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Campground Discipline
Part 3

by Graham

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 29 Mar 2003

After we left New York state, traveled up into northwest Quebec province, and settled at a pretty campground on an icy lake, for several weeks I listened and followed my parents directions fully, and stayed out of any hint of trouble.

As always, my father kept a tight, rigorous schedule. We were all in at 10 p. m. at night, with lights out at 10:30. Dad insisted I get up at 6 (after he had gotten up at 5:30) a.m., so our days were rigorously scheduled and organized.

Sometimes I hated being so regimented, when I would like to stay out later, or sleep in longer. But with Dad, that was never an option. So, I fell into cadence of adhering to the schedule on Dad’s short leash.

It was the start of the week when my 20th birthday was on Saturday. On Monday afternoon, I took my brothers, the 9 year-old twins, Justin and Jason and 4 year-old Jonathon, out on a boat around part of the lake.

I rowed, and we went around a good part of the lake to a small island not far from a shore cove. The water was shallower there, and from the island shore a large raft had been built for swimming, and playing around.

We pulled up to the raft, tied up our boat, and clambered out up onto the raft. It was neat, and there were a number of younger kids there, with whom my brothers began to play. I sat down on the raft, in the afternoon sun, and relaxed. It felt good to be away from my father’s strict supervision, if only for a short while.

Less than an hour later, another boat pulled up, tied up, and out climbed another young boy, and a pretty girl, late high school age or early college age, probably his sister. They were French Canadians. His name was Luc, and he joined the other kids in play at once. The girl’s name was Marie, and she looked around, then stared at me for what seemed like a long time as my stomach squirmed within me.

I broke the deadlock of our stares by looking away, at the kids playing on the raft and in the water. My attention was drawn back when I noticed her come over and sit down near me on the edge of the raft.

Your brothers are here? she asked.

Suddenly, my mouth and throat were dry, and I squawked a reply. Aa-yuh-yes, ah. The twins and one of the smaller ones are all my brothers, I stammered out. Ah, I think I saw your brother come with you in that boat, I added, pointing to the boat they had arrived in.

Yes, Luc, he likes to play with the other kids. I brought him over here. Where are you from? You’re not Canadian, she asked and commented.

N-no, were Americans, from Mississippi – that’s in the South. I added, still feeling on the defensive.

I know it’s in your south, she responded. When did you get here? she asked, looking into my face. She was really pretty, with dark brown eyes and auburn hair.

Almost three weeks ago.

Really? We’ve been here longer, but I haven’t seen you before, she remarked.

No wonder – with the tight rein Dad has on us all, and the strict schedule we have to follow, I thought to myself. Well, with all us kids, our family is pretty busy, I offered an explanation.

We began an easy conversation, and I learned that she was 18, had just graduated from high school, and was going to start at McGill University in September. Her brother, Luc, was 10, but small physique. She spoke pretty good English, but with an obvious trace of French accent.

The afternoon wore on, and as we talked, she moved closer over next to me, so that we sitting fairly close, side by side. She spoke animatedly, with her eyes flashing into mine, her arms and hands gesturing. In contrast, I was quiet and reserved.

As she spoke, she would reach out and touch me lightly, on the chest, on my right thigh. I was starting to get a bit light-headed and excited, and tried to hide any notice in my royal blue running shorts.

Before I knew it, the afternoon had passed, and it was almost 5 p.m. Oh, oh. I had better hightail it back with the twins and Jonathon, before Mom and Dad were looking for us!

I took a deep breath to try to calm myself, then stood up, but slightly bent over, and called to Justin, Jason, and Jonathon. Come on, guys, we’ve got to get moving. Mom and Dad will be looking for us for supper.

Aaaaah, Jared, we’re having fu-un! they replied.

We’ll, come back again, guys. But we’ve got to GO! I insisted. They came running up, along with Marie’s brother, Luc. Marie was standing at my side, and slipped her arm inside of mine.

I gasped, feeling that warm, melting feeling again. I’ll help you into your boat, I offered. She smiled and squeezed my hand. Wowee! What had I just stumbled into?

They got into their boat, I untied the rope and tossed it to her, and then called out, Where are you staying?

We’re at lot 53, she returned.

I’m at 12, I called back. Want to come back here tomorrow? I asked.

Maybe. It depends on my parents, she said. If I do, I’ll look for you, she promised, and I was immediately determined to come back here with my brothers tomorrow.

We hurried, as I strained rowing hard, to get back for supper. We were about 10 minutes late, and both Mom and Dad wanted to know where we had been so long.

We went out to the raft at Chanson Island, I told them. They had a ball, I commented, pointing to the twins and Jonathon. There were other kids their ages there to play with.

Great, Jared. Thanks a lot for looking after your brothers like you’ve been doing, Dad said.

No problem, Dad, I said matter of factly.

That night, after supper, we sat around and tried to think of scary stories to tell each other, but we had to stop because Jonathon was wide-eyed and becoming frightened. At 10 p.m., Dad told us to get ready for bed, and by the customary 10:30 hour, all the lights were out.

I didn’t fall asleep right away, as thoughts of this girl, Marie, kept racing around in my head. I hadn’t ever had a real girlfriend before. I had been so busy with my buddies, who like me didn’t have steady girlfriends, that I’d never even come close to being serious before. Suddenly, this really pretty girl drops in front of me, up here in Canada, and seems really interested in me, and I can’t believe it.

The next morning, Dad was shaking me at 6 a.m. Jared, rise and shine, buddy. We’ll head down to the showers and clean up, then come back and let Mom and the boys have the shower here.

I groaned, but pulled myself out of bed, picked up my blue shorts from the day before and pulled them on, then grabbed a clean pair of yellow running shorts, and a clean green-and-white t-shirt. We padded down to the community showers, washed up, Dad shaved – I still didn’t have to shave more than every 2-3 weeks – shampooed our hair, then put on deodorant, brushed our teeth and hair, dressed in the clean clothes we had brought, and headed back to the RV.

By that time, Mom and the boys were up, and Dad began fixing breakfast – eggs, Canadian bacon, toast, and grits (which we brought with us). We ate heartily, and Dad told my brothers they could go to the small playground within sight of lot 12, while he and I scrubbed down the RV and the Explorer.

What a job! It was easier with two of us, but it still took all morning – especially the RV, to get all the dirt and grime off. By that time, we were both covered with dirty water, and Dad said we should head back to the community showers to clean up again.

I grabbed a clean pair of orange running shorts (the ones I’d been wearing when Dad spanked me for wandering way off to the phone bank in the Adirondacks), and a long, white t-shirt, and followed him back. We repeated the early morning ritual, including shampooing our hair and brushing our teeth again.

Lunch was ready when we returned to the RV. As we ate, I raised the subject of going back to the raft.

Not today, Jared, my father vetoed. We need to go down to the laundry and also get some groceries this afternoon. You and the boys can stay at the laundry, and make sure everything get washed and dried, while Mom and I go shopping.

Do we have to today? I asked.

We do, Dad answered crisply. I was disappointed, but sure wasn’t going to cross my father over this. So the whole afternoon was consumed with laundry and shopping for groceries.

My brothers brought a soccer ball along and played in the field in back of the laundry, where I could watch them through the back door. Occasionally, I would venture out to kick it around with them, but then remembered that I had to watch the laundry, and move things to the dryers.

