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Are You Lonely?
Part 2

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Matthew called Marc a few days later. "Has he called again?"

"Every freaking night, and twice during the day, leaving me a message on the machine. He's not taking no for an answer. I've got a family reunion this weekend, I'll be SO glad to get away from the phone. Just make sure if you stop by, to erase any messages he might leave, not let Rolf know, okay?"

"No problem."

Marc left early Friday morning. On Saturday, Rolf and Matthew were out sunning by the pool, the phone between them. It rang, Matthew grabbed it.

"Hello?" He turned white and his stomach hit the floor as he recognized the voice that replied to him.

"Hello, dreamy. Long time, I haven't heard from you. You haven't been in the chat rooms either. What's up?"

Matthew's hand shook as he quickly pressed the disconnect key. He sat in shock, wondering how Lonely got his phone number, when it rang again. He dropped the phone, breaking it when it hit the pool deck.

"Matthew? What's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost."

Matthew quickly swallowed the fear. That fear was nothing compared to what he'd feel if Rolf knew the truth. "Sorry. It was a wrong number, and the phone scared me when it rang again. Probably the same idiot calling back. I'll get it fixed. Here, let me take it inside, I'll bring out the other one."

"Here you go," Rolf said as he handed the broken phone to Matthew. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, no problem." Matthew quickly escaped into the house. As soon as he grabbed one of the other phones he called Marc's mother's house to talk to him.

Marc took the call in his old room, curious as to why Matthew was calling.

"Matthew? What's wrong? Why are you calling?"

"He called."

"He called? Who called?"

"Lonely!" Matthew said, hissing into the receiver.

Marc just about dropped the phone. How did he get Matthew's number? He regained his composure and brought the phone back to his ear, wanting to try to calm Matthew down as he sounded pretty stressed.

"Sorry about that, Matty. When did he call?"

"Just a minute ago...when Rolf and I were out by the pool."

"Noooooo! Rolf didn't answer the phone, did he? He doesn't know anything, does he?"

"Would I be talking coherently if he did know anything?"

"Good point. Alright, I am going to leave here tomorrow then. I will be home late tomorrow afternoon. I have got to end this before this guy finds out more than we want him to. I mean, for crying out loud, he has our phone numbers and first names, who knows how much information he could get about us from the 'net!"

"You don't think he could find anything out, do you?"

Marc remained silent.

"Marc?!? You're scaring me."

"I'm scaring me, too. I will be home tomorrow. Be careful, and do what you can to keep your line from ringing."

"Alright, I will. Drive safe. Bye." Matthew hung up the phone wondering how the hell he could keep the guy from calling. At least for now he could leave the phone off the hook. The irritating signals wouldn't be heard while they were out at the pool. What he'd do when they returned inside, he didn't know. He went back outside and jumped immediately into the pool, too worried to lay sunning. The thoughts were swirling in his brain. He was afraid. Lonely was a scary character, but Rolf was scarier still. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, and was hoping that Marc could pull then unscathed out of this mess.

Marc remained on his bed, deep in thought, wondering how much longer they were going to have to pay for their stupid lapse in judgement. He couldn't get over how Lonely had gotten Matthew's phone number - it just wasn't possible. He thought about it until his mother called him to eat. It wasn't until he was on his way home the next day that he slapped himself across his head, remembering he'd given the number out when he thought he was at Matthew's. He was getting extremely worried about what Lonely would or could do, and immediately behind THAT worry, if that wasn't enough, was what ROLF would do if they were found out. He was so worried about it he was almost to the point of pulling his computer out of the wall and just handing it to Rolf, right before moving to Switzerland.

When Marc arrived home, he quickly unloaded his vehicle and ran inside to survey the damage. He started with his answering machine. No new messages. That meant that either Matthew cleared them, or there was no contact. Next he rummaged through his mail, just for peace of mind. Last stop was his e-mail box. While waiting for the internet connection, he took the opportunity to make some lunch. While he was digging in the refrigerator he heard footsteps behind him.

"You're home early," a voice from behind said.

Marc was paralyzed with fear. He had dropped the jar of mayo when the mysterious person behind him spoke.

"Sorry Marc, didn't mean to startle you."

Marc turned around as the voice registered in his brain as a friendly and known one. "Rolf, how are you? Where's Matthew?" Marc barely got those words out without his teeth chattering from the adrenaline rush of fear and relief.

"I am fine. He is at home, mowing the lawn. He found it amusing to toss the phone in the pool today, something about seeing if it would float. I swear sometimes he acts like he is 4 instead of 24. So how was your trip? Mom doing well?"

Marc was trying to process what Rolf was saying. Apparently that comment about the phone meant that Lonely tried contacting Matthew yet again. "Uh, the trip was very nice, but you know it's always nice to. . .uh, come home. Mom is well, though, thanks for asking."

