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My Mouth Gets Me in Trouble
Part 2

by Otkbare

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You may have read my story a while back...too long ago, in fact. I promised to add more chapters, but haven't had the time. A lame excuse, I admit, and I expect that I'll pay for it. Anyway, a brief recap: I had given my room mate a hard time about forgetting to take his seizure medication. As a result, I had agreed to take a vitamin every morning, and to take a spanking on any day I forgot. In the first installment, I took a painful bare butt spanking with my own hairbrush. It served as a great reminder for several weeks...that's where this chapter starts:

"I'm heading over to Mike's for some poker and beer, you want to come?" I asked.

"No, I'll pass this time, thanks. Got some stuff to take care of." Dave was lounging on the couch in front of the TV.


I arrived at Mike's. There were two other guys there for our irregular meeting of cards, beer, and general clowning around. If we kept track of the money that changed hands over the years, we'd all be just about even. We played for an hour or so, then the phone rang. Mike got up and answered it.

"Uh huh...really?" pause "Well, sure, I think that's fair" pause "Why don't you come on over, then?" pause "OK, see you shortly."

Mike came back to the table with a funny grin on his face. He picked up the deck, shuffled, and started to deal. He looked at me, "You feeling OK today?"

"Sure", I said. "Why?"

"Well, David just called, and he was concerned."

"Dave was concerned about how I felt? That's weird...I just left him at home, and he didn't say anything."

The funny grin returned, "Well, he said he hoped you were feeling OK, since you forgot your vitamins this morning."

I could feel the color drain from my face. Shit! What was going on? The last time I forgot my vitamin, David blistered my ass with my own hairbrush...the one I use on guys who show up for spankings. I get into spanking other guys, but not much into getting my own ass beat.

Mike turned to the other two guys, and explained the whole deal to them. I was so embarassed I wanted to crawl under the table. Then I heard him finish the story: "So Dave is coming over to blister his butt right here."

"No fucking way!", I yelled. "I'm not getting spanked in front of you guys!"

"Oh, yeah, you are. Dave told me that if he forgets his medicine, he doesn't have a choice as to where a seizure might get him, whether it's in front of others or not. So, you don't get a choice as to where you get spanked."

I stood up, and started for the door. "No way I'm staying here and getting my ass beat."

Mike grabbed my arm. "Dave was concerned you might feel this way, so he asked me and the boys to be sure you waited for him. He suggested that you go ahead and get ready for it...he's on his way."

"What do you mean, 'Get ready for it'?"

"Well, last time you got it, what were you wearing?", asked Mike.

I could feel the blush climb up my face. I had a terrible idea where this was going. "I wasn't wearing anything...Dave made me strip."

" why don't you go ahead and get out of your clothes? I doubt David is going to be any easier on you this time, is he?"

"I'm not going to take off my clothes. Shit...this isn't fair, or funny."

Mike's face took on a more serious look. "Look, this is the way it is. You made an agreement with our friend. We're going to make sure you keep your word. Now, you can either get out of your clothes, or we'll take them off for you. It's your choice, but I know what I'd do."

"Bullshit, Mike. I told you, I'm not taking off my clothes."

"OK, you made your choice." Mike still had hold of my arm, and he reach out and took my other arm in his big hand. " Dennis out of his shoes, will you?"

Terry reached for my foot, and I drew back to kick him. Mike pulled me back. "Look, this shouldn't be getting so ugly. You're getting stripped and spanked, period. Don't do something stupid to your friend."

I knew he was right. I had gotten myself into the situation with my own big mouth, and now, had to pay the consequenses. "Sorry, Terry." I mumbled.

Terry patted my shoulder. "No problem, man." He reach down, and pulled off my shoes and socks. He unbuckled my belt, and slid off my jeans, leaving me only wearing my T-Shirt and grey briefs.

Mike let me go. "You want to finish, or do you need more help?"

I didn't say anything, just pulled off the last of my clothes.

