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Are You Lonely?
Part 1

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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"Hey, fruitcake, want to come over and see my new computer?" Marc said, a smile clearly heard in his voice.

"You got a new one? When?!?" Matthew replied excitedly.

"Just today. I finished putting it together only thirty minutes ago. It's got this great big color monitor and is super fast! Come on, the internet is only a click away!"

"I'll ask Rolf. I'll see you in a few." Matthew hung up the phone. Rolf agreed that Matthew could go, and 15 minutes later Matthew ran into Marc's house, then into the office where Marc was already online. "Keep both hands firmly planted on the keyboard. This is a residential neighborhood," Matthew said, mimicking a police megaphone.

"You ass. Don't you knock?"

"Would you have heard me?"

"Pull up a chair and shut up, wise ass," Marc said smiling.

"And what ARE we looking at?" Matthew read the screen. "Well hung white guys, huh? I already got me one of them. What else have you found?"

Marc showed Matthew a ton of stuff, things Matthew hadn't even imagined. They sat entranced for hours in front of the screen.

Rolf had been trying to call Marc for the last hour - Matthew was now very late for dinner - but the phone remained busy. Finally Rolf had had enough and drove over to Marc's house. He knocked at the front door, and was surprised when it opened. He entered, yelling to see if anyone was home.

Matthew and Marc both jumped when they heard Rolf. "Damn. Look at the time!" Matthew said, scrambling up from the chair as Marc did the same. They both walked out into the living room.

"What are you guys up to? I've been calling for a solid hour! Then I come over here and find the door practically standing wide open."

Marc replied, "Sorry, we were just checking out my new computer. We were online, surfing the internet."

Rolf turned to Matthew. "Well you, young man, are entirely too late for dinner. I asked you to return by six. What time do you have now?"

Matthew looked at his wrist, almost as if he were hoping that his watch didn't show the same time as the computer had. It did. "7:15," he mumbled.

"We will discuss how the clocks work after dinner. Go home," Rolf said, pointing at the door.

Matthew said a quick bye to Marc and headed home.

"Marc, you do realize that when you're online the phone is busy?"

"Yes, I realize that," Marc said, a little on the smart side.

"You need to be careful when you're on the internet. There are a lot of strange people out there that are more than willing to take advantage of you. Use your brain. Don't give out personal information...ever. And when you're locked away in your office, lock the front door. Anyone could have just walked in here. Alright?"

"Yes, sir," Marc said, although he really wanted to tell Rolf to stuff it. Sometimes Rolf treated him as if he was a child.

Rolf said goodnight, thinking on the way home how the computer affected both of the boys. It was like a magnet, both of them forgetting about the world around them. He restricted Matthew's time at home for just that reason. If he didn't, Matthew would be glued to the computer 24/7. He was going to have to have a talk with them at some point. The internet worried Rolf. There were enough crazy people with access to computers and time on their hands to do dangerous things. They preyed on the innocent, the children, the stupid. A couple of boys with time on their hands could get into a world of trouble online.

Matthew was stuck with an early bedtime that evening, and restricted to home the next day for missing dinner. But Rolf had to leave for a couple hours and, as soon as he left, Matthew hopped onto the computer at home and figured out how to get the instant messenger working, and he and Marc chatted for the entire time Rolf was out. Marc had been online nearly the entire time since he'd plugged the computer in, and he kept telling Matthew where to go. They explored parts of the internet together, though in different houses. Rolf never knew what had gone on while he was out.

Over the next several weeks, Matthew was over at Marc's house more and more, though he did manage to keep a slightly better eye on the time. The following Saturday, Marc called and asked Matthew to come over once more.

"Marc, I would love to, but I can't. Remember that lie I told? Rolf, as usual, found out and was pissed. I'm grounded this weekend."

"That sucks. I mean I am glad that you didn't get your butt lit up, but I wanted to show you what I did."

"What did you do?"

"I am not telling," Marc said teasingly.

"MARC, pleeeease, indulge a shut-in."

"You are too funny. Alright, you have access to the computer?" Marc said, laughing.

"Actually, I do. Rolf had to work this morning."

"Well, you will have lots of fun then. I just bought an adult check password."

"No shitting? Don't let Rolf find out. He is dead, DEAD set against giving your credit card number out over the net."

"Are you gonna lecture me, or do want the password?"

"The password, PLEASE!" Matthew said.

"It's studmuffin."

That sent Matthew into a fit of the giggles. "Stud what? Muffin? You are nuts, you know that?"

Marc was laughing as well. "No, I'm not a nut. I'm a seed." He used that line from an episode of Friends.

Matthew dropped the phone and practically fell on the floor in tears.

Marc was laughing hard too. Matthew sounded so funny when he laughed.

Finally Matthew picked the phone up and thanked Marc for the password, got some sites, and started surfing.

