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More Than I Wished For

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of domination, spankings and sex between adolescent males not always totally consensual.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now.

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Call me Ishmael.  OK, just joking.  The name is William A. Tilson but everyone calls me Billy.  I'm practically fifteen and finishing my sophomore year of high school but that damn 'y' is always attached to my name.  I don't really act like a kid but I have this problem and the operative word is "I Have" because the doctor says: "We have to wait until he is sixteen before we can start hormone treatment."  You see I haven't grown pubes yet; only a couple of the other guys in my class (and that's over hundred guys) are similarly bald and they are at least six month younger.  I get laughed at every time I take a shower at school.  My thing does work and is often hard and I love jerking off.  It gets hard when I think about sex with girls; sex with boys; sex with anything that would cooperate.  Gosh, everything makes it hard.

Life is pretty decent for I have a good home and parents and except for being bald down there I only have one complaint.  I don't get spanked.  My parents don't believe in it and the school stopped it a long time ago.  When I fu..., er, mess up I lose things -- mostly my freedom (they just love to ground me), my allowance, my phone, my computer (except for school).  Never; never ever has dad whacked me on the butt much less yanked down my pants and briefs and hauled me across his lap for a good bare ass spanking like grandpa gave him.  Not even once!  The birthday spankings were always gentle pats that would not have caused a toddler to look up.

For years I have been fascinated with the idea of being spanked and I mean significantly harder than a birthday spanking.  As you can imagine, I have tried spanking myself.  It works for me about as well as self-tickling does.  I've searched the web and found reports of guys that spanked themselves hard enough to turn their butts red and even cover them with welts but it does not work for me.  Even a playful birthday spanking is better.  When I do it, I know exactly where, how and when it going to connect and it is not a thrill.

I come to the conclusion that I need to get someone else to do it to me without me being in control.  The problem is that there is no one to ask.  I looked at the ads on the web but that scared me particularly because of some of the horror stories that are around.  I did learn a whole lot of stuff in my surfing though.  It took me months but I figured out a way -- make myself look like a victim of a prank.  It was on the Ides of May that I put my plan into action.

There is an area of the nearby county park that's not used very much by anyone except for getting high, fucking and for map and compass exercises by the Boy Scouts.  I got there mid afternoon and the place was pretty deserted so I put my plan into action.  I stripped down my briefs.  Oh, yes, briefs; good old-fashioned boyish tightie-whities.  I asked Mom to get me boxers like all the guys wear but she got me these instead.  She dismissed my complaints as nothing and added insult to injury by saying I did have any hair so I was still a boy and beside since she had already washed them they could not be returned.  I guess it could have been worse as they could have had cutesy cartoons on them.

I stuffed all my stuff into my pack and hid it in the brush.  I carefully tied the two ropes to the branch so when I slipped my wrists through the loops and pulled them tight I would just touch the ground.  Then I hung the sign a foot away, taped my mouth closed, tied my bandana about my eyes (covering much of my face also) and slipped into the rope loops and pulled tight.  Now all I could do was wait.

I wondered about who would find me -- young tenderfoots or older first class scouts with big muscles.  Would they spank me, ignore me or free me as their "good dead for the day".

I was not expecting was first showed up.  The first thing I heard was a deep voice (an older guy who would really spank me hard I thought.)  "You're doing well, Pat, were almost at the fourth point.  Just the important skill you need for our summer camping trip."

The reply was much higher pitched -- surely from a younger boy.  "There someone hanging here." came the squeal.

The first voice called out: "John; Sally come here -- quick."

OMG I thought; a girl!  I had never considered that might happen.

Pat read aloud from my computer printed signs.

                    THIS NAUGHTY TEEN
                    HAS BEEN ACTING LIKE
                    A LITTLE KID.
                    PLEASE SPANK
                    HIM HARD.

"Sounds like fun." giggled Sally.

The two guys agreed enthusiastically.  "Marcy, you go first since you found him." said one.

"Yea, go for it girl." agreed the other one.  It was worse than I had originally thought -- there were two girls rather than just one.  But there was nothing I could do about it.


"Hold it.  Spanking should be BA."  They all laughed.  "Pull those baby tightie-whities off."  A couple of hands yanked then down.  I could feel the breeze on my just bared skin.

"He sure is a boy.  Smaller than my ten year old kid brother.  Not a hair either."  There was more laughter; lots more.