Brian, who had been quiet up til now, suggested that I stand in the corner until David arrived. There was immediate agreement, and I found myself looking into the wall, standing naked in my friend's living room, waiting to get a spanking from my room mate. The three other guys grabbed beers, and started talking about me like I wasn't there. Comments about how my white ass would be taking color, etc. They all knew I was into spanking other guys, and in fact, I had spanked Brian once, a while back. Just for his birthday, but I did lay it on.

The doorbell sounded, and Mike let David in. "Well, I see our boy is already for his spanking. Get over here, Dennis. It's been a while, but I knew you'd be getting a second installment."

By now, I knew there was no way out, and had decided to take my punishment with as good humor as I could muster. I turned from the wall, and walked to the center of the room. "Did you plan this before I left?", I asked.

"Yeah, I saw your vitamin on the counter when I got home. I decided then what I was going to do. I was going to call Mike before you got here, and have him strip you right away, but I got a phone call and had to wait." He turned to Mike, "Did he give you any trouble?"

Mike smiled, "He started to, then we calmed him down." He went on to explain what had happened between me and Terry.

David asked Terry, "Since he threatened to kick you, would you like to warm him up a little?"

Terry shook his head, "No, that's OK."

Brian spoke up, "If you're offering, I'd like to get even for a birthday butt busting he gave me."

Everyone laughed, and I even smiled. "OK," David said, "Why don't you take hime over your knee and get some revenge?" He turned to me, "Go get a chair for Brian, Dennis."

I took a chair from the poker table, and placed it in the middle of the living room. Brian sat down, and motioned to me. I awkwardly took the position I had put so many others in. He grabbed my arm, and pulled it back across the small of my back. He didn't hesitate, just started slapping my bare ass with his large hand. It stung like bitch! I didn't take it like a man, but like a little boy. I rocked and bucked, and tried to get my ass out of the path of his hand as he kept spanking me. It didn't do any good. He just kept punishing my cheeks. It didn't dawn on me right then, but he had obviously had some experience at this. He covered every inch of my exposed ass. He paid special attention to the part where thigh met ass, slapping this spot 10 or 12 times in a row before moving on to some other part. Finally, he laid on 6 extra hard slaps, and let me up.

My ass was on fire, like it had been the target of hundreds of bee stings. I reached back to rub it, but Dave was having none of that. "If you touch your ass, I'll have him do it all over again, boy." I quickly pulled my hand away. "Damn, Brian, you did a good job. I bet his ass would glow in the dark." This time, I didn't join in the laughter. "Well, its on to the main event, Dennis." I started to protest, but held it in check. I was going to get it again, and I knew there was no way out. He stood with both hands behind his back. "Pick a hand."

I was confused, but chose his left hand. He showed me my own 10" mini tawse. "I was hoping you'd pick this." He grinned,"It looks like it'll do quite a job." He showed me his right hand, which held the wooden hairbrush that had punished me last time. "Maybe next time," he said as he put the brush on the table. He sat down on the chair. "Now, last time you had a guy over to the house for a butt whipping, you were telling me about a new position you used, weren't you?"

I had been bragging about putting the guy in the "wheelbarrow" position, and how I had total control over him while I punished his ass. I now regretted my boasting, and I knew I was about to regret it even more. I took my position, with my head on the floor, and my legs separated by David. He wrapped his legs around my back, taking complete control. He not only had complete access to my ass, but my legs were spread enough to expose my butthole as well. Like Brian, David did not waste time...just started beating my already crimson ass with that short tawse. Every stroke bit and burned into my ass. I took his punishment with the same stoicism that I had exhibited over Brian's knee...I screamed and begged like a 10 year old. David continued to thrash me for what seemed like hours..although it was only minutes. Every stroke found a raw nerve ending to bite. He aimed the thin leather strips so that the wrapped around my ass cheek and found their way into the crack. He also enjoyed leaving stripes on the same spot that Brian had paid such special attention to. Finally, it was over.

He let me up, and I slowly, gingerly got to my feet. My ass was criss crossed with welts and bruises, and I could feel the heat radiate from the skin of my ass. I had been truly well spanked.

"Next time, you get it worse, boy," grinned David.

"Trust me, there won't be a next time," I said.

"We'll see...we'll see"

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