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A Favorite Spanking!

by Buckcub

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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd post another reminiscence of a favorite spanking, this time one I got instead of gave.

I'd been corresponding with a guy from Chicago who I met on the internet, for over a year. One day he writes me that he's going to be in my area, and do I want a spanking? DUH! You betcha!

So he picks me up at my house, and we go to his hotel. Nice-looking "Daddy" type guy, going rather bald (which turns me on). We each knew, from a long correspondence, what the other was looking for from spanking. I wanted my tail VERY thoroughly tanned, and I wanted to cum during or after. Hey -- I have simple tastes. He wanted to make me cry, and hopefully plead and beg for mercy and so forth. He gets off on the vocals rather than the, um, "instrumental" section.

He gets out the desk chair, sits down, and over his lap I go. First a warm-up with his hand on the seat of my jeans. I'm lying over his legs, thinking "Well THIS is boring as hell." Next I'm told to stand up, put my hands on my head, and he pulls my jeans down but leaves my briefs up, and over his lap I go once more. More hand-spanking. A little more of a sting, and my butt was getting a bit warm, but still -- it wasn't even close to what I wanted or what we'd talked about for months. And I was thinking that if he expected this sort of thing to make me cry, then he must know a lot of guys with *extremely* low thresholds for pain.

That went on for quite a while, ten minutes or so I think. Finally I am once again told to stand with my hands on my head, and he pulls down my briefs. Naturally I had a woody, which he played with and handled for a while along with rather impersonal commentary of the "What a nice big dick the boy has on him" sort. Although it was a little weird, he was really an expert dick-fondler and I got extremely aroused.

Now he produces, from his bag on the bed, a large wooden hairbrush, and I am once more ordered over his lap. He very considerately reaches underneath and fits my woody comfortably between his legs so I have room to "stretch," so to speak. He puts his arm around my waist, and I had just ONE second to think "Uh-oh!" when I felt that arm clamp around my waist like a band of iron, and then -- WOW!!! That brush came smashing down across my bare ass full-force, and I howled!!! I haven't been spanked with a brush too many times, but I think they're the worst. Much worse than larger paddles or straps, which look like they'd hurt more than a brush.

I am a yeller, as I've written to the list before. And boy did I yell! He really gave it to me, alternating cheeks. He never hit them both at once, it was right-cheek-left-cheek repeated over and over and blazingly over. I don't know how long it took, exactly, since my concept of time was a little messed up by having a bonfire roaring on my butt, but I cried, all right. Like a baby! And he got all the desperate teary pleas for mercy he could possibly have wanted. I begged him, and God, and the entire universe to PLEASE stop spanking me! God did it hurt!

Finally he'd got as much as he wanted, I guess, and the steel clamp of his arm around my waist was removed. It was a much harder spanking than I'd been prepared for. MUCH. Now, he knew from our long correspondence that I have some very definite predilections toward the "Daddy boy" thing. So he sits my sore ass down on his lap, and sort of cuddles me while he takes a tissue and dries my tears. Then he held another for me to blow my nose, just like you'd do for a kid! If it hadn't been such a turn-on, and my ass hadn't been on fire, I would probably have laughed.

After that, he took ahold of my dick -- which had gone soft during the rather-vicious hairbrush-spanking -- and starts fondling me again while I'm sitting on his lap. And once I got hard again, which took very little time, he started to jack me off in earnest -- meanwhile holding me cuddled up close to him, and whispering stuff right into my ear like "Be a good boy, Teddy, that's right, cum for Daddy, cum for your Daddy like a big boy." Yes, I KNOW it's ridiculous, heheheheee! But I can't even begin to explain how incredibly erotic and arousing it was at the time, sitting on the guys lap with a blazing heinie while he cuddled me, jacked me off, and whispered dirty baby-talk into my ear. I came like a cannon!

I was also black-and-blue for a week, literally. Hairbrushes are not very forgiving to the skin. But absurd though it was, it remains one of my favorite spankings ever. I'd never done the Daddy boy thing before with anyone who roleplayed it so easily and naturally, and was moreover really old enough to be my father. And I was frankly rather embarrassed by how much it turned me on, especially when I did start to blow my load and he goes "There we go, that's a good boy, that's my big boy! Let it all out for Daddy, that's right!" while I'm squirting cum all over his arm and my legs and the bedspread.

I guess you had to be there. But all I can say is it was worth a week of bruises on my ass! Whew!

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