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Dan and Joe
Dan and Joe and Santa Claus

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe and Santa Claus

Only Dan and Joe could get into a scrape with Santa Claus. A mall Santa, at that. This is on the same night that Tony earned a spanking for a missed curfew. The boys had gone to the shopping plaza together, then split up to do their own shopping. Dan and Joe stuck together, browsing but not putting much effort into finding gifts. The plaza had a small mall where the management set up a Santa every December. The boys stopped to watch, amusing themselves by making faces at the children visiting Santa.

Santa caught on right away that something was distracting the children and a quick glance told him it was Joe and Dan. Another two visitors and there was a lull. Santa got up and approached our two friends. Don’t you guys have anything better to do than annoy little kids who want to see Santa?

C’mon, we’re not doing any harm, said Joe in a something supercilious tone.

You think not? This is special for those kids and you’re doing a good job at ruining it for them.

Both boys thought Santa was over reacting. It could be argued that he was. Instead of going away the guys starting jawing with him. This had barely started when they noticed Santa glance at something or someone behind them. Each felt a hand on his shoulder. Both looked. It was Mr. Bailey who was having a shopping night, also, walking by Santa at just the right moment. Well, maybe the wrong moment for our two young friends. Teen bravado disappeared.

That’s no way to treat Santa, boys, the man said.

No, sir, the boys mumbled. This had Santa’s full attention. He returned to the Santa throne, but watched and did his best to overhear as much as possible.

Mr. Bailey continued. This will be discussed Sunday and dealt with. It won’t be just maintenance this week. That promise filled the time until four o’clock on Sunday with unpleasant anticipation. Get back to what you were doing and don’t let me catch you being out of line again.

Yes, sir. It was time to meet Tony in any case, so the boys went to the meeting place. Nothing was said but Tony knew something had happened. At that point none of them knew that all three would be up for spankings before the night was over.

In the meantime Mr. Bailey approached Santa with a smile. Don’t worry, I know those lads and know very well how to deal with their bad behavior. Santa smiled back, quite sure he knew what Mr. Bailey meant. It would be a pleasure to see those boys getting spanked! Too bad he wouldn’t be there.

Thanks, man, Santa said. The men shook hands and Mr. Bailey went his way.

Saturday afternoon Tony visited with his tale of his sore tail. The color was gone, but he assured them the sting was not! That done, he demanded to know what had been up with the last night. I knew something had gone on. It was all over your faces.

Shit, said Dan. You know us too well. But we’d have seen the same with you.

C’mon man, Joe said, Tony’s like another brother. No biggie here. Dan shrugged. Joe was right and all three knew it.

They told their story of Santa and unexpected arrival of Mr. Bailey. Tony had a hard time not giggling, the image of all of this seemed so silly.

The Santa was kind of a jerk, anyhow, and not very good, said Joe disdainfully.

Well, you guys were kinda being jerks, too. Just sayin’.

You should be spanked again, just for that! Dan shot back. However, all three agreed that Tony was too sore and it would not be wise for the other two to arrive at Mr. Bailey’s feeling sore, so the afternoon fun was fingerings and edgings.

Sunday seemed to crawl by and race at the same time. The boys did their best not to seem glum. Their parents chalked it up to the weekly appointment. At four o’clock two already sorry boys presented themselves at the home of their spanker.

The look on Mr. Bailey’s face was sterner than usual and indicated that he would brook no nonsense from these two. You know what to do was all he said. They did. Slowly they climbed the stairs, unhappily undressing when they were in the spanking room. A few minutes later Mr. Bailey joined them, having given them time to contemplate what was to come. They’d contemplated it plenty already, but the added factor of now being nude was good reinforcement.

Boys, get the paddles, was the man’s only instruction. Two paddles were handed over. Mr. Bailey now used a technique he had employed occasionally in the past – the boys were standing and he went behind them, applying hand swats to their bottoms, swats hard enough to make each boy jump as each swat landed. This was going to be a memorable session. All three knew it, two unhappy about it. But, they had earned it, knew they deserved it, and accepted it as their penance.

This hand spanking went on for quite some time. Under different circumstances the boys would have said it was plenty. Mr. Bailey would have found it sufficient under different circumstances, too. It was not now. When the man knew he had a good uncomfortable sting on the bottoms of the miscreants he stopped and ordered them into their respective corners. These two boys, Frank and Tony, too, had come to dread corner time after a hand spanking. It meant only one thing – a serious paddling to follow. The corner time did just what it should – the boys could think only of what was to follow and their body language showed it as Mr. Bailey kept an eye on them.

