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Spanking Requested

by Gayspankee

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For years I wondered what a full blow, bare-assed, no holds barred spanking would be like. At the age of 20, I had never been spanked by a man, and I was desperate to submit. For the last five years, I have fantasized about asking an older family friend to show me what it wouldd be like. He is in his mid forties, good build, and gay. He has known me since I was a child. He has more than enough reason to take me over his knee. And there have been several occassions he would have, if he were my father. This is how it would go, if I had the nerve to ask.

It was the perfect day for a spanking. I had the house to myself for several hours. I was alone, with nothing to do. Then, there was a knock at the door. Perhaps this IS a good day for a spanking. It was Lew, the family friend. The odd thing was he rarely dropped by for no reason, but that was why he was here-no reason. It was time to make my fantasy real. I invited him into my room, telling him there was a video I wanted to show him. The video was a spanking porno, and the spanker resembled him. As I pushed the play button, my heart was racing. I sat there watching him, watching the video. He was mezmerized. Finally, I stood up in front of the television, caressing my jean-clad ass.

"I have been very naughty, on so many ocassions. I think you should teach me a lesson."

I walked over to the closet, and pulled out my belt and paddle. I threw them on the bed next to him. I refreshed his memory, of all my misdeeds he witnessed. Within minutes, he was hooked. He took his cue perfectly from my favorite porno.

"I want you to strip, and over my knee, before I count to 10, or else." Lew said.

I started to strip, quicker than I thought possible. Soon I was naked. He had never seen me naked, and I was shy at first, oh well too late now. I was over his knee, just like the bad little I was at times. HIs manly hands caressed every inch of my hairy ass, making me very hard, making him very hard. He stopped caressing, and got down to business. His hand slammed down on my left cheek, very hard. Then again on my right. He alternated back and forth between cheeks, for more than a forty spanks. He got into it quicker than I ever anticipated, and my ass was already starting to become very sore. I squirmed and yelled, but he was in control, and that was okay. Finally he had enough of my squirming.

"Get up and bend over that bed."

I quickly complied. As I turned to look at him, I saw he was holding the paddle. He rubbed the paddle on my ass. The cold wood, felt good against my flaming ass. Not for long. He pulled the paddle back, and brought it crashing down, on my sore cheeks. He swung the paddle repeatedly against my ass. Hit after hit, harder and harder. He applied at least thirty whacks to my ass. I was crying at this point, but not regretting a moment, yet. He threw the paddle down an caressed my hot, sore cheeks.

"They are nice and bright red, but I think they need more color. Spread those legs wider."

Then, he grabbed the belt, doubled it over, and snapped it. The snap rang threw the house. The first of twenty(one for each year)came cracking down on my left cheek. OUCH! The pain of the belt was more than I ever anticipated. The second swished on my right cheek. The third hit right in the middle, on my exposed virgin hole. He enjoyed the reaction of shock and extascy, so the fourth crack landed in the same place. He continued belting my sore, red, hairy ass, until he reached twenty. After the last whack was applied, he threw the belt down, and told me he was threw. I stood up and rubbed my burning ass. I went over to him and hugged him.

"Thank you."

He replied, "Anytime."

That was the first of many spanking meetings.

The spanking was fantasy, as I mentioned. But, the desire for Lew to spank me, burns strong.

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