That night, after a good supper, we sat down and watched a movie in the TV-DVD player in the RV. Mom made popcorn, and it was like our own drive-in. By 10:30, it was lights out again, and this time I fell off to sleep right away.

It was the next afternoon, Wednesday, that I convinced my parents to let me take my brothers back to the raft at Chanson Island. We left about 1 p.m., with them reminding me again to be back by 6 p.m.

About 1:45 p. m., we pulled up to the raft and moored our boat. My eyes were searching for Marie as we came up to the raft, and I spotted her sitting alone, reading a book.

My brothers ran to the mob of kids to resume where they’d left off two days earlier. I walked away, over towards where Marie was sitting.

She appeared not to know I was there. When I was about 3 feet away, she turned, looked squarely in my face, and said, I was wondering if you were coming?

I gulped and sucked in a gasp of air. Oh, ah, well, we had some things we had to do yesterday, and then this morning; so this was the first chance I had, I explained.

She beckoned for me to sit down next to her, and I did with almost too much haste, almost slipping off the side of the raft into the water. She had put away her book, and when I started to lose my balance, she reached around with her arms and hands and grabbed my chest and abdomen, pulling me back up.

I was embarrassed, but we laughed as I regained a safe seat next to her. We talked some more, with her same animated touching as she talked. I was becoming uncomfortably stirred, sitting there.

Ah, want to swim a little? I asked, hoping to get below water surface quickly.

You need to cool off? she asked coyly.

Yeah, it’s warmer today, I offered, and it was. I slipped off the side of the raft and into the water, bobbing up alongside, waiting for her to join me.

She made a quick, short dive out and away from the raft, and I turned around to watch her enter the water at a slant. Losing sight of where she was, I turned back to keep an eye on my brothers while I was off the raft.

Suddenly, I felt an arm reaching around my waist and chest, and a hand slip down the back of my shorts. GASP! She was grabbing my butt and my chest! I almost stopped floating, but she pulled her hand out from the back of my shorts and reached around my stomach with it. I was instantly raging with arousal at someone touching areas that no one other than my parents had ever done.

Jared, she said my name and her voice sounded like music to me. How many girlfriends do you have?

Oh, oh. Now what do I do? I didn’t want to lie, and I didn’t want to seem like what I was – a rank amateur, a virgin. I decided to fudge.

Right now, I don’t have any, I replied. She stopped, looked at me without releasing her hands on my body, and smiled.

Nor do I, she responded.

I felt a big sigh of relief that she was not expecting more in the way of explanation from me, and might be as green as I was. We swam a bit, but hurried back to the raft so that we could each observe our younger brothers.

Before we knew it, 4:30 p.m., had come, and it was getting late. I knew I wanted to leave by 5 to be sure we would be back before the 6 p.m. deadline. Wow! Look! I exclaimed. It’s 4:30 already. We have to leave by 5!

Okay, Jared, she said, but we’ve got a little time left, let’s swim again. I’ll race you out to the marker.

I dunked under the water surface and began racing outwards to a buoy marker, where we had raced previously. As I got there, I turned around to squint and view the distant raft with my brothers on it. I saw them, still playing.

All at once, I felt from behind me an arm reach down through the front waist of my shorts, and grab my penis. Another arm reached around my stomach, pushing down inside my shorts from the left, to join the other hand in caressing my private areas. Immediately, I stirred boiling hot.

Then, both hands let go, and my shorts were jerked down my buttocks, thighs, and knees, to my feet. Before I could stop them from being torn away, the hands were back grasping my penis, rubbing me from its base to my navel and back down.

I was throbbing with arousal and heat, and began kicking my feet. My shorts fell off my feet completely, and at that moment I didn’t even care, as the hands that were igniting my mind and physical senses raised the temperature even higher.

Marie bobbed up, still holding onto my member, and grabbed my lips with her mouth, forcing her tongue into my gaping mouth. I could hardly breathe, as she rubbed the head of my penis in circles with her fingers, and thrust her tongue again and again into my mouth. I was writhing in her grasp – at first trying to pull away, then really in coordinated movement with her hand and fingers.

In less than 3 minutes, my legs thrust wide, I leaned back, my eyes squeezed close, and my mouth exhaled a gusty shout, Aaaaaaaaaaaa-yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hot, virgin semen exploded from me.

Although I had done this thousands of times myself, I couldn’t believe what this felt like, and what had just happened. I grabbed Marie and began kissing and caressing her almost violently.

She squeezed my now-subsiding penis, and spoke, You’re a hot one, Jared. I had no idea what to say, and she broke the obvious silence by directing me, You better find your shorts to go home with.

Oh, ah,... yeah, ah, ah,... really. I sure do, I said, and dunked down into the water to begin swimming along the lake bottom.

About 30 feet away, I spotted my orange shorts, grabbed hold of them, and then pulled them up on me while still under water. When I came up bobbing, I was all goofy, silly smiles. Happy that I’d recovered my shorts, happier still about what had just happened.

My instincts wanted to go back for more, but Marie reminded me that I had to get my brothers and leave. She said she had to leave too.

So, we swam back up to the raft, and I pulled myself up, wondering if anyone could tell what had just happened? My shorts were slightly pushed out in front by a mild erection brought on by the memory of what I had just been through.

I helped Marie and Luc into their boat and watched them leave. Then, I got the twins and Jonathon in and we rowed mightily, trying to catch up with Marie and Luc. They arrived at shore about 5 minutes ahead of us.

My folks were waiting for us, and so we headed up to walk with them back to the RV. That night we ate heartily.

I was exhausted and ready for bed by 10 o’clock. During the night, I awoke a couple of times with my mind immediately remembering the electrifying events of the previous afternoon.

The next day, Thursday, was pretty much planned to replicate the previous one. After lunch, I was to take my brothers out in the boat to the Chanson Island raft for the afternoon, only this time to be sure to be back by 5 p.m.

When we arrived, to my huge disappointment, Marie and her brother were not there. I swam and played with my brothers for a while, and then stretched out on the raft, in the warm afternoon sun, for a snooze.

I was awakened suddenly to feeling finger tips running up and down my back and sides, from my underarms, down my thighs and legs, to my feet. I bounced up onto my knees and saw Marie. She had been feathering me with her fingers. Instantly, I was aroused.

She reached over and pushed my upper back and neck down, gently but firmly forcing me to lie back down on my stomach. Then, with her foot, she began tracing the inside of my legs with her toes, from my ankles to my crotch.

Now, I was hot – and yet afraid to stand up because my erection would protrude gigantically. All at once, I felt some hands grab the side of me and roll me over onto my back – with my arousal pointing straight upwards! – and then over again on the other side where I suddenly slipped off the edge of the raft and fell – Splash! – into the lake.

As I regained the surface, there was Marie, bobbing in the water waiting for me. She jumped onto me, and I sunk under the surface of the water from the surprise and weight of her body.

When I bobbed back up, she challenged me. C’mon, Jared, you hunk. I’ll race you to the marker, and she took off.

I dove flat out to chase her, swimming furiously to beat her there. When I finally grabbed the buoy and pulled myself up, she was nowhere in sight. I looked around to find her and saw nothing. I squinted hard, staring across the water towards the distant raft where my brothers were now playing with her brother, Luc.