Rolf sensed some hesitation and asked "You alright?"

"Yeah, it was just a long drive. Be fine once I eat."

"Are you sure about that?"

"What do you mean?" Marc asked, getting nervous.

"You just seem a little more....jumpy, I guess. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that you have something like 125 messages in your in-box. Surprising as you've only been gone a couple days, but that should keep you busy for quite a while."

"Oh, probably mostly junk mail anyway."

"Well, I will go then. I am glad you made it back safe and sound. Why don't you swing by tomorrow for dinner? Matthew has been dying to see you. You know we miss you when you are away."

"I missed you both, as well. And that would be great. What time?"

"Whenever, we should be home most of the day."

"Okay. Thanks for watching stuff here."

"You're welcome. Now go eat before you pass out."

"Yes, Sir. See you later."

Marc looked down at his hands, they were still shaking. He hoped that Rolf hadn't noticed, but that would be near impossible. 125 messages? Marc raced into the office and checked the mail. There were only a couple from some friends, about ten pieces of junk mail, and the rest were from LonelyInKy. He collapsed into the chair, scared to open them, wondering what they said. He opened one. It simply asked him where he was, that he'd been missed in the chat rooms, and to please visit soon. He opened another one. It said almost the same thing, but instead of please, it said just TO visit the chat rooms. Marc's stomach started to really churn when he got to the third one and it became even more demanding. He quickly disconnected from the internet and went back to the kitchen. He finished the sandwich he had been making when Rolf showed up, but he had lost his appetite and ending up throwing the sandwich away.

Marc tried watching some television but couldn't concentrate on anything. He just about jumped through the roof when the phone rang a little while later. He just stared in horror at the ringing instrument, certain it would reach out and bite him if he touched it. The answering machine picked it up on the fourth ring.

"Marc, I know you're home, pick up!" Matthew's voice hissed loudly from the machine.

Marc dove for the phone, nearly knocking over a vase of flowers he had on the counter. "Hi! I am here, what's up?"

"I only have a couple minutes, not supposed to be on the phone since I seem to have broken two of ours lately. Rolf didn't find anything did he?"

"No, apparently not as I'm still coherent as well."

"Smart ass."

"Who's the one who tried to see if the phone would float?"

"What the hell did you expect me to do!?! Lonely has called several times, Rolf is going to answer one of these times and we'll both be dead! HOW did he get my number?"

"Oh.....remember when he asked for my phone number?"

"Yes! Well?....."

"I accidentally gave him yours before I realized I was at home."

"You did WHAT?!?" Matthew hissed.

"I was drunk, do you THINK I was thinking clearly?" Marc said, somewhat hurt.

"No, but you gave him *MY* number? You have GOT--" The line went dead.

"Matthew? Hello, Matty?" Marc hung up the phone, fear building in the pit of his stomach. He waited nervously for the phone to ring again shortly, with death threats from Rolf ringing in his ears, but the phone remained silent. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and pulled the plug on the phone, making certain it wouldn't ring again that night. He tried to go to bed, but all he managed were a couple hours of restless sleep.

"Marc, hello?" Matthew asked as the line went dead. He turned to try to redial the phone and practically had a heart attack on the spot as he was shocked to find Rolf standing there, a finger on the disconnect button, an extremely unhappy look on his face. Matthew held the phone out and said in a quiet voice "For you?"

Rolf took the phone from Matthew's hand and hung it up. Then he placed one leg on the chair next to the phone and pulled the younger man across the raised leg, dropping his shorts in one quick movement. Then he proceeded to thoroughly redden Matthew's bottom in the matter of a quick three minutes, lecturing with each spank that no phone meant NO PHONE. Matthew was certain he didn't want to touch the phone for at LEAST a week by the time Rolf's hand quit falling. Rolf pulled Matthew's shorts back up and gave him a rough hug before sending him off to get ready for an early bedtime.

Matthew quickly ran into the bathroom, washed the tears from his face and brushed his teeth before diving under the covers. At least there he was safe from the ringing phone. He hoped that Marc was getting the situation resolved. The fear of the phone was about to drive him insane, not to mention empty his pockets of money in order to fix the phones, AND turning his bottom red, instead of the milky white he preferred it to be.

Marc lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, as if the answer was written somewhere in the paint strokes. He was at a loss, and didn't know what to do. Finally, Marc got out of bed. There was only one thing he could do, and as much as he hated to have to do it alone, it had to be done. Marc walked into the office, turning on all the lights along the way. He booted up the computer and waited for the internet connection. Every creak, snap and pop, made Marc jerk around. His heart was racing as he made his way into the chat rooms. There was no sign of his nemesis in the chat room.

'Has anyone seen LonelyInKy?'

Marc's question was ignored. Just as he was ready to leave, someone whispered him.

'Why do you want to know?'

