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Campground Discipline
Part 1

by Graham

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It was about 7 p. m., on a cooling June night. We were enthusiastically eating the dinner that Mom had cooked, as we sat at the Coleman table, on plastic chairs, outside the big RV that my parents lived in during the summer months. It was big, and Dad always pulled it behind the big Explorer, parking it at different campgrounds at parks, especially where there were lakes nearby.

Dad is a surgeon and a part-time faculty in the college of medicine at the university in the town where we lived. Dad is 6′ 2″, and a solid 240 lbs of muscle from working out regularly. Mom is the homemaker, who takes care of our whole family – Dad; my 9 year-old, twin brothers, Jason and Justin; my 4 year old, little brother, Jonathon; and me, Jared.

I just finished my second year at the university where Dad teaches part-time, and will be 20 in August. I’m 6′, but lanky and lean, weighing about 160 lbs. Because I’m living in my parents’ home, I have to accept their rules and conditions. Even though I’m in college now, Mom still does my laundry. She doesn’t make my bed, or clean up my room, any longer; but she does still prepare breakfast and dinner for me and the whole family every day.

Each summer, though, Dad takes from the middle of May until the middle of September off, to travel with our whole family. Because we live in the South (Mississippi), Dad and Mom like to travel throughout the North in the summer, to get away from the heat and humidity, and to enjoy the clean, safe northern lakes.

We were in upstate New York, where we had been camping in the Adirondacks for nearly three weeks. The campground where we were had a big lodge, with a fireplace, a small arcade of video games and foosball table, and a large-screen television. Anyone staying at the campground was welcome to come to the lodge in the evening to use the facilities. On this particular night, Dad had said that we would all go up to the lodge, play some games, and watch some international soccer together – as soon as he had finished helping Mom clean up, and wash and put away the dishes.

Jared. You fold up the table and stack the chairs in the back of the Explorer. Then take your brothers for a walk for a while, until Mom and I are finished. Don’t go too far, and everybody stay out of the lake, so we don’t have to waste time getting people cleaned up again.

OK, Dad. Sure. I replied. Quickly I folded up the table, stacked the chairs, and put them all in the back of the Explorer.

C’mon, guys, I called to the twins and Jonathon. They came running, and I pretended to race them along the bank of the lake heading north from the campground. I still had my baggy swim shorts on, and the sun sloping downward, across the water, was sure inviting. We came to a wooden dock, and I walked out on it a bit with my brothers.

You guys wait right here, I instructed. Then, SPLASH! I dove from the dock into the deep water and came up floating backwards and smiling at the boys, feeling refreshed by the clean, clear water.

Oh-oh, Jared, the twins called out simultaneously, Daddy said to stay out of the water. You’re going to get it. No. No, Jared, Jonathon joined in.

No, guys, I replied. He didn’t mean me. I splashed back and began a backstroke that took me away from the boys on the dock. I dove deeply, enjoying the feel of the cooler, deep water rushing over my body, down my back and around my butt, penis, and testes, along my skinny, lean legs. It was an instant of sheer pleasure that produced a slightly aroused boner.

A few minutes later, I surfaced, however, realizing that I should not leave my brothers alone on the dock. As I came up, I squinted to stare at the dock, feeling relieved to see the boys still there – although they were standing awfully close to the edge.

I began swimming hard towards them. As I got closer to the dock, suddenly I noticed Dad walking along the shore towards the dock. I accelerated my pace, to try to get to the boys at the dock before he did.

Too late. Dad was at the dock, and calling to the twins and Jonathon. Where’s Jared? I heard him ask.

He’s swimming out there, they all exclaimed, pointing out into the lake where I was heading back in.

What?! Dad exploded. I thought I told you all to stay out of the water so that we wouldn’t have to wait to get dry and dressed. We’re all ready to go up to the lodge now, he said.

Jared said it didn’t mean him, they reported in unison.

What?! Oh, he did?! Well, we’ll see how Jared feels about that after he’s had a lesson on following orders.

As I came close to the dock, Dad spoke sternly and loudly, Jared, get out of that water – RIGHT NOW! You heard me tell you all to stay out of the water and be ready to go! His voice was brusque and betrayed his irritation.

I came up to the side of the dock and began pulling myself up onto it. Dad reached out, grabbed my arm firmly, pulling me forcefully up onto the dock. I stood firmly on the wooden dock with the front of my wet, baggy swim trunks tented up with my stiffy. Sill gripping my arm firmly, Dad turned me around, away from him, pulling my arm to force me to bend over slightly.

His big, strong hand began swatting the seat of my wet swim shorts, and I jumped ahead of him, my arm still in his grip, as he brought his hand over and over again in contact with my backside. I tried to pull away, but he must have decided he would let me know the mistake that was, by increasing the speed and strength of the spanks to my behind. 