All at once, hands were reaching around from behind me and grabbing my chest, nipples, and abdomen. She was leaning on my back, resting her head on my left shoulder. Again, I was instantly catapulted to aroused excitement.

My penis shot out protruding against the front of my orange shorts. Waaa-aaait!... I started to say, when her hands swiftly left my chest, once again traveling down my stomach and under the waist of my shorts, to my growing member. I gasped as she grasped my swelling rod, first with one hand, then another.

She held on with her right hand, sliding up and down, up and down, up and down. I was gasping, and jerking around in the water, from the sensation. I jumped and gasped again as her left hand pulled back to reach down under the back waistband of my shorts, under my buttocks, coming up and wiggling around between my buttocks, until she slowly inserted her long, slender finger up into my anus.

Except for a very few enemas my Mom had given me in the past, nothing had ever been inserted into my behind like this before. It felt like a wriggling snake, poking and penetrating up into me.

I was shocked, but still writhing in the water as she continued pumping my engorged member. Meanwhile, I was also now hooked, squirming around as I dangled on her searching, wriggling finger, while she steadily pumped.

My shorts slipped down over her arm and my jutting penis, falling down my legs, and off my feet, with all my writhing around. Marie found the hot button of my prostate and pushed it repeatedly. It compelled me to double over, my face bobbing in and out of the water.

My hips and penis erupted, pushing upward and downward in coordination with her hand, my legs kicking and thrashing about in the water. In a couple of minutes, I exploded, discharging hot, young, virgin semen, still doubled over, but falling backward, impaled on her probing, finger, calling out shouts of mingled protest and desire.


When I collapsed backward into her arms, she swung up and over on top of me, while we floated together. Her tongue was delving, driving into my mouth and throat, and I returned the probe. Her hands dropped down between my legs, beneath my scrotum, stimulating me while she pumped my mouth with her tongue.

I couldn’t believe it! I could hardly breathe! Then, after having just detonated an electrified ejaculation, I couldn’t believe it was happening again – I was getting hot and hard already!

My distending penis was no longer trapped by my shorts, and sprung upward. It was met by her hand, sliding up my balls to wrap around it. She was twirling and eagle-clawing the shaft and head, as I surged and enlarged in her hand.

Without warning, the wriggling worm was back up my butt, as her finger again twisted and probed, hunting for my prostate. Again the intensely pressing force inside me doubled me over face down in the water, screaming as she found the prostate. Oooooooooooo-aaaaaayeaaaaaaaaah!

Then it was press, slide, slide, slide; press, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump; press, slide, slide, slide, as I jiggled, and wiggled, and vibrated around in the water, held and controlled front and back by her hands.

This time it took 6 or 7 minutes to bring me to a volcanic climax. When I did, it was hotter and more violent than anything I had ever imagined. My legs were thrusting wide and cycling in the water, while, bent over into the water, I bobbled on her finger compressing my prostate, and oscillated in her hand shanking my engorging penis.

I must have looked like a helpless, ridiculous puppet on a stick as I flailed around in harmony with her impetuses, dictated by the stimulation of her hand and finger, and the ecstatic frenzy of my driving desires. Who was this girl – who had possessed me, and taken over total control of me, in two days?! I was spent, and just lay back against her, hanging onto the marker buoy.

After 15 minutes, I realized I was naked, and needed to find my shorts that I had lost two thrills ago. We swam and searched, but without any success.

Oh, great! Now what was I gonna do? I couldn’t even get back onto the deck or into the boat to take care of my brothers, without people seeing that I had no clothes on.

Not surprisingly, Marie had the answer. I’ll get a towel, Jared, she pronounced as she swam back to the raft. A few minutes later the returned with a tri-colour bath towel that I pulled around me in the water, thanking her for the loan.

With the towel wrapped around my waist, down to my knees, I slowly swam back to the raft and carefully pulled myself up onto it. After checking on my brothers, I laid face down on the raft, with Marie’s towel fastened around me, and drifted quickly off to sleep.

When I awoke, a throbbing, big, warm loaf was pushing up between my legs, against the front of Marie’s towel wrapped around me. I tried to clear my mind of the thoughts of what had just happened to me today – and yesterday – in order to get my erection to subside.

Eventually, it receded somewhat and I looked at my watch. 5:10! Oh, no! We’re late! Mom and Dad will be livid! I thought.

I pushed myself up and started looking for my brothers. They were still playing with Luc, and Marie was sitting on the edge of the raft, looking out at the buoy where we had been earlier.

Come on, guys! I shouted. We’re late! We’re supposed to be back at 5, and it’s after 5 already! Pack up and hit the boat! We’ve got to GO!

Marie was up and over standing next to me, her arm around my waist, slipping her hand down inside the encircled towel fasten around me. Oh, oh! I inhaled sharply. This is just what I don’t need right now! But my penis wouldn’t listen and instantly surged hard and thick pushing up under and against the towel.

I whirled away, pulling her hand out of me, but also pulling the towel off. Flushed immediately red with embarrassment at standing there nude, I bent over and quickly, picked up the towel, and re-wrapped it around me.

I’ve got to GO! I called to Marie, as my brothers and I scrambled into the boat. I’ll bring your towel back! Thanks a lot! I called out to her, as she smiled an enchanting grin and waved back. What was I really thanking her for? crossed my mind as I rowed as hard and fast as I could.

It was 5:50 when we pulled into the dock.

Jared, where have you been? my Dad demanded. You were supposed to have everybody back here by 5!

I know, Dad. I’m really sorry. I fell asleep and woke up too late.

You what?! You’re supposed to be watching your brothers. That’s why we let you go out there everyday. Not for your personal pleasure.

Boy, he has no idea what that means, I thought. I know, Dad. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again. I promise.

Well, it better not, young man, because we’re just beginning to look at you differently after the stunts you pulled back in New York! Understand what I’m saying?!

Oh, how well I understood. Yes, sir, I responded with crisp obedience.

Jared, where’s your bathing suit – your shorts? Mom interjected.

Ah, ah,... I lost them in the lake swimming, and I couldn’t find them – even though I looked everywhere, I stumbled my explanation.

Whose towel is that you’ve got wrapped around you? she continued.

Ah,... ah,...

It’s Jared’s girlfriend’s, the twins spoke up. Immediately I blushed crimson.

Girl friend? Mom asked, eying me intently.

Ah, it belongs to a girl I met here. She lent it to me when I lost my bathing suit.

And, how did you happen to lose your bathing suit, anyway, young man? my father cross-examined.

They was kissing out at the marker, the twins interjected again. I wanted to die. My face was deep red, and my breath seemed to be coming in short, quick panting.

Kissing?! Mom responded. How long have you known this girl, Jared?

Ah, about,... ah,...

We met them the other day when we were playing at the raft, the twins volunteered.

There’s something funny going on here, Jared, Mom accused. You’re hiding something. I can tell.

Boy! Was I ever! I’m just upset because I fell asleep and we’re late, I offered.

You should be, young man! But if I get to the bottom of this and find out you’re hiding something, or lying, you’ll be a lot more upset when I get to your bottom!

No, no, Dad. It’s not that, I protested.

Let’s get back to the RV. It’s already getting late, and we need to wash up and eat, Mom instructed. So, we piled into the Explorer and rode quietly back to the RV. Back at our site, we all began pulling out the chairs and Coleman table to set up for dinner.

