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Spanking out their loss

by Cornelius Spott

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Frank was too much of a good looking boy for his own good, and when he met Laura, who was quite of the same category, they couldn’t help hooking together. It wasn’t long before they started having sex, until, one day, Laura realised she was pregnant. Both youngsters, despite being only 17, where strong headed enough, and loved each other enough, that they took matters in hands and told their respective parents what they had in the making. Cats usually don’t make dogs, and they had the chance of having decent parents, so that, although Frank got a sound spanking for it, and Laura had a bit more trouble, they still decided to keep the child, with their parents willing to help them through their studies and their parenting.

After obtaining an A in his GCSEs, Frank became an apprentice in a machine shop, and being talented, quite rapidly rose to a decent living for him and his family. They married, and had two other children within the following six years. To the astonishment of everyone, they went along well, without much of the usual strife, and this did perplex those who thought that they being so handsome and happy, there must have been something fishy. Frank was soon taken as an associate by his boss, for his inventiveness was quite precious to him, and so years passed, and Veronica, their first child, married, and left home. Then Craig, their second born left for University in another city and Calum remained alone with his parents.

It is then that tragedy struck like thunder in a clear sky. Sometimes after Christmas, Laura started to feel pain in her lower bowels, and was diagnosed with an ileitis, an irritation of the lower intestine. By February, things had got no better, and in March she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer of the intestine without any possibility of any sort of cure. By April she started telling everyone that she had few chances of reaching summer and by June she was gone.

The calmness and good nature with which she took her demise was almost aggravating to her loving husband, who by then knew that he was a rare man that had ever known but one woman. Frank was utterly devastated. He was loosing the love of his life, and almost felt he should die along with her. He was barely able to cope with the loss, wept a lot, just as the children, but life must go on. Veronica and her husband left, and Craig went back to his studies, and Frank was left alone with Calum who had to go back to school.

Then something happened. One day, Calum came back from school with a word from the headmaster saying that he had been shouting abuse at one of his teachers, and Frank decided he was due for a sound spanking.

Now, Frank had never been shy of spanking the kids when needed, and it wasn’t thus much of a surprise for Calum. But just as had been the case with his own father Frank had always done this sparingly. But from then on, Frank would seize any pretext to give his son’s backside a hiding. But Calum, who also happened to be no fool, despite his young age, soon started to observe a few things. They were now much more frequent, and he could draw the line between his mother’s death and them. Frank was usually in a much better mood after he had spanked him. He, himself, kind of realised that they seemed to obliterate the pain of his loss, according to the principle that one nail chases the other. So, being a bright fellow, he started to try and create for Frank all the occasions he could to get him to spank him, without ever doing anything really bad. He soon observed what behaviours, what oaths, and so on, would prompt his father to get him to lower his breeches and get across his knees and get his bum crimson red. And those were never pretend spankings! At each of those occasions, Calum would be released crying all of his tears, and yet welcomed those as they seemed to be helping both of them.

Calum had a best friend, Oliver, who tended to be a bit on the cheeky side, and loud mouthed. Often when he went to Calum’s home, Frank would tell himself that that boy should get a good hiding. Calum, for himself, wasn’t shy of mentioning the spankings to Oliver, when he got them, and Oliver would always feel some sort of guilty glee at their mentioning.

After about a year of regular spankings, almost thrice a week, they abruptly stopped. At first, Calum didn’t notice it, but when a month had passed without him getting spanked, and his father getting gloomier, he started to wonder. Whatever he’d try to get Frank to spank him no longer worked and he started to find that weird.

He mentioned the thing to Oliver, who suggested he’d talk with Frank about it. So, one winter Sunday morning, Calum went into Frank’s room, filled with sunlight, Frank lazing in his bed. Calum laid himself alongside his father, and put his head on the man’s shoulder. What’s up? said Frank in a yawn. Nothing much, replied Calum. How do you feel? – Lazy.

