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by Gayspankee

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It was after nine o'clock, on a warm rainy summer night. I was driving down the road when a saw a beautiful young man hitchiking along the side of the road. He was wearing a tight pair of dirty jeans, and no shirt. He was dripping wet, and looked to be not much older than twenty. I pulled next to him, and offered him a ride, he accepted.

"Where you heading?" I asked.

"Take me as far as you are going," the young man replied.

Then there was an akward silence, a silence I desired to fill.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty one."

"So where you headed?"

"A friends."

"Where about, I can take you there."

"Hey man don't worry about it."

"Its no problem."

"I said don'r worry about it."

"Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

"What is your problem? I said I am fine."

"You don't, do you?"

There was silence.

"Its pouring, there is no sign of letting up for a couple of days. I have an extra room, you are more than welcome to it."

"IN exchange for what?" The young man asked.


"Guys always want something, you want me to give you a blow job, or do you want to fuck me?"

Under any other circumstance, I would have loved to do either of those with him, but not this way.

"Hey kid, Im just offering you shelter. Do you want it, or not?"

"Im sorry, I thought...thanks."

"You are welcome. Im Jack."


We pulled into my driveway, and went into the house. I got him a towel to dry off, and offered him a soft drink. He declined. I took him up to the guest room, and gave him a pari of shorts and a tee shirt.

" I only have the one bath, you can use it first."

I took him to the bathroom, and gave him a clean towel, and started to run a bath for him. After his bath he asked if I minded if he went to bed, I said no. I cleaned up, and retired to my room. At about one in the morning, i heard some noise, and got up to inspect. It was Billy. He was packing some of my things in a suitcase, getting ready to run. I turned on the light, making him jump.

"This is the thanks I get, huh? I take you in so you don't have to sleep in the rain, and you repay me by robbing me blind."

"I never asked for your help."

I lost it. I grabbed him by the arm and pushed him against the wall.

"I don't what your problem is kid, and maybe I don't want to know. But I am gong to do something about this attitude of yours."

"What you gonna call the cops, they know me well."

"I can call the cops, or I can give you a place to stay, food in your stomach, and clothes on your back. And a sore ass to adjut that attitude of yours."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean if you want to act childish, and do childish things, you should be punished like a child. You should be spanked on your bare ass."

He look right into my eyes, not knowing how to respond.

"Your choice either I call the cops, or I spank you. Either way you will be put up for the night. So what will it be, you staying here, or at the jail?"

"I'll stay here," he said in almost a whisper.

"Good choice. You can staart by puting everything back. Then when you are through, coeme into my room."

Fifteen minutes had passed, and finally the doorknob turned. He stood in front of me next to the bed, head hung, hands at his side.

"Have you ever been spanked?"

He shook his head yes. "A couple times, about five years ago."

"Tell me about them."

"I was striped and spanked with a thick leather belt. I usually got fifteen whacks."

"I want you to strip, and lay over my lap."

He quickly did as he was told. As he layed over my lap, I was looking at his beautiful hairy, tight ass. I slowly caressed it. Then I started slapping it with my bare hand. I slapped each cheek, first one then the other. Harder and harder. After twenty whacks he was squirming. I continued hitting harder and faster. I panked each cheek over a hundred times, he was strting to cry. I then had him get up and bend over the bed. I pulled out a small ping pong paddle, and strted spanking his red cheeks, even redder. He was yelping with each stroke begging me to stop, saying he was sorry. After thrity whacks I stopped. I told him to get up. He came over to me and gave me a long, hard hug, while sobbing. I stood there holding him. After the sobs stopped, I asked where home was.

"I dont have one," he replied. " My parents kicked me out last week when I told them I was gay."

I started to walk him out of my room.

"You kicking me out too?"

I walked him into his room, and sat him on the bed.

"No I am taking you to your new room. We will go get you some clothes tomorrow."

He smiled at me. He knew he was home.

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