My brothers were excited about their day of play, and talked and talked. I was just the opposite, though – extra quiet, feeling tired from the shocking, emotional drain, my mind was reeling with reliving memories, though not quite believing what had happened this day.

My parents noticed it, because my Mom commented, Jared, you seem worn out, honey. Your birthday is in two days. I hope you won’t be sick for your birthday!

I didn’t really hear her at first, and my father spoke up at me. What’s the matter with you, boy? Didn’t you hear your mother speak to you?

Uh, what? Uh, I mean, er, uh, nooooo... I’m sorry. What did you say, Mom?

I said I hope you’re not getting sick, to be sick for your birthday.

Oh, no, Mom, I replied. I’m just kinda tired, that’s all.

Well, maybe we should all turn in a bit early tonight. It probably will do us all good and help us too, Mom remarked. So, after dinner, we helped clean up everything, then went into RV and got ready for bed.

My brothers really didn’t mind, and fell fast asleep from the exhaustion of the day’s activities. I really didn’t want to go to bed so early, however, but my father’s glance ended any notion of objecting.

On the other hand, after what I had just experienced in the last two days, to be lying in my boxers in bed at 9:20 p.m., was not really conducive to relaxing. I was still excited about what had happened, but was afraid my parents might realize how aggressive this pretty girl was. After all, in two short afternoons, I had gone from never having a girlfriend, to having a girl touch and stimulate me in places all over where only I – or nobody – had touched since I was a small child.

I lay there thinking about that pretty girl, and the touch of her hands on my body, and especially in all my otherwise off-limits areas. I found myself becoming excited and engorged. I needed to relieve myself of my erection, but my parents were still sitting up, talking softly between themselves in the living area of the RV, and they would hear me.

My brothers were all sound asleep as I could tell from their heavy breathing. It seemed like I was lying there holding my breath, constantly thinking about what had occurred this day.

Then, I had an idea. I got up, pulled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, and walked out to where my parents were sitting. Jared, whats wrong? they asked. Why are you up?

Ah, Mom, Dad, I can’t sleep. I don’t know why, but I thought a nice warm shower might relax me. I thought I’d go down to the showers – so I don’t wake up the kids. I felt so mature calling my brothers the kids.

Jared, it’s almost 10 now – too late to go all the way down to the showers and back. Just go back to bed and relax. You’ll drift off to sleep, my mother instructed.

But, Mom, I’ve been trying to, and I can’t, and... a nice shower will warm me up and relax me to drop right off to sleep, I wrangled.

You heard your mother, Jared. Get back in that bed, right now, or I’ll warm you up – real good! – before you go to sleep! But it won’t be relaxing! my father barked.

I knew better than to bicker further. Slightly shrugging my shoulders, I turned around and walked back into the bedroom where my brothers and I slept.

Not surprisingly, I had a fitful night of sleep, constantly awakened by a stiffened penis that throbbed with the fantasy of Marie’s hands and fingers around it. Shortly before 5 a.m., I was awakened with my wet dream as I dreamt of the aggressive, French-Canadian girl touching every conceivable part of me. I knew I couldn’t get up and clean up without disturbing my parents, so I turned over and fell back to sleep.

At 6:15 a.m., Dad was shaking me: Jared, Jared. Come on, big guy, rise and shine.

Ooh, Dad, I moaned.

Oh nothing, Jared. Get up now. We’re going fishing today.

Ordinarily, I would have been ecstatic at the idea of freshwater fishing in Canadian lakes. Instead, I was bone weary, and wanted to sleep more. But Dad wouldn’t allow it, pulling the blankets off me, as I lay in my now-starched boxers.

Get some clean clothes, Jared, and now we can head on down to the showers.

Slowly, I struggled to pull myself up and out of bed. I pulled on a pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt, grabbed some clean clothes and my toiletries bag, and followed him out of the RV and down to the showers.

The hot water felt wonderful, and I began to ache both mentally, and between my legs, to be able to release my horny longings. But Dad was standing under the shower head next to me, and there was no way I could ever try any such thing.

I got out, dried my hair and body, applied deodorant, pulled on my clean boxers and jeans, and a clean rugby shirt, and brushed my teeth. With what somebody else might discern as a spring in my step, I jaunted along with my father back to the RV.

After breakfast, we went down to get the boat again, and all of us went out, with the huge lunch Mom had packed for us, to fish for the day. It was a beautiful, sunny day, in the high 60’s, and we caught a large number of pickerel and whitefish.

It was after 6 p.m., when we carried our ample catch back to the RV. Dad and I cleaned them, while Mom began cooking many of them up for our dinner, which was a late, but sumptuous feast. In between fishing, throughout the day, I had thought repeatedly about Marie; but, of course, I said nothing. Now, at about 9 p.m., with all the after-dinner cleaning finished, I wanted to walk down to the community building – and especially past lot 53 – to see if I could see Marie.

Mom, Dad, I think I’ll take a walk down by the community center. I won’t be gone long.

What? Why, Jared? You know you have to be back in just over an hour, Mom explained.

I will, Mom, I promised. I just love to walk in this cold night air, I stated. And it was cold, dropping into the low 40’s at night. So, with jeans, a jacket on over my sweatshirt, and thick socks in my hiking shoes, I set out to power-walk past lot 53.

My hopes were dashed when I saw no lights on at lot 53. Apparently, Marie & her brother and parents had turned in early too. Still, I couldn’t help feeling excited as I thought about this girl who had totally electrified me.

I felt myself getting hard and knew I needed to relieve this pulsating drive that had nagged me all day. So, I slipped past lot 53, and walked across the little road into the woods where I quietly sat down behind a tree.

Unzipping my pants, I reached into my boxers and pulled out my growing penis. In a minute, I had spit on my hand and was slowly rubbing my engorging shaft up and down with sliding caresses.

As I leaned back, immersed in the passion of arousal and approaching the edge of ejaculation, I suddenly heard a deep, gruff voice, and a flashlight shined right onto my penis in my hand, and then into my face.

What are you doing here, buddy? the voice demanded. Looking up into the light, I could scarcely make out the face of a security or police officer.

I gulped. What could I say or do?! I was caught on the spot! Ahghauum, ah,...

A powerful grip of a massive hand reached down and yanked me up to my feet by pulling on the back of my jacket. I was embarrassed beyond disgrace.

I started to push my penis back into my boxers and jeans, when the huge man barked: That’s right, sonny boy. Hurry up! Get yourself dressed, eh. Then turn around and put your hands behind you.

I zipped up my jeans and dutifully turned around, sticking my arms and hands behind me. Snap, click, I felt the handcuffs secure my hands together and my arms behind my back.

I panicked! What was going to happen to me? I started shaking, not so much from the cool, nighttime weather as from fright.

You’re staying here in this park, aren’t you, kid?

Ye-es, sir. Lot 12, I confessed.

What’s your name, kid? he demanded.

Jared, sir. Jared Parker, I replied with dread.

Well, Jared, you better get movin, cause we’re headed there NOW! he barked at me. Then he shoved me in the direction of his vehicle, and pushed me down into the back seat, closed the locking door, to drive me to our campsite.

A few minutes later, with me sitting in the back of the car, he knocked at our RV door, and my mother answered.