They remained there in silence for a while. Frank turned to stroke the boy’s hair, and Calum purred like a cat. He then asked, Dad, why is it that you no longer spank me?

Miss it?, asked Frank with a wry and sad smile. I don’t know, answered the boy. It had gotten a bit intense, and then you just stopped. Why? There was a silence, and then Frank said I started to feel bad about it. I felt I was only venting my frustration and anger on you and it wasn’t fair. I feared I was becoming some sort of a sadist.

Calum snickered and said They sure hurt a lot, but I’ve noticed they always seemed to improve your mood, and they did help me get over Mum’s departure. But it sure looked sometimes like you were enjoying doing it. Which is why I always tried to provoke you to do it as often as I could.


F remained open mouthed, and then, You mean... you knew, and you incited me to do it? – Yes, indeed!

Frank said, Well, you sure didn’t look like you enjoyed it!

Calum said, Well, am I a pervert if I want you to spank me?

Probably, answered Frank. Just let me think about it.

Oh, dad, won’t you spank your mischievous son a bit? said Calum with a smile, to which F couldn’t resist, You little pervert! said he, while gently slapping the boy’s behind.


A few days later, Oliver was eating with them and managed to wisecrack about something, and Frank couldn’t help saying, You really need a good spanking, don’t you? He was a bit surprised when Oliver replied, Probably. Are you going to spank me? Calum was already laughing his guts out as Frank said, Don’t tempt me!

They finished eating and, upon leaving the table, Oliver told Frank, All right, now, you have to spank me exactly the same way you always spank Calum. I won’t have less. Frank was a bit flabbergasted, although he couldn’t help feeling excited. Are you serious? Haven’t you ever been spanked before? Oliver replied, No, that’s it, never! I have no idea of what and how it is, and I’m curious. Then Calum said, You have to know that, if he does that, you’ll be very sorry! To which Oliver replied, But I WANT to be very sorry!

Frank then turned his chair towards the room and said, OK, come here. Oliver came to him, he pulled him on his lap and started spanking the boy, who giggled a lot, and couldn’t help feeling his dick stiffen, while Frank didn’t want it to stop too early, as he was really beginning to have fun. After a while, he told Oliver to pull his trousers down and resumed spanking him on his underpants. The boy giggled a bit less, and started to voice some Aah’s And Ow’s. When Frank thought he was warmed up enough, he got Oliver to get rid of his pants, and started spanking his naked bum steadily, increasing the strenght of each slap. Calum was transfixed. He loved seeing Oliver in that position and would have easily jerked off to it, had it been in another context.

The slaps got ever harder, and Oliver started to trash a bit, trying to escape Frank’s grip. He put his hand in defense of his buttocks, but Frank grabbed it and held him tight, while thrashing his bum. Then Oliver was actually crying. Bawling, to be more precise. Big tears rolled down his face, and Frank let him go, saying, I had told you you’d be sorry!

However, Oliver being his usual smartass, laughed among his tears and said, I told you I wanted to be sorry, and there I am!

It is then that Calum started pulling his trousers down, to both the other’s astonishment, Now it’s my turn! Frank said, You know you’re going to get it! But Calum replied, Yeah!

When he had Calum crying just as bad as Oliver had, Frank started laughing and said, If you guys agree with that, I can’t say that I’ll be complaining! Calum, his eyes wet with tears, grinned and kissed his father on the cheek, saying, Dad, you may spank me as much as you want, because I love you! At this point, Frank excused himself and left the boys together. Oliver whispered in Calum’s ear, I’m sure he went to jerk off! Calum told him, You’re the jerk! while elbowing him, but couldn’t help wondering.


From then on, both boys would ask Frank to spank them almost every week. They actually loved seeing the other getting spanked, and also loved knowing that the other was having fun seeing them getting spanked. No surprise that they soon started to go jerk off together after each one, until they started to just jerk each other off.

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