There was a decision to be made. The paddles definitely would be used, but Mr. Bailey wondered if he should take a moment to get the bath brush from across the hall. He knew well, as do all practiced spankers, that a hair or bath brush after the paddle was a most powerfully effective weapon on boys and men of all ages. He’d done it a few times with men even as old as their fifties, certainly with adults younger than that. He’d witnessed it a few times, too, always a pleasure. With that thought in mind he quietly crossed the hall to get the brush, the boys being no wiser to what was happening.

After a few more minutes he seated himself in the spanking chair and summoned his charges. Dan and Joe meekly crossed the room, definitely more meekly than usual and with no signs of the defiance which they occasionally exhibited. Both saw the brush at the same moment and each let out an involuntary gasp. They knew what it meant. Mr. Bailey smiled to himself as he watched the reaction.

Mr. Bailey adjusted his legs so that each boy could lie over a thigh, his bottom properly positioned for the paddle. It was like playing bongos, only with a paddle, not the hand. Mr. Bailey deftly applied the paddle, putting neither boy into a steady rhythm, moving the swats around in where they landed. In little time he had the pleasure of both boys jerking and crying out as they paddle landed on his bottom. He also had the pleasure of watching color develop nicely, each bottom taking on a lovely red hue. He kept at it until each boy was yelping then, with a couple of last authoritative whacks, the paddling was done.

Back to your corners, he said after allowing the boys up. Their walk back to the corners showed just how much they were feeling the effects of the spanking and paddling. Mr. Bailey gave a slight smile – the tears to come would neatly round off the event. The boys were unable to stay completely still due to the sharp sting each felt in his bottom. They did not reach back to rub, but the bouncing from leg to leg in the always futile attempt to ease the sting was non-stop. They gave no thought to the fact that they were putting on a good show. All they knew was that it stung and that there was more to come. While it had not been said, both boys felt certain that before they could put on their clothes each would have a good long cry, induced by the bath brush awaiting them.

As so often happens to boys disciplined as these two were today, the time in the corner seemed both endless and short. Mr. Bailey’s voice was no less stern when he called them back. Obediently the returned at stood in front of him, hands at their sides. Now the day’s final decision – who would be spanked with the brush first. He just went instinctively and Joe was soon over his lap.

Dan, hand me that brush, said Mr. Bailey. Reluctantly Dan did was told. He didn’t want to see his friend being whacked by the brush and crying. He hated the anticipation that he’d be next. Mr. Bailey applied these swats with a good flick of the wrist. This meant that the strikes were not as hard as they could be, but brought a good sharp sting on top of the sting Joe was already feeling from the first two parts of today’s punishment. Mr. Bailey knew he could bring on the tears quickly, but that was not what he wanted. Rather, he wanted each boy to feel a build up to the tears. They no long had any question that they would be crying today.

It was agony for Dan to watch. No need to say it was agony for Joe to receive. Both had been spanked enough times by Mr. Bailey that they now always did their best to go with it and not resist the inevitable tears. Still, any boy resists, even when he knows he shouldn’t. Joe made a few useless attempts at resistance, then it was too much, he went limp and two more swats were all that were needed. Dan blushed as he watched his lifetime friend dissolve into childish tears. They’d seen each other this way more than once, but it always was painful for both the one being spanked and the one watching.

When Joe’s sobs had diminished the boys changed places. Now a still-tearful Joe had the agony of watching Dan take his licks. The first landing of the brush caused Dan to jerk in pain. Instinctively he tried to wriggle off Mr. Bailey’s lap which only meant that the man applied a firmer grip to hold the boy in place. Dan proved a bit harder to bring to tears. Not that he was resisting really, just that somehow he was tolerating it more which made it all the harder for Joe to watch. Finally a swat landed and Dan’s head shot up. With an aieeee he went limp and the tears flowed. As had Joe, Dan lay over Mr. Bailey’s lap until his tears were under control. He was then released and joined his friend.

We won’t have any more of this kind of behavior, will we boys?

No sir, said two meek voices in unison.

Good. I expect not. Now, across to the bedroom and lie face down on the bed. This meant only one thing – an application of crème to sooth their fiery bottoms. It was surprising how tender Mr. Bailey was in rubbing it onto them. The boys surprised themselves in how much they relaxed at this ritual. Crème done, they were allowed to lie there as long as they wanted before returning home. Their parents knew where they were and why, so that was not an issue.

Two repentant boys eventually did rise, dress, and go home. Later each set of parents had a phone call from Mr. Bailey acquainting them with the crime and punishment. No comments were made at home but there were no looks of sympathy, either. Monday night they found time to see Tony and show him the damage. The color was gone, but the sting was not. It lasted into Tuesday.

Suffice it to say they were good to Santa and, after that just punishment, did not receive coal in their stockings that Christmas.

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