They all had fun with my butt.  Though all their laughter the four of them kept a steady rain of hard SPANKS.  It was my first spanking and it was thrilling.  My little, hairless thing was hard as a rock.  I wished I could jerk it like I did night after night in bed but my hands were definitely staying above my head and away from it.  Marcy and Sally touched it a little only to laugh at it and then tell their boyfriends how much bigger and more manly they were.

One of them gave me a lecture about how little boys get spanked when they are naughty and that I had better mend my ways.  Then they pulled my briefs up to my thighs and left.  I hung there, exposed, thinking about my first thrilling spanking.  I lost track of the time as I reveled in the wonderful feelings radiating from my hot bottom.  Those pitiful self-spankings were as erotically exciting as falling through the ice on the lake on a cold winter's day.

Suddenly, a voice.  "What's hanging about here."  There were two guys.  They felt me up and then read the sign.  I could smell the weed they were puffing.

"Let's give him a spanking; give me your sandal." one slurred blowing smoke into my face.  A hand grabbed my cock and balls and then I felt the sandal connect with my already sore butt.  It was very erotic; very exciting to be held and get my ass pounded as the guy squeezed my package hard.  I lost track of the of how many times he whacked me and gave me more second hand smoke.  "He loves it; he's harder then when I started."

Another hand grabbed me and started beating my butt again.  I wished that I could scream but all I could do was just hang there as he beat my ass and crushed my balls.  It was wonderful.  I wonder if the weed did anything for me

"Guess that our good dead for the day -- giving him a spanking; let's go."

"Look he kicked off his tightie-whities off." A few seconds latter, I could feel him pulling them over my head.  "Looks better that way.  Covers his pale cheeks and shows off those hot crimson cheeks."  He blew some more smoke into my face and my briefs trapped it.  As they passed around the MJ and admired me.  They each gave me another spank and they went off laughing at me.

Once again I could only hang and wait again.  Then I heard another voice, "Come on men, we got another two miles to go."  accompanied by batch of running feet.  Followed by "HALT, one, two."

"Jones, describe what this is."

"Yes, Sir.  It's a youth hanging from a tree with a butt spanked red.  He obviously does not know his ass from his head since he has his briefs on the wrong set of cheeks.  And a sign ordering him to be spanked, Sir.  The sign claims he is a teen but his hairless crotch and little pee-pee are more like that of a little cub; maybe just ten, Sir."

"Well, Men, should we help him."

There was some whispering and then a chorus of young voices: "SIR, YES, SIR, we think that he should get SPANKED, Sir."

"Very good, men.  Jones give me your belt and go cut a switch from that willow tree.  The rest of you line up and watch."

"Yes, Sir." the troop chorused.

As Jones was getting the switch, the leader gave me three hard strokes with the belt before binding my ankles together with it.  I wanted to yell but I could not with the tape over my mouth.  Jones was very quick getting the switch for the patrol leader had barely finished when I heard Jones cheerfully announce his return as he demonstrated what a lovely swosh the fresh-cut switch made.

"OK, men, this is how a switch is used.  Watch carefully and then you'll have your turns." the patrol leader ordered his troops.  As the patrol joyously acknowledged the order, the leader proceeded to give me three hard, stinging blows that had my mouth not been taped would surely have caused me to scream again.  Then one by one each member of the patrol had his go at my butt and there were more than five of them.  As you can imagine, I lost count and was crying into my blindfold.

"Good work, men." roared the leader.  Then there was a woosh and the switch crashed into my rampant little rod.  I was in agony as they trooped off to the next marker in a rush to get back on schedule and filling my blindfold with tears.

I hung there a long time with my butt feeling like it was stuck into a furnace.  My scout scarf had loosened up (perhaps from getting soaked by my tears) and I slowly began to realize that the sun was going down and it was getting late.  (I could see it was getting dark but nothing else.)  I struggled to free myself but all I accomplished was making my wrists sore.  The tape was holding very well so I could not yell.  Gradually my fourteen year old mind started to realize the dangerousness of the situation I was in.  Not only did my butt hurt from being beaten by more than a dozen people but the rest of me was stiff from not being able to move.  My toes were barely able to reach the ground now.  I was not as bad off as the Romans' prisoners nailed to crosses until they died with their blood all in their legs in the roasting Mediterranean sun nor as the pitiful pirates tied by their thumbs to a yardarm at the pleasure of a cruel chain-smoking pirate captain.  At least my feet were on the ground and I could kick about.  The only way to escape was to get hold of the branch either by swing up or climbing up.  I tried but could not get anywhere either way.  It could be a long time before I was freed ... or died.