Mrs. Parker? he asked.

Yes, Mom answered.

Do you have a young son named Jared? he asked.

Yes, she responded. Why? Has something happened to him?

Not exactly, Ma’am. Is Mr. Parker around?

Yes, but why? Mom demanded.

Well, Ma’am, he replied, we have your son in our custody right now, and I’d prefer to speak with his father about it, if I could, please.

Well, where is Jared? Mom inquired.

He’s out in the vehicle, he explained.

All right, then, just a minute. Mom turned around and walked away from the door. In less than a minute, my father appeared. Whats the trouble, officer? Dad asked.

Could I ask you to step outside with me, sir? the officer asked. Your son is in the car, and I’d like to speak with you about him privately, if I could.

Dad came out into the chilled night air, and together he and the officer walked to the security vehicle. They stood talking as the officer explained to Dad how he had found me and what he had discovered.

I know these young guys do that all the time, but not out in public, eh. Besides this job, I’m also a constable, and I could charge him with indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious conduct, which would require a bond and proceedings here in the Province, he explained. We can’t have this kind of behaviour; but I’d like to allow you some other option to work this out, if its possible, than charging the young man, eh.

I was ashamed beyond words to have my father hearing about this. Then their voices hushed down so I couldn’t make out much of what they were saying.

heard the constable say, Your word is fine, sir. More fathers should do that and it would stop a lot of young punks and rebels from getting going. I’ll accept what you propose, eh.

Then, the back door of the vehicle was opened and the constable pulled me out from the back seat. Spinning me around slowly, he unlocked the cuffs from my hands and let me turn back to face my father. I couldn’t look him in the eye, but kept my head facing the ground as I spoke. Ah, Dad, ah... I’m, ah, sorry...

Get inside and into bed right away, Jared. Well deal with this in the morning, without disturbing your mother and brothers.

Yes, sir, I muttered rapidly and scurried up the steps and into the RV. When Dad entered a couple of minutes later, I was already in bed, with my head under my pillow, hoping to lay low from any repercussions. I heard Mom and Dad speaking in softened tones for a while, then everything fell dark as I dropped off to sleep.

From a much shorter night’s sleep, my father awakened me at 4:45 a.m. Aaaoooooaugh! What, Dad? I groaned.

Get up right now, Jared, Dad ordered. I could tell by the tone of his voice that I needed to get it together and hop out of bed right away. I pushed myself off the side of the bed landing on my feet, starting to dread what might be in store.

Pull on some clothes. We’re going down to the shower room, Jared, Dad instructed. I pulled on a pair of jeans over my boxers, a sweat shirt, a jacket, stepped into my shoes, and grabbed up a clean pair of boxers and long-sleeved t-shirt. Then, out into the cool, dark, early morning I stepped, following my Dad down the trail that led to the showers.

When we reached the showers building, Dad opened the door, turned on the inside lights, and held it for me to enter, then walked in after me and over to a bench, and sat down. Right away I started to get ready to get in the shower.

I pulled off my sweatshirt, stepped out of my shoes, pulled down my jeans, stepped out of my boxers, picked them all of up folded them into a pile on a bench, and then turned to go to one of the showers. Whew! I thought. Maybe it wasn’t going to be as bad as I feared.

Just a minute, Jared, Dad said. Come over here, son, he called. Hesitantly, I walked over to stand in front of him.

Jared, I don’t know what’s gotten into you. It’s almost like you have decided to try to see how bad you can be this summer. You have gotten in more trouble, done more unbelievable and outrageous things, this summer than probably in the last 4 or 5 years!

He was reminding me again, as he had done back in the Adirondacks, that this was the worst summer I’d had in many years — as if he needed to. I gulped and looked down at my bare feet on the wooden floor.

Not since we had to come and get you from first grade, when you went out at recess and pulled down you pants and peed in the yard, have you done anything as incredible as this. But you’re not 6 years old, Jared. You’re 20 today – and now this!

My eyes were filling with tears already, but I couldn’t look up at my father.

You remember when you were little, how you’d bite your nails, and I’d smack your hands every time I found you doing it?

Yes, Dad, I murmured my answer, my head still hanging facing the floor.

Stick out your hands, Jared, Dad directed. For the first time, I looked up at saw my father sitting with the old, wooden hairbrush in his hand. Oh, no. Now what?!

I turned each hand palm upward, as I extended my arms towards him. He delivered two, mighty smacks to the palms of each of my hands, and I called out Oww! Owwch!, pulling back my hands. While I was shaking them from the sudden pain inflicted to my hands, my father took that horrible hair brush and delivered a hit to my small, dangling penis.

OOOOaaaaeeeeaaa-ow-ow-ow! I screamed, and started jumping up and down, wailing and bawling, my hands flying to protect my agonized privates. Oooo-ow-ow-aaaa-waaaaa! Waaaaa! Ooo-ow-ow-waaaaaa! Aaaaaahaaaa-oooo-ow-ow-aaa-waaaaaa!

Dad stood up, took hold of my arm, pulled my hand away from the front of me, and yanked me over towards him, and then as he sat down, over his knees. Oh no! Here I was, on my 20th birthday, completely naked, hauled across my Dad’s lap, about to be spanked with that fierce hair brush.

He wasted no time in administering a seemingly endless battery of strikes from the hairbrush against my bare bottom and thighs. Already crying, tears just kept on spurting from my eyes, which were alternately squinting and opened wide.

I struggled furiously, but futilely, against my Dad’s grip and unrelenting spanking – bouncing, bucking, kicking, thrusting, scooting, twisting, writhing around all over his lap. He had my right arm wrenched up into my bare back, as he kept the back of the descending brush dancing all over my butt and thighs, over and over and over.

Jared,... this... is going to be... the worst... spanking... I’ve ever... given you. But believe me, young man... if you EVER... do anything like this... again... you will be the sorriest boy... that ever walked... this earth... and will long... to have this spanking again!...

I screamed. I begged. I pleaded for mercy, for forgiveness, for him to stop. I promised to be perfect forever from that day on. I confessed how bad I was. I implored him to stop, to give me another chance, to release me from the fiery torment that was blistering my bottom.

Nothing phased him. He spanked and spanked and spanked until my voice was lost between screaming and gagging, choking, heaving sobs. I surrendered the fight, hanging, dangling over my fathers lap, my face dropping tears onto the floor, my body lurching with each branding smack of the paddle against my sizzling, bare rearend.

Dad’s spanking me must have gone on for almost an hour, because when he finally stopped, and my screaming, choking, gasping ebbed, I heard the sound of another shower, from someone who had obviously entered while I was being spanked. I could not conceive of anything more painful and humiliating than what was happening to me now.

But Dad was neither finished, nor softening in his attitude towards me. He lifted me up off his lap, and then still wielding the dreaded hairbrush, whacked my battered behind all the way over to a shower. He reached in, turned on the water, then added 3 more smacks to my butt as I literally jumped in under it.

I cried and cried in the downpour of the shower, rubbing shampoo, and then soap, onto my wounded bottom. After brushing my teeth, I finally shut off the water and reached out to grab my towel, in order to dry in the shower room, out of sight of anybody else who might have come in to use the showers at this same early hour.