WHEWWWWWWW! It had been quite a while since I had felt this. Now, suddenly – and swiftly – hot, heavy smacks colliding against my wet bottom were bringing back uncomfortable memories as well, and I was not prepared for it. Not to mention the sudden, reddening faced, overwhelming embarrassment of being spanked in public by my Dad, on the dock. Not having been spanked by Dad in over a year, suddenly like a small, misbehaving child I was being spanked on the spot, in front of my little brothers and everyone else who was out and about that evening. I felt very embarrassed, besides the increasing, stinging pain.

Okaaaay, Daaad! I protested. I didn’t know! I’m sorry! Now cut it out! I ordered.

By now, Dad had frogmarched me down and off the dock, swatting my wet, warming seat as we walked. Justin and Jason, along with Jonathon, followed hastily.

I was going to wait until we got back to the campsite, Jared. But you just lied to me, not to mention your overall impertinence. First place I find to sit down, you’re getting a lesson in following orders, followed by another one tomorrow evening for lying. He continued to trudge me forward toward where the RV was set up, all the while continuing to heat up my seat with machine-like swats.

The last ones were really butt-blazers, and I was grunting and talking to Dad.

Nnnnaaaa-aaaaa-noooo, Daaaad! You don’t have to do this!. I’m-aaah-sorry. Daaaad, I am! Reeeeaaally! Daaa-aaaad, pleeeez! Not only my embarrassment was growing, but also the intense stinging of his hard hand against my burning, stinging behind.

Then, he spotted a long, wooden bench over where the mail boxes were set out, and pulled me over with him to the bench. Immediately he sat down, still holding my left arm in his strong grip. You boys sit down here, Dad instructed, pointing to the other end of the bench. They sat down next to each other, all of them turned, staring wide-eyed at Dad and me.

Suddenly, Dad jerked my arm, forcefully pulling me toward him, and yanking me off my feet and across the legs of his lap. My bare feet were kicking up sand as they flailed, while he shifted me across his lap, adjusting me so that my head was on the nearly on the ground. He let go of my left arm, reached over and grabbed my right one, pulled it up and held it against my bare back, and returned to delivering swats against my bottom.

He was really letting go, raining spanks down on my backside, and I squirmed and wriggled, kicking and bouncing on his lap, pleading, amidst choked and muffled tears.

Daaaaaad! Stop it! I’m-augh-ah-sorry! Daaaad! You caaaan’t! Ah-uh-please! Oooo-ah-ow-uh-stopit! Stopit, Daaaaad! I’m-uh-uh-ow-uh-not-uh-uh-little-uh-ow-ow-ow! Duh-aaaaad-uh-uh-oooooo-uh-youuuu-uh-caaaaan’t-uh-uh-ow-ow-ow-Daddy-huh-uh-ow-ow-ow!

Dad paid no heed to my pleading and protests, but was blistering my damp, heating behind. Then things went from bad to worse. He stopped abruptly, still holding my wrenched-up arm in the vice of his grasp, reached down and swiftly pulled down my swim shorts, over my bottom, down my thighs, past my knees, to my ankles.

Aaaaaieeeeayaaaaaa-nooooooo-aaaaa-uh-uh-whaaa-uht’re youuuu-uh-uh-uh-doooooeeeeeeng-aaaaa-uh-uh-noooooooooooo! Not thaaaaat! I exploded.

His strong hand resumed pummeling my bare, now red-marked behind with intense speed and strength, as the inferno on my bottom was roaring. I bucked and kicked, my swim shorts flying off my skinny, bare, sandy feet onto a large trash can. My mind was racing. I was desperate. I had to make this stop – at once! But I couldn’t. I was trapped, and Dad was tanning my fanny a deep, hot, raw red!

Although I was struggling to be a man – to act like an adult – to keep my welling emotions held back, I felt myself slipping, regressing, feeling more and more like a naughty child being spanked for misbehaving and then lying about it.

When he began blistering tender, sensitive, curved sit-spots where my thighs and buttocks meet, I was incited with a fiery inferno that threatened to launch me off his lap. Nooooo-hoooo, Daaa-uh-deeee — not therrrrrrre! All at once, I collapsed and began sobbing, heaving and wailing, as the pain of my punishment overrode the humiliation of being spanked at my age, and in front of others.

Daaaady-uh-augh-uh-uh-I-uh-oooo-uh-pleeeeeez-uh-ow-ow-ow-uh-uh-staaaahp!! Oooooo-uh-ow-ow-uh-Daaaaa-uh-deeeee-uh-uh-I’m-uh-sorreeeeee-uh-uh-waaaaaa! Daaaa-deeeee-uh-uh-pleeeez-uh-uh-nooooo-uh-moooor-uh-uh-waaaaaaaa! Uh-uh-Daaaa-uh-deeeee-uh-it-uh-uh-hurrrrrrtz-uh-haugh-augh-uh-I-uh-woooon’t-uh-uh-beeeee-uh-uh-baaaaad-uh-uh-gaaaaain! Oooooo-uh-uh-waaaaaaa-uh-Daaaa-deeeee-uh-uh-I’m-uh-uh-sorreeeee-ow-ow-I-uh-knooooow-uh-I-uh-uh-wassss-uh-baaaad-uh-ooooo-uh-ow-o-w-uh-pleeeea-uh-Daaadeeee!Nooooo-uh-moooore-uh-uh-nuh-uh-everrrr-uh-uh-gaaaaain! Huh-uh-ow-ow-ooooo-augh-uh-Daaaadeeee-uh-I-uh-uh-waaaaa-huh-uh-woooon’t-uh-beeee-uh-baaaaad-uh-uh-anyeeee-uh-mooooor-uh-ow-ow-huh-uh-waaaaaaa-uh-waaaaaaa