Then I heard voices.  High pitched boys voices.  "There he is, E.B., just like your brother said."

Then I was surrounded by the three boys.  They each played with my hot ass (need I tell you that they slapped it a few times -- hard) and with my baby-size boyhood.  "I was this big than this when I was nine." boasted one as he squeezed my balls hard making me scream into my taped mouth.

"Me too" said another with a laugh and  continuing,  "but he's tall enough to be sixteen or seventeen."

"No!" said E.B. with finality, "He is only fourteen."

'shit!' the guy is right on the mark.  I wondered how he could be so sure.

"Did you see how his little pee-pee bounced when you spanked his little bottom?" asked one as he slapped my little rod.

"Yeah.  And it stiffened too.  Bet he likes this."  With that he began to jerk me and the others were spanking my bum -- one on each side.  I grew harder than I had ever been and my breathing was labored.

"He loves it!  Don't let him come."  The little bugger had my number and he knew it.  The jerking stopped and so, surprisingly, did the spanks.  Then it was quiet for a bit and then


"Yeah.  That's the thing."  One said as a belt crashed into my already sore ass.  I practically jumped out of my skin it was so hard.  Then it hit again.


The strokes came hard and fast.  Two of them must have been doing it.  My world became nothing but PAIN.  The exquisite pain I had yearned for.  I forgot how dangerous my predicament was.  Then it stopped and I was on my knees.  They must have taken me down.  I was not able to move being over whelmed by the pain of the strapping and the stiffness from hanging.

As I regained my senses and realized that I was lying prone on the ground.  It did not matter that I was not tied for I couldn't get up.

"I WIN!" one of them yelled.  "I'm first."  There was a pause and he added: "after you E.B., of course."

Then the three of them were on me.  They gripped my ass checks pulled them apart.  They held my wrists firmly.  Something wet hit my bum hole and then a finger was shoved in.  The kid was rough.  He pulled it out and immediately forced a couple in.

I knew was going to get funked; raped!  I had set myself up and now was totally helpless.  My heart raced with excitement; excitement far more than I had dreamed of.  The three boys were in charge and going to have their way with me.

His knees pressed into my thighs assuring that I could not pull my legs together and then he leaned forward pressing his hard rod into my defenseless fuck hole.  Even not being experienced, it was clear to me that his cock was bigger that a finger -- certainly bigger than my little pee-pee.  As he thrust in and out, he constantly hit something inside and it felt great.  I couldn't help but to push back at E.B..  I was about to come when he yelled that he was coming and blasted his load into me.  I was no longer a virgin but, of course, I could not tell my buds about this.

Before he pulled out he rested a bit.  Now I could tell he was shorter than me by several inches for I felt his chin dig into my back.

"My turn." and he was quickly replaced by one of the others.  I was all primed and welcomed his entry knowing that I liked it.  I hoped for my own orgasm while he continued to fuck me but it did not happen.

The third one was even faster.  He was very anxious and came almost immediately.  I wondered if he could shoot yet or was dry like I was.  The second and third ones were smaller than E.B. both in cock size, height and weight.

They rolled me over and laughed at my small erection.  "He liked it -- he's still hard." shrilled one of them.  Then one of them grabbed my hard dry spout and started to jerk me.  He was rough and it was dry.  It hurt but still felt good and soon I was bucking my hips.  They were laughing at their helpless hairless boy-toy responding like Pinocchio when they pulled my strings.

PARADISE! as I orgasmed and shot come for the very first time.

I don't know what happened then for it was sensory overload.  When I recovered was able to free my mouth and eyes and I realized that I had not been bound as they fucked me.  It was already dark and nobody was about.  My butt was on fire.  My asshole was sore.  My little penis was sore.  But I was happy for I was no longer a virgin and at long last had a real orgasm -- a WET orgasm.  I was certain that pubes surely would follow soon.  I also knew that it had been younger kids that had their way with me.

I found my clothes and it was evident that somebody had looked them over although my wallet and school ID were intact.  (So that'