I wrapped the towel around my trounced behind, rolled on some deodorant, and stepped out, walking over to the bench where my clean boxers and long-sleeved t-shirt were. Dad was already out, dressed, and waiting. In all my sobbing and crying, I hadn’t even seen him shower and get out.

My aim was to pull my boxers on under the towel still wrapped around me, to avoid anyone spying my scorched backside. Unbeknownst to me, Dad was really not through with the punishment I had earned for my behavior the night before.

He spoke up. Just a minute, Jared. Before you put your clean clothes on, we really are not finished dealing with your scandalous behaviour last night.

What?! No! He couldn’t be planning to do more – again! But I was wrong. With that terrible hair brush back in his hand, Dad walked over to me, sat down, and simultaneously pulled the towel from around me, and my lean, lanky frame back across his lap.

Noooooooaaaa, Daaaad! Please! Not more! I can’t taaaaake it! I shrieked. I’m sorry, Dad. I learned my lesson. I learned my lesson! I tried to bargain.

No use. He reached over me, pulled my right arm back up into my bare, upper back, and began another torrent of blows from the brush against my deeply reddened and bruised behind.

I lost it all immediately. Kicking, screaming, wailing, bawling, squirming and wriggling, I was a sobbing victim, my behind held high in place over his knees, as a target for my continued spanking. I don’t know how long it went on, but I knew I would not be sitting without discomfort for well over a week.

When he had stopped, Dad sat there letting me sob it out until I could regain some composure. Then, he reached down under my arms and firmly lifted me up, standing me on my stomping feet before him. I was still choking with sobs, clutching my tortured bottom, doubled over facing the floor.

Dad reached over, picked up my boxers, and handed them to me. With tender care I pulled them up over my pummeled thighs and buttocks. Then, he handed me my jeans, which were torment to pull on, and my sweatshirt which I pulled down over my head.

I slipped into my shoes, and felt Dad’s strong hand grip my arm, just above the elbow and below the bicep, guiding me to the door and outside. Intentionally, I avoided looking around to see how many people were in the shower commons now, who would now have been witnesses to my spanking.

On the way back to our campsite, with my father still conducting me with his hold on my arm, I hobbled along, woodenly and sore, my doleful face flushed red from heavy sobbing and crying.

The constable, who caught me the night before, drove by, slowed down, rolled down his window, and called out to Dad: Looks like you taught the youngster a lesson, eh. More power to you, sir.

Dad simply nodded and replied, Much obliged for your courtesy, Constable, and continued to escort me back to the RV.

The rest of the day was quiet and anticlimactic. I overheard Dad tell Mom that I had gotten a good, solid spanking. He made me stay around the site, and enlisted me helping him clean out the Explorer.

I was extremely quiet, but obedient. We celebrated my birthday that evening. Mom actually baked me a cake, the whole family sang to me, and I received a new, red and blue bathing suit (which I now really needed), along with two pairs of blue and brown corduroy pants, and a long-sleeved, rugby shirt. I liked all my gifts, and except for the kind of birthday spanking I had gotten from my Dad (which I would never have imagined), it was a nice 20th birthday.

Mom and Dad put an end to any more trips out to Chanson Island. I found myself thinking more and more about Marie, remembering my thrills and adventures with her, and wanting to get with her again. Dad made me hang around the RV all day, every day, for the next week, however.

Finally, a week after my birthday, on the following Saturday evening, I announced after supper that I wanted to go down to the community building and watch a movie that was starting at 9. I could tell Mom and Dad were suspicious, but I told them I’d be right back right after it was over. What I didn’t tell them was I was planning to meander around by lot 53, see if I could meet up with Marie, and go to the movie with her.

I couldn’t believe it. I got out and away without more of my father’s unending strings and conditions. Wearing my new blue corduroy pants and rugby shirt, and a light jacket, I approached lot 53 and saw Marie sitting out in a chair in the fading sunlight. Hi, there, I called out. She looked, brightened her appearance, and stood up.

Oh, Jaaar-ed. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you out at the raft, she informed me.

Oh, ah, well, we’ve been busy with other things, and I couldn’t get away, I fudged. Ah, wanna go down to the community building and watch the movie, tonight? I struggled to ask.

She smiled. Sure, Jared. Wait here, and I’ll be right back. She left and went into her family’s travel home, and then returned with a light jacket. We clasped hands, strolling arm and arm together.

Before we reached the center, she had stuck her right arm into my right back pocket, and circled my stomach and waist with her left arm. I was ensconced once again by this girl, and my head was slightly buzzing with the excitement and stimulation that she visited on me.

We walked into the building, sat down near the back row, and waited for the movie to begin. As soon as the lights were darkened and the movie started, Marie’s hands were between my legs, and I popped up in instant response.

She shoved her hands down the front of me, grabbing hold of my pulsating penis. I gasped, and tried to squelch my squirming and to sit still.

It was useless. I was fidgeting and contorting on the chair, while she squeezed and fondled me inside my corduroys and boxers. But I was also afraid somebody might notice, and then I could be back in trouble like a week ago.

So, after a while of trying to force myself to sit quietly and still, I finally made myself pull her hands out, and I grabbed them, holding them. Marie was displeased and tried again, but I wouldn’t let her do it.

We sat for a while longer when she leaned over and whispered, Let’s get out of here, Jared.

Oh, oh. Where to? She took my hand and led me out of my chair and out of the front of the building around to a porch in the back.

There was a long, porch recliner there, and she sat down on the left end. I sat down next to her, and she instantly pushed me down horizontally onto my back, and then stretched herself out on top of me. Her body, her beating heart, her warm breath on my neck, were exciting me.

She sat up on my thighs, her knees straddling the sides of my hips, and pulled out my shirt and t-shirt from the waist of my pants, pushing them up so she could caress my bare stomach and chest. Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and reached down to the crotch between my legs.

Lift up, Jared, she whispered as she tugged them down my hips and thighs to my knees. She did the same with my boxers, as she returned to sitting on my knees.

She began running her hands all over my chest, down my stomach, slightly touching, but deliberately skipping over my now vertical penis. Her fingers ran up and down my inner thighs, and then curled under my scrotum gently clutching my testicles. I was beside myself, gulping in gasps of air, writhing around and contorting on the recliner as much as I could under her weight, and moaning as she cranked the intensity of my fever higher.

She took my bobbing, flagpole in her left hand, still caressing my scrotum with her right, and began pumping and circling the head of my penis. I was frantic with fear of being seen, but even more so by the sheer pleasure that was increasingly overriding my fear.

I bounced and rocked my pelvis to move my penis around in her moving hand and fingers. My eyes were wide and upturned in my head, as my excitement climbed higher and higher.

Then, she shocked me with still another move. Scooting back down to sit on my shins, she dropped her head and began swathing my penis with her tongue, intermittently scooping it into her mouth and pulling it out. I was wild instantly!

Never – ever! – had I imagined anything like this! Panting and gasping, I was beyond all self-control, reaching up and patting the soft, back of her head as she teased me with her tongue, and sucked up and down. Nearing the explosion point, I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

Then I was shocked even more. What is going on out here, Jared? my father’s military-like bark demanded. My head shot up and off to the side to spy him walking up from the door behind me. He undoubtedly had a complete view of what was taking place.

