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Pharmacist Spanks Employee
Part 2 – Pharmacist Begins Spanking

by Gayspankee

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Dave slowly withdrew his leather belt from his pants, as he watched Jason. Jason unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and slowly lowered them to the floor. He slid his hand into the waistband of his underwear, and turned to face the desk, before lowering them too, to the floor. Dave gazed at the beautiful buns before him. Two creamy white mounds, covered with a thin patch of black hair.

"You were forty five minues late today, so we will start with forty five lashes."

Dave stepped behind Jason, and caressed his ass with the belt. Goosebumps flowed over Jason's body as the thick leather caressed his ass. Dave placed his hand on Jason's back, pushing him down to the desk. He raised his hand high, to allow for maximum swing. CRACK. The belt bit into Jason's ass. The boy howled, as the belt crashed down a second time, then a third, and a fourth. His white ass soon became vibrantly red. The tears were flowing by the tenth crack. He was sobbing uncontrolably by the twenty fifth. But Dave continued, wailing the belt hard against his ass. The redder Jason's ass got, the harder Dave's cock got. The belt bit inot Jason's sore, red ass one more time. Forty five. Jason immeadiately began caressing his sore welted ass. He stood in front of Dave, completely broken. Sobbing like a baby, and utterly embarassed. Jason began to reach for his pants, when Dave stopped him.

"I think you should step out of those and bend over again, we aren't through just yet."

Jason's eyes nearly popped out. He couldn't take another hit. He didn't dare argue, he did what he was told, as Dave left the room. Dave returned to the room silent. Jason couldn't bare to look at him, completely embarased by the entire situation. Dave stood behind placing something on the desk next to him. It was a tube of KY Jelly. Then he heard Dave unzip his pants and heard them fall to the ground. Then he heard the sound of a condom being opened and placed on. Jason was aroused, yet terribly frightened at what was happening. Dave grabbed the KY and massaged Jason's hole, with cool, slippery solution. Then, Jason could feel his boss' cock pushing against his hole. And the scratchy pubic hair irratating his welted ass. As the hard cock entered his hole, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll be out in a minute." Jason said.

He splashed cold water on his face, and dried his hands before leaving the bathroom.

"All yours Dave," Jason said with a smile, enjoying his beautiful daydream.

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