'Just someone I have been chatting with, and need to see again. Why?'


It was almost like Marc's conscience was typing to him.

'What do you mean?'

'Just trust me, STAY AWAY.'

'Please, I am begging you, tell me what you know?'

"It's too late for you, isn't it?"

Marc's heart dropped into his stomach. Then LonelyInKY popped on screen.

"There you are! You weren't ignoring me, were you?"

Marc sat staring in horror at the message. Now that he had Lonely on the machine, he was uncertain of what to do next. While he sat thinking, Lonely typed another message.

"I tried calling. Were you out of town?"

Marc immediately answered that one. "Yes."

"You failed to tell me." The message sounded sinister and sent cold chills running up and down Marc's spine.

"I wouldn't have left you so many messages in your box had I known."

Marc relaxed a little. "It was a last minute thing."

"There was no computer where you were?"


"I missed my stud. I was eager to hear your voice again. Why don't you disconnect, and I'll call?"

Marc's stomach went south on him again.

"No. I brought back some family and they are sleeping. Don't want to startle them. Why don't you give me *your* number and I will call you?"

Marc hoped that Lonely didn't bail, but his hopes were dashed.

"It is probably for the best, stud. It is late. But we *will* talk soon. That's a promise."

And with that, Lonely was gone. Marc's pulse slowly stopped racing. He stayed connected for a few minutes, just to be sure that the phone would NOT ring. He disconnected, and headed into slumber.

A couple days had passed, and the weekend was just twenty-four short hours away. Marc had told Matthew of his venture, and they were now more determined than ever to get rid of this guy.

Marc was working Friday when the hairs on the back of his neck tingled. He quickly turned around but didn't see anyone. He just about flew out of his chair when Matthew walked up behind him.

"Hi, didn't mean to scare you," Matthew said, laughing.

"You're just lucky I didn't have my stapler handy. I'd have nailed you to the wall."

"Hands on your head, please," Matthew said in a no-nonsense voice.

"It's alright. I've just been jittery all day. Feel like someone's staring at me."

"Someone? You mean...Lonely?" Matthew ended in a whisper, looking around for an unknown face.

"Thanks, that's JUST what I wanted to think about."

Marc and Matthew headed out to lunch, and talked of other, happier things.

On Saturday, everyone was to attend the fair's opening weekend. Marc had to work, so he was meeting everyone at seven to top off the night. Matthew talked Rolf into going over when the gates opened at 3, so they could ride what they wanted without having to wait in the longer evening lines.

Rolf ran into a client almost as soon as they entered the fairgrounds. Matthew tried to remain patient, and stand next to Rolf, but the excitement proved too great.

"Rolf, I'm going to check out a few of the games over there. Join me when you are done. I promise, no rides," Matthew whispered into Rolf's ear.

Rolf was able to live with that, so he let Matthew go off on his own. Matthew wandered through the raging crowd and checked out the various children's games, and moved past those to the gambling wheels. Every few feet he had that eerie feeling that someone was following him, but when he turned around, there was no one there. Finally, he stopped at a horse race wheel, and placed his bet. Matthew spent the better part of an hour there, waiting for Rolf, winning on almost every spin. Matthew occasionally looked over his shoulder, still unable to shake that horrid feeling, but with every glance, no one was visible. Finally, Rolf met up with Matthew, who was now $50 dollars richer.

"Hey looks like someone did good while he was all alone."

"Yup, and it was ALMOST as fun as being on one of those rides over there."

"Is that a hint?"

Matthew smiled, and wrapped his arm around Rolf, guiding him in the direction of the rides.

Rolf and Matthew went on several rides, though the lines were a little long. Finally Matthew bugged Rolf enough so that they could eat. Matthew took the money from Rolf and stood in line himself, telling Rolf to hold them a table. Rolf was ready to sit down, he was feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous from all the rides. When Matthew returned to the table, Rolf's eyes widened considerably.

"Is someone ELSE joining us for dinner?" he asked incredulously.

Matthew looked down at the tray and then back at Rolf. " Why? This isn't all THAT much."

"You don't call two hotdogs, a hamburger, a steak on a stick, fries, elephant ear AND a caramel apple THAT much? I think that's enough food for four. And let me guess. Out of the $20 I gave you, I have no change, right?"

Matthew smiled happily. "Wrong. Here is your change."

Rolf held out his hand and groaned as Matthew dropped fifty two cents into it. "Change. Ah, yes. Thank you. I graciously apologize for being wrong."

"Not a problem. What time is it?"

"About six."

"So Marc should be here soon. Where were we to meet him? The ferris wheel?"

"Yes, at seven."

"Mmfpfh 'k" Matthew replied through a mouthful of hot dogs.

Rolf ate the hamburger and some of the fries. He wasn't too keen on anything more than that. His stomach still didn't feel a