What are you doing, young man? Who is this young lady? Marie’s face was filled with terror. She leaped up off my legs, turned around and fled out the door at the other end of the porch.

It was well past 10 p.m., and when I was late, my father and mother concurred that my desire to go see a movie at the community center was uncharacteristic of me and very suspicious. Dad had decided to come looking for me, and someone inside the community center had told him they had seen me and a girl go out and around in the back.

Dad walked around to the back porch of the building, when he detected the figure of a girl sitting atop an outstretched boy who was lying on the recliner. That was when he walked in.

I was aghast that my father had now caught me like this. As I started to lift myself up to pull my boxers and corduroys back up, Dad interrupted me. Don’t even bother, Jared. Leave’em just as they are, ’cause they’re ready for what you’ve got coming.

What?! No! Not again! Not more! I tried to sit up, but Dad walked right up to me, pushed me back down on my chest, and then sat down at my feet. Reaching over and grabbing my new rugby shirt, he pulled me up, lifting me right up off of the recliner, like a long, rag doll, and hauling me over his knees.

My corduroys and boxers, which had been gathered at my knees, slipped down to my ankles as he pulled me across his legs. Dad reached down and pulled out my belt from my pants. Doubling it over, he bobbled me further over his left knee, elevating my bare behind, poised for the strike — and strike he did.

Without mercy or letup, he snapped the belt all over every part of my butt, my inner buttocks, my thighs, the place where my butt meets my thighs. I shrieked and howled, kicking and bucking to no avail, trying to get away, trying to elude the fiery bite of the belt.

I begged him, admitting I was bad, promising to be good, pleading for mercy. He blistered my thighs and bottom in every reachable spot with lashes of that belt, and I wailed and yelled.

In only a couple of minutes, I arched back then sunk down, resigned to the trouncing I was getting and could not escape. As the spanking continued without lessening, what little speech I could express regressed to high-pitched, garbled, childlike pleas.

Ooooo-aaaa-waaaaa! Aw-uh-nnnghaugh! Uh-uh! Waaaaaaa! Duh-aaaaad-uagah-uh-uh-nooooo! Uh-ow-ow! No–noooo-uh! P-ple-ow! Puh-leeez! Ow-uh-yow! I’msorry! I’msorry! Augh-uh! I know-uh! I know-uh-I-uh-was-uh-uh! Baaaad! I’llbegood! Daddy! PLEEEZ! Oooooo-uh-ow! Ow! Ow! Owww! Aw! Unnn-nuh! Waaaaa! Waaaaa-uh! Uh! Waaaaaaa! Stopit! Stopit-uh! Pleeez! Daaadeeee! Oooo-hungaaah-oww! Uh-uh-waaaaaa! I’llnever! Uh-uh-waaaaaa! Daddeeee! Waaaaaa! Ah’l-uh-never-uh-oooo-uh-waaaaa! Aughawaaaaaa! I’llbegood! I’llbegood! Uh-ooo-ow! I’ll-uh-listen-uh-uh-to you-uh! Waaaaa! Dadeeeeee! Uh-uh! I promise! Uh-waaaa! Uh-uh-neverrrr! Uh-uh-waaaa! I’ll-uh-uh-doooo-uh-what you-uh-saaaay! Oooo-uh-ow-ow-ow! Waaa-uh-waaaaa! Uh-huh-uh-waaaaaaa! Daaadeeee! Pleeez-uh-waaaa!

Everyone inside, watching the movie, could hear my bawling and screaming, and when it was over a number of people walked to their campsites past the back porch, glimpsing at the absolute control of my father’s corrective punishment of me. I was in too much misery and pain to pay much concern to, or care about, passers-by at that moment.

As bad as the two-stage spanking was that Dad gave me a week earlier, on my birthday; this made it pale into mildness. Never have I ever been spanked so hard in so many places, until there wasn’t an unscathed area of my entire bottom and upper legs — inner and outer — that had not been scalded by the belt.

As beside myself as I had been from the excitement of Marie’s stimulations, I far surpassed that from the excruciating pain and shame of this seemingly incessant and unrelenting spanking. When I thought it was over, Dad turned me over, lying draped backwards across his lap, and snapped the belt against my penis. I screamed with pain, but he simply flipped me quickly back over, pushing my overhanging head face down, and resumed the seemingly endless igniting of my backside.

Finally, he did stop, but I couldn’t. I screamed and howled, gasped and shrieked, gagged and choked, unable to regain control.

It must have been way past 11 by then, because Dad pulled me up off his knees, stood me in front of him, although I was convulsing with sobs and shuddering. Then, he shocked me worse. Leave your pants around your ankles, Jared. I’m going to tan your bare behind all the way home.

Noooooo-uh! Daaaaaa-uh-deeeeee! Oooo-uh-noooooo-uh-uh-p-pleeeez!

He snapped the belt again and again against my blazing bare bottom, and I jumped forward; but my tangled pants and boxers tripped me, and I fell forward.... He snapped that belt against my thighs and butt, as I struggled to my feet.

All the way back in the cold night air, Dad whipped my sizzling behind with the belt, while I hobbled, shrieking and sobbing, across the camp to lot 12. When we got to the RV, he stopped, reached down and yanked up my boxers and pants. I yelled out as they roughly brushed my battered thighs and buttocks.

Dad at once ordered me, Hush up, Jared – NOW! Get in there, and into bed, immediately. If I find you lingering, I’ll use this belt to motivate you to obey! Understand me, young man?

Oooo-uh-y-yes, sir, uh-Duh-daaa-uh-deeeee! I sobbed my humbled stammer. Then, in agony, I stiffly and softly climbed the steps, entered the RV, swiftly pulled off my clothes, and slid into bed. It was almost midnight when, still hearing the whispered conversation of my parents, I fell into sleep.

The next morning, Dad let us sleep until 7. Then it was down to the showers, clean up, eat a hearty breakfast, and we packed up and pulled out of the campground.

We headed southwest, into Ontario, and over to and across the bridge at Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan. We drove down into Ohio, where we stopped at a campground near Lake Erie, for a couple more weeks, before beginning the trip back home to Mississippi.

While we were there, my father took me for a walk with him, and talked with me point blank. Jared, this has got to be the worst summer of your whole life, young man.

Boy! You could say that again! my thoughts interjected.

You have deliberately done more terrible things, gotten yourself spanked more times, than you have done in years and years. Your behaviour with that girl you had just met in Canada is calculated to getting you – and her – into big-time trouble. And it’s not the way to look for and find a girlfriend who may someday become your wife, son.

I know you are trying to grow up, but that’s not the way – and that’s why you’ve got a Mom and Dad, to make sure you do grow up the right way, and not the wrong way! If you want to keep the ability to sit down while you’re living with us, young man, you will avoid that kind of behaviour, and stay as far away from girls like that as you can. Cause if I catch you – or even hear of or suspect – you doing that kind of thing again, you will need a bucket of ice shavings to soothe your bottom in. Do you understand me?

Gulp. I was embarrassed beyond words. Yes, sir, Dad. I will, er, I won’t. I mean, I promise, I responded.

I’m glad to hear you say that, Jared, and you can count on me holding you to your promise. So, don’t forget – or your memory will be refreshed in a very painful and unpleasant fashion. Do I make myself clear.

Yes, sir, I snapped back. Very, very – and all-too-painfully – clear.

