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Daddy's Visit

by Goodspank

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 Daddy's Visit 22 June 2000 by Goodspank

The door buzzer goes. I know it must be Daddy. I swallow nervously, and check myself out quickly in the mirror. I am barefoot, not long out of the shower. My white t-shirt sets off my boyish figure well, and the green cotton gym shorts cling in all the right places, revealing that underneath I am wearing a pair of my favorite snug white cotton underpants - the ones that perfectly complement the roundness of my butt. I try not to run to the door. I open the front door and Daddy is there, smiling broadly. He is big and burly and has a wonderful moustache. My heart leaps with a combination of fear and excitement.

"Hello Daddy."

"Hello Boy." He smiles and his eyes twinkle wickedly. My heart gives a little jump of delight.

"Come in please Daddy", I say, and lead him through the short hallway to the door of my flat. We go in and I close the door. He goes up the three steps into the living room and sits on the sofa, legs wide apart. He puts his sports bag down on the floor.

"Come here, Boy" he says, beckoning to me. I go and stand immediately in front of him, between his wide open legs. He places his big, strong hands on my butt cheeks and squeezes gently. He nods, as if satisfied, and runs his hands up and down and all over my body, checking me out. Apparently I meet with his approval, for he smiles again.

"Now, Boy," he says softly, "You know why I'm here - you're a bad boy and it's your punishment time. Your little round butt is due for its regular good hard Daddy spanking, and I've a mind to make this a special spanking." The word 'special' has a particularly wicked emphasis and he grins his wickedest Daddy grin. I know to dread that grin - I suspect it means my butt is really going to suffer!

I gulp out the words "Yes, Daddy", dutifully.

"Yes what, Boy?"

I know what he means. Daddy always makes me ask for my punishment. Not just once, but over and over again.

"Yes please Daddy, I need a really special butt spanking this time, please Daddy. Punish me hard please Daddy". I know that if I don't ask Daddy sincerely for my punishment, that he'll make it even stricter and harder. I forget any notion of being a grown-up, and am just a naughty teenager again. What's more he'll keep making me ask for my punishment until he likes the way I say it.

He shakes his head. "Try again, Boy - when I say special I mean special."

He is still gently squeezing and stroking my butt cheeks. I like the feeling of Daddy's hands on my butt very much indeed but am very nervous and as I reply my heart is hammering so loud I think he must hear it.

"Yes Daddy. Please Daddy, I've been a very bad boy, and my butt needs to be punished very strictly - much more than usual. Please would you put me over your knee and spank my butt long and hard, first on my underpants and then on my bare butt, and then please would you lay me over the bed and whack my bare butt with your big, black belt until it's red hot and sore, just as I deserve. I've been extra specially bad so I need a really red hot butt this time, please Daddy."

"That's right, Boy, you've been extra specially bad". He is still grinning delightedly as he says the words 'extra specially' slowly and with relish. I have never had to make such a detailed request before - and I know he always makes me ask for more, later, so next time I'll probably have to ask for the paddle, or the razor strap, or even the cane.

"Right now." His face adopts a slightly sterner expression. "Take off your t-shirt".

I hoist my t-shirt over my head and put it over the back of a nearby chair.

Daddy grasps the waistband of my shorts and, in one smooth movement, pulls them right down to my ankles. He surveys me, standing there in just my underpants, and smiles very broadly, patting my butt cheeks gently. "Now, Bad Boy, go into the bedroom and stand by the end of the bed in your underpants. Think about the long overdue punishment you deserve. I'm going to really tan your hide cherry red this time, and it's going to take a long, long time. Go!"

He gives my butt a hearty slap with his hand as I turn to go, almost tripping over my shorts.

In the bedroom I stand obediently at the end of the bed, looking down at the array of punishment implements laid out there. This is another part of my punishment routine - apart from the big belt he wears, Daddy doesn't bring any spanking implements with him, it is my job to have them ready for him. Also, there is a big heap of pillows across the bed. These are for me to bend over, spreadeagled, so Daddy can stand over me and wield his big black belt, or the razor strap, tawse, or - gulp! - the swishy cane.

There are two razor strops - unfortunately not genuine North American. One is longer and bendier than the other, and both are highly effective at warming the butt cheeks.

There are four paddles - three leather and one wooden. All can be used over the knee or in other positions. The wooden one stings like fuck.

