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Farm Boy Wesley Crusher
Part 5

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now.  This is part 5 of the story and if you haven't read the others this part won't make sense.

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Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher was in Commander William Thomas Riker's secured office for his twentieth weekly review and disciplinary session since was put on the corporal punishment program.

As the Commander finished entering his evaluations into the computer he said: "Wesley, I think that this CP program has helped you a lot.  You are doing better and there has been a change in your reputation through the ship."

"Yes, sir.  I think it has helped me although I would never have thought so before it started.  How many this week, sir?"

"Ten, young man." the Commander replied looking at the read-out and accepting the tawse being presented.

Wesley need no further instruction.  He dropped his pants with no more regard to exposing his mature genitals than if he had been a small boy stripping for his father.  He positioned himself over the desk.  "Ready, sir."

The Commander stepped over to the youth, his own rod already swelling in his pants.  He was now very proficient at this.  He raised the tawse and brought it down hard on the butt of the young acting ensign.  WHACK!!  As the sound reverberated off the office walls his shaft fully hardened as did Wesley's.

WHACK!!  WHACK!!  WHACK!!  WHACK!!  Then other five backhand.  WHACK!!  WHACK!!  WHACK!!  WHACK!!  WHACK!!

Wesley's butt was uniformly hot and crimson.  Both males yeaned for sexual release.  The commander had shown Wesley part of the instructions he had gotten indicating that the subject of CP often becomes erect and occasionally ejaculates during a CP session.  Wesley still felt embarrassed.

As the Commander sat down, Wesley stood up and snapped to attention with his pants about his ankles.  "Thank you, sir.  I will do better this week, sir."  He was not allowed to re-dress until ordered.

"I'm sure that you will, Wesley."  He handed him a isolinear memory module.

Wesley looked that the label.  It was a Holodeck program from training especially for him.  His face lit up and he was elated.  "WOW!!  You got it for me.  This is great."

He would have continued but the Commander snapped at him.  "Control yourself, boy.  Corner!  Ten minute time-out."

Meekly, Wesley stopped and hobbed over to the corner, silently, like a little boy grabbed by his dad when out of control.  He was ashamed.

Riker did some other work.  Well, he tried as he stroked his hard rod and admired the glowing red ass of the youth standing in the corner.  He surely wished he could fuck it.  Well, maybe when he transferred.

Pants back up, Wesley examined the label in an adult fashion.  "Thank you, sir.  When may I use it?"

"We, Ensign.  The orders require that we both use it.  I have reserved time at 1900 hours tomorrow on Deck Three."

At 1846 the next day Wesley was already pacing by the Holodeck entrance.  They entered together as the computer assimilated the data from memory module.  It was dark, they stripped and got into their beds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.

Wesley started to get up as he had the previous times but he realized that he was not alone.  Then he became conscious of what was happening as the computer set the scenario directly into his mind.

He was going to go on a trapping trip with Mr. William Riker starting this morning.  He was in bed with the teenaged Tobias Riker who's leg was injured last summer and thus could not go on the trapping trip with his father in the winter snow.  Tobias would stay home with his maternal grandpa, Jean.  He remembered the stern lecture that his father had given him about how dangerous the forest was and that he must be very careful all the time.  He was to mind Mr. Riker just has he minded his own dad and uncles.  The penalty for disobedience was the same -- the strap.  He knew that Mr. Riker was strict for Tobias had often talked of his strappings.

Tobias was lying on his right arm and had slipped his own left arm under Wesley's neck.   Then Wesley felt Tobias' right hand cupping his neither cheeks which had he had just spanked gently.  "You got a real nice ass, Wessy; so nice an spankable and great to plough."  He started to caress it and Wesley reached back to stop him.  "No, No, my little one." with that he twisted Wesley's left arm behind his back and held it with his own left hand.  "You must do as you are told, Wessy, or daddy spanky-spanky."  To prove his point his began to spank Wesley under the heavy covers and flipped his good leg over Wesley's holding him in place.

As he spanked, Wesley's rod rose and dueled with Tobias'.  "You'll like it just as much as ten hours ago, boy.  I'm goin' to spank you until you beg me to fuck ya."

Wesley had been yearning for a good fucking for months and he loved how Tobias was treating him. The spanking felt good, no, wonderful.  "Never." he said with mock defiance.

SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  "We'll see, boy."  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  "We'll see, boy."  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  These were harder.

"Do it!" he whispered.

"Do what, boy?"

