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A Bathroom Spanking

by Prepschoolmaster

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Frank thoroughly enjoys spanking young boys' bare bottoms, and as housemaster to 65 boarding school boys between the ages of 10 and 13 it's something he's obliged (and delighted!) to do several times a month. If there's one thing he enjoys more than spanking a young boy's bare bottom it's spanking a young boy's bare bottom when it's wet and slippery from the shower or bath. And that's exactly what he's going to do in a couple of minutes.

Even better he's going to do it twice. Even better still, the second time it will be to Robin Heal. Robin is one of those lean wiry little blonde boys whose firm buttocks are a particular delight to spank, and by great good fortune the 12-year-old has spent the Easter holiday in Tenerife. His hair is bleached by the sun and his body is deeply tanned except for his milky-white midriff.

That May morning the two boys had woken early and, against school rules, had decided to go downstairs and collect some biscuits from their lockers, little imagining that Frank would be prowling around. On finding them his judgment was simple: "Since you're so keen on getting up early you can shower early, then I'll warm up your bottoms for you." Thus it is he finds himself sitting comfortably on a chair watching the two naked little boys soaping themselves under the gushing shower.

"Rinse off, chaps. Joe, I'll take you first." The dripping child approaches nervously. 'The boy needs a haircut,' thinks Frank, 'you could take him for a girl if you didn't look below his belly button.' (In 1974 boys wore their hair long...)

"Over you go," says Frank indicating his left leg. He prides himself on beating boys considerately: he never shouts or attempts to intimidate, nor does he handle them roughly in the course of punishment. But he's a big man with a large hand and a strong arm and a vast experience of thrashing naughty boys. The offence isn't too serious so a hand-spanking will suffice.

"Three on each side of your bottom." He fiddles briefly with the child's backside to get it exactly right, then starts spanking: the first blow central, the second high and the final one low – almost catching the top of the thigh. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Robin watching his friend's punishment with rapt fascination – Frank can imagine the churning in the young boy's stomach as the seconds tick away and his turn to submit his bottom approaches. He notes with a chuckle that, as so often, nervous little fingers have found a slip of flesh to toy with – the little worm Frank had noted in the shower is starting to develop a bit of backbone.

He deals with Joe's other buttock in a symmetrical fashion, and allows the youngster to get up and rub himself. "Back to your dormitory pronto." The boy is probably annoyed to be deprived of reciprocal viewing rights, but Frank intends to take his time with young Robin and needs no observers. (He once overheard a boy saying: "The trouble with Frankie when he whacks your bum is he sort of drags it out," and he accepts that as fair criticism – when a bottom as spankable as young Robin's comes his way he certainly doesn't hurry.)

"Come here, you young hound." He indicates a spot to his right, and lays a proprietorial hand on Robin's rear, pushing the little boy's hips forward slightly. His eyes roam the pale skin of the child's middle, where the organ that makes him a boy is jutting out almost horizontally now.

"How many times have I spanked you this term?"

"Once, Sir."

"What for?"

"Being cheeky to Matron."

"Have you been cheeky to her since?""

"No, Sir."

"And the boffins and psychologists say beating boys doesn't work. What do they know, eh?"

"I don't know, Sir," says Robin in his high, pre-pubescent, rather upper class accent. It's this sort of pre-spanking conversation that boys characterise as 'dragging it out'. Robin wishes his housemaster would stop talking and stroking his bottom and just get on with spanking him.

"Over my leg. You know how I want your bottom placed?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And how's that."

"The middle of my bottom over the top of your leg," recites the boy, climbing into position.

Frankie admires the small white buttocks he is about to spank. There's a great deal to admire about them: the firmness of tone of the flesh, each buttock a lean muscle, dimpled at the side; the softness of the skin, dappled with droplets of water still; the lovely contrast of colour between the tanned and the untanned skin. He slips his hand between the tops of the boy's thighs and edges the little bottom forward slightly – he wants easy access to the lower buttocks. Joe's fleshier posterior he had mentally divided into three regions; Robin's smaller one he really only sees in two parts: upper and lower. He decides to focus all his spanking on the lower area. Taking a slim, warm thigh in each hand he widens the boy's legs a little.

"Same as Joe, three on each buttock," he announces, giving his target area a final affectionate fondle. He then raises his arm and brings his hand down hard on the boy's lower bottom, and feels the wiry little boy twitch and wriggle. 'He's always been a wriggler,' thinks Frank, who has a whole private vocabulary to describe young boys submitting to punishment. He notes the reddening of the smacked skin, and brings his hand down again on exactly the same area. Again he lets the squirming subside before delivering another spank.

"Give it a rub, old chap, if you like," he says, and watches two small hands fly to the wounded flesh. Really the boy is too old for a hand-spanking – the pain will be relatively short-lived. After a few moments he gently pulls the hands away, ready to attack the opposite bottom cheek. He had spanked the nearer buttock in the obvious way, with his hand descending perpendicular to the line of the boy's body. He decides on a different policy for the further buttock. Swivelling the prone, submissive, naked child slightly and grasping him round the chest with his left hand, he arches himself over in such a way that that he can spank parallel to the buttocks. He prises the boys thighs wide apart, determined to catch some of the skin in the between-buttock area, which is rarely exposed to touch and is therefore especially sensitive. He lands his blow beautifully and feels Robin not so much wriggle as buck. He steadies the small body and warns the boy to control himself. Then he spanks again and again, eliciting a little wail with the final blow.

"Up you get." Robin needs no second telling – in a trice he is on his feet massaging his backside, the very picture of freshly-spanked schoolboy. "Off to the dormitory, you young scamp. Remember school rules are there for a purpose." The bare little boy grabs his pyjamas and makes his escape, giving Frank a final view of reddened bottom as he disappears through the door.

On his way back to his room Frank peeps into the dormitory and notes with amusement Robin and Joe bent over allowing their punished backsides to be inspected by the other boys, each no doubt counting his blessings that his own pyjamaed bottom is painless and unspanked. 'Their turn will come,' thinks Frank. He's a man who enjoys his job!

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