Ooops! Careful - if Daddy hears me say 'fuck' I get ten extra whacks - fast with whatever implement he's got in his hand. I don't think I've ever got through a butt whacking without yelling out "owww fuck!" at least once - after a particularly painful whack of the belt or paddle - and earned my poor agonised butt a set of rapid fire whacks as a result! I'm not optimistic about avoiding it this time, either.

There is a short whip like a cat o'nine tails, and a long slim leather strap with holes in it which makes me wince just to look at it, because, although it's lightweight, it stings worse than anything.

There is a very short leather strap - about six inches long - for getting at those 'hard to reach' spots between my ass cheeks.

There is a fairly thick black leather tawse with two tails.

And, last and worst, there is the cane: medium weight and a really good whopper. I look gloomily at it - something tells me Daddy may have the cane in mind when he says the word 'special' in that way.

I am not kept waiting long. Daddy enters and sits on the bed, legs apart, facing me, just as we were in the living room.

"Now Bad Boy, I'm here to punish you as you richly deserve. You know what kind of punishment that bad boys need, don't you?" Again Daddy is running his hands over my body and gently squeezing my ass cheeks.

"Yes Daddy. Bad boys need their butts spanked." I reply obediently.

Daddy starts to pat my butt cheeks very softly. "And are you a bad boy?"

"Yes Daddy, I'm a very bad boy."

"So what do you need then, Bad Boy?"

"I need my butt spanked, please Daddy."

"That's right, you need your butt spanked. How bad would you say you were?"

"I'm very bad indeed, Daddy. Extra specially bad, Daddy."

"Yeah, I know you are, Boy. So, if ordinary bad boys get their butts spanked, what do extra specially bad boys get?"


I jump at the sudden hard slap to my butt cheek.

"Please Daddy, I need an extra specially long, hard spanking on my underpants and bare butt."

"Then you'd better ask for it, hadn't you, Bad Boy?"

"Yes Daddy. Please Daddy, please would you give my butt a really good spanking - extra specially long and hard because I'm such a very bad boy. Please spank me over your knee on my underpants to start with and then take them down and really whack my bare butt until it's cherry red and sore and I'm squirming and begging you to stop. Please use your hand, your big black belt, and as many other implements as you think I deserve, Daddy. "

Daddy's face lights up in delight. I think I said the right thing.

He reaches up and takes my hand and tugs me down to upend my butt over his left knee so that my face and upper body are over the bed. He is right-handed.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this, Bad Boy! I'm really gonna give your butt a tannin' to remember!"

Smack! The first one is surprisingly hard - I gasp slightly through my teeth. He chuckles. Then he starts to spank regularly and rhythmically, one spank on each cheek in turn. There are about three or four seconds between each spank at first, and it's not too hard, though I can certainly feel it! After about a minute he gradually speeds up and increases the weight he puts behind each smack. Soon there is no pause between the smacks, and I am gasping quite often. He is meticulous about covering the entire area of my butt - from the top just below my waist, down to the top of my legs. This results in the kind of all-over tan that every boy should have, and no sunshine required, as Daddy likes to say.

Suddenly he pauses. He strokes and squeezes my ass gently, as he often does during my punishments. He lifts up the back of my underpants to reveal my bare butt cheek beneath.

"Hmm, " he says, "Just warming up the target - nothin' much in the way of color - yet." He pulls up the back of the other side so both butt cheeks are on show and tugs the waistband up tight to that my underpants are squeezed into my butt crack.

The spanking starts again, at the same speed and heaviness as before. My buns are now bare, so it hurts more, and my gasps are more frequent. I am now wriggling quite a bit. Daddy starts to tease me - varying between little soft taps and really hard whacks that make me go 'ooww!' and make him chuckle delightedly.

Without warning, he grabs my underpants and tugs them right down to my ankles. He puts his left hand on my shoulders to hold me down firmly and starts spanking again straight away. I bounce helplessly over his knee.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Without pausing in the fusillade of spanks, he asks "Like this, do you, Boy?"

I know what I have to answer, even as I squirm and writhe beneath his strong disciplinary hand.

"Yes, Daddy. I like it. Oww!"

"I know you do. You love getting your butt reddened. This is what you need, isn't it, Bad Boy? You need spanking like you need air to breathe."

"Yes Daddy, I really need spanking, please. Oww! Spank me hard, please Daddy. Oww!"