He was entranced, and didn't hear Rolf come home two hours later.

Rolf walked into the office and saw Matthew attached to the off-limits-except-for-homework computer. And the images on the screen were NOT related to homework. Rolf cleared his throat.

Matthew didn't hear that, he was too busy looking at the screen.


The younger man jumped and immediately tried to exit the program, knowing he was sunk anyway.

Rolf stood there, arms crossed until he saw a warning flash on the screen. "Hands off the mouse!" He quickly crossed over to the computer to read the screen. It said something to the effect that you have 30 days left on the adult check verification.

Matthew slumped into the chair, knowing he was caught dead on.

"Matthew Christopher, WHAT are you doing?"

"I, uh, was on the computer. I--"

"I can see you were on computer, which was OFF LIMITS! But WHAT is this Adult Check notice? I told you months ago, when we first got our internet service provider, that I strictly forbade you to give out ANY personal information. That included credit cards, especially for this worthless crap."

"Rolf, it's not mine," Matthew said quietly.

"What do you mean 'it's not yours'? It certainly didn't just pop into your head."

"No, it didn't, it's Marc's."

"I see. Apparently he didn't realize that personal information included credit cards. I will have to speak to him about that. But first we will deal with you. You can throw that password away. I don't want any of that trash on my hard drive. If you want to see porn, go to the video store, get it where it is legal. And can I safely infer that you have been glued here for three hours, instead of doing the chores I asked you to do?"

Matthew remained silent.

"Yeah, that is what I thought. I think it is time to get the blood circulating through that butt of yours again. Go into the kitchen and get me the spoon."

"NO. Rolf please not the sp--"


Matthew got up and scooted quickly out of the office. Then he slowed down, not at all interested in finding the spoon. He silently cursed himself for the lack of attention to the clock. Everything would have been fine if he'd just gotten up fifteen minutes before Rolf was due back. He rummaged around in the drawer and found the spoon. He then heard distinctly "One," from the office.

Matthew looked at the spoon. Then he levered it in the drawer, and broke it.

"Two," Rolf continued from the office.

"Rolf, it's broken!" Matthew yelled back.

Rolf made his way out of the office and into the kitchen. He looked at the two broken pieces of the wooden spoon. He knew that Matthew had broken it, but he just didn't know how he had done it. If it didn't get broken across that boy's butt, then Rolf didn't think it could be broken.

"Well, I guess I will have to buy another one when we go shopping," Rolf said, glaring at Matthew. "I guess this will have to do for now," he continued, as he unbuckled his belt. Rolf pulled it from his belt loops and doubled it over. "Matthew drop your shorts and underwear and bend over the table."

Matthew looked at Rolf with pleading eyes. Rolf just gave him 'the look' and Matthew slowly complied, his shorts landing in a pile around his ankles, and the underwear staying hooked around his knees. He put his hands on the table and bit his lip, waiting for the first bite of the belt. He didn't have long to wait.

Rolf placed his hand in the small of Matthew's back, and brought the belt down with a loud smack.

Matthew jumped forward, a soft moan escaping his lips. The belt continued biting into his tender skin, quickly turning the once white flesh to an angry red. Matthew's breathing was coming in short, sharp bursts as the belt continued to light lines of fire across his backside.

Rolf stopped at twenty licks, and quickly put the belt back into the loops and buckled it closed. He took Matthew by the upper arm and turned him to face him and then bent down and pulled Matthew's underwear back into place.

Matthew circled his arms around Rolf's neck and buried his face into the strong chest, breaking into sobs of pain mixed with relief.

Rolf held him for a few minutes, letting Matthew calm somewhat, before he slid out of Matthew's embrace, pulled his shorts up and then walked Matthew over to the corner. "You are not to move, young man," Rolf said as he turned Matthew to face the corner.

Matthew continued sobbing, his forehead resting on the cool kitchen wall.

Rolf went into the bedroom and gathered the laundry. He then went back into the computer room. He unplugged the keyboard and took it down to the basement.

"Alright, Matthew, I'm going out for a while. When I get back, I want to see that the laundry has been done. I want the dishes put away. And it is still nice out there. I want the lawn mowed. Don't bother heading back to the computer, the keyboard is in a safe place. And I don't want you tearing the place apart looking for it, because if everything isn't done by the time I come back, you are going to be a very, VERY sorry young man. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir," Matthew said quietly.

"You can turn from the corner now and get to work."

Matthew made a beeline for the laundry. Rolf grabbed his keys and left.

Matthew wasn't interested in the computer the rest of the day. The burning reminder Rolf left him with did it's job. Matthew got the laundry started, put the dishes away, then headed out to do the lawn.

Rolf drove over to Marc's house, wanting to clarify the rules of conduct on the internet. He knocked on the front door, getting no answer. He pressed and held the doorbell down until he heard Marc running to the door.