My behind was sore for almost the whole time we were at the Ohio campground, and my penis was painful from Dad’s swat with the belt for more than a week. Although I often thought about Marie, and the fact that my parents had virtually kidnapped me away from her, there was nothing I could do at this point.

I sure wanted – and tried – to keep on their good side. Unless they gave me permission to leave, I stayed at the RV; I volunteered to watch my brothers; and I did exactly what they told me to do, no questions and no cutting corners.

The last week that we were at the Lake Erie campground, I began dropping hints that I wanted to call up the campground in Quebec, and try to make contact with Marie. My parents were adamantly opposed. My father told me that since he had plenty to say about this, I was never to see or contact that girl again. Not surprisingly, though, I kept thinking about her on and off every day.

I whined and wheedled, trying to get my parents to relent and let me call. After all, I am an adult, you know, I reminded them. You could at least treat me like one.

Technically and legally, you are an adult, Jared. But you’re far from prepared to take on the responsibilities of full-time, adult living. And you are far from acting like a decent-minded, responsible adult – as your behaviour with that girl demonstrated.

But Daaaa-aaad, I protested.

But nothing – unless it’s your butt you’re wanting to jeopardize, young man. As long as you’re living with us, we’re paying for most everything, and you enjoy the benefit of our looking out for you, you will obey and follow our rules – or suffer the consequences. Do you understand me, Jared?

Yes, Dad, I grudgingly acceded. But I only wanted to say goodbye, Dad. That’s all.

You heard me, Jared. Nothing. You are to say, to do, to communicate – nothing. If I even suspect you are disobeying me on this, Jared, your behind will be incinerated. Believe it! Do I make myself clear, young man?!

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was at 20 being ordered around by my Dad like I was 10 years old! But I also didn’t want to dare to challenge him.

But, gee, Dad, all I wanted was...

Jared, do we need to go have another little talk session in the RV? You heard what I told you. Now, that’s the end of it.

Okay, um,I mean, yes, sir. I turned and softly stomped away. I was sooooo mad, but was powerless to do anything about it.

We left early the Tuesday morning after Labour Day. I had to be back to start classes on Thursday, and Dad had to begin teaching on Friday. Heading back into the deep south heat, I wore my royal blue running shorts, a long Roots t-shirt that I’d found at a shop in Canada before we crossed back into the US, and my flip flops. I was ready to resume life in the torrid, tropical heat and humidity.

In the Explorer, again I began lamenting about being dragged away from the Quebec campsite so fast, and not being able to say goodbye to this girl I really liked, and after all I only wanted to let her know I wasn’t rude and that I was sorry about the trouble that we both had gotten into.

Jared, for crying out loud! Enough, already! We’ve told you and told you. You are not to even try to contact that girl. You’re lucky the trouble you got into wasn’t a lot worse. Now, I’m tired of hearing you grouse and gripe about this. I don’t want to hear you bellyaching about it again! So, pipe down, or find something else to talk about.

I was seething. My Dad had kidnapped me against my will, dragged me away from my first, real girlfriend; punished me for wanting to be involved with her; and now forbade me from even trying to contact her! How could I stand this?!

A little past 1 p.m., we stopped at a small restaurant in Tennessee for a late lunch. I spotted a pay phone near the entrance to the restaurant. We went in and sat down.

Our family was about the only people left in the place. I looked at the menu, and then sighed my disgust with being there.

Another stinking restaurant on this rotten vacation, I muttered to myself. I was just venting my frustration and anger, but my mother overheard me.

Jared, I don’t know what’s gotten into you this summer. You’ve had an easy, fun summer that many young men would love to be able to do. You didn’t have to work or stay in the hot, humid weather. You’ve been in some of the loveliest places in North America. You got to swim, hike, play, enjoy the northern lakes and woods. It hasn’t cost you a cent. And then you talk like that. You sound like a spoiled, ungrateful brat.

Aaaw, Mom, I’m just upset, cause Dad won’t let me call Marie, and he makes me so mad.

It’s not just Dad, Jared. We both agree that episode was about the worst thing that could have happened to you.

I was thinking it was the best, I thought to myself. Why? Just because I finally had a girl friend?

Jared, don’t be ridiculous. You’d met that girl less than two weeks and the kind of behaviour she was involved in with you was intolerable and shameful. We’re still disappointed that you couldn’t see it and remove yourself out of the way of it. Mom admonished.

But, Mom, I’m sick of being bossed around and nobody lets me act like a 20-year old – which I am! I really want to talk with her, and at least tell her goodbye. After all, it’s my decision if I want to keep up a relationship with her, and...

At that point, my father had heard enough. We’ve told you it’s not your decision, Jared! You are not going to talk with her, write to her, e-mail her, or try any other finagling attempts to contact her! I told you earlier, I’m sick of hearing you complain and carry on over this. Now, I’m through talking to you. Get up and go wait for me in the RV.

Oh, oh. Oh, nooo! Now, I’d done it – had to keep up my grumbling and whining, and trying to defy my father. Now, he’d had enough. I continued sitting there, and looked around from my mother, to my brothers, and then to Dad.

He was sitting with that implacably emotionless look on his face, the kind when he has made up his mind to deal with a situation – the same look he had on his face when he pulled me out of bed early on my birthday and took me to the showers building for a spanking. The rest of my family looked terrified or sorrowful for me.

Get up – NOW! – Jared, unless you want me to get you up and haul you out to the RV before everyone in this restaurant!

I was panicked. I knew if I continued my defiance much longer, Dad would do exactly that, and the embarrassment would be at least as bad as the punishment to come.

Pushing my chair back, I stood up slowly and self-consciously. As I walked out of the now stone silent restaurant, the eyes of the people working there, and the few customers remaining, were riveted on my slow, submissive, demeaned trek out (and probably the young bottom concealed under my shorts that they surmised would soon be incinerated crimson).

Before exiting, I heard the voice of my little brother, Jonathon, asking, Mommy. Is Jared gonna get another spanking? My family went ahead and ordered lunch.

Dad got up and left them while they waited. I couldn’t get into the RV, because it was locked, so I sat down on the step to anticipate and mourn my fate.

A few minutes later, Dad came out, pulled me up off the steps by my arm, unlocked the door to the RV, and held it open for me to go in. I was trembling slightly at the prospect of what was about to happen.

Dad closed the door, walked over and pulled out the old paddle, then sat down on the same couch where he’d spanked me when we were in the Adirondacks. You know what’s coming by now, Jared. Let’s get it over with, he ordered, as I stood frozen in front of him.

Look, ah, Dad,... I’m, ah, sorry. I forgot. I didn’t, um, mean it.... I’m sorry.

You did forget, alright. But that’s why you’ve got a Mom and Dad, Jared — to help make sure you start remembering. Now, get over here.

Like walking to the executioner, I slowly walked closer to Dad. He grasped my arm, and jerked me off my feet, to tumble downward over his knees. I hated this humiliating plunge across his lap. Noooooo, Daaaad! Not againnn! Pleeeez! You’ve gotta stop doooing this! I haaaate it! Pleeeeeez! Ooooo, Daaaady, pleeeez! I was begging already.

Instead of speaking, Dad simply juggled me across his legs, positioning my butt higher, and then reaching for the waist of my shorts, yanked them, and then my boxers, down my butt