A few minutes later, Daddy orders me to get into his favorite position. We call it the 'wheelbarrow' position. For this my underpants have to come off my ankles so I'm completely naked. Daddy sits on the edge of the bed, legs apart, while I place one leg either side of his waist - facing away from him - and my head and arms down on the ground. My groin rests against his, my butt cheeks are spread apart, my shaved buttcrack is exposed and I'm at my most vulnerable.

The relentless spanking resumes, and my gasps become small yells. 'Owwww!' escapes my lips more and more often.

"Don't know what you're yellin' about, Boy," says Daddy, cheerfully, "I've hardly started yet. Your butt's barely even pale pink yet! I aim for cherry red - or maybe beet - or tomato. I haven't quite decided. Which would you like best Boy? Choose a color for your butt!" He chuckles happily.

Daddy doesn't stop whacking while he talks, and he doesn't stop to wait for an answer, either. My replies are punctuated by 'ow' and 'ouch' and loud gasps.

"Please Daddy, I'd like a cherry red butt, please. Oww!"

"Hmmm, yeah, cherry is good, but I'm real fond of that deep purple-crimson beet. Heh." He chuckles again - Daddy is enjoying his work.

Five minutes of wheelbarrow spanking and bad boy butt squirming and many ouches later, and he pauses long enough to reach out a hand and pick something up from the bed. I hold my breath in anticipation - what will it be?

I feel Daddy gently brush a leather paddle over my warm buns. Then he starts to pat the cheeks lightly, getting faster and faster, and harder, until I am getting a rapid-fire paddling. It hurts! I know, from the feel, that Daddy is using the tan-colored leather paddle, and that really sets my butt bouncing!

Another pause, another item is selected. This time it is the very short leather strap - Daddy starts to apply a series of light whacks to my inner butt cheeks. Some of them land right on my butthole and I squeal and struggle, but Daddy holds me firmly in place and keeps whacking my poor, vulnerable, naked buttcrack. The more I squeal and squirm, the more Daddy chuckles and tells me "This is just the start of your butt tannin', Boy - just the start! You think this hurts, you wait till' I get you bent over those pillows with your butt in the air and I start usin' my belt on your li'l red butt like you asked me to! That'll hurt plenty, Boy! then you'll know you're really getting punished!"

Daddy is as good as his word - of course. But by the time I get to the bent-over-pillows position on the bed, I've had a dozen hearty whacks with each of the other three paddles on my poor, helpless butt, and I'm really suffering. The wooden paddle had a particularly memorable effect when Daddy whacked it down evenly across both my butt cheeks - I jumped and squirmed hard and tried to get up - earning me another half dozen hearty paddle whacks from Daddy for trying to get up before I was told!

"Please Daddy, haven't we got to 'extra special' yet, Daddy?" I sob, after Daddy tells me I can get up and I stagger up dizzily from the wheelbarrow position. I put my hands down and gingerly feel my bare bottom. It's hot, it's sore, and, I suspect, already blushing a deep shade of red.

Daddy laughs. "Nowhere near it, Boy. I've just about warmed you up enough to get to the real punishment. This, that you're gettin' next, is the part you asked for, remember? Now let me see, what was it you wanted so particularly? Hmm." As he pretends to think, he slowly unbuttons his shirt and removes it so that he's bare-chested. He is big and brawny and has a magnificent spread of dark, curly hair across his muscular chest. I gaze in awe.

"Getting warm in here, ain't it, Boy?" he grins.

He reaches down and, as I watch with bated breath, he slowly unbuckles and removes his broad, black leather belt. Ulp! He folds it in two, and flexes it playfully between his hands. I stare transfixed. He raises it up high over his shoulder, and brings it down hard across the pillows on the bed. Thwack!

He smiles at me. "Yep. That'll do. Now what was it again you wanted me to do? 'Whack your bare butt with my big, black belt until it's red hot and sore' wasn't it? Heh heh. You got it, Bad Boy. It's high time I taught you a lesson! Get your butt over those pillows now!"

In seconds I am on the bed, spreadeagled and bent over the pillows with my red, sore bottom raised high. Daddy's cool left hand caresses my hot butt cheeks.

"Just barely pink," he murmurs. "So far."


"Owwwww! Daddy!" I yell. Daddy put some beef behind that one!

Daddy laughs. "Yeah! Good one, huh, Boy? Now, how many shall I give you? Ten? Do you want ten Boy? Or would you like twenty?"

"Oh! Please may I have ten whacks of your belt, Daddy?" I gasp out hastily.