Marc opened the door, ready to yell at whoever was out there when he looked up into the icy blue eyes of Rolf. The comment died on his lips. "Oh, uh...hi. Come in," Marc stuttered.

Rolf entered and shut the door behind him. "Playing on the internet, I presume? You didn't hear me knocking on the door."

Marc started to bristle at that comment, but Rolf cut him off.

"Young man, DON'T even start with me. I'm not here to talk about how LONG you've spent on the internet. I'm here to discuss what I found Matthew doing today."

"What's that got to do with me?" Marc ventured uncertainly.

"He was using your adult check password! Would you care to tell me how you got registered with an adult verification company?"

Marc didn't quite know where this was going, and he was not in the best frame of mind. "You go to a site, it says you need one, click here. What's the big deal?"

"What's the big deal?" Rolf asked incredulously. "You gave out your credit card information! To someone that you don't know! I don't know how much more personal you can get, other than handing someone your address and phone number. I told you before, you were NOT to give out personal information, it's just too dangerous. And your credit card, Marc? What were you thinking? If you've paid any attention at all to the news, you've see a LOT of reports of bogus companies set up, getting your credit card number, giving you two or three days of use, then pulling the plug on your account. Do you know how to contact them if your password quits working?"

"I'm sure there is a phone number or something, a button to click."

"Do you think even if you did get someone on the phone, that they'd be any help at all? I doubt it very seriously. You wouldn't even know what state they originate in if you had to bring suit against them for false advertising. Let's go back into your office. I want you to show me where you signed up for this."

Marc walked back into the office, not at all liking the direction the conversation had taken. He had been using the adult verification to look at the site he was currently in.

Rolf did a few things on the computer, found the site and tried to access it. "How much did you pay, and for how long?"

"It was.... I think $19.95 for the month. Why?"

Rolf just shook his head and looked on. He rummaged through the list of sites this was good on - most were just complete trash. He finally had enough. He stopped clicking and booted down the system, turned off the monitor and sat back in the chair.

"Marc, I am not gonna tell you how to spend your money. If you want to waste it on trash, make it something you will always have access to. I told you before about giving out personal information. And I just won't stand by and watch you do that. Now you are gonna get on the phone and cancel this subscription. BUT first, you are going to be spanked for disobeying a direct order."

"Rolf, I am sorry, I didn't mean to disob--"

"Marc, you knew when you took out your credit card it was something I wouldn't approve of. Now you should quit while you're ahead. Take down your shorts and boxers."

Marc tried puppy dog eyes on Rolf, but only got the blue ice glare in return. He pushed his shorts and boxes down, hating the feelings of shame that were overtaking him.

Rolf took Marc's hand and guided him down across his knee.

Marc was balanced precariously across the lap, his hands resting on the floor, his bottom in perfect position for Rolf to administer a sound spanking.

Rolf didn't waste any time. He raised his hand high and brought it crashing down on Marc's left cheek.

Marc jumped a little, and let out a loud hiss of air, biting back on the curses he wanted to utter. The second smack hit his right cheek, and he hissed again.

Rolf kept his hand falling, quickly turning the cool white flesh a bright pink, then a darker shade of crimson.

Marc jumped at each swat, trying hard not to cry. It was impossible, Rolf never gave an easy spanking. Once the first sob escaped Marc's lips, he gave in and let the emotions overtake him. Tears were pooling on the floor next to the chair. He continued squirming throughout the entire length of the spanking, trying to lesson the fire, but never succeeding.

Rolf spanked until his hand was tired, until Marc's bottom was a rosy red and boiling hot. He helped Marc to his feet, brought Marc's boxes and shorts back into position, and turned him to face the corner until he calmed down. Rolf left him there for twenty minutes.

Just as Marc had reached the screaming point, Rolf called him out. "Marc, I think it's time you made that phone call."

Marc turned slowly from the corner and walked over to the phone that Rolf held out to him. Rolf dialed the number, and without a word of complaint Marc cancelled his adult verification. As soon as the phone was disconnected, Rolf finished his visit with a short lecture.

"You are to ask me BEFORE you consider giving your credit information out over the computer again. And I'm warning you a final time. There had better not be one SHRED of personal information about you OR Matthew on the internet. Not one iota of information that someone could track you down with. You know me, and you know I WILL do whatever I think is necessary in the way of discipline if I think you are in danger, and that WILL include banning you from that computer for any length of time I see fit. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir," Marc replied quietly, hating every minute of this discussion.

"I certainly hope I have."

With that Rolf left. Marc's butt was still on fire, so he opted for a nap since he couldn't play comfortably any more.

A couple more weeks went by. Marc spent every free moment on the 'net, exploring every angle. Marc had been hearing