"fuck me, Tobias, please fuck me."

And Tobias, the polite host, obliged his guest.  He rolled Wesley on to his stomach and covered him.  With a few twists and thrusts his hard shaft forced its way deep into Wesley's welcoming hole.  As he pounded away, he repeatedly rammed Wesley's prostate and drove him wild.  Wesley even came before Tobias did.

At breakfast Wesley was instructed to address Tobias' pa as 'uncle' since 'Mr. Riker' was to awkward and his grandpa as 'grandpa Jean' rather than 'Mr. Picard'.  Tobias boasted that he had covered Wessy and that the boy was as horny as a bitch in heat after being spanked.  Cousin Jeremiah's report from Greenville that he though Jake had had him was probably true.

Soon, Uncle Will and Wesley were being driven to forest edge by Tobias in the horse drawn sleigh.  There were supplies for a week and two small people powered sleds to use in the forest.  They were let off when the forest road became to narrow.

It was a real adventure for the two for them to deal with the harsh winter wrapped only in fur and wool of the nineteenth century rather than the wonder fabrics of the twenty-fourth century.  The natural materials were far less effective and were much heavier.  The actual carrying of a pack and pushing and pulling the small sleds in the cold dry winter air was a struggle.

It was getting late and dark as they were nearing where Will wanted to camp.  Wesley was following Will when he spotted a rabbit and, quickly and efficiently, pulled out his rifle and shot it.  Will turned in shock to see Wesley dashing for his kill.  Second later he was returning, holding his kill up proudly; "Dinner, Uncle Will."  Then he was sprawled on the snow having slipped on a patch of ice.  Fortunately he was not hurt and got up.

"What did I say about running, young man?"

His joy shattered, Wesley slogged back to his sled. "Not to, uncle."

"And shooting without warning me is also wrong.  What if I suddenly had to avoid some danger and had jumped into the line of fire?"

Wesley could not believe how easily he had committed not just one but two very dangerous acts and essentially at the same time.  "Yes, sir.  I'm really sorry Uncle Will."

"The forest is a dangerous place.  You must treat it with respect or it will KILL you, boy."

"Yes, sir.  I promise."  Even as he said the words, he was comparing the danger of his species' home planet with those of other worlds and even of space.  Somehow it did not seam right that one's home planet should be so dangerious.

They made camp soon after and had fresh rabbit and bread for dinner.  In a day the bread would be gone and they would have hardtack instead.  Then they got into the little tent.  It was not much bigger than the sleeping bag.  As Wesley removed his boots and outerwear he realized that there was just one bag and asked.

"It's warmer to be together, Wesley."  It was then that he noticed that Will had pulled the thick, wide leather belt out of his trousers.  "I will also help you stay warm with this.  Those were pretty stupid things you did when you shot that delicious rabbit."

There was not room in the tent to swing the belt very far and it was too cold to do it outside.  Wesley dropped the flaps of his long johns and knelt.  Will folded the belt in half and strapped him hard.  "I promised your pa to be very strict, boy."  Wesley could not promise to be good as he was crying.

They got into the sleeping bag and Will enveloped the crying youth.  He caressed the hot bottom through the still open flap.  Wesley could feel Will hard shaft pressing forward his long johns and then felt it force its way out through the fly.  He caressed it and knew that he was -- after five long month of yearning -- to have it in his fuck hole.  He turned prone and spread his leg offering himself to his Uncle.  He was not rejected.

Will positioned himself at the entrance and pressed forward.  He too had been yearning to do this for as long as Wesley had.  He rode Wesley hard and soft, fast and slow and all ways until he could not longer hold back before blasting his load into the happily receptive youth.  Wesley, as he had in the morning made a mess in his long johns.  Remaining inside, Will repositioned them so that they were both on their side and maintained penetration as they slept happily together for the first time.

For the nonce, neither worried about SF regs.  They were in a Holodeck adventure and this was not really real.

In the morning they started their mission in earnest.  They set traps out on a couple of routes that they could cover in a day.  They were even lucky enough to spot an stag which they shot.  There was great value obtained between the skin and meat.  The guts were useful for baiting the traps.  The forest was rich with animals.

By the time they snuggled down in the sleeping bag in the tent, they were both exhausted from all the work of the day.  Will was pleased that his charge had not done anything stupid this day.  They stayed close to maximize the warmth they shared.  They also talked, for the very first time, about Wesley's previous Holodeck adventures as Will held him as he had the night before.