"Sure you'd rather not have twenty? Tell me what you'd really like now, Boy."

"I'm positive, thank you Daddy. I'd really like ten whacks with your belt, Daddy."

"Oh, well now, then I wouldn't dream of disappointing you!"

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Daddy allows me a few seconds pause between each of the first four agonising whacks of his belt across my naked butt as he walks round to the other side of the bed and gives me four backhanded. I think he must be very good at the backhand in tennis.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

I squirm, yell and buck, but don't plead for mercy - I may need to do that later.

Thwack!!!! Thwack!!!!

"Owww fuck!"

Those last two were hard and fast and the word just slipped out.

Daddy chuckled that wicked chuckle again. "You said 'fuck' Boy - and you know what you get for saying 'fuck', dontcha? Yeah! I'll teach you not to say 'fuck' when I'm strapping your bare ass!"

Just my stupid luck to say 'fuck' when he had his belt in his hand!

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

"Are you learning your lesson, Boy?"

"Yes Daddy ...owww!!!"

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

The ten punishment whacks came down hard and fast. By the end I am yelling and bucking nonstop and I can hardly breathe, and Daddy has been holding me down with one hand for most of it to stop me getting off the bed. I am as close to tears as I've ever been, and I don't think it's over yet.

I look up at Daddy as he stands back to admire his handiwork. He sighs in satisfaction. "Now you're not gonna say 'fuck' again, are you Boy? Next time it'll be double strokes!" he says. "Now that's looking like a good job! Cherry red - your favorite color, Boy!" He leans forward and gently pats, caresses and strokes my sore bottom.


I hold my breath, 'but' what?

"... but I said beet red, and I meant it! Now, we had ten with the belt - not counting the extra strokes for saying 'fuck', so I think you need another ten with each of the two razor straps and the tawse," says Daddy, contemplatively, "and the same with the whip. That'll just leave the cane, then, won't it, Bad Boy?"

Oh my! Surely he doesn't mean to give me ten with the cane, too? Or will he let me off after the tawse and whip - surely my butt is already blistered enough? My courage fails me completely. My butt is as sore as it's ever been, and I don't think I can take any more. I start to beg for mercy - though I know it'll just make things worse.

"Please, Daddy, I've been punished enough, Daddy. I'll be a good boy, I promise. I've had an extra special punishment, and you've used your big black belt, just like I asked you to, please don't punish my poor bare butt any more, Daddy! I'm really, really sore!"

It does make things worse.

"Oh no, Boy, I haven't finished with you yet. Your butt has to take lots more good whackin'! You can't fool me into stopping just yet. I think I'd better add a extra few whacks to what I just promised you - say, how about another coupla dozen with the wooden paddle before I start with those razor straps! Would you like that, Boy?"

I hardly dare reply.

"Oh, no, Daddy, please no more with the paddle ..." I know this is the wrong thing to say but I can't help myself.

"Right then, so you'd rather have twenty more with the belt. That's settled then."

"Noooo! Please Daddy!"

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Each whack is like a burning thunderbolt, and again I am a helpless sobbing wreck by the end. Daddy has to hold me down firmly, and twice he has to grab me and put me back in position when I kick my legs and try to escape. Again he gives me half the punishment from one side, and half from the other. I suppose both butt cheeks will have the same welts!

All the time, while he brings his big, powerful arm down with the broad leather belt doubled over in his hand, he tells me how he's going to really teach me a good lesson and I need to learn to be a good boy, and this is the one way to make sure I do!

There is a pause. Daddy has picked up my discarded underpants from the floor. He brings my legs together, and puts them on just over my ankles. Then he stretches and twists them and loops them over again, so my feet are bound together. Then he goes over to the wardrobe and selects an identical clean pair of underpants from the green container where he knows I keep socks and underwear. He moves to the head of the bed and does the same manoeuvre with my wrists. They are not tied very tightly, but I can't get them off, and I am now really helpless.

I look up again to see that Daddy is now slowly removing his pants. I enjoy watching while he strips. Soon my big burly Daddy is standing over me: so strong, dominant, naked and very, very horny - my dream Daddy! Then he picks up the razor strap and gets to work again. Daddy doesn't allow very much recovery time between the next implements. He uses each vigorously, the sound of strapping and whipping echoes round the room, though I am sobbing too much to really appreciate the sound! All the time Daddy tells me how bad I am, how he's going to teach me a good lesson, and just how beautifully red he's gonna make my butt!

