Officer McCarthy, we’ve had a report of you hanging around this corner and here we find you.

Yeah, so? started Dion.

Well, you’re intimidating people, McCarthy carried on.

Bull, replied Jake.

Yeah, well bull to you too, Gray stepped in, You’re potentially being anti-social and you know what that brings, he carried on, not needing to tell the seasoned veterans.

Dion and Jake both dropped their track-suits to reveal their bare bottoms and bent over for McCarthy and Gray’s paddling.

Following McCarthy issued the boys with their Record of Corporal Punishment.

Oh Dion, McCarthy said as he issued the note, You’ve reached the threshold. Looks like you’ll be eating your Christmas Dinner in training camp.

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