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My Week With Nick

by Gayspankee

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My week with Nick was going so well. Why did I have to go and ruin it. You are such an idiot. Maybe he won't notice.

Those were the thoughts running through my head, as I took my morning shower. Nick had told me not to leave the house after 9pm. It was to make up for the window. I choose that over the caning. But, I didn't listen. Right after he fell asleep, I snuck out. To make matters worse, I borrowed his brand new car. I went to Joel's place, and had a few beers, military school was getting closer and closer. Anyway, when I left, I sort of backed up into the mailbox, and cracked the rear fender. I parked it back on the street where I found it, and snuck back. I was careful enough sneaking in and out, Nick probably didn't even miss me. Besides if he had, I would have known by now.

Just at that moment the bathroom door flew open. The shower curtain opened in the same manner. Before I knew what was going on, Nick had me bent over the bathroom sink. Dripping wet. I heard the unmistakable sound of the belt swishing through the loops. NIck was lecturing me, but all I could hear was the belt swishing around. Then...CRACK, CRACK. The belt hit square in the center of my wet hairy ass, twice in the same spot. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. Nick was unrelenting with the belt. My ass was already on fire, and I was pleading...

"NIck I am sorry, stop, please."

"You irresponsible little shit. I take you into my house, I try to keep you out of trouble. Maybe I should stop. Maybe I should let the cops deal with your ass. Larceny, damaging private property. Daddy will like that, won't he?"

Nick had me, he knew the situation. If it was anyone else trying to pull this...But, it wasn't, and he was right. I shut up and took what I had coming. When he saw my subbmitance, Nick proceeded. Worse now than before. He knew he had me. He continued swinging the belt fast and furious. I was crying, and squirming from the pain. CRACK, CRACK, CCRRAACCKKKKK. One final jolt and Nick threw the belt down. I thought he was through. He was just beginning. I caressed my flaming ass as he talked.

"You want to act like a child, I will treat you like a child. If you want to act like a child, you shall LOOK like a child."

With that said, he began filling the sink with cold water. He pulled out the shaving cream and razor. He pushed my back up aginst the wall, and spread my legs wide. He proceeded to lather up my pubic area. I got a raging hard-on from his manly probing. He seemed to pay no attention, and did the task at hand. He shave me smooth, not a hair in sight.

"Well, since you seemed to enjoy that, let me go on."

He turned me around, so my sore, red, welted ass was right in his face. He spread my legs real wide, and lathered up my cheeks, and between my ass. The cold cream felt so soothing. He shaved my ass bare. Then he grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me into his bedroom. He sat down on the bed, and hauled me over his knee, Like a five year old. Then he started spanking my smooth ass. Hit after hit. I was crying in no time. He spanked my already sore ass, for at least twenty minutes, it seemed like hours. Finally, he stopped, and brought me to my feet. Again, i thought he was through. Again, I was wrong.

"Bend over the bed, and do not move."

He approached the window. He proceeded to pull down the wand off the mini blind, in the process opening the blind. It was the horrible pain I managed to escape two days earlier. Today I wouldn't be so fortunate. He returned behind me, rolling the evil tool up and down my smooth, sore ass. SWOOSH-CRACK. The beast bit into my ass, as if it had nails on it. SWOOSH-CRACK. The searing pain ate through me. Nick caned my ass twenty times. He threw the beast to the floor, and left the room, in a quick fashon. I thought for sure I was going to get a paddling on top of this.

I looked in the mirror at my brutally sore ass, and managed to escape(so far) without it breaking the skin. It was well welted, and starteing to bruise well.

Then Nick returned. I was shocked and embarassed when I looked up.

"I found him peeping in the window. Do you know him?"

I most certainly did.

"His name is Joel," I managed to mumble in embarassment. Then Joel found himself ina situation, that was all too familiar to me.

"Well Joel, you have to options..."

To be continued :)

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