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Nick Continues To Give Me What I Need

by Gayspankee

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There I was, in a very familiar position. Bent over Nick's bed, about to get my ass spanked. I knew I deserved it, even at 20 years of age. Perhaps, because I am 20 years of age. Actually, I should be quite grateful to Nick. My father was out of town, and I decided to throw an impromptu party at my place,(although my father specifically told me not to) with all the fixin's including beer. Needless to say, I drank(too much), and so were my friends. This caused us to get very rowdy. The party was taken outside, and things were being tossed around(like a very expensive vase, being tossed through Nick's window.) Again, needless to say the party was over. Nick kept me at his place, which was fine with me Nick is a stud. As I slept off my night of drinking, Nick cleaned up the house, both his and mine. Surprisingly, when I woke up I didn't have a hangover, although the punishment may have been at least delayed(OH Well no sense delaying the unevitable). When I came into the kitchen, Nick was waiting for me. He started lecturing me about everything. He also knew that parties were a no-no. He threatened to tell my father, and make him pay for the window, or I could take the alternative.

"The only alternative that I can see fit is a spanking, a SEVERE spanking. I have insurance that will cover the window, but your father doesn't know that. One way or another, YOU will end up paying."

My father already told me, if I got into any more trouble I was going to Military school. Don't want that.

"I will take the alternative Nick. Do what you see fit."

"Good choice, now go back to my bedroom and wait for me. When I come in, I expect you naked and the bed made."

I waited, naked in the warm bedroom, for what seemed like hours. Finally the wait was over. Nick entered the room, with a his leather belt, wooden paddle, and mini blind wand in tow. I was in for a VERY severe spanking.

"You are going to receive ONE HUNDRED whacks with each item. That is three hundred whacks, one for each dollars worth of damage. Now bend over the bed, and brace yourself."

I quickly did as I was told. He lined up the paddle, right against my ass, making sure it would hit the target just right. Then CRACK. the first of a rapid succession of swats. The paddle landed over and over and over, on my ass. The pain was horendous. I squirmed and squealed, but that paddle still made contact with my ass, again and again. By the last whack of the paddle, my ass was very sore, and I was sobbing. I managed to look at my ass in the mirror, it was crimson red all over. Nick left for a moment. When he returned he had a handfull of ice. He began rubbing the ice all over my ass, it felt so good, but not for long. He picked up the belt. When the first sting made contact, it cut through my ass. Te pain was horrible. The ice that soothed my ass moments earlier, now made the pain even more unbearable. Nick that it would. He continued swinging that leather against my ass. I screammed with every strike, but he only hit harder the next time. Finally, the last swat hit my ass. Again, through the tears, I managed to sneak a look. It was deeep red, and starting to bruise, the skin would break soon. Nick knew I was at the end of what I could take, and he stopped.

"You have had enough for today, but your father will be ou of town for another week. And I think it is best if you stay with me. I am better than Military school, and I WILL make you a better person."

With that said, he began caressing my very sore ass, allowing his fingers to pass between my cheeks to my hole. It turned out to be a very good day.

(Hey guys I am back. I took a little time off from writing, I got a few notes about 'Naked Spank' Thanks but it wasnt mine, someone submitted it under my oen name. If you guys liked the story you just read, let me know, and Nick will continue to take care of my ass. Thanks, GAYSPANKEE)

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