Notwithstanding my shrieking pleas, Dad unrelentingly spanked my bottom and thighs until defeated, I surrendered, just quivering and shaking, as I screeched and sobbed, gagged and choked, with each spank. He finally stopped, but I didn’t even realize it for a minute or two, as I lay hanging over his knees, my eyes and nose wetting the ground.

After a few more minutes, my sobs and coughs began subsiding. Slowly, Dad lifted me up off his knees, and immediately my legs were wobbly as I doubled over, standing completely naked before him, still weeping.

Justin and Jason, pick up Jared’s bathing suit and bring it along to the RV. Dad directed. The twins jumped up, and raced to pick up my swim shorts off the trash container.

Dad grabbed the back of my neck, forcing my head and face to look downward as he pushed me along firmly, swatting my red, raw, bare behind, en route to the RV. I was humiliated beyond words, having been spanked, on my bare behind, in open view of the world, and now being marched along naked, being spanked along with way on my blistered, red bottom.

When we got there, I tried to pull free of Dad’s grasp on my neck, but that only brought an intense, new round of spanks to my burning, bare rump.

Eeeeow-ow-uh-uh-noooooo-uh-uh-ow-ow-ow-haughuh-waaaaaaa! I cried out.

Get inside and get some clothes on, son. We’re ready to go to the lodge! Dad ordered.

Uh-uh-I-uh-uh-dooon’tuh-waaaant-uh-uh-to-uh-gooooooo! I argued.

You’re coming with us, Jared. Would you like a preview of tomorrow night’s lesson right now, before we go? Dad asked.

I knew I had better get my clothes on and join them. Uh-uh-noooo-uh-uh-sir! I replied, still sniffling up sobs.

Then get in there and back out in 3 minutes, or I’ll be in to get you, and you can expect an initial installment of tomorrow night’s lesson right now! he ordered.

I bounded up the stairs with my scalded, red rump and thighs, into the RV. Inside, I quickly pulled on a pair of boxers that hurt my aching rearend as they touched it. Then I pulled on a pair of khaki shorts, and t-shirt, and my flip flops, and hurried back down the steps. Mom and Dad were standing there waiting, along with Justin and Jason, and Jonathon.

Alright. I think we’re ready to go to the lodge, Dad commented. Quietly, we all walked along together to the lodge. Once there, the twins went to the arcade, while Jonathon stayed with Mom and Dad. I wasn’t sure where to go, or what I wanted to do.

C’mon over here, Jared, Dad called, pointing to a chair next to him. Let’s watch the soccer match, he said as he sat down before the big-screen television, amidst several other families already watching it.

Jared got a spanking. My Daddy spanked him. Jonathon was immediately informing everyone around. My face blushed red hot, probably as much as my bottom. Quietly, but slowly, I lowered myself, trying to scoot down into the chair next to Dad. My head was also lowered into my chest, my eyes not looking up to make contact with anyone. My bottom was aching and throbbing as I constantlhy shifted, trying to find a less uncomfortable seating on that chair.

Hush, Jonathon. That’s nobody’s business, Mom admonished. My little brother ceased his announcement, and climbed up into Mom’s lap to sit and watch the match.

Dad struck up a running conversation with me about the game, and although I didn’t feel in much of a mood to talk, I did appreciate his effort to remove the thoughts of my recent spanking from my mind – even though my behind continued reminding me.

Later that night, as I lay on my stomach in my bunk, I began softly weeping again, as I relived the shame and pain of the spanking that my disobedience had brought me out on this campground.

The next night saw me back across Dad’s knees again, my shorts and boxers tangled around my ankles, as he blistered my already throbbing bottom again for having lied to him. Only this time, he did it inside the RV. So, although my wailing could be heard a wide distance around, at least no one else saw Dad disciplining me.

When it was over, I was sent immediately to bed, even though it was still light out, to sob myself to sleep. Because it was so early, my brothers were still outside and I was left alone in bed in the RV. As I cried myself to sleep, my rod sprung a boner, hungrily demanding attention and relief. Reliving in my mind the two, harsh thrashings I received the last two nights, I pumped and jacked the engorged, elongated shaft until I’d pulled the pin and the grenade fired, exploding rounds of youthful semen. Afterward, I felt an immediate, if temporary, assuaging relief for my emotions, and quickly dropped off to sleep.

After those two days, I was anxious to pull out and leave this campground, the memories and reality it now held for me, and everyone around who was aware of what had happened. Mom and Dad really liked the spot, though, so we spent another month there. During that time, I managed to get myself in a situation that evoked another spanking from Dad; but that one too was not in public, and it is another story itself.

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