Ten terrible thwacks with the first, well-used and very flexible razor strap! Oh Daddy!

Ten terrible thwacks with the second, stiffer razor strap! Oh my poor little butt!

Ten terrible thwacks with the tawse! It hurts so bad Daddy!

Ten larruping lashes with the cat o'nine tails whip! The stinging lashes make me squirm more wildly and squeal louder than ever!

At last the whipping is over. My only comfort is that I have successfully avoided saying the word 'fuck' again - not an easy thing. My bottom is burning hotter than it's ever been before. This has been the most severe Daddy spanking punishment I've ever had! Through the agony a part of my mind thinks "I can't wait to look in the mirror, though I'm almost afraid to see what my blistered buns look like!" As my involuntary sobbing calms down I start to relax and soon I can breathe normally. It's all over!

Daddy stands back admiringly. "Now that's what I call beet red!" he says, happily. "Say 'thank you for punishing me, Daddy', Bad Boy!"

"Thank you for punishing me, Daddy" I say, as humbly as possible. "Thank you for giving my butt such an extra special punishment and making it beet red and sore. I really needed it."

"You sure did," he leans over and presses his big strong hands down on my agonised butt cheeks, squeezing gently. "And it's almost over!"

Almost???? The teasing bastard! I don't say anything, but I think the words so loudly he must surely know what I'm thinking!

He does.

I look up at Daddy in total alarm, to find him picking up the cane, his eyes gleaming. He bends it between his strong hands and chuckles.

"Yeah, Daddy's going to be a real mean bastard. Thought it was over, didn't you? Oh no no! Not quite!" He raises up that powerful right arm way over his shoulder. I can't look.







There is barely a heartbeat's pauses between strokes. My squeals of pain and protest would be heartrending - except Daddy obviously is a totally heartless brute! Never mind beet red - my butt must be royal purple!

Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop!

After twelve strokes I am sobbing too hard to even think clearly. I don't know if it's over or if Daddy's just giving me a breather. All I can do is sob and moan and gasp and try to regain my breath. If only Daddy would stop!!! I'll do anything, but I can't speak.

"Now Bad Boy, it's all over, your extra special punishment is done." Daddy says quite kindly. He reaches up and removes the underpants that tie my wrists, and then removes the ones from my ankles. As I calm down and my sobs quieten, he caresses me very, very gently. "Would you like some Daddy loving comfort?" he asks softly.

He knows I would! I look up at him and nod. "Yes please Daddy."

"Does your little beet red butt need to feel Daddy's big cock, Boy?" he whispers close to my ear.

"Yes please, Daddy, I need to feel your big Daddy cock in me!"

I am aware of Daddy opening up a tube of lubricant, and moments later Daddy's fingers start to probe my sore butthole. He gently massages the lube into my pink, shaved anus. First one, then two, then three fingers. With his other hand I know he is stroking his big, stiff cock. Soon, my butthole is ready. I watch as Daddy rips open a condom packet with his teeth, and places the rubber over his bulbous cock, sliding it down over his shaft with a pleasurable sigh.

"This is gonna be real good fuck, Boy!" he says, with relish, "And you can say 'fuck' to me all you like, now! I know how you like to beg Daddy to fuck your red hot ass!""

Daddy climbs on the bed and lowers his big burly naked horny self down on top of my sore-bottomed, naked, spreadeagled body. I spread my buttcrack as wide as I can, and Daddy slowly and very gently enters me. He holds still and patiently allows me to wriggle my ass for a couple of minutes until I am perfectly comfortable on his big Daddy cock. Soon I am as comfortable as I can be considering my ass is on fire, and I start to push back, to get more of him inside me. Oh it feels so good!

"fuck me please Daddy!" I say, urgently. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me the best Daddy fucking ever!"

He does. And as he does, he talks softly in my ear, how he loves to fuck his bad boy's beet-red butthole, and asks me to tell him how much I need Daddy to spank me and punish me, how much I need Daddy's big black belt, how sore my butt is from the cane ... stuff like that. And I tell him how much I need him to love me, give me really strict Daddy spankings, punish me and make me cry, and then fuck my sore butt with his Daddy cock. It's soooo good!!

Then, afterwards, Daddy's big strong arms enfold me and hold me tight against his chest, and we rest. As I relax and drift off into dreamland all I can think is:

"Oh boy, do I have the best Daddy in the world!"

the end

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