This was the first time that Wesley had been able to talk about these adventures.  As he talked about them and the dreams he had afterwards, it was clear the there was a hidden part of Wesley personality.  One where he liked to be a little boy with others in control rather than as he was in real life often in charge of others much older.

The time flew fast and the day before they were to met Tobias to return home they hauled the most of the heavy carcasses back to the meeting point.  In the afternoon, they collected the traps and catch for one line.  The next morning they collected the traps from the second line.  It was then that Wesley was careless and did not check the ice on the brook before stepping on it. It fractured and his foot slipped into the icy water.  Fortunately it was only two inches deep and his boot saved him from getting soaked.  Getting soaked in the cold with a wind could be deadly.  HE was very quiet the rest of the day.

They finish collecting the traps and then headed for the meeting place.  As they approach they saw that Tobias had gotten there first, turned and was already loading the sleigh.  They loaded everything and were some on the way home.

After dinner, was when Wesley was called to task for his carelessness in going through the ice Tobias shuddered.  His father smiled at him, "So you remember what happened, son."

"Yes, father, and even more so how you punished me.  It was not pleasant -- was the worse  beating you ever gave me -- but I deserved it.  The woods are very dangerous in the winter."

Wesley knew he was in for some harsh, throughly earned, treatment.  It was not long in coming.  Soon he was totally stripped and hoisted on Tobias's back.  The older lad was larger and Wesley's feet were several inches above the floor.  As his arms were being held tightly, all he could do was to hang, somewhat like the deer now in the barn, with his buttock totally defended.  Uncle Will was then standing next to him.  He had a thick bundle of birch twigs in his hand.  "You must be very careful in the forest, Wesley." he said as he swing the weapon at the helpless lad.

Wesley was unprepared for the stinging pain and yelled.  Will continued the punishment just has he had three years ago with his own son, Tobias.  A dozen times the bitches struck the errant lad and each time he screamed loudly.

The birching over, Wesley collapsed on the floor crying like a naughty little boy.   "Tobias," said grandpa Jean, "you're right.  That boy has an ass as pretty as I've seen on any of young fillies that romp after you."

"Not only that, gramps, but he's as horny as any bitch in heat after a spanking." Tobias said and looking at his grandpa's tented overalls added with a smile: "Looks like you would like it right now."

While this was happening, Will picked Wesley up and placed him on the rough wood table.  He yelled anew from the unpleasant sensations on his raw bottom as he was sitting.  He was pushed down so that he was lying with his knees over the edge.  Some hot water and soap were applied to Wesley's virgin bush.  Then with the straight razor he shaved with, Will began to remove Wesley" pubes.  Unlike with a modern safety razor the long hairs did not clog the simple blade and soon Wesley was hairless as a little boy.  Wesley was not in any condition to try to object.

"I think I will." declared Jean stepping over to the table opening his fly and extracting his erect tool.  He grabbed Wesley's legs and both raised them up onto his shoulders and pulled Wesley to the edge of the table.  Then with a might thrust he rammed his rampant rod in the hole.  As he fucked the boy, Wesley was reacting just as Tobias had indicated and he shot before Jean was even close.  Of course, the mature man kept at it until he came with a mighty roar.  "I should do this more often." he understated.

The other two then took their turns with the fuckboy followed with a blowjob each.  Again, Wesley slept with Tobias who fucked him several times through the night.

In the morning, Wesley had two portions of fresh man-cream with his breakfast.  They spent the day butchering the animals that they had shot and trapped.  In the evening, Tobias took Wesley and his share of the meat home.

About right after they were out of sight of the farm house, Tobias grabbed him and pulled him over his lap as the horse continued on.  "You'll be more comfortable this way Wessy than sitting on this sore butt." and he patted it.  Wesley realized three things.  First that Tobias had a strong grip and he couldn't get free.  Second, that he immediately got hard.  Third, this was more comfortable than sitting on his sore tail.  At home they unloaded the sleigh and Tobais returned home.  Not long after Wesley sacked out.

He was woken up again with slaps to his butt.  He jumped out of bed before he was hit again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The lights level rose.  The farm house faded.  The computer announced: "Cycle complete.  Program terminated."  Wesley and Will faced each other, naked.  "I'm exhausted, Sir.  That was some trip."

"Yes, Ensign.  We better get dressed."  As they did, the Commander realized that Wesley was right for it had been quite an adventure.  Even more interesting was that Wesley really did have marks from the birching and his pubes